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The WinkBed mattress is the flagship mattress of WinkBeds, which launched in 2015. WinkBeds focuses on producing luxury, American-made mattresses. In addition to the hybrid WinkBed mattress (also available is the WinkBed Plus for heavier sleepers), WinkBeds also produces the all-foam MemorLux mattress and the eco-friendly hybrid EcoCloud mattress.

The WinkBed mattress uses a hybrid design that combines a Euro-pillow top, multiple layers of foam, and an innerspring support system. The WinkBed mattress offers an array of special features that aim to promote alignment, disperse heat, isolate motion, provide edge support, and prevent sagging.

While many mattresses offer one or two firmness options, the WinkBed mattress is available in three firmness options. These range from soft to firm, so it can accommodate most sleepers’ firmness preferences.

To learn more about the flagship WinkBed mattress, keep reading our review. We’ll share more details on the WinkBed below.

WinkBed Mattress Overview

WinkBed Mattress


A comforting mix of memory foam and innerspring support available in three different firmness levels.


At 13.5 inches tall, the WinkBed mattress offers some unique features, including the 3-step Back Relief system, the LumbarLayer, the extraEDGE support system, SleepCalm motion isolation, and Triple Layer Heat Disperse Material.

The 3-step Back Relief system and the LumbarLayer aim to improve alignment. The 3-step Back Relief system provides targeted support, while the LumbarLayer specifically focuses on giving extra support to the critical lumbar region. The extraEDGE support system reinforces the edge of the bed, thereby expanding the usable sleep surface. SleepCalm motion isolation uses a layer of gel foam to reduce motion transfer. Triple Layer Heat Disperse wicks moisture and disperses heat for better temperature control.

The WinkBed mattress itself is composed of three main layers. The top layer of the mattress is a Euro-top pillow that features gel-infused foam, which offers cushioning and comfort while dispersing heat. The next layer of the mattress uses Micro Air-Springs that allow airflow while giving the mattress extra springiness and pressure relief. The innerspring layer uses individually-wrapped coils in a 7-zone design to provide targeted support.

To top it all off, the mattress cover uses Tencel, which offers coolness and softness.


The WinkBed mattress is available in three firmnesses: Softer, Luxury Firm, and Firmer. On the 10-point firmness scale, the Softer rates around 4.5 (soft to medium soft), the Luxury Firm rates around 6.5 (medium firm), and the Firmer mattress rates around 7.5 (firm).


The WinkBed mattress is available in all standard mattress sizes. We’ve noted the list prices below, but WinkBeds frequently offers promotions, so you might be able to purchase your WinkBed at a lower price.

Twin XL$1,149
California King$1,849

WinkBed Mattress Pros and Cons

Three firmness optionsRelatively new to the market
Exceptional edge support and temperature control30-night break-in period required before you can make a return
Free shipping
Lifetime warranty

WinkBed Mattress Breakdown

Now that you know a little more about the WinkBed mattress’s construction and pricing, you might be curious about how the mattress performs. In this section, we’ll breakdown how we expect the WinkBed mattress to perform in key categories. Review our methodology to learn more about the process we use.

Is it made from quality materials?

The WinkBed mattress features high-quality materials and innovative sleep technology, and is composed of materials sourced in America. The top layer of the mattress features a unique foam that conforms to the body without trapping heat like most memory foam. Additionally, most of the WinkBed firmness options feature microcoils. Microcoils are still a relatively new mattress feature, but they’re purported to offer airflow, bounce, responsiveness, and support. The WinkBed mattress’s coils are triple-tempered and use recycled steel. Each coil is individually wrapped, which helps reduce the transfer of motion across the innerspring layer.

The foams in the WinkBed mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they’ve been tested for formaldehyde, mercury, lead, ozone depleters, and other harsh chemicals.

How long will it last?

WinkBeds uses what it refers to as “Duratech Lifetime Durability.” Under this standard, the WinkBed aims to prevent sagging by using quality foams and springs. Additionally, the WinkBed was tested for durability by an independent lab.

Most hybrid mattresses have a life expectancy of 6 to 8 years. However, given the quality materials, the Duratech Lifetime durability standard, and the lifetime warranty provided by WinkBeds, we would expect the WinkBed mattress to last as long or longer than most other hybrid mattresses.

How well does it conform to my body?

The WinkBed mattress features numerous layers that offer conforming.

The top layer of the mattress uses a quilted Euro-top pillow with a layer of foam. This pillowtop can offer comfortable conforming. Below that, a system of microcoils responds to pressure to offer extra conforming. The individually-wrapped coils in the mattress’s base layer can also offer deep contouring when pressure is applied.

Furthermore, the WinkBed mattress features targeted support and softness with a 3-Step Back-Relief System and a LumbarLayer.

Is the edge supportive?

The WinkBed mattress features an extraEDGE support system. The perimeter of the bed uses narrower coils to provide a sturdier edge. This can prevent the feeling of instability often associated with foams compressing when you approach the edge of the bed, which can make it easier to use the full surface area of the bed.

Does it sleep hot?

The WinkBed’s cover, top layer, and innerspring layers help reduce heat retention.

The cover is made of Tencel – constructed of eucalyptus – that is known for its cooling properties. The next layer of the mattress uses foam with a gel infusion to help disperse body heat. A layer of microcoils and an innerspring layer allow additional airflow, which can promote a cooler night’s sleep.

Will it off-gas when it’s delivered?

Most WinkBed owners report little or no off-gassing. However, as with most new products, it is possible that there could be a slight smell. If there is any smell, leave the mattress in a well-ventilated room and it should air out quickly.

Will I feel my partner move during the night?

The WinkBed’s combination of foam and two layers of springs should be able to isolate motion well. The foam top layers can absorb motion, while the sensitive microcoil system can further reduce motion transfer. Motion transfer should also be reduced in the innerspring layer since the coils are individually wrapped. The two spring layers do add some bounce, though, so the WinkBed mattress may not be able to offer the extreme level of motion isolation provided by some all-foam mattresses.

Who is Best Suited for a WinkBed Mattress?

While the WinkBed offers enough firmness options and versatile features to accommodate a wide array of sleepers, sleep positions, and sleep preferences, the WinkBed may be more ideal for some sleepers than others. Mattress feel is a personal preference, but weight, sleep position, and other factors can contribute to the overall sleep experience.

The WinkBed’s targeted support can help promote better alignment for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers. Without the right support, wide or heavy areas of the body can sink in too deeply, which can put the spine out of alignment. The WinkBed allows the right areas of the body to sink in while preventing key areas (like the lumbar region) from sinking in too deeply.

The WinkBed’s three firmness options also provide enough variety to accommodate sleepers of most weights. Lightweight sleepers may prefer the softer mattresses, while sleepers who weigh more may appreciate the support of the firmer mattress options.

Because of these firmness options, the WinkBed will appeal to people who struggle to find a firmness that feels comfortable. With more options, customers may have an easier time finding the firmness they’re looking for.

The WinkBed mattress may also appeal to couples. The bounce of the spring layers can be beneficial for sex, while the motion isolation from the foam and spring layers can prevent disturbances caused by one partner moving during the night.

Ready to Buy a WinkBed?

Before you buy your WinkBed mattress, you may want to know what to expect from the purchasing process. Read on for more information.

Sleep Trial

The WinkBed provides a 120-night sleep trial. You must try the mattress for at least 30 nights before making a return. After that and before the 120 nights are up, you can return your WinkBed mattress for a full refund. WinkBeds will arrange to remove the mattress. If you prefer, you can also exchange your WinkBed during the 120-night trial period; there is a $49 recycling fee associated with exchanges.


The WinkBed mattress comes with a lifetime limited warranty. This warranty protects the original mattress buyer from defects in materials and workmanship. WinkBeds will repair or replace a WinkBed mattress if it is found to be defective based on the published standards.

Availability and Delivery

You can purchase a WinkBed mattress through the WinkBeds website. The mattress comes with free delivery and should take about two weeks to arrive. For an additional $129 fee, a team can set up your new mattress for you. For a $189 fee, a team will set up your new mattress and remove your old mattress.

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