The New Hitman 3 Will Be an Absolute Revolution


All the Hitman games have always been fun to play all the time. It is one of the biggest and most played video games, and it had the most exciting and suspenseful stories.

From Hitman: codename 47 to Hitman: Absolution to Hitman 2, it has been a long and fantastic journey throughout those 18 years of new hitman games releasing every two years.

Hitman 3 Trailer

Now, the adventure continues as the new Hitman 3 is finally coming, and its trailer is finally out, and release is finally confirmed. Everyone is very excited about the game, including us, as we enjoyed Hitman 2 and very curious to see what happens next.

Hitman 3 Platforms

Hitman games have always been on various platforms but never on mobile.

Now the game will not be on Xbox 360 and ps3 as they are last generation consoles and won’t be able to run the game at all. As we know that the new generation consoles, ps5 and Xbox series X are releasing this year, there might be a question in your head that will hitman 3 be available for ps4 and Xbox one?

The answer is yes, as the current generation consoles can run the game efficiently.

Those who are going to buy the ps5 and Xbox series X this year will also be able to play the game as Hitman 3 is also being released for the next generation consoles. For the ones who have gaming PCs, they will also be able to play the game if your system meets the requirements.

Hitman 3 System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7 64-bit
Processori5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940
Memory8 GB
GraphicsNvidia GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870
DirectXVersion 11
Storage60 GB

Release Date

Now one of the most asked questions about an upcoming game is when it is going to be released or what is the release date?

So the game still does not have an official release date, but it is confirmed that it will be released in January 2022, but the exact date is still not confirmed.

I think when new game releases, most of the time, it releases at the start of the month or the middle of the month, so my prediction is that Hitman 3 will be released at the beginning of January 2022 or in the middle of January 2022.

What will be the story/plot of the game?

The previous Hitman game (Hitman 2) was Developed published by the Warner Bros, but now the new Hitman 3 is developed and published by IO Interactive.

It will not be an episodic game, but it will continue the story from Hitman 2, and if you buy Hitman 3 for the same platform you played hitman two on, you can import all levels from there to Hitman 3.

So it is confirmed that it will be the conclusion of the world of assassination trilogy that started from Hitman 2015, but the story/plot is still not adequately described.


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