10 Styling Tips For Women With Short Haircuts


Are you looking for styling short haircut? When you’ve looked at different short hairstyle ideas and decided on one that works for you, that’s just part of the journey to looking good. A haircut is just the foundation that you can work on to make yourself look fabulous. There’s a lot that you can do turn a humdrum hairstyle into something that will turn people’s heads.

If you want to be the short-haired woman that gets all the attention, here are ten styling tips that will be sure to get men (and other women) into giving you a second look.

10 Styling Tips For Women With Short Haircuts

Ask The Pros

One of the first things you should do when you get a short haircut is to point-blank ask your hair stylist how to make it look good. They know the ins-and-outs of hair and they are bound to have an idea or two on how to make your new haircut look like a million bucks. 50 percent of your final look comes from your styling and you need to know how to do that properly. Listen to what they have to say – but be ready to go your own way and experiment.

Know Your Hair Type

One of the essential things that you need to know when you want to style your hair probably, no matter the hair length is what type of hair you have. This is even more important when you have short hair. This is because you’ll have less hair to work with and it means whatever you do will be a lot more noticeable. Here are some tips of what to do depending on your hair types.

Fine hair is great to feel when under your hands but the trouble with it is that it can be hard to give it volume when your hair is short. This is why you’ll want to use round brushes and volume-boosting shampoos and conditioner. Thick hair is great for short hair since it allows you to use various styles – but it does get troublesome to control later. Style it in layers to make it easier to control. Finally, curly hair tends to frizz out when it grows longer. Use smoothing products to better control your hair.

Use The Right Products

Two of the big problems facing those with short hair is that of frizz and bad hair days. Your hairstylist should have given you advice on how to keep these away but the key is using the right hair care products. Here are a few examples of what to do. Moisturizing oil can be used to give your hair extra shine. Additionally, you can get more volume in your hair by using some mousse. Moisturizers are also there to reduce the amount of frizz in their hair.

Products can also help when it comes to exposure to the weather. Weather-proofing cream can ensure that your hair is proof against humidity. This is a problem for short-haired women because the moisture causes the hair to frizz up later in the day and ruin your carefully-styled hair.

It’s not just hair products but also tools that you need to purchase. A blow-dryer will help keep your hair in place. The right dryer can even help add volume and texture to your hair. However, try not to excessively blow dry since it can dry out your hair.

You Need To Focus On Volume

nother problem with short hair is that there can be less volume to it. If your stylist cuts too close to the scalp, then you will end up with a lot less volume than you start with. However, short hair looks really better when it has volume to it. This is why using hair care and styling products that add volume are a good choice for you.

Hair mousse or hair spray can add volume without making your hair heavy. You are going to have to apply these near the roots so that you can get a maximum volume. Don’t over-apply it and you’ll only use a bit of it for short hair.

There are other ways you can add volume to your hair. One of them is proper nutrition. Healthy eating will give your body the materials to grow you hair properly. Eat iron rich foods to get the nutrients that you need. This includes spinach, kale, beans, and tofu. Biotin and zinc are also great for your hair. Protein

There are also some styling tricks that you will find very useful to add volume to your hair. One of these is the less heat that you use, the more volume is developed. It doesn’t mean that you have to throw away your blow-dryer. It just mean s that you have to just use a lower setting. Additionally, you can stimulate your hair follicles by regular combing. Don’t believe those myths of too much combing contributing to hair loss – your hair will appreciate regular combing.

Color Your Hair

Cutting your hair short is a big change. This is especially so when you used to have long hair. Why not go all the way and take another step further? Coloring your hair a new color really emphasizes the change in your hair. It also differentiates your look. A long-haired brunette is different from a pixie-haired redhead. Hair dyes are easy to apply after a new haircut. For those who are a bit hesitant, it is possible to get spray-on hair colors that are great for temporary color changes.

Hairbands Are Your Friend

One of the most useful accessories you’ll have is the headband. This is because you can’t pull your hair back in a ponytail anymore. It’s possible for some cuts but a short ponytail does not look as good as a long one. Headbands can do the same thing – pulling back your hair from your face to frame it – to better effect. It works with pixie cuts to even longer styles and they can be very stylish on their own. Pick one that contrasts with your hair and you’ll be able to have a striking effect.

Learn To Use Accessories

Don’t stop with just hairbands. Hair accessories are your friend when it comes to making your hair look a lot more interesting. There are several choices that are available to you. You already know about head bands but have you thought about hats? A beanie is a great way to keep your hair dry and out of the direct exposure to the sun. You will need to take note though that too much hat wearing will change the shape of your hair. You need to commit to either wearing the hat for the entire day to taking it off as often as possible.

There are other possible opportunities for accessories. One potential choice is a hair clip. Similar in purpose to a hairband, a clip can put your hair up in a unique manner. Ribbons and other useful accessories can also be used to accentuate your short hair and give your hair some highlights.

Tie It Up

Surprisingly, one of your better choices on styling your hair is to tie it up a bit. Though your hair is not very long, there are some braided styles can work with limited hair. It is possible for you to get a short chignon. You can also do a simple fishtail braid that can be clamped to the side of your head. Braiding your hair also solves one of your big problems: volume. Bunching your hair up adds density to it, essentially making it thicker and looking a whole lot better.

Add Some Bangs

Here’s another way to make your short hair work: bangs. As a hairstyle, they work with a variety of looks and short hair will appreciate the volume they simulate. You can have front bangs across your forehead or side bangs to cover your ears. With bangs, you can draw attention to parts of your face like your eyes or your ears. Additionally, you can work with bangs to change a look. Part it or pull it up to completely have yourself look different. Side bangs can be styled around one side to give yourself an asymmetrical look. Overall, having bangs gives you additional options when it comes to looking different.

Maintaining The Short Look

Unless you’re planning to grow it out, short haircuts need a lot more trimming than longer hairstyles. Plan to drop by your salon every two weeks for a regular trim. This is better rather than experiencing the twilight existence of being between long and short haircuts. Regular visits to the stylist also make it easier for you to consult with them on how to look good or what changes you can do to your style.

Start Turning Heads

These are just ten tips that can start you off on your style journey. There’s so many more out there and there’s nothing that says you can’t develop some on your own. Start experimenting and working with what you’ve got and you’ll be sure to look like a smash.


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