Spend the Weekend Hunting as the Predator in Predator Hunting Grounds


Are you ready to play as the ultimate hunter?

Or maybe you would like to fill the classic hunter with loads of bullets along with your teammates.

Fortunately, the multiplayer asymmetrical shooter, Predator: Hunting Grounds, is going to be available this weekend for everyone to try out. The trial will begin on March 27 and will last till March 29. The game will be available to Playstation 4 members, but only those who have the PS Plus membership. As for PC gamers, all they need to do is download the trial from the Epic Games Store. There will also be cross-play support, so you won’t run out of players to play with.

Illfonic showed us the different classes of the Predator we can pick from in Hunting Ground along with the arsenal of weapons available to the ultimate hunter. Now we get to know what it would be like playing as the Humans who team up against the solo Predator.

Playing as a Member of the Fireteam

The humans are in deep trouble from the start, as they have to complete specific objectives to proceed to the helipad, which is their exit, and during these objectives, they will have to face AI opponents. These AI opponents will hinder the humans’ progress as the Predator tries to hunt them to fill his trophies collection with the skulls of the humans.

Humans are not weak, though, as they will be armed and loaded with advanced gear and weapons. Solo, a human, won’t stand a chance against the deadly hunter but teamed up; they can defeat the terrifying foe.

Illfonic ensures players that they will get a tense environment filled with suspense-filled Predator attacks, which will remind you of the thrill of the hunt that was felt in the classic 1987 film. As the FIreteam, you have a lot of options on how to complete your objective and how you decide to escape the jungle alive.

You can face the Predator head-on, turning the tables and defeat it with the collective firepower and team coordination, or you can benefit from the environment and the AI enemies. How you survive is entirely up to you. 

The Map


You can feel a bit lost in the dense jungle which lies deep within the South American mountains. Being surrounded by the overgrown vegetation can strike fear when you are walking on the jungle ground or making your way across the trees if you are playing as the Predator.

The jungle is filled with hostile guerilla forces that are from Project Stargazer. Formerly with the government, these people have gone rogue and are in search of alien tech to profit from.

Nor the Predator or the Fireteam will be safe from these enemies and will have to face them off while competing with each other. The place gets hot compared to anywhere else in the mountains, making it the perfect place for the Predator.  

You will be able to download the trial on March 27 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / 4 PM GMT. Either you play as the iconic hunter and pick up your enemies one by one, or join up forces together as humans and slay the hunter. 


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