Sony is trying to bring more of its exclusive games to PC


As we all know that PlayStation is Sony’s best product, perhaps the only gaming franchise that has been popular for years.

When it comes to the games that are exclusive for gaming consoles, Xbox has a few exclusive games, whereas PlayStation has a lot of exclusive games that are not at all available on any other platform. Those games are entertaining and have suspenseful and exciting stories.

PlayStation’s exclusive games are considered a lot better than Xbox Exclusive games, which is true as Xbox has very few exclusive games, and they are not so impressive at all except halo, which is a very Popular Xbox Exclusive game.

However, it still does not compare to popular PlayStation exclusive games. Games like Uncharted, The last of us, God of war, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet and clank, Driveclub, and many more games are all very fantastic, fun, and popular PlayStation exclusive games.

Recently, Sony announced that they are trying to get some of their exclusive games on PC, so PC players can also experience these games.

Why is Sony Bringing their exclusive games to PC?

Now the main question is, why is Sony bringing more of their exclusive games to PC? The answer is actually pretty obvious, money.

If Sony releases their exclusive games for PC, it will be sold more as PC gamers that don’t have a PlayStation console can buy the game and play it. PC players always complain that they really want to play some of the exclusive console games, but sometimes, they can just not buy consoles, so this is a very profitable move by Sony as all those PC players will buy those games. It will double the revenue they make from their exclusive games.

Another thing that I think is the reason for Sony bringing their exclusive games to PC is the rise of the PC gaming community. A gaming PC has been proven to be better than a console. As all the consoles players are tired of only having 60 FPS and paid multiplayer, they are switching to Gaming PCs.

Especially in all the gaming tournaments and esports tournaments, consoles players have a disadvantage as they have only 60 FPS.

In contrast, their PC opponents have 100s of FPS. So this might also be a reason why they want their exclusive games to release and let their next parts continue on both PlayStation and PC.

How does Sony know it will be profitable?

There might be a question in your mind that if Sony is releasing the games on PC thinking that it will be profitable, how do they know it will definitely be profitable? What if it is unsuccessful and they lose money? Well, Sony is doing it because of experience.

Sony has released 2 of their PlayStation exclusive games on PC before, Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding, doing this was a big success.

The games were sold a lot on PC, and Sony earned a lot of profit when they released those games for PC. So, they know that if they release even more fun for PC, they will be sold more, and they will still make more profit.


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