Rocketa Scooter Review

Rocketa Scooter Review

Rocketa is a top producer of budget-friendly scooters. They have a wide variety of models with varying appearances, speeds, and so on. Here at MyProScooter, we do our best to find the greatest choices for you. Without a doubt, Rocketa is well-deserving of their review here today.

Founded over a decade ago Rocketa is a Chinese brand with roots in the USA. It has now become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of electric and gas-powered scooters throughout North America. They always produce budget-friendly, high-quality mopeds, leading to an inevitable success story for the company.

Rocketa Scooter’s Top Scooters

1. Roketa MC-132K 150cc Moped Scooter

Roketa MC-132K 150cc

The Roketa MC-132K 150cc Moped Scooter is a great choice for someone who wants a bit more of a motorcycle appearance to their scooter. Lean back and enjoy the view with the wide handlebars and comfortable seating. This scooter gets up to 59 miles per hour with a fantastic fuel efficiency of 87 miles per gallon. The overall weight is 241 pounds and the dimensions come in at 78 inches x 27 inches x 44 inches.

2. Roketa MC-131K 50cc Moped Scooter

Roketa MC-131K 50cc

Just behind the previous entry is the Roketa MC-131K 50cc Moped Scooter. This moped is designed for people who don’t want as much speed and acceleration. If you want a simple inner-city scooter with a few hidden features, then you’re in luck.

Hit speeds of 45 miles per hour and top out the gas charts with a massive 104 miles per gallon! Massive wide-angle mirrors, a rear storage compartment, and a 1.3-gallon gas tank are a few of the notable features.

3. (2018) Roketa MC-13 Bali 150 Moped Scooter

(2018) Roketa MC-13 Bali 150

Next up is the smooth-riding Roketa MC-13 Bali 150 Moped Scooter. This scooter lets you have a bit more protection than others. The small window on the front protects you from bugs and debris that you might hit while riding around. Choose primary and secondary colors for a customized appearance and hit the road. It maxes out at 59 miles per hour and contains 87 miles per gallon fuel efficiency.

4. Roketa MC-162C 50cc Moped Scooter

Roketa MC-162C 50cc

Are you looking for something a bit more compact? The Roketa MC-162C 50cc Moped Scooter is a small scooter with a low profile. The dimensions are 78 inches x 27 inches x 44 inches with a seat height of only 29 inches.

It gets up to 45 miles per hour and each gallon gets you up to 102 miles. The 1.6-gallon gas tank allows you to get well over 150 miles before having to refill with only a few bucks each time.

5. Roketa MC-79-250

Roketa MC-79-250

The Roketa MC-79-250 is a true tiny-but-mighty scooter that breaks records left and right. The 17.2HP allows you to quickly get up to the max speed limit of 65.2 miles per hour. If you want to leave the car at home on long trips, this is your best bet. It has a windshield to keep you covered, rear storage for groceries and other items, and bright headlights to keep other drivers aware of you in the night.

Who Should Shop for Rocketa Scooters?

Rocketa does a great job of making products for everyone. For this reason alone, anyone who wants a new scooter should consider their models. You can have inner-city travel down quickly, long-distance trips on a 250cc scooter, and more.

Beginners should start around 50cc, whereas people who are well-versed in riding mopeds can pick whichever model suits their lifestyle. They all come with some form of a warranty, so keep an eye out for that when you’re shopping for your new moped.

Why We Like Rocketa

We like Rocketa so much because they’re expanding the popularity of mopeds and scooters. All of their models, even those that aren’t listed on this page, are worth giving a try.

The three primary attributes that make Rocketa a successful brand is a fact that all of their scooters are comfortable for everyone to ride, they’re easy to handle in dense traffic, and they’re all incredibly affordable. At the end of the day, there’s not much more that we could ask for from a scooter company.


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