Redesigning of Stats Tracking Function Leaves Dedicated Destiny 2 Players Upset


Just as the Season of Worthy begins, Destiny 2 gets an unexpected update, which leaves even the most dedicated fans furious at the game.

The surprise hit the players just as Destiny’s 2 Season of the Worthy started, and the surprise was not a good one as the redesigned stat tracking functions took a lot away from the players and too without warning. The update caused the players to lose some unique trackers that helped you show off the hardest challenges you had completed in Destiny 2.

The players lost their right to show off the hours they put into grinding and earning win streaks, gold medals, and of course, substantial Empryean restoration donations along with several other achievements. This sudden update was definitely liked by the majority of players and was bound to upset the people of had put hundred of hours in the game.

Such a drastic change seemed much more like a bug than a regular update to the players, but unfortunately, Bungie has said that this was indeed an intentional decision. Dmg04, the Reddit Community manager, gave some answers to the much criticism which was received. He explained that somethings had to be sacrificed so that we can move towards a brighter future for the emblems. Like there are specific trackers that weren’t when you first started playing, but from now, they will begin their tracking.

The system that came after the update works a bit differently than the previous one because of the loss of trackers. First of all, you can select some generic trackers from the emblem’s menu. Then some emblems have particularly more types of trackers than the other ones. There is one feature added that was being requested by fans from quite some, though, the function to not display any trackers. However, this was not the implementation the fans were expecting. Bungie developers go on to explain, this Week at Bungie update, why they made the drastic change.

Bungie says that whenever they are having a design of a system in mind, their ultimate goal is to enable players to display more and more of their achievements. Moreover, Bungie adds that the stats that were previously selected by prioritizing a success gained from a skill that was meant to improve season-over-season or week-over-week and to display something that really kept some meaning for the players. The developers explained further that all these decisions led to the removal of stats that were either incomplete or weren’t able to improve anymore.

Everything is not as bad, though, cause all is not lost. All the data is still safe with Bungie, which means whenever they want, they can bring it back, and the good news is that they really do plan to bring some of the trackers back later in the future. Season of the Worthy will receive another update, which will bring back 16 lost stats, and now the team is wise enough to ask for feedback on which trackers should be given priority in the future.


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