Rabibitgoo Dog Harness – A Solution For Dogs That Love To Pull


Rabibitgoo Dog Harness – A solution for dogs that love to pull

Dogs need comfort, even when they are going on for walks, but sadly many leashes and harnesses on the market can be painful for some dogs. 

That’s where Rabibitgoo Dog Harness comes in. It’s a harness that is made to be comfortable and safe for dogs. This is due to the way they prevent problematic pulling. Here we discuss the features the Rabbitgoo Dog Harness offers, along with the things we like about it and the things we don’t. 

rabbitgoo Dog Harness

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Designed with Care

The founder of Rabbitgoo, Jason, was himself a dog owner and was troubled by how his dog was uncomfortable with the poorly designed harnesses on the market. This is the reason the brand Rabbitgoo came into being. Now Rabbitgoo makes sure to use high-quality materials and make affordable and safe per harnesses for all the dogs out there. 

Additionally, it has been claimed by Rabbitgoo that each of their products has to go through a strict triple-inspection quality control process which makes sure that the customers receive the best product.  

Handle on the back for control

With the Rabibitgoo Dog Harness, you get a handle on the back which is located right between the dog’s shoulder blades. This handle can come useful when you really need to take control of your dog in possibly dangerous situations such as going through a Zebra crossing or a crowded sidewalk. A handle like this makes sure your pet dog stays close to you.   

Rabibitgoo Dog Harness

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When you take your dogs out for some fun time, they deserve to be comfortable and safe, and the Rabibitgoo Dog Harness provides that needed comfort. 

Your dog’s skin stays safe with the soft cushioning that comes with the Rabibitgoo Dog Harness. Moreover, durable nylon oxford material is used to make the harness which further helps in keeping your dog’s skin safe. 

If you live in particularly hot areas, then the breathable air mesh is a nice thing to have. It will make sure your dog stays cool in the hot summer weather. 

Easily Adjustable

The Rabibitgoo Dog Harness won’t cause problems fitting your dog since it comes with four straps that are easily adjustable throughout your pet’s body. Your dog will most likely receive a perfect fit, thanks to the two chest straps and two neck straps that come with the harness.  

Getting the harness off or on your pet dog is not an issue as well due to the double fast-release collars and buckles. Another good thing about the Rabibitgoo Dog Harness is that since it’s an overhead harness, all you have to do is slide the harness over your dog’s head and then buckle it up. If the fit seems a bit off, then use the adjustable straps to perfect it. As mentioned earlier, the handle also provides extra control.  


You can find the Rabibitgoo Dog Harness in 5 available sizes. 

  • X-Small – chest girth 13″-17″
  • Small – chest girth 17″-22″
  • Medium – chest girth 22″-27″
  • Large – chest girth 27″-32″
  • Extra-Large chest girth 32″-38″

You can get these sizes in 4 available colors.

  • Black
  • Green
  • Orange
  • LED light-up option

Be sure to check the LED light up’s size since earlier it was only available in the bigger sizes. 

rabbitgoo Dog Harness

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If you have taken your dog on walks before, you surely know how excited they can become, which could be dangerous sometimes if you don’t have proper control. This won’t be a problem with the Rabibitgoo Dog Harness though, since it has two specially designed metal leash rings, which makes sure your dog stays with you in troublesome situations. 

If your dog constantly pulls during walks, then the chest attachment clip will help you train your pet. There is also a back attachment clip that is used when you are with your dog on a casual walk in the park. 


  • Four different colors and sizes 
  • Adjustable straps help in fitting
  • Perfect for large-medium dogs
  • Helps in training


Some problems in fitting with small dogs


The Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness is one of those things you really need to get for your dog if it feels uncomfortable with a leash or with the other harnesses on the market. It becomes even more important if you feel the harness you are using is chafing your dog’s skin or if your dog loves to pull. 

The harness is also a good value option since the adjustable design makes sure that it still fits your dog even if it grows, which saves you money.

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