The 9 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels Reviews in 2021

Best Outdoor Dog Kennels

Give your pet a safe play and lounging spot with the outdoor dog kennels. It is made of sturdy materials such as stainless steel, metal, or plastic that offer maximum protection. You can go to work and leave your canine friend safely inside his temporary home. For the best outdoor dog kennels, check out the following products.

MIDWEST HOMES for PETS K91066 Chain Link Portable Kennel with Sunscreen, 10 by 6 by 6-InchBuy on Amazon
PawHut 97″‘ x 46″ x 72″ Large Outdoor Dog Kennel Galvanized Steel Fence with UV-Resistant…Buy on Amazon
LEMKA Heavy Duty Dog Playpen Dog Kennel Pet Dog Exercise Playpen Foldable Dog Steel Crate Wire…Buy on Amazon
Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennel with Included Roof Weather Resistant Cover (4’),…Buy on Amazon
BestPet Heavy Duty Dog Cage –Outdoor Pet Playpen – This Pet Cage is Perfect for Containing…Buy on Amazon
Yaheetech 40-Inch 8 Panel Heavy Duty Pets Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Cat Fence with Door Puppy…Buy on Amazon
Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Metal Dog Kennel with Reversible Cover, 5 FootBuy on Amazon
Lucky Dog – Pet Resort Heavy Duty Dog Outdoor Playpen with Water-Resistant Cover, 54″H x 4’W x…Buy on Amazon
MidWest 552-30DR Foldable Metal Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen. Black w/ door, 24 W x 30 H InchBuy on Amazon

#9 Midwest Homes for Pets K9 Dog Kennel | Four Outdoor Dog Kennels

Midwest Homes for Pets K9 Dog Kennel Four Outdoor Dog Kennels

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This is among the best outdoor dog kennels with a spacious interior to give your pet freedom of movement. It measures 10 inches long x 6 inches wide x 6 inches high effect for active pets. Also, it weighs around 148 pounds that can support small, medium, or large dogs of all breeds comfortably. With an extra-large chain link, it acts as a protective layer to support playing, excising, and other activities. In addition, this item is durable and stylish, thanks to its galvanized steel frame. This construction is Eco-safe and pet-safe without uneven corners that can cause scratches and other harmful effects.

Maintenance of this cage is easy by performing simple upkeep, such as wiping with a wet cloth. For better breathability, the chain-link style ensures smooth airflow in and out of this pen. Your pet stays refreshed, odor-free, and relaxed to suit the lounging needs. The free sunscreen comes in handy to add more safety and is made of quality woven polyethylene material. It can block 80% of extreme sunlight for better shade coverage during a hot day. Moreover, this shelter is secure and convenient to use. With a full-entry door, your pet gets and easy access as the latch keeps them safely inside.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Made of quality materials polyethylene
  • 10 inches long 6 x 6 inches high for large dogs
  • Can help to block 80 per cent of sunlight to keep your pets relax

#8 PawHut Outdoor Galvanized Metal Dog Kennel Playpen

PawHut Outdoor Galvanized Metal Dog Kennel Playpen

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Other best outdoor dog kennels from PawHut that offers excellent UV protection. It comes with a tarp cover made of water-resistant material to keep your dog free from rain and other unfavorable weather conditions. Also, its quality structure does not rip, crack, peel, or fade like the other materials. With elastic cords, they hold this case firmly to the cage’s frame for the perfect fit. Moreover, this product comes with a pitched roof to let light snow, dust, debris, and water to run off instead of stagnating. This ensures the top looks great, neat, and is clutter-free.

Furthermore, the spacious interior is enclosed with a chain-link fence. It provides enough room for your dogs to play, exercise, or lounge in a friendly environment. No more worries about leaving your dog at home when you have this protective shelter. Designed using a durable steel frame, it provides years of service with minor to zero maintenance. Besides, the material is lightweight to allow a straightforward relocation. If you live in an area with predators and unfavorable weather, this item is the best safety net for your dog. It can also be used for accommodating medium animals such as chickens, cats, and even rabbits.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Made of water resistant materials
  • Come with a chin-link fence interior
  • Recommend for small pets

#7 LEMKA Heavy Duty Dog Playpen, Outdoor Dog Kennels

LEMKA Heavy Duty Dog Playpen, Outdoor Dog Kennels

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The Lemka pet cage is an appropriate play yard for your dog with a heavy-duty frame, great for professional or residential use. You can use it in compact spaces such as decks, porches, apartments, or homes, thanks to its versatile modular design. To improve safety, the included waterproof material with black e-coat provides lasting protection from snow, debris, dust, and sun. That means additional protection that prevents ripping, discoloring, peeling, or cracking to support extended use. This accessory folds easily and quickly due to its foldable mechanism. You can store it in a compact location or assemble it without using tools.

Boasting of a user-friendly and pet-safe design, this product comes with a secure locking system. Not only that, but the sturdy metal tubes, in a vertical direction, aid in preventing the pet from climbing out of this playpen. The overall dimension of this unit is 83.15 inches long x 48 inches wide x 30.32 inches high. This allows your dog to run, play, or exercise comfortably without restricting the inside space. Note that there are 6/10 panels for a beautiful and neat interior look.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Have heavy duty frame with beautiful interior design
  • Made of waterproof resistant material
  • Can use for large pets

#6 Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennels

Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennels

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Get an easy installation with the Neocraft best outdoor dog kennel. It has a welded frame to allow you to unfold with ease to create the basic structure. After use, you can pack it up and stow away in most compact to medium spaces. For setup convenience, follow the supplied instructions without using tools. Attach the edges of this item, mount the roof, connect the cover, for a ready to use structure. The double door gate opens easily at the top for easy dog access. The smaller door is perfect for playing with your pet, add food, changing water bowls, without fear of pet escapes.

Whether your dog loves playing indoors or outdoors, this shelter is the best option. Its versatile design allows your pet to lounge inside or on a patio, deck with you. Also, the material is weatherproof suitable for all conditions such as rainy, snowy, and even dusty. With a dimension of 48 inches of 4ft, this roomy housing is perfect for medium-sized dogs weighing up to 60 pounds. For instance, an English Spring Spaniel will have a comfortable stay and ample room for relaxing, playing, or sky viewing without feeling constricted.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Can move and settle at different places easily
  • Waterproof material to protect your pet from rainy, snowy, dusty
  • No worry about your pet escape

#5 BestPet Dog Crate Pet Kennel Cage Puppy Playpen

BestPet Dog Crate Pet Kennel Cage Puppy Playpen

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BestPet, one of remarkable outdoor dog kennels, provides this best outdoor dog kennel with a secure design. It keeps your pet safe from harmful elements and animals that might disturb the peace inside. Also, it has plenty of room with tall sides to support a comfortable stay. This crate ensures you have peace of mind as you contain your canine friend within the enclosure. Alternatively, you can link more cages to cover a broader area for more room. This item is easy to set up, making it a must-have in households with dogs. Use the assembly instructions to have a simple installation in minutes. Also, after use, take it down to save time and storage space.

Constructed from sturdy metal, it is rust-resistant and durable. That means you can stage this item indoors or outdoors, depending on preferences. Besides, the supplied waterproof cover and steel roof frame offers additional protection. The top with enclosed ends prevents debris, snow, rain, and the sun from harming your pet. The casing is made from premium material that has excellent UV, rip, crack, fade, and also peel resistance. Moreover, this accessory has a tensile-strength wire design suitable for transporting and training well-behaved dogs. Plus, its epoxy coating extends the life of this cage while providing rust and fade-proof elements.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Keep your pet safe from other harmful animals
  • Large room inside to keep your pet stay relaxed
  • Easy to install and made of waterproof resistent materials

#4 Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Dog Puppy Cat Exercise

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Dog Puppy Cat Exercise

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Yaheetech is a leader in the dog accessory appliances, including this playpen. It is made of heavy-duty and rust-resistant metal that increases durability. You can use it for many years without worrying about damage. The design makes it suitable for inside or outdoor operation for more usage flexibility. We love the rounded edges that eliminate scratches, dents, and other pet harm that might occur. Also, the panels have a 2-piece door latches and hinges for a simple entry/exit. Set it up without tools to finish the process in minutes.

This is a sizeable best outdoor kennel consisting of 8 panels, each measuring 31.5 inches wide x 39.4 inches high. You can link multiple pet playpens to expand the structure. Its overall rectangular size is 96.1 inches long x 32.7 inches wide x 39 inches tall. Change the roomy space quickly without using tools to support multiple shape configurations such as round, square, rectangle, and many others. Besides, this cage folds smoothly to ease transport and transport from your home to a car if the need arises for pet transfer.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Made of rust-resistant materials for long time usage
  • Support multiple shapes, square, rectangle, others
  • Easy to get along and install

#3 Advantek Pet Gazebo

Advantek Pet Gazebo

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Similar to above best outdoor dog kennels, the Advantek among the top-used kennels is its versatile design. You can use it as a kennel or a playpen for outdoor spaces. Not only that, but it accommodates dogs weighing under 80 pounds to ensure maximum security. If you have a loved one that has a new dog, this is the best gift. Apart from its appeal, it acts as a temporary home when you are away from home. With a 5ft open-wire gazebo, it is made from premium steel to offer a medium space. Also, it is fade-proof and rust-proof to keep your canine friend safe at all times.

Moreover, this gadget boasts of an umbrella roof frame for better shade coverage. It keeps your pet away from rain, snow, and other undesirables during unfavorable weather conditions. Besides, you don’t need to use any tools to set up this structure to give you ca easy assembly. The reversible polyethylene case is weather-resistant to offer maximum protection and at the same time, improve pet comfort. Now, they can relax in safety, convenience, as well as style in the outdoors. Additionally, this shelter is a compact and portable perfect for camping, traveling, fishing, and vacation to keep your dog secure and happy.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Can support dog weight below 80 pounds
  • Made of rust-material resistant for a long usage
  • Has umbrella roof frame to prevent from rainy, snowy and dusty

#2 Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel, Get one 4 x 4.5 inches of outdoor Dog Kennels

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel, Get one 4 x 4.5 inches of outdoor Dog Kennels

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Let’s look at the best outdoor dog kennels that protects your pet from sun, rain, or snow. Featuring a durable enclosed tarp cover, it is waterproof and tear-resistant to guarantee more dog safety. It has excellent UV protection capabilities that retain its original look even after extended sun exposure. Also, the steel roof frame safeguards against scorching sun’s heat to give your canine friend enough shade. Use it during the summer or cold days without worries about cracking, wearing, or rusting.

In addition, this cage comes with a sturdy gate and pre-assembled panels to allow a simple setup that takes a few minutes to complete the installation using the provided clamps. There’s no requirement for additional tools to give you a smooth assembly. With a dimension of 4 inches long x 4 inches wide x 4.5 inches high with the cover, this shelter is spacious and efficient. Without the case, it measures 4 inches long x 4 inches wide x 3.5 inches tall. Constructed with corrosion-resistant wire, it can bear the test of time to give you long-term use. The wiring is welded before coating to safeguard your dog against sharp edges. Made of heavy-duty steel with rust-resistant wire to withstand the test of time and are welded before coating to prevent sharp edges♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • A durable kennel and safety with tear-resistant
  • Can use either summer or cold seasons
  • Take few minutes for installation

#1 Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

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Leave it to the MidWest Homes brand to come up with this secure best outdoor dog kennel. It is made from sturdy material that can withstand excessive dog movements and changing climatic conditions. The sturdy structure with a black e-coat finish adds more durability. The coating does not rust or crack suitable for outdoor use while protecting against foreign elements. Now, your pet can enjoy a safe, convenient, and longlasting stay inside this temporary home. We take note of the step-through door with double latch design. It provides additional safety to keep your pet from escaping when you are away. Also, the latches are secure and sleek-looking to deliver maximum protection.

Moreover, this cage gives you easy storage, thanks to its foldable structure. Fold it flat in minutes using your hands for a simple stow away. Each panel has a dimension of 24 inches wide x 30 inches high, to support an active pet play. Also, it provides 1.5 meters of enclosed space, which is quite more extensive than the other models. That means safe and comfortable exercising and lounging for an extended time. The included 8 corner stabilizers, 8 ground anchors, and 4 thumb-snaps work seamlessly for safety and assembly. Note that this playpen accommodates pets weighing between 26 to 40 pounds.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Strong and sturdy installation structure
  • Can stay longer inside and enjoy safety
  • Good pet weight 26 to 40 pounds


Select the best outdoor dog kennel from the above playpens. They are sturdy, stylish, and comfortable to install thanks to a user-friendly design. Also, your canine friend can enjoy a safe play, lounging, and exercising from the spacious cage models. Read through this best outdoor dog kennel review to have a simple purchasing choice.


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