NZXT Releases a Starter Gaming PC for Beginner Gamers


Gaming has reached high and unbelievable levels. It is one of the most popular activities in the world right now. When it comes to gaming, there are various platforms and electronics that you can play games on, such as PC, Consoles, Mobile phones, etc. Out of all these platforms, PC is most likely considered to be the best one, and I agree with this statement.

Gaming PC is much better than a phone or any console. A Gaming PC is capable of more things, it is more powerful, it has upgrade potential, it is convenient, it can multi-task and many more, but to build a PC that will be better than a console costs a lot. Beginners don’t even know how they should make a PC and what hardware they should use.

That is why NZXT has released a new Starter PC for beginner gamers and people who are trying to get into PC gaming.

What is the NZXT Starter PC?

NZXT is an American computer hardware manufacturer.

The company is best known for being a major manufacturer of computer cases, components, and accessories for the PC gaming market. The name NZXT is a corruption of the word “next” in uppercase.

Recently NZXT released a pre-built Gaming PC called the “Starter PC” for beginner gamers. It is a budget gaming PC and has some fairly powerful hardware inside as it has a very recent processor and one of the most convenient graphic cards. Also, it looks cool because the case has a tempered glass side panel and RGB lighting inside.

It is built for people who don’t know about PC Gaming or who don’t want to deal with the hassle of building your PC.

What are the Specs and Price of the Starter PC?

Here are the Specs of the NZXT Starter PC:

CPUIntel Core i3-9100F
GPUMSI GeForce GTX 1650 Ventus XS OC
PSUEVGA 450W Bronze
SSD512GB Intel 660p M.2

The price of the NZXT Starter PC is only $699. So you can buy this pre-built system instead if you do not want to buy PC parts separately and build a Gaming PC yourself.

Starter Plus and Starter Pro

If the specs of the NZXT Starter PC are not good enough for you and you need a more powerful and reliable pre-built PC, don’t worry, NZXT also released the Starter Plus PC and the Starter Pro PC

The Starter Plus PC has a more powerful processor, the Intel core i5-9400f, a more powerful Graphics Card MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Super and 16GB RAM. Everything else is kept the same. The price of the Starter Plus is $899.

The Starter Pro PC, on the other hand, is even more powerful. The Processor and the Ram are the same, but the Graphics Card is more powerful, the MSI GTX 1660 Ti and a 1TB Intel 665p M.2 SSD. The price of the Starter Pro PC is just $999.


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