New Batman Gotham Knights Have Some Intriguing facts for the Batman Fans


Batman Gotham knight has finally been announced, and its trailer has finally been released.

The game will be a continuation of the story from the previous Batman game, Batman Arkham Knight. The journey started in 2009 when Batman Arkham Asylum was released. Then a sequel to that game was released in 2011, which was Batman Arkham City.

After that, a prequel to the first game was released in 2013, which was called Batman Arkham Origins, and then the story was continued until Batman Arkham Knight, which was released in 2015.

Since then we didn’t see any other Batman game until now, Batman Gotham Knights have been announced and is going to be released in 2021.

Will Batman be dead in the game?

If you have played Batman Arkham Knight, you will have this question in your mind, Will Batman be dead in the game or did he fake his death? Well, In the ending of Batman Arkham Knight, Batman’s secret identity was revealed to the whole world, and Batman had already planned that if his identity ever gets published, he will kill himself. In the final cutscene, you can see Batman entering his house and blowing it up and killing himself.

Now some people said that that Batman faked the death and he might be still alive, but now when you look at the trailer of Gotham Knights, it is confirmed that Batman is dead. He left a video message to all the 4 robins before dying, and his body was told to be found in the trailer. So everyone is pretty sure that Batman is dead. So you will not play as Batman in the game, you will play as the 4 robins.

Will there be a new Batman?

Now, if Batman is dead and the four robins are uniting to save and protect Gotham city, will there be a new Batman in Gotham Knights?

Well, I cannot confirm this, and I don’t think there were any hints of a new Batman in the trailer, but there might still be a chance that one of the four robins becomes the new Batman. In the comic book, Battle for the Cowl, it was shown that Batman died.

The four robins competed to be the next Batman, in the end, Nightwing (Dick Grayson) became Batman, so we might see a fight break out between the robins near the end of the game, and we might be able to see a new Batman in Batman Gotham Knights.

Platforms and Release Date

Batman Gotham Knights might be close to being released, but Warner Bros still didn’t announce the platforms and the official release date.

The only thing regarding the release in the trailer was the year, and the game is releasing in 2021. Now, if the game is releasing in 2021, it is evident that it will be issued for Ps5 and Xbox Series X.

There’s also a chance of it releasing for Ps4 and Xbox One, and as all the Batman games have been on PC so this one should also release for PC, but there are no official system requirements announced yet.


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