Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review


The Leesa Hybrid, formerly called the Sapira, is a hybrid mattress by Leesa,  a popular direct-to-consumer mattress brand that launched in 2014. In addition to the Leesa Hybrid, Leesa also sells the flagship Leesa mattress, multiple mattress bases, and several pillow options.

The Leesa Hybrid pairs several layers of foam with a layer of coils. The foam layers offer the contouring, pressure relief, and motion isolation associated with foam. The innerspring layer adds bounce, edge support, durability, and extra contouring. If you are unsure of whether you prefer a foam or an innerspring mattress, hybrid mattresses like the Leesa Hybrid can offer some of the benefits of both designs.

Our review of the Leesa Hybrid mattress will help you understand the features that make the mattress unique. Understanding how the features may affect the sleep experience can help you decide whether the Leesa Hybrid is the mattress you’ve been looking for.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress Overview

Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Leesa Hybrid

A durable hybrid mattress that’s comfortable for side sleepers and great for couples.


The Leesa Hybrid mattress is 11 inches tall. It is constructed of five total layers, including four layers of foam and one layer of innerspring coils.

The top layer of the Leesa Hybrid mattress consists of 1.5 inches of foam. This foam features foam punched with holes to allow heat to dissipate. The second layer of the mattress uses 1.5 inches of memory foam, designed to contour to the shape of your body and sleep position to provide pressure relief. The third layer of the Leesa Hybrid is composed of 1 inch of support foam to transition from the foam layers to the innerspring layer.

Next, the mattress features a 6-inch spring layer. The innerspring layer features over 1,000 individually-wrapped 14.5 gauge coils. This layer is designed to add durability while offering motion isolation. The use of springs can also provide more bounce, deeper contouring, and better airflow. Higher-density coils around the perimeter of the innerspring layer provide extra edge support. The final layer of the mattress is composed of 1 inch of support foam that serves as the support base for the innerspring layer.

The cover of the mattress is a polyester/lycra blend, which features Leesa’s four-stripe design.


The Leesa Hybrid offers one firmness option, which comes in at about a 6.5 on the firmness scale. This rating means that the Leesa Hybrid can be considered a medium-firm mattress. This is around the firmness most sleepers prefer, so a lot of people should find the Leesa Hybrid’s firmness comfortable. However, people who enjoy a firmer mattress or who weigh more than average may prefer a firmer option than the Leesa Hybrid. Sleepers who like a plush feel or who weigh less than average may prefer a softer mattress option.


The Leesa Hybrid is available in each standard mattress size, with the prices listed below. While these are the list prices, Leesa offers frequent discounts that could reduce the cost for a new Leesa Hybrid mattress.

Twin XL$1,199
California King$1,999

Leesa Hybrid Mattress Pros and Cons

Good edge supportOne firmness option
Bouncy and responsive30-night break-in requirement for sleep trial
100-night sleep trial
Free shipping

Leesa Hybrid Mattress Breakdown

Below, we’ll discuss how we expect the Leesa Hybrid mattress to perform in key areas. For more information on how we drew these conclusions, please see our methodology.

Is it made from quality materials?

The Leesa Hybrid mattress is constructed of high-quality materials, including the foam and innerspring layers.

The Leesa Hybrid uses multiple layers of high-density foam, and each layer serves a specific purpose. The top layer of premium foam is designed with holes to offer airflow. The second layer uses memory foam for greater contouring. The innerspring layer features pocketed coils. Wrapping the coils individually helps isolate motion and prevent it from transferring to other springs.

The foams used in the Leesa Hybrid mattress are also certified by CertiPUR-US, which means that they have been tested for potentially-hazardous substances, like ozone depleters, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, and more.

How long will it last?

Generally, hybrid mattresses can be expected to last between 6 and 8 years. We would expect the Leesa Hybrid mattress to have a similar lifespan. The Leesa Hybrid is still relatively new to the market, so it is difficult to predict the long-term durability. However, Leesa offers a 10-year warranty that can give customers additional confidence in their purchase.

How well does it conform to my body?

The Leesa Hybrid offers close conforming, which could relieve pressure points and provide a more comfortable night’s sleep. The top two layers of the Leesa Hybrid work together to shape to the body. The innerspring layer can offer additional deep contouring and give the mattress enough support to prevent the “stuck in the bed” feeling associated with some foam mattresses.

Is the edge supportive?

The Leesa Hybrid offers reinforced edges, which can prevent the edge of the bed from sagging excessively when you sit or sleep close to it. The Leesa Hybrid uses high-density perimeter coils to make the edge sturdier. Because of this, the edge may feel more stable than the edge of some other mattresses, improving the overall usable surface area of the mattress.

Does it sleep hot?

The Leesa Hybrid mattress should be able to deliver a cool, comfortable night’s sleep.

The top layer of the mattress features holes to prevent it from trapping heat like some foam top layers. Additionally, the innerspring layer allows more airflow than most foam bases, which can allow heat to dissipate. The mattress cover is also breathable for additional cooling and comfort.

Will it off-gas when it’s delivered?

The Leesa Hybrid may have a slight “new mattress” smell at first. While this odor isn’t harmful, if you find it offensive, you may choose to leave the new mattress in a well-ventilated room until it airs out. The initial odor should dissipate within a few days.

Will I feel my partner move during the night?

Hybrid mattresses like the Leesa Hybrid are unlikely to isolate motion as fully as some all-foam mattresses, but the Leesa Hybrid offers solid motion isolation that could help reduce sleep disturbances when your partner moves overnight. The foam layers of the Leesa Hybrid can absorb a good deal of motion. The innerspring layer can also reduce motion transfer. The coils are pocketed, so minimal motion should be transferred between the coils. Since the Leesa Hybrid offers more bounce than most all-foam mattresses, however, there may be a small amount of motion transfer.

Who is Best Suited for a Leesa Hybrid Mattress?

The Leesa Hybrid mattress has a good combination of cooling, bounce, motion isolation, and conforming that should appeal to most sleepers. However, not every mattress is ideal for every person, so some people may like the Leesa Hybrid mattress better than others.

Side sleepers may be particularly well-suited for the Leesa Hybrid mattress. The Leesa Hybrid offers more contouring and pressure relief than some mattresses, so it may help relieve some of the sharp pressure points that side sleepers tend to experience. The top two layers of foam contour to the body to provide a “hug.” The innerspring layer provides additional contouring that allows wider areas to sink in deeper while preventing them from sinking in too deeply.

The Leesa Hybrid mattress may also be an excellent choice for sleepers who use the edge of the bed often. If you like to sit or sleep near the edge of the bed, the Leesa Hybrid’s reinforced edge can make you more confident and comfortable by providing a more stable edge that shouldn’t feel like it’s sinking out from under you.

Since the Leesa Hybrid offers a combination of bounce and motion isolation, it might also appeal to couples. Bounce may improve the sexual experience, while motion isolation can help reduce disturbances caused by your partner rolling over or changing position.

While the Leesa Hybrid will feel comfortable to a wide variety of sleepers, some lightweight sleepers may find it a bit too firm and some sleepers who weigh more than average could find it a bit too soft.

Ready to Buy a Leesa Hybrid?

Before you purchase the Leesa Hybrid mattress, you may want to learn more about the company policies that could influence your purchasing decision.

Sleep Trial

Leesa offers a 100-night sleep trial. Before you can return your Leesa Hybrid mattress, you must try it for at least 30 nights. If you still do not like the mattress, you can return it. Leesa will arrange to remove your mattress and either donate it or dispose of it. You will receive a refund of the purchase price minus a $49 “Bed Adoption Fee.” Purchasers in Alaska and Hawaii will also be charged an additional $100 fee on returns.


The Leesa Hybrid comes with a 10-year warranty. Under this warranty, the original purchaser of a defective mattress will be eligible to receive a replacement or repair without charge.

Availability and Delivery

The Leesa Hybrid mattress is sold on the Leesa website and on Amazon. When you purchase the Leesa mattress through the official website, you can receive free shipping in all 50 states within the United States. The Leesa Hybrid mattress is also available in Canada and the United Kingdom.

If you want help setting up your mattress and removing your old mattress, Leesa also offers In-Home Delivery in select locations. This service costs an extra $149. Nearly 100 West Elm stores carry Leesa products, so you might also be able to check out a Leesa Hybrid mattress in person.

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