Infliction: Extended Cut [Reviews] – A Game that Follows the Path of Silent Hill PT


One of the games that defined the horror genre for so many games to come, Silent Hill PT was only a demo released by Kojima Productions in 2014. The influence of the game can still be seen today in many horror games. Even big companies such as Capcom had taken ideas from PT in their game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and several indie games such as Layers of Fear and Visage had inspirations from the fan loved the demo. Some of these games were good; some only used a little bit of inspiration and brought in other new amazing ideas, some are yet to come, some were canceled, and some were just not up to the mark.

The game starts up fine, as initially, the build-up of tension feels excellent. The atmosphere tells you from the start that the house is haunted. The house is quiet at the beginning, only the rattling of trees on the windows and the howling of the wind. The issue at the start is the way the house is dark, and you are using a torch before the game even properly starts. As you progress through the house, you notice pictures and voicemails, all indicating the outside appearance of a perfect family. Only when you progress further in the game and look between the lines is when you start to understand that something is unsettling. The signs of a tragedy are scattered everywhere; the album covers show murder and manifestations of violence and journals along with letters tell of a horrible incident that happened in the family.

Then we see Gary finding the tickets, and suddenly he has flashbacks that show him murdering his beloved wife while wearing a mask of some disturbing cult. Then we see Gary escaping his car. The escape doesn’t go so well as we see Gary crash his car into a tree. When we go back into our house, the radio tells us that we died in the car crash and that Gary’s daughter has been missing. Just like Silent Hill PT, communication is pretty important as it tells us a lot about the story and the background knowledge of the game. Now the murdered wife of Gary is back for revenge, and her enraged ghost starts to haunt Gary. As Gary, we must find a way to end this all by exorcising the house and getting rid of her spirit from the house.  

Infliction could have been great with its ideas and only inspiration from PT, but many parts of Infliction are straightforward ripped off from PT. The design of the house reflects the one in PT, and our Gary walks down the same repetitive hallway, which changes slightly each time the loop completes its cycle. A hanging light is swinging in the hall, which is there to add tension to the scene, and even the cry of a baby can be heard while playing through a specific part in the game.

Infliction aims very high but achieves very little. The formula is right but is desperate for new genuine ideas instead of one’s ripped off from PT.


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