How to Grow Your Hair to Look Posh on a Date

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Hair is the main accessory that complements any style and image, makes a girl look feminine and attractive.

Every man who has ever been involved in international video dating knows that almost all Russian beauties have great shiny hair. If you want to grow your hair and make it your advantage, then it is necessary to study the issue and eliminate all the problems that prevent you from achieving your main goal. So, dealing with hair loss should become the first priority. It is usually caused by a decrease in blood supply around the follicle of the hair. A full-scale treatment does not yet exist, but there are several effective remedies that will prevent rapid hair loss or even baldness in old age. As they say, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”

How to Grow Your Hair to Look Posh on a Date

Determine the Extent of the Problem

Hair loss is a normal process that occurs daily and is not a bad symptom. On average, we lose about 80 hairs per day, but if you notice that the amount has been increasing recently, and, for example, the bathtub drain is clogged faster, then you should analyze the situation. Studies show that at least 1 of 3 women suffers from hair loss or a decrease in their volume at some point in their lives.

Check for Health Problems

If there is redness, ingrown hairs or dandruff on the scalp, then the skin is inflamed. Split ends should not also be blamed only on cosmetic problems, it is likely that this is also a disease. It is best to contact a specialist, namely, the trichologist. They will help determine the reason for not only slow growth but also a frequent hair loss during washing and combing. Many modern clinics offer diagnosis and treatment of hair, nail and skin problems. Specialists of the clinic will conduct an inspection, make a diagnosis, find the treatment that is suitable for you and will recommend all the necessary remedies for the restoration: shampoos, balms as well as care and medical cosmetics.

Find Out the Other Reasons

First, you need to find out what is the root cause that makes you lose your hair. Maybe you have recently gone through chemotherapy, taken relaxants, used a lighter or gotten a perm? Substances used in these procedures have a serious and aggressive effect on the hair. You should check whether your problem relates to hormonal changes that have occurred in your organism, for example, due to childbirth or early menopause. If the problem relates to the drugs that you are taking, it is not a reason to stop the course of treatment. Talk to your therapist, they might help you find some other medicines that will not have such a negative influence on your body, or just wait until the end of the course. For example, if you are in the process of restoring the function of the thyroid gland, then the hair will start actively growing as soon as the process will be done.

Change Your Hair Product and Comb If the Problem Doesn’t Relate to Drugs

Don’t forget to use a moisturizing conditioner that has balanced oils and lipids, which strengthen the hair structure. If you use a wooden comb, then you will be able to kill two birds with one stone. You can massage your scalp, improving blood supply, rid it of excess natural oils and transfer them to the tips of your hair, keeping them moisturized. Make sure that you wash your hair with cooler water since low temperatures allow you to close the pores, which means it will also help preserve the moisture of the hair. Do not forget to use thermal oils to protect the hair against damage during drying or hot styling, and do not rush to comb wet hair, so as not to damage the ends. Make sure that a scrunchie and hairpins which you use, do not pull them too tight. Do not skip the visits to your hairdresser because regular trimming of the split ends helps prevent the problem from worsening. Choose a silk pillowcase over a usual cotton one and try to limit the amount of hair washing per week as much as possible. Do not experiment with frequent hair dyeing. Do not forget that lightening and using of the pigment make your hair thin and lead to the rapid spread of damage of your hair. Cherish your inner Rapunzel more often.

Take Vitamins That Prevent Hair Loss

Use dietary supplements like biotin, folic acid, minoxidil, and fish oil. Bear in mind that iron deficiency, which often occurs during menstruation, is also able to seriously affect the production of protein bonds in the hair follicles. You can go through the procedure of structural analysis of hair, after which experts will recommend which minerals and trace elements it is necessary to take in a bigger amount.

Biotin, or vitamin H, is a part of the vitamin B-complex that help transform food into fuel for energy. It improves the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and amino acids, which, in turn, are the building blocks for creating protein bonds. Besides hair growth, you will also get strong nails and eyelashes.

Diversify your usual intake of vitamins with beer yeast, 1 tablespoon is enough for a plate of vegetables. Reduce consumption of dairy products, especially cheese, as well as wheat and any derivatives, to reduce the risk of inflammation. Most importantly, avoid traumatic starvation programs or strict diets. Any radical change in diet weakens the follicles, and therefore, leads to hair loss.

Besides, add olive oil, avocado, and green vegetables to your diet. They not only significantly speed up your metabolism, but also help in the production of collagen and hair growth.

Get Rid of Hair Extensions

You might have a desire to add volume and length to the hair, try a trendy hairstyle or fix a bad haircut, in general, there can be many reasons for hair extensions as well as places where this can be done. However, increasing the weight of the hair is not the best solution in a situation when you suffer from hair loss. Refuse the usage of hair extensions, dreads or other decorations since they pull the hair and add pressure to the hair bulbs. Once again, do not forget to regularly cut split ends, even if you want to grow hair as soon as possible.

Tone Your Scalp

The most important aspect of healthy hair growth is the vitality of the scalp. It is the maintenance of its tone and the absence of inflammation are the key factors for rapid hair growth. Peeling and redness are easy to miss because the surface is hidden under the hair. However, the scalp is very susceptible to the effects of things that you use. On average, two or three washes per week are enough for normal functioning of the scalp, this is enough to preserve the natural flora of the skin and not disrupt the production of sebum. You should be more attentive to what is written on the labels of shampoos, conditioners and styling products. They must be made exclusively of washing agents, oils and perfumes and not contain chemicals. Any other means can lead to inflammation, increase sebum production, clog pores, and damage hair follicles. It will be useful to make a head massage to stimulate blood circulation: for this, you will need any invigorating essential oil. Apply a few drops on the scalp and rub gently. Cover your head with a warm towel and leave for a few minutes to allow steam to circulate over the entire surface. In addition, you can try inverted asanas or simple slopes every day, which will also increase blood flow to the head, and thus stimulate the glands.

Remember That It’s Not a Unique Case

Hair loss will always be a problem for some people regardless of age or gender. Any hormonal changes can provoke loss, so over the years, the texture of our hair changes several times. Consider genetics: if your mother has a problem with thinning hair, there is a high risk that you can also suffer from a strong loss without proper care.

You Should Be Aware of the Following Things

On average, our hair grows by a centimeter per month, which largely depends on genetics, but we still have the opportunity to accelerate this process, adhering to the above-mentioned tips. To achieve rapid hair growth, it is worth understanding how this process occurs. Each hair grows from a single follicle, and, depending on genetic characteristics, there may be from 90 to 150 thousand follicles on your head. Follicles are the organs of the skin that help produce hair and grow it. The root of the follicle is nourished by the blood in the blood vessels on the skin of your head, creating more cells. The better the production is stimulated, the faster your hair grows. Total hair production goes through three phases.

  • Anagen or growth phase

This is the most active phase during which hair appears on the surface of the skin and continues to grow. The longer the hair remains in this phase, the longer it will develop, and although it all depends on genetics, it can last from two to six years.

  • Catagen

It is a transition phase, during which the follicle shrinks and stops feeding the hair. Cells stop dividing and become horny.

  • Telogen

It is a resting phase, during which the follicle is inactive, and the hair is simply fixed in place. Depending on the strength of the root itself, it may soften over time, and the hair will simply fall out, and a new one will begin to grow in its place. For the most part, all means for accelerating hair growth are aimed precisely at extending the anagen phase, and all cosmetics are used to keep hair in telogen. In general, if you dream of long hair, you should pay attention to all the ways and use them in a complex.

5 Habits That Damage Your Hair

If you want to grow your hair and look really posh on a date with a partner, then you should avoid the following common mistakes that will prevent you from achieving the goal.

You use too much conditioner

Do you think that the more conditioner you use, the softer the hair will be? You are wrong. Conditioners are intended to moisten hair but not to give it softness. They should be applied only to the ends of the hair, and the scalp is usually sufficiently moisturized. Use a hair mask once or twice a week to give your hair nutrients. Famous stylist Vernon Francois also recommends moisturizing hair with oils to keep them healthy, for example, argan oil.

You comb wet hair

Many girls know that if they do not comb their hair in time, then they might spend half an hour on it. However, wet hair is much more vulnerable and susceptible to damage. You should brush your hair before washing. If it is possible, divide all the strands before you start combing them, and very slowly move from the tips to the scalp, but you should better lightly dry them out and only then start styling.

You use dry shampoo too often

There is nothing easier than to apply dry shampoo after an hour of workout at the gym, but by doing that, you make the hair shaft thin, and it leads to inflammation and increased susceptibility to damage. The more often you use dry shampoo, the more likely that the accumulating fat will create problems in the form of dandruff and excessive dryness.

You straighten wet hair

Even if it seems to you that you cannot waste time on pre-drying that’s why you start straightening your hair immediately, then you should know that this can really burn it. Allow your hair to dry completely before you start styling, otherwise, it will become dry and brittle.

You use keratin for straightening

Someone dreams of beautiful curls while another one wants to have straight hair. There is a common misconception that you can achieve this with keratin because it is intended for the treatment of damaged hair. However, it is not for straightening your hair. And too frequent use of it can disrupt the natural balance of moisture in the hair and cause disruption of the sebaceous glands.


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