How to Get Rid of Gnats in the House


Gnats are annoying pests that seem to appear out of nowhere. They can be a result of fruit flies breeding in your house, or they may have come from the outside environment. If you have any rotting food or plant matter, this can attract these pests who will lay eggs and larvae into the material which then creates an infestation for them to feed on.

Either way, gnat infestations need to be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, they will become too widespread and start causing other problems for you. The gnats themselves can also carry diseases such as diarrhea and dysentery that they could easily pass onto humans if their population is allowed to grow too large!

How Do Gnat Infestations Start?

Gnats can come into your home from outside. They come in through cracks in the doors, windows, walls, or your foundation. Gnats are found where there is rotten fruit and decaying organic matter near sinks, drains, and toilets.

Here’s our list of 10 ways to get rid of gnats!

Make an apple cider vinegar trap

Add 3 tablespoons of sugar, about 1 teaspoon of dish soap, and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a bowl and stir the ingredients. Gnats will be attracted to this mixture because it smells good. The dish soap also traps gnats and makes them drown in it. Put the bowl in an area where gnats are often found, like your kitchen or bathroom.

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Make a fruit trap

Gnats love fruit. So, you can make a trap out of some old fruits that are going bad and place them in the area where gnats congregate. First, put the fruits in a jar or a bowl. Then cover it with plastic wrap, which you have already perforated. Gnats will be attracted to the rotting fruit but they won’t able to fly away from it because there is no surface for them to take off onto.

Pour diluted bleach down the tub drain

This is an effective way to kill the gnats that are coming out of your tub or sink drain, which will also prevent them from being able to build up in there. All you need to do is pour a solution of one cup of water mixed with half a teaspoon of bleach down the drain.

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Make a candle trap

If you have a gnat infestation at home, then this is another easy way to get rid of them. You will need a candlestick and a candle. If you don’t have a candlestick, you can replace it with a jar or a bowl. Just make sure to fix the candle securely in the middle. Then fill the holder of the candlestick (or part of the jar) with water. After you light the candle, you’ll have to turn off the lights. The gnats will be attracted by the flame and get burned or drowned in the water.

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Use a wine trap

This is another clever way to get rid of gnats. Fill a jar with wine, add some drops of dish soap and then place it in the middle of your kitchen table. The pests will be attracted by the smell, fly towards it and drown in it. You can also use this trap outside if you have an infestation there as well.

Use a chemical spray

If you don’t mind using chemicals, this is the fastest and most effective solution to get rid of gnats, but it’s also a bit more costly.

You’ll need to find an insecticide that contains pyrethroid or some other chemical ingredient that kills them on contact. In order for this remedy to work, you have to spray around your house where they’re usually found – in particular near windows and doors, as well as any other cracks from which they can enter into your home.

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Use a bug zapper

One of the most popular ways to get rid of bugs is a bug zapper or insect killer. This device produces an electric current that attracts and kills insects that come in contact with it, so all you have to do is plug one up inside your house near windows and doors where they usually enter through.

Frequent cleaning will be necessary as well because this type of trap only works when there are flying bugs around – once the electricity has attracted them to its power source, their dead bodies will start piling up on top of each other and eventually create a nasty stink!

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Try with fly paper

If you have a small infestation of gnats that you just want to get rid of quickly, then one solution is fly paper or sticky tapes. These devices do not kill the pests but instead trap them on top and make it easy for you to dispose of them once they’re full. Just hang some up along windowsills where there are many flying bugs entering in order to catch as much as possible with one go!

Frequent cleaning will be necessary if this type of strategy is used because dead flies need to be removed. Otherwise, their remains will start attracting even more bugs over time until your house becomes an all-out living nightmare for anyone who enters!

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Professional pest control

If you want to get rid of gnats for good and make your house a bug-free zone, then hiring professionals is the recommended solution. The exterminators will come in with their own equipment that’s designed specifically for the job at hand including knowledge on how to successfully remove these pesky invaders.

The experts will have all kinds of solutions available to them whether it be spraying or using bait; they’ll even take preventative measures such as sealing off any cracks or crevices where bugs could enter in order to set up camp later down the line!
Is there a way to prevent gnat infestations?

There are a few things you can do to stop gnats from infesting your home. One option is to get rid of any standing water, which will likely be the source of their breeding ground in the first place. You could also seal any cracks or crevices that might allow these pesky bugs inside in the future – this way they won’t have access and can’t set up camp where they’ll breed freely.

It is also important to take out your trash every day and store your fruit in the refrigerator.

Final thoughts

It’s a good idea to get rid of these bugs before they make your house and life a living nightmare. These pests may seem harmless, but the truth is that gnats can spread diseases. The best way to avoid this pest problem in your home is by getting them handled immediately!


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