Gifts a Pediatric Nurse Will Love


Looking for the perfect gift idea for a pediatric nurse? For all the care they give to children, give something unique back to them this year. Whether she’s your colleague, friend, or a family member, we’ve got you covered with twenty great gifts for pediatric nurses they will surely love.

Most of us know a nurse that works long, tedious hours. Those hours can seem even longer if they are spent working with children. While some kids take medical visits like a champ, other children are less gung-ho about the whole situation. This can make a pediatric nurse’s job difficult, but worthwhile.

While they may very much enjoy their jobs, it can’t hurt to express to them that pediatric nurses are extra special people. Let them know that you are thinking about them by getting them one of the following items as a unique gift that they will treasure.

Gifts for Pediatric Nurses

Angel Figure

Everyone likes to feel appreciated for what they do. Those who work with kids may not receive gratitude from the little ones they work with, which is why it’s especially important to show pediatric nurses that they are valued. This hand-painted angel will convey your thankfulness for them, as well as serve as a decorative piece for around the house.


Personalized Stethoscope Mug

Who doesn’t love drinking coffee before the start of a long day? A pediatric nurse might not only want coffee- he/she might need it. This coffee mug wonderfully portrays a hint of what they do, by having a stethoscope in the shape of a heart. They might even take it to work with them and show it off to their coworkers.


Spa Gift Basket

This gift basket is a great idea for women who serve as pediatric nurse. While working in the medical field, there are a lot of hands-on experiences that can add to the exhaustion of the day. Getting them a gift basket with spa-like material in it may be the action that will make their day. This spa basket comes with bath salts, lotion, and more.


Colorful Socks

Are you looking for a fun, unique gift idea for a pediatric nurse that you know? These brightly colored socks feature all things that entail what a nurse does. They make a statement, and they are a great idea for a nurse that likes to have fun.

If the nurse that wears these is feeling extra silly, they can even show them off to the kids that they work with. It might help make them laugh and make the day go smoother.


Treasure Chest of Coffee

While this is more on the expensive side, it will be worth it to purchase this for someone who loves coffee. Most nurses will be ecstatic about receiving an entire treasure chest of coffee.

This chest contains a plethora of coffee samples to choose from. Each sample will make about one pot of coffee, which is dependent on how many grounds are used to make it. This will allow the pediatric nurse in your life to eliminate the question of where their next cup of coffee is coming from.


Nurse Bracelet

Pediatric nurses have a special place in their hearts for children, so why not get them a special bracelet? This particular piece of jewelry is handmade and affordable.

Made with pink and white strands, you may want to buy more than one bracelet if you know several pediatric nurses. Not only is this bracelet made with beautiful colors, but it also contains charms that let others know that a pediatric nurse is wearing them.


Zen Sand Garden

This is definitely a unique gift idea for a pediatric nurse. Most people that work with kids do so because they have a playful side to their personality. This desk decoration is perfect for making a nurse’s work area a little bit brighter. This sand garden comes with a rake, rocks, and some figures that relate to the scene.

This item serves not only as a source of decoration but also as a source of therapeutic relaxation. When a nurse is having a hard day, they can go back to their sand garden and consume their thoughts with rearranging it, instead of consuming their thoughts with the events of that day.


The Prescription Coffee Mug

It would be no surprise if you knew a nurse that drank a lot of coffee. Pediatric nurses probably drink twice as much. Get them this prescription coffee mug to help them through their long days. This will hold twelve ounces of their caffeinated beverage of choice. This gift is a practical item for the typical pediatric nurse, and it might add a little bit of humor to their day as well.


Heartbeat Necklace

Pediatric nurses work with children from all different walks of life. Therefore, nurses that work in this arena have a variety of daily tasks that they need to complete.

Regardless of the specific tasks, they need to accomplish, nurses play a part in keeping fragile hearts beating. This necklace is fashionable and gives a hint to the importance of the nature of their job.


Nurse Badge Reels

Most badge clips that nurses wear are plain. Give a nurse these badge reel holders in order to jazz up their uniform a bit. These are especially a great gift idea for pediatric nurses, as they add a little fun to something that is normally ordinary. A winking band-aid is much more playful to look at than a standard clip.


Nurses Need Shots Too – Shot Glass

If you know a pediatric nurse, you will know that they like to relax after a long week of work. While everyone chooses to relax in a different manner, some prefer to do it with some alcohol.

Think about buying them this shot glass, which states that “nurses need shots too.” This shot glass holds two ounces, which is more than typical ones. It might be what they are looking for.


Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes Some Wear Scrubs Sign

It’s true that not all superheroes wear capes…some wear scrubs. We all know how hard a PN works and they deserved to be recognized for what they do. You may want to consider buying them this plaque for their home.

This can show off what they do to anyone that passes through their home. It’s a perfect size! It won’t take up too much space, but it’s still large enough to where those who walk by will be able to recognize the talent of the nurse who owns it.


Ultimate Nursing Bag

In many ways, PN can be like teachers. In a similar way, they have many things that they need to carry around daily. They sometimes even earn the nickname “bag person.”

This canvas bag was created for carrying around multiple items, making each day go by a little bit smoother. If a pediatric nurse receives this bag, they won’t have to worry about forgetting to bring items with them from patient to patient. Instead, they can keep all of their materials on them at once.


Nurse Life Coloring Book

It’s not only kids that like to color. Adult coloring books open up the avenue for adults to distress from the day in a healthy manner. This coloring book in particular was created to relate to nurses. Consider buying this for a pediatric nurse who would benefit from a little relaxation. This will allow them to have fun, and get rid of some stress at the same time.


Compression Socks for Nurses

Pediatric nurses provide health care for children. Show them that you care for their health.

Think about buying these colorful compression socks for a pediatric nurse that you know. Why? Because these socks are not just fun, they are very useful for all pediatric nurses who standing for extended periods of time on their job. That can cause varicose veins. Compression socks can help relieve symptoms and slow the progress of varicose veins.

Also, their vibrant colors are sure to catch the eye of the owner of the socks, as well as the patients they work with. These socks are knee-high, making them even more comfortable than your typical ankle-biting socks. Plus, the design on them shouts, “fun nurse on the job.”


Awesome Pediatric Nurse T-Shirt

This pediatric nurse gift will let them know that you think highly of them and that they should think well of themselves too. This is a great, inexpensive tee for the nurse that works with little ones all day long. They truly are as awesome as this t-shirt points them out to be.


Personalized Stethoscope Cover for Cancer

Here is a gift idea that will brighten up the day of a pediatric nurse, as well as the little ones that they work with. Consider buying them a stethoscope cover with a little bit of pizazz. This cover is handmade and is able to be personalized. It’s helpful for the nurse and looks friendly to the patient.

By giving a pediatric nurse a cover for their stethoscope, you can enable them to feel more comfortable while working. Also, a cover will protect it from some damage. They will appreciate the variety of benefits that it can offer.



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