Get Prepared for Battle in the New Strategy Gears Tactics Coming in 2021


Just like Halo, we will be getting a turn-based strategy game for Microsoft’s third-person shooter, Gears of war.

The Coalition, which is the studio of Gears of War, revealed at E3 2018 that they want to cover gamers who prefer a different type of gameplay than what we usually get. They want to take a more strategic approach to the game involving the elements of the Hears of War universe.

Excitement rose in fans when got to see a more detailed look at the new strategic Gears of War during the Game Awards that took place in Los Angeles. The trailer was two and a half min long but gave fans enough to keep them busy till the game finally launches.

Although you might think that Gears of War is not a strategic game as you or on the move, switching covers and reloading your guns, but strangely enough, you will find elements in the Gears of war that relate to the top strategy games out there.

Factors such as the importance of proper positioning amid battle, shooting the enemy and being careful not to expose yourself while progressing forward. So the potential for a strategy game was already there, and The Coalition embraced the opportunity to give the fans a complete tactical game.

Although some games in this genre have stories that are usually non-cannon, Gears of War has brought new content that takes place before the original Gears of War titles that the fans love. The game also features characters never seen before.

When talking about the tactical nature of the game, most of the time, missions involve sending a group of 4 Gears to the battlefield, choosing from a large variety of categories that include Vanguards, Snipers, Scouts, Heavies and the Support units.

Each character has several three actions for a single turn, which can be divided into shooting the enemy, moving, and utilizing your skills the way you prefer. You can be to move, shoot and then reload, or maybe you like being on the offensive to go in and attack multiple enemies.

Perhaps you could try a completely different approach and sprint across the battlefield right into the cover. These actions are full of variety, allowing you to play the way you like, but be careful as there are enemies that will kill you with one strike, slightly similar to the experience we get in the third-person Gears of war. The game is balanced too, as abilities such as support heals and various grenades have a cooldown timer, so they don’t spam in the game.

Gears of War tactics allow you to recover from hopeless pinned situations with quick thinking moves. Intelligent aggression in this game can turn the tides and decide who will forge their way to victory. Executing a downed enemy with a finisher enables your team to gain an extra turn, and if you are playing defensive, and have all your tuns stored, you can damage enemies that come into your site three times.

Gears Tactics is coming on April 28 on Windows 10 PC, Steam, and also on the Xbox Game Pass available for PC.


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