Furhaven Dog Bed Reviews : Best Orthopedic Bed for Dogs with Joint Pain and Arthritis 


Furhaven Pet products are quite famous throughout the world, particularly among dog owners. These products are mostly high-quality with the promise to offer comfort and support to dogs and cats.  You might have heard a lot about Furhaven dog beds, have you ever wondered why they are good? These beds are designed for added comfort and security of dogs because they allow them to stretch out their body. Moreover, the dogs with special needs would never feel uncomfortable whenever he feels like changing positions during bed rest. Lets read about Furhaven Dog Bed Reviews.

Most of the designs of Furhaven dog beds have a headrest for the dogs to lay their head-on. In addition, the bolster and orthopedic cushions on the bed are comfy enough to support the neck and entire body of the dogs. There are many sizes that these beds come in, you can even buy a jumbo size if you own a large-sized dog. 

Supportive Structure

Just like human beings, pets deserve to live in a comfortable environment. It is not so fair to give them a small space to sleep on while you are tucking yourself on a fully supportive bed. Dogs love to sleep on soft mattresses as well as it gives support to their tired bones. Orthopedic dog beds are special beds that offer extra support to the dogs that have pain in bones or injury from an accident. These beds are also ideal for those dogs who are recovering from post-surgery treatments. The cushioning of the mattress eases the dog in getting better sleep at night. It’s definitely hard for them to sleep on a flat surface or floor with aching bones or muscles.

I would like to share my personal experience with Furhaven’s orthopedic dog bed. I bought it almost four months ago for my dog who weighs around 6o pounds. Although you have the option to choose from five different sizes, I chose to have the jumbo size for my dog because he stretches a lot. He loves to have extra sleeping space, which is so normal. When you have a king-size bed all to yourself you tend to sleep better than most people who own a single bed. It’s just that having extra space is always comfortable. 

Why buy an orthopedic dog bed?

You might be wondering as to why you should buy an orthopedic bed for your dog when you can have a simple one with a luxurious style crib and mattress. The reason is that orthopedic beds are specially made with foams that are certi-PUR US-certified and they are free of harsh chemicals. If your dog is suffering from joint pain or arthritis, you don’t wish for him to fall on the hard floors. Therefore, you need to consider buying an orthopedic dog bed for any bed that you have chosen for your dog to sleep on.

Furhaven dog bed has an egg-shaped foam. I would say that it is also a bed and a sofa for your lovely pet. Our dog Jackie loves to sit on the bed in the daytime too. He usually takes his nap on this bed and feels more comfortable sitting on it as compared to the floor. It is also understandable as to why he loves it more. There is a cushion to support his entire body. Besides, the foam allows his body to mold into the cushion. The design does not stop the air from flowing around the body of the dog, instead, it is made in such a way to keep the flow steady around him. So, even for the summer season, this bed could be a great sleep place for the dog. 

Soft Fabric

Another thing to praise about the Furhaven dog bed is its super soft fabric which is very luxurious. The faux fur is delicate to touch and it does not feel heavy. Your pet would definitely love to sleep on the bed because the fabric won’t irritate his furry body. 

Leaning on bolster

Our beloved Jackie loved to lay his head on the bolster when he was tired. He had been through two surgeries in the past. This was the very reason that we chose to have Furhaven dog bed because our dog needed extra support after his surgery. Besides he is also aging with time, no matter how many joint pain supplements we give to them, he sometimes feels too tired. Considering a lot of things we had to find a bed that is not stiff in the structure so our dog can simply lean his neck for support. And he does not have to struggle in getting out of it. After trying a couple of other brands we stuck with Furhaven dog bed because it has a better foam mattress without any stiffness.

The bed has not lost its plushy feel ever since it’s been in use for quite a lot of time. It is pretty much holding up its firmness and shape. However, sometimes the bolster needs to be readjusted once in a while. We have also used a separate cover for the bed to keep it clean. 

There are different reasons why you need to consider an orthopedic bed. If your dog is suffering from painful joints or has hip dysplasia, you can get the bed for him. The design of the bed must not put more pressure on his body. So Furhaven orthopedic bed is the suitable option, it is helpful for their bones, muscles, and overall body.

Furhaven-Pet bed


Designed for canines: Furhaven orthopedic bed is designed with a high-loft mattress and supportive design for fur babies and canines. It offers extra space and room to the ones who love to stretch their bodies at night. 

The surface: As for the design it has all that your dog needs for a great sleep. The fabric is soft, the fur is made of plush, and there are supportive oysters wrapped in suede to give this bed an added level of comfort. Besides, the mattress is really comfortable and soft for enhanced snuggling. 

No pressure: Low-quality foam and mattresses put a lot of pressure on the body of dogs. They don’t support their joints, backbone, and muscles. The Furhaven dog bed on the contrary has a fluff-filled bolster railing to support the neck and back. Even dogs with hip dysplasia can make the best of this foam. The product comes in different colors and the jumbo size is umbo, 44″ x 35″ x 8″ . The overall foam is 4 inches with a sleep surface of 38″ x ou 29″.

Removable cover: The cover of the Furhaven dog bed is removable, you can wash it as many times as you need. Remember to remove the foam and bolster first before you remove the cover. 


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What is an appropriate size of dog bed to consider?

The orthopedic bed should be at least 6 inches larger than the size of your bed and it must have a cushion along with a pad. Consider going for the bed that comes with molty foam because it is way more durable than the standard foam used in the regular bed. The bed should measure 15 to 18 inches tall and almost 20 to 22 inches long. The wider an orthopedic bed the better your dog will feel. He will have more room for himself.

What fabric is easy to clean?

Although any fabric would do it, the vinyl is much better especially for dogs who chew on everything they sleep on. The fabric is better than plastic as well as nylon because it feels more comfortable when it comes to doing the washing. You can machine wash it easily.

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Is the cover machine washable?

Yes, the cover of the Furhaven dog bed is completely washable. Remove it to wash it in the machine. You can take it off without hassle and wash it just whenever you wish to. Sometimes pet makes a lot of mess when he is bedridden, he may pee or poop on the bed. If this happens, remove the cover, wash and dry it. Use it again. It is just as simple as that.

However, when you remove the cover, first you need to remove the foam as well. Also, separate the bolster cover compartment. There is a zipper for that purpose, you will find it so easy to get the foam out of it. It takes just a minute or two.

A lot of people believe that The Furhavn pet plus orthopedic pet is multifunctional furniture for dogs as well. It turns into a bed and also on the sofa whenever you wish to. The structure of bolster, foam, and cover make this product worth buying. In addition, it has a very luxurious feeling to it. The 7-inch foam has a great density, it also provides great support with its thick cushion to the dogs who are on bed rest due to their injuries and joint pain.


Furhaven orthopedic dog bed is such a blessing for dogs with joint pain and arthritis. It is designed very meticulously considering the needs of the dogs who need special care in order to cover. The bed offers great night rest and comfort to their bodies by putting no pressure on them at all. 

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