Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout season 2 will make the game even more popular than

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a game that has been famous recently.

It was released about a month ago, and the game has blown up since then as it is an entertaining party game that you can play with your friends and enjoy, and we don’t see such fun party games on PS4 and PC.

So everyone started playing this game, and its viewer count on twitch is just rising and rising because of the popularity of this game. The game is currently on its first season and still not adequately developed as the game still has bugs and issues that you would expect in any newly released game.

However, despite all the errors, people still love to play Fall Guys, and the game will continue to progress even more and more in the future. Season 1 of Fall Guys is ending in about a month, and then we will experience season 2, the season of Fall Guys, which will make the game even more popular and bring more players. Here’s why.

Why Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout season 2 will make it more popular?

Recently in opening night live 2021, a teaser of Fall Guys season 2 was revealed, and the Game designer of Fall Guys himself presented the teaser.

The teaser showed new maps, mini-games, and a bunch of new cool looking skins. When all the gaming YouTubers and streamers reacted to this teaser, they were surprised and got excited for season 2. Season 2 will introduce new maps and mini-games and might remove some old mini-games from season 1 for replacements.

It will also have an all-new season 2 season pass, and the cool thing about fall guys is that the season pass is free so that you can earn all those new season pass skins and items for free.

Season 2 will also bring some more dope looking skins to the game. This new season is going to be very successful, and almost every single gamer will start playing fall guys when season 2 is out.

It is not official, but it is also said that the game will introduce cross-platform, which means that the PS4 players and PC players will be able to play the game together if they ever raise cross-platform.

Will it be released for Xbox?

Fall Guys was released for both PC and PS4 but unfortunately not for Xbox.

The game has been gaining popularity, but Xbox players cannot even play the game, and that’s why all the Xbox gamers are mad at Fall Guys for that reason, and they are requesting them to make the game available for Xbox. So they might release the game for Xbox as well in Season 2 because the game is already trendy, and releasing it for Xbox will make it even more popular.

Also, they will earn even more revenue as all the Xbox players who are interested in Fall Guys will buy the game. So there might be good news for Xbox Gamers when season 2 of Fall Guys finally releases on 6th October 2021.


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