Dog UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) [Brief Review]


The Dog UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is an infection that results from the bacterial infection to the urethra and then to the bladder, leaving blood clots in urine.

It affects the bladder, kidneys and causes stones. Also, a dog with UTI; happens when the female dogs hold up their urine for long and can be at risk of many other diseases along with this because female dogs are more likely to this disease than male dogs.

It is quite a painful disease when urinating. Also, it can be treated after diagnose, to clear the bacteria for the recovery process. You can have a brief review on blood in dog urine brief review on these problems too may know how to make your pet prevent this disease.

What causes UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

urinary infection

This Dog UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is the most common bacteria that is caused in dogs especially female dogs, that enter your pet’s body through the urethral opening.

The bacteria can be formed and develop in the kidneys, bladder and may also form cancer. In most cases, this treatment for dog UTI disease may cause up to kidney disease, bladder cancer, stones, diabetics, bladder inflammation or severe infection, spinal injury, prostate disease.

If not treated this dog UTI signs disease can be worse and painful that can even take your pet’s life. So consult your pet’s veterinarian for instant treatment. If your dog smells bad due to this disease you can use the best dog perfume and cologne to make them feel scented.

Symptoms of UTI

Some common symptoms you can see of this disease may be different:

  • Bloody or clothing urine
  • Frequent licking to the vulva area
  • Fever may occur
  • Crying or feeling low while urinating
  • Fatigue
  • Bad odor
  • The difficulty, painful urinating
  • Leakage urine and more so ever

Diagnosis of UTI


If you see the symptoms of urinary tract infection, you must take your pet to the veterinarian for consultation with a urine sample to diagnose what problem is there actually.

There will be some tests that will be sampled to know about the disease after investigating reports.

Once the Dog UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) disease is diagnosed the vet will recommend the dog anti-biotics like UroMAXX Urinary Tract; it is a powerful liquid that provides supplements, vitamins to the body of your pet to make the immune system strong to fight for the disease.

Medicine can be for almost 10 days to clear the infection for dog UTI treatment over the counter. Make sure that your dog’s water intake must be average so that your dog may flush out bacteria from the body during urination to prevent the dog’s UTI antibiotics; disease until the second visit to the veterinarian.

Use the best tick repellent to prevent your dog from fleas, bugs, and other infected insects.


Treatment of UTI


Once the disease is diagnosed the vet refers the pet to the anti-biotics for the treatment. Because anti-biotics are the best for the treatment, to make bacteria stop spreading.

The UTI is a bacterial orgasm and it can be spread to the kidneys, bladder, cancer, or maybe stones. And will be very painful for your pet when urinating. You can give your dog AZO Urinary Pain Relief Maximum Strength to prevent your pet from pain while urinating.

It will help to prevent your dog from discomfort and UTI pain. It is relief for maximum strength that soothes the urinary tract.


Home remedies for the treating UTI

solid is gold

After knowing that the symptoms your pet is caused by are urinary tract infection you can give home remedies to treat the infection within the anti-biotics also to make your pet recover soon.

And so that the bacteria may not affect the other organs of the body which are sensitive parts and can cause their condition much worse. Some home remedies you can give to your dog are:


For dog UTI home treatment the cranberries are scientifically proven to help lower the urine pH levels and to prevent from bacteria developing in the bladder. Cranberry juice will be very helpful for your dog, much suitable and more safer in this case.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The other home remedy for dog UTI medicine is apple cider vinegar to treat Urinary tract infections and help to treat the infection in the bladder. It will also help to lower the pain in urinating. This can be used in the food or water of your dog. Give this remedy to your dog for some days and it will make your dog feel better.

Vitamin C

Your dog must need the supplements to strengthen the immune system for fighting this disease so you can give your pet good quality supplements, vitamins, magnesium to prevent the pain and stop affecting other parts of bacteria.

You may ask your veteran for the supplement, including Solid Gold Dog & Cat Supplements for UTI is also effective.

It contains cranberries, blueberries that is very much good for the relief of this disease because it maintains pH in the urinary level. Very easy to use and a natural source that contains vitamins C to provide rich antioxidants to your dog.

Lots of Water

This Dog UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) disease can be optimized by the lack of water in the body. You may give your dog lots of water so that the cleaning of the bladder will be more often. And the water may work up flushing out the bacteria in the form of urinating.

It can be effective to the immune system and late most it will help your dog as a tool to fight for UTI disease or other illnesses. By taking water, the body cleans out the bad bacteria from the body and prevent from other harmful pains r disease.



Can a UTI kill a dog?

Unfortunately yes, if it is not treated properly by consulting a veterinarian and the anti-biotic medicine and of course home remedies along to prevent the disease pain and the bacteria.

Do Dogs drink more with UTI?

Dogs may lack water intake due to this disease but it is the pet owner’s responsibility to give your dog lots of water so that your dog may flush out the bacteria through urinating and be a relief to the dog from pain.

Can your Dog be depressed due to this disease?

Yes, dogs can be depressed because of this painful urinary tract infection disease, In case they will lose appetite, lack interest in training, playing, and other activities.

Also in severe worse cases, they may stop taking water and food altogether. So making him out of depression take your pet at once to the veterinarian so that they may not die from depression but it can be a life-threatening situation because of this painful disease.

Trying home remedies may help a lot to come out of depression as it will relieve pain while urinating by making pH levels down in the urine.


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