Brooklyn Spartan Mattress Review


Brooklyn Bedding is a well-known mattress company with plenty of different models to choose from. The Spartan is a specially designed bed that is made to help athletes recover. It uses a unique performance fabric that utilizes Far Infrared Rays technology to use your body heat to create healing waves of energy. This material has been clinically proven to promote the quality of sleep and enhance the rejuvenation of your cells while you rest.

Despite its athlete-driven design, the Spartan has some great qualities that can be enjoyed by anyone. This hybrid mattress outperforms the competition when it comes to keeping you cool while you sleep. The Brooklyn Spartan is available in three different firmness options, each one made to contour and support the body and save you from any aches or pains. This in-depth review will give you everything you need to know to decide if this mattress is the right choice for you. Keep reading to learn all the details about the Brooklyn Bedding Spartan.

Brooklyn Spartan Mattress Overview

Brooklyn Bedding Spartan

Brooklyn Spartan

The Spartan bed is made to help you recover after a workout with specialized Far Infrared Rays technology.


The key feature for the Spartan mattress is its Nanobionic cover. The material, referred to as elite performance fabric, uses Far Infrared Rays technology to promote recovery. The FIR tech transformer your body heat into energy waves, which are reflected back toward you and designed to help your body’s muscles and cells. This fabric is incorporated into the cover with the company’s TitanCool material that helps keep you cool throughout the night. Under the cover are layers that vary slightly depending on which firmness option you choose.

The 13 ½-inch Spartan is divided into five distinct layers. The top layer is a phase-changing foam called TitanCool that provides comfort and is infused with Brooklyn Bedding’s CopperFlex material that regulates your temperature while sleeping. Underneath that is an elastic foam called TitanFlex and then a supportive layer of gel-infused memory foam. These two layers mold to your body as well as provide support and keep you from retaining too much heat. The thickest layer is made up of 1,189 individually wrapped coils, which gives the Spartan some bounce but still keeps motion transfer to a minimum. The final layer is a dense foam made to reinforce the springs as they compress.


The Brooklyn Spartan Mattress is available in three different firmness options. The Soft model uses foam that isn’t as dense, so the top layers will conform to your body nicely and minimize any aches from sleeping on your side. The Firm option provides you with extra support, which is ideal for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who don’t like to sink-in too far into their mattress. Typically, the Medium option tends to be the most popular. This model balances the Soft qualities and Firm qualities to give you a balanced sleeping surface. Most back sleepers and people who change positions throughout the night will find this option more comfortable, and couples with different sleeping preferences will appreciate the versatility. While these would be the common choices for people based on sleep position, everyone will have a different opinion on what is the most comfortable – and can try them out risk-free.


The Brooklyn Bedding Spartan is available in all six standard sizes, and the chart below tells you the price of each size before any discounts or sales.

Twin XL$1,449
California King$2,399

Brooklyn Spartan Mattress Pros and Cons

Nanobionic cover that stays cool and promotes muscle and cell recoveryMore expensive than some mattresses, especially other Brooklyn beds
Three different firmness options available30-day break-in period
Great pressure point relief in Soft and Medium optionsThe mattress is heavier than most bed-in-a-box models
Bouncy and supportive innerspring core
Long sleep trial and 10-year warranty

Brooklyn Spartan Mattress Breakdown

We answered the questions below to help you learn more about the Brooklyn Spartan. You can find out more about our review process here.

Is it made from quality materials?

Brooklyn Bedding has a great reputation for producing quality products, and some of the same high-value materials are used throughout the Spartan. The Quantum coils used in the core of this bed have an excellent track record. The foams used for comfort and support are exceptional materials that we’ve seen in other Brooklyn mattresses, plus attributes like TitanFlex and CopperFlex only add to the bed’s value. The Nanobionic material that is featured in the Spartan’s cover is a scientifically-backed technology that helps your body recover from strenuous activities.

How long will it last?

The average hybrid mattress is expected to last between six and seven years. The Spartan is expected to last just as long, if not longer, than most hybrid beds—it is also protected from unexpected wear and tear thanks to the company’s 10-year warranty. The Brooklyn Spartan hasn’t been on the market for a full life-cycle yet, so it’s hard to say exactly how it holds up over the years. We can estimate based off of other products produced by Brooklyn bedding and how well its materials hold up over long term use. The only material completely unique to the Spartan is its Nanobionoic cover, but other products that use similar technologies hold up well over the years.

How well does it conform to my body?

The top layers of foam do a good job of conforming to your body. The three firmness options will perform differently, though. The Soft mattress with have the most contouring and allow your body to sink deeper into the mattress while the Firm option will give sleepers the feeling of sleeping on top of the bed and not sinking in. If you’re choosing the firm option, chances are you prefer sleeping on your back or stomach, and in those positions, you don’t want a mattress that allows you to sink too far in.

Is the edge supportive?

The Spartan has a reinforced edge to maximize edge support. The innersprings use a design called Quantum Edge, which uses stronger coils around the bed’s perimeter. This bed does have some noticeable sinkage when you sit on the side because of the thick foam layers. You’ll also notice that the Soft model won’t feel as solid as the Firm bed, but all three options outperform your average hybrid.

Does it sleep hot?

The Spartan is the perfect choice for hot sleepers because it keeps you feeling cool throughout the night. The outer cover of this mattresses uses both Nanobionic technology and TitanCool to divert heat away. The Nanobionic material takes your body heat and converts it into rejuvenating energy waves, and TitanCool is a phase-change material that maintains your body’s skin temperature at 88 degrees. The top foam layer also uses CopperFlex, which has the highly conductive properties of copper to help keep you cool. While all-foam beds retain a lot of heat, the Spartan has the benefit of allowing airflow through the innerspring core, which adds to the cooling properties of the layers above.

Will it off-gas when it’s delivered?

There will be a slightly noticeable scent after unpacking a Brooklyn Bedding Spartan mattress. The compression process leaves beds with an odor, and the multiple layers of foam will also give off a non-toxic smell. As with any bed-in-a-box, the scent does not last very long after the mattress is sitting in an open area for a few hours—it performs much better than all-foam mattresses and about average for a hybrid.

Will I feel my partner move during the night?

Thanks to the thick foam upper layers, the Spartan eliminates most motion from one partner moving. The more malleable top layers used in the Soft and Medium options will do a better job than the stiffer Firm bed, but all of the Spartan models perform well in isolating motion. There may be some slight movement noticeable due to the innerspring core’s responsiveness, but it should be minimal.

Who is Best Suited for a Brooklyn Spartan Mattress?

Athletes and people with an active lifestyle will greatly appreciate the specially designed materials that help the body recover from a workout. The Spartan is also perfect for hot sleepers and anyone who likes multiple options for their mattress. The three firmness options allow this bed to fit any sleeping style—The Soft model will conform to side sleepers and reduce pressure on the hips and shoulders while the Firm option gives the necessary support that stomach sleepers and some back sleepers require Combination sleepers and couples might prefer the Medium option because of its versatility, and every Spartan model is a good option for couples thanks to its responsive innerspring core.

Is the Brooklyn Spartan Mattress Really Better for Athletes

The Spartan mattress is specifically designed to help your body recover after a workout. While this may sound like too much for a bed to be capable of (and like it’s a marketing tool), the technology used is backed by science. The invisible Far Infrared Rays have the ability to soothe and promote healing in the human body. The Nanobionic RE-3 material used in the Spartan’s cover turns your body heat into FIRs, which then reflecting back at your body while sleeping. The FDA approves this technology for medical devices and consumer products; it has also been clinically proven to help your body rejuvenate and reduces oxidative stress. Studies conducted on this type of technology have overwhelmingly positive results. The Nanobionic cover does improve sleep quality, health, and overall well being in everybody—however, it is especially useful for athletes. That’s why this same technology can be found in sportswear and used for physical therapy.

Ready to Buy a Brooklyn Spartan Mattress?

Before deciding that you want your own Brooklyn Spartan, read the information below to get some important details about the next steps.

Sleep Trial

There is a 120-night sleep trial for you to test out the Brooklyn Bedding Sparta mattress. The company does require that you test out the product for at least 30 days before initiating a return, but after that, you can get a full refund if you do not like the bed. Brooklyn Bedding asks its customers to donate the unwanted mattress, and its customer service can help coordinate if needed.


The Spartan is covered by a 10-year non-prorated warranty. The bed can be repaired or replaced if there are any defects or impressions deeper than one inch. The warranty will not cover any damage caused by misuse or a Spartan that was kept on an inadequate foundation.

Availability and Delivery

The Spartan is available through Brooklyn Bedding’s website and can be found on Amazon. Brooklyn has physical locations in Arizona and Utah, and they have a partnership with some showrooms in California, Minnesota, New York, Montana, and Illinois.

If purchased through the company’s site, the Spartan will be shipped for free via FedEx Ground any inside the contiguous United States. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska cost $75, shipping to Canada costs $150, and expedited shipping can be arranged through Brooklyn Bedding’s customer service.

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