Top 6 Best Yi Dash Cams in 2022 – Reviews

Best Yi Dash Cams

As a driver, it can be difficult to prove to your insurers that you are a good driver.  Many individuals have realized the importance of Yi dash cams as they are going to assist you to reduce the stress associated with accident liability. They also assist you to see when someone else vehicle close to your vehicle for safety purpose. You can likewise enjoy watching videos after the trip. We did some research and come up with Top 6 Best Yi Dash cams in 2022 currently available

Some Main Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Best Yi Dash Cams:

Size and Screen of the Camera

The camera size is one of the most crucial factors that you need to consider. The camera that is lightweight, compact and is loaded with a lot of features is the best. You will not be comfortable with a bulky camera and produces poor results. With regard to the screen, you require a fairly large screen that you will use it whenever you are previewing the cameras work.

The Body of the Camera

The body of the cameras is another factor that you need to put into consideration when purchasing a camera. You need to look for a camera that goes in accordance with your needs. Look for the one that is waterproof and also dust-proof

Battery Time

The next thing to consider when purchasing your camera is the battery time if you will spend a lot of time recording videos; looks for the one that has a longer battery life. If you require a camera for only safety purposes, the one that has a normal battery is ideal for you.


Another important factor that you cannot ignore is the cost item.  All the dash cams are usually created differently.  Some are costly while others are cheap. Most likely, cheap cameras have fewer features and low-quality body while expensive ones are usually made of good quality materials and have more features. Look for the one that will fit your budget.

Best Yi Dash Cams in 2022


6. YI cm YI-89006 2.7 FHD WDR 64GB mSD Smart Dash

YI cm YI-89006 2.7 FHD WDR 64GB mSD Smart Dash

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One of the best YI cameras is YI-89006 Smart cam. This camera is usually lightweight and compact enabling you to capture the best quality with high details. It features a G-sensor technology that will automatically detect any corrosion that may occur and also have a 165° Wide-Angle Lens that provides wide coverage of the road in three lanes.

The camera is made with a powerful F1.8 aperture and a powerful 3.0μm x 3.0μm image sensor making it to deliver a high quality and excellent pictures during the day and night. Furthermore, this camera can be able to capture fast-moving scenes without giving out blur images as it has a great 2304 x 1296p resolution for ultra HD quality images.

This YI camera has a 2.7 inches TFT LCD Widescreen that will provide you a clear view and can be connected to your iOS and Android gadget to make the operation much simple. Nevertheless, it has large buttons that enable intuitive and quick navigation through the settings and the menus.


  • High definition image
  • G-sensor Technology
  • Powerful F1.8 aperture
  • First-class night vision


  • 165° wide-angle lens
  • Allow quick and intuitive navigation
  • Excellent night vision
  • Captures fast-moving scenes


  • No voice control

5. YI Mini Dash Wi-Fi Car Camera 1080p FHD Dashboard Video Recorder

YI Mini Dash Wi-Fi Car Camera 1080p FHD Dashboard Video Recorder

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YI provides amazing cameras that have great features and excellent performance. The YI Mini Dash Video Recorder is among the decent YI camera obtainable at a reasonable price. It is usually integrated with a G-Sensor that will detect collisions and also auto-activating of emergency recording protecting the whole incident.  In addition to that, it features a high-sensitivity image sensor that will provide detailed and accurate recordings.

All lens of this camera has a f/2.2 aperture that has an infrared filter that assist to diminish glare providing clearer and sharper images. Nevertheless, it has a high-end video processor that will enable it to capture quick-moving scenes in HD at 30 frames per second.

You can also download a YI Dash App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in order for you to access more features.  This will assist you to use the footage on the insurance purposes and you can also share it on the social media. With its 2.0 inches LCD screen, it helps you to change settings or preview the playback.


  • 2.0 inches LCD screen
  • Integrated with g-sensor technology
  • High-sensitivity image sensor
  • All-glass lens


  • Capture fast-moving scenes
  • 140° wide-angle lens
  • Can download and share footage
  • Capture the road ahead in full HD


  • Slow autofocus

4. YI 2.7K Ultra 2.7 inches LCD Screen Dash Cam with Night Vision

YI 2.7K Ultra 2.7 inches LCD Screen Dash Cam with Night Vision

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Another finest YI camera that you can purchase is YI 2.7K Dash Cam. It is made using the latest tech to provide many features in a compact camera.  It usually offers an exceptional image with a quality of 2.7K resolution thus it will enable you to capture and see a detailed video that you require them most. Besides that, it has a 2.7 inches widescreen LCD screen that has four buttons let you navigate the camera very easy.

The camera also has a 140° wide-angle lens that keeps track 3 lanes giving you a wide view of the road. It does not end there because it has a three-axis gravity sensor that ensures clarity and safety whenever you are driving

It is also included with a 16GB SD card that is used to store the recorded video and images and it will meet the daily needs. Nevertheless, it has a dual-core chip and light sensors enabling it to record a super high definition video during the day and night.


  • Loop recording 2.7K videos
  • 2.7” LCD widescreen
  • 16GB SD card is included
  • High-performance night recording


  • User manual included
  • 3-axis gravity sensor for safety and clarity
  • 4 buttons for easy navigation


  • Not available with a waterproof case

3. YI Mirror Dash Cam, G Sensor, Loop Recording

YI Mirror Dash Cam, G Sensor, Loop Recording

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YI Lite action camera is a decent YI camera as it provides all the basic features that you require. It is a compact and streamlined camera that is to use and user-friendly. It will offer a clear HD image from the front and back of the vehicle. In addition to that, it will give you a better visibility to have a better driving experience.

The camera facing the front has a definition of 1080p while the one facing at the back of the car has a definition of 720p.  In addition to that, it has a 138 degrees ultra-wide-angle lens that will take video of the entire road ahead and has a compact design making it fit any car. Installing the camera is very simple and requires very easy steps.

With its IP67 rating makes it both dustproof and rainproof thus it will serve you for a long time. The built-in three-axis adjustable G-sensor will make it activate emergency recording whenever there is a collision


  • Dual HD cameras
  • Integrated touchscreen
  • Fatigue driver alerts
  • Easy set-up


  • Wide-angle lens
  • Emergency recording
  • Night vision


  • Doesn‘t come with mounts

2. YI Compact Dash Cam, 2.7” LCD Screen Car Dashboard Camera- Black

YI Compact Dash Cam, 2.7” LCD Screen Car Dashboard Camera- Black

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In today’s world, every driver needs to ensure that he/she has safety when driving on the road. For that reason, you require to have a dash camera. YI Compact Dash Cam is one of the best cams in the market as it will assist you to drive very cautiously and comes with an affordable price. Moreover, it is ideal for both the first time driver and experienced drivers who care much about safety.

It is easy to use and has the most important features such as night vision, emergency recording, 1080p/30fps recording and more. The camera also has a 2.7 inches LCD screen that will give you a clear view of what is happening outside the car. It does not end there because it this camera has a 130° wide-angle lens that delivers super HD images across 3 lanes

This camera has a Built-in Wi-Fi that enables you to connect our phones app hence you can download those videos and share them with your friends and you can also use it for insurance  purposes


  • Full HD quality video
  • Superb night vision
  • Intuitive LCD widescreen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi lets you connect to a smartphone


  • Integrated with 2.7 inches LCD screen
  • Deliver full HD images
  • Includes user manual


  • Lacks voice command

1. YI 2.7 inches Screen 1080P60 165 Wide Angle Full HD Dashboard Camera, Grey

YI 2.7 inches Screen 1080P60 165 Wide Angle Full HD Dashboard Camera, Grey

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Safety on the road is one of the important factors that no one could ignore. YI 2.7 inches Dashboard Camera provides you the finest YI camera that will guard you on lane departures and on the go from the collision. It is usually an advanced driver assistance systems that have an optimized detection algorithm for clear and sharp images.

The manufacturers employ G-sensor technology that will automatically detect and record events whenever corrosion is detected.  With its 165 degrees, wide-angle lens that has a powerful F1.8 aperture makes it provide full coverage of 3 lanes and provides great pictures even during the night.

The YI 2.7 inches Dashboard Camera will capture fast-moving scenes and usually create super HD videos even at high speeds. It also has a Built-in 2.7 inches TFT LCD Widescreen that has user-friendly icons and buttons for quick and easy navigation.


  • 165° wide-angle lens
  • G-sensor Technology
  • 2.7″ TFT LCD widescreen
  • First class night vision


  • Captures fast-moving scenes
  • Driver assistance system ADAS
  • Interface with user-friendly icons


  • Focuses is not good in the heat


Finding the best dash cam will make a big difference whenever you are driving. They will assist you to protect your reputation and also settling liability matters in case of an accident. We have listed for your top 6 best Yi Dash cams and will assist you to choose the best dash cam. Happy shopping!


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