12 Best Women Tennis Racquets — Reviews In 2022

Women Tennis Racquets

Recently I took my daughter shopping for a tennis racquet. Finding a racquet was straightforward. In fact, we found very many options in online and brick-and-mortar shops. Nevertheless, we could not settle for a specific type due to their similarities. They seem to have almost similar weight and design, had the same materials of construction, and was suitable for players of varied ages, both young and old. Some of the complains that beginner as well as advanced players have is a product that doesn’t feel right in the hand due to poor balancing, a racquet that breaks or warps easily, or a type that is too large or too heavy. Naturally, the next step was seeking help from seasoned players and experts. And after a thorough research of the market, we did manage to unearth the best women tennis racquet in 2022. Check them out here!

Best Women Tennis Racquets In 2022 List

Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racquet (EA)Check It Now
Wilson Racquet Sports Energy XL 2 Tennis RacquetCheck It Now
HEAD Tis5 Comfortzone Performance Tennis Racquet (Pre-Strung)-4 1/2Check It Now
HEAD MicroGel Radical MP Tennis Racquet, Strung, 4 3/8 Inch GripCheck It Now
Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket, 4 1/2″ – GreenCheck It Now
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket (Black/White, 4 1/4)Check It Now
Wilson (WRT31090U2) Triumph Tennis Racket, 4 1/4″Check It Now
Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet (EA)Check It Now
Wilson Junior US Open Tennis Racquet, 23-InchCheck It Now
Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids, 21-Inch, Pink/WhiteCheck It Now

#12 Senston 27″ Tennis Racket Professional Tennis Racquet Good Control Grip Strung

Senston 27 Tennis Racket Professional Tennis Racquet Good Control Grip Strung

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By: Senston

The first racquet that met our desires is this piece by Sternson. It has a right length (27 inches) which makes it okay for young and mature players. Moreover, it is well balanced to reduce fatigue, discomfort, and aches. The accessory moves swiftly and efficiently with minimal drag and this is due to the advanced aluminum integration molding technology. This enables a player to make hard-fast hits, stop the ball smoothly, chop or slice a ball. And with an unstrung weight of 260-280 grams, handling the racquet for an extended period shouldn’t be problematic.

The handle has a firm grip, which also seems to do a better job when it comes to sweat absorption. The length also feels perfect, whereas the excellent ergonomics keep the hands and fingers comfortable and safe. Key advantages of this racquet include high-quality design, good weight and length, gentle control and powerful performance.In Short:

  • The racquet is properly balanced to make sure you will not feel discomfort or fatigue while playing
  • Comes with a red-colored periphery to represent elegant appearance
  • The firm grip on the handle allows quick absorption of sweat
  • Presented in adequate length and weight

#11 HEAD Speed Junior Tennis Racquet (Strung)

HEAD Speed Junior Tennis Racquet (Strung)

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The next piece that caught our eye is the Speed Junior racquet. And as you can see, it targets youngsters, which made it a good chalice for my daughter. She also seemed to like the beautiful smooth finish and color of the racquet. The strung racquet is relatively light compared to most units in its category. This improves performance and handling. However, it also feels solid and hitting the ball hard or stopping, a fast-approaching ball should not be a problem.

The handle has an excellent length to fit well in the palm and is very comfortable, thanks to the smooth non-slip warp on the handle. Key reasons why we rate it among the best women tennis racquet include solid and durable, comfortable grip and lightweight, versatile design to suit different settings.In Short:

  • Allows you to hit the ball fast to score high
  • The built-in handle comes with a decent length to fit conveniently in your hands
  • Includes a comfortable grip to allow you to play for several hours continuously

#10 Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket, 4 3/8-Inch, Blue/Black

Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket, 4 3:8-Inch, Blue:Black

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By: Wilson

With the Wilson Tour Slam Lite racquet, learning the game of tennis or even improving it should not be an issue. The unit delivers good striking and stopping power via its 110-inch head. It is somewhat larger than some of its alternatives and thus gives you an advantage over another player. Moreover, it is moderately light, meaning that it is easier to control the movements. The last thing you want is dealing with aches and trendiness.

Thanks to the length of 27.25 inches, you get better reach. In contrast, the 4 3/8-inch grip size minimizes the possibility of it slipping from your hands. And with a strung weight11.5 oz. (326g), using it for a long session inst a problem. Its key positives are right length and weight, excellent firm grip, durable and reliable.In Short:

  • The blue-colored periphery represents classic appearance and boosts your mood as well
  • The include 110-inch head delivers decent striking and stopping power
  • Excellent reach is facilitated by its 27.25 inches length
  • Will not feel bulky when handled

#9 Wilson Racquet Sports Energy XL 2 Tennis Racquet

Wilson Racquet Sports Energy XL 2 Tennis Racquet

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By: Wilson Racquet Sports

The Sports Energy XL 2 racquet is suitable for beginners, experienced players, indoor as well as outdoor play. It comes from one of the respected names in the world of tennis and has severally been voted among the top women’s tennis racquets. It doesn’t feel too light or too heavy and has a well-sized head. Hitting and stopping the tennis balls should, therefore, be more manageable. And like other quality racquets, this one has a firm grip handle to prevent slippage. Above that, it has excellent sweat absorption properties that keep your hands and fingers dry and less slippery during play.

The Airlite alloy construction can endure the vibration, shocks and impact well. In contrast, the V-matrix Technology delivers better power and performance. It is worth buying because of the lightweight, functional strength, reasonable control and better tolerance to input and vibrations.

In Short:

  • Will not feel extremely lightweight or extremely bulky when handled
  • The excellent sweat absorption properties allow your hand to resist perspiration while playing
  • Employs good strength and boost your playing efficiency too
  • You will be able to hit more and score more in the game

#8 HEAD Tis5 Comfortzone Performance Tennis Racquet (Pre-Strung)

HEAD Tis5 Comfortzone Performance Tennis Racquet (Pre-Strung)

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By: Head

The HEAD brand is famous when it comes to tennis racquets and related accessories. The Tis5 Comfortzone racquets are one of the notable pieces from the company. It is pre-strung for easy use after purchase and feels okay in the hands of both seasoned and inexperienced players. The 8.2-ounce weight suits many women players, whereas the comfortable handle offers a firm grip. Additionally, the 27.75-inch length works well with the 107-inch head size to deliver good performance.

It is made of durable graphite/ Titanium material and will tolerate impact, knocks, strain, stress and the elements too. Many consumers say that it does not lose its colorful nature easily and should last for an extended period if taken good care of. Its main positives include proper weight distribution, lightweight, easy to maintain, elegant and top quality.In Short:

  • Being pre-strung, it can be readily used
  • Its 27.75-inch length works excellently with the 107-inch head size to deliver decent results
  • Any experienced or beginners can play with it
  • Comes with decent perspiration absorbing properties

#7 HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet (Strung)

HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet (Strung)

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The HEAD MicroGel Radical racquet is okay for women tennis players. It has an excellent performance to give you an edge over your opponents and has a good non-slip grip. On top of that, it features an easy-to-hold long handle and a comfortable wrapping on the handle. To deliver good service, it comes with a 98 square inch head size whereas the Head Micro Gel combats vibrations, shock, as well as impact. You will, therefore, use minimal effort and suffer from less fatigue.

It comes strung and futures and 18 x 20p string pattern. This is what gives it the brutal power to make great serves and contain the ball. Moreover, it feels light in the hands because of the 10.4-ounce weight and the functional length of 27 inches. Main positives are easy to use, sturdily construction, practical and reliable.In Short:

  • The overall performance is boosted by its 98 square inch head size
  • It will be easy to hit perfectly with its 18 x 20p string pattern
  • Just weighs 10.4-ounce, so it will be easy to carry in your hand
  • Will not let you feel uncomfortable or fatigued even after many hours of use

#6 Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket

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By: Wilson

This green tennis racquet from Wilson is ideal for women tennis players. You will see beginners or advanced players using it in many situations. Thanks to the good weight and length, you will be able to improve your game while keeping fatigue and discomfit at bay. It is made of lightweight aluminum and this contributes to its lightweight and compactness.

It features renowned Volcanic Frame Technology that boosts stability and performance. The sturdy strings can withstand the force, pressure, every use, abrasion, the elements and much more. Besides, the frame is resistant to cracking, breaking or warping. To prevent shocks and vibration, the racquet has Stop Shock Pads. Consumers give this item thumbs up for solid performance, good grip, sturdy frame, and top performance.In Short:

  • Use of the lightweight aluminum material guarantees ease of handling
  • Prepared in a compact design to make sure it is easy to play with
  • Made with a sturdy frame to ensure stability
  • Employs excellent control while playing

#5 Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

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By: Wilson

Many people say that the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is one of the best women tennis racquets you have probably seen experienced and inexperienced individuals using it indoors as well as outdoors. The strung tennis racquet has good feel thanks to the lightweight and the practical length. It also features a nice handle that does not get too sweaty or slippery even with wet hands.

The handle is smooth and has a right length. It fit well in most palms, whereas the oversized head delivers adequate power to make those winning serves and shots. Moreover, it resists to corroding, fading, or rusting. Its key merits include proper weight distribution, comfortable nature, ergonomic design, solid construction, and excellent stability.In Short:

  • Any beginners or experienced players can play with it
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors use
  • Its working mechanism prevents rust and fading concerns
  • Prepared in an ergonomic design and boast decent stability throughout the use

#4 Wilson (WRT31090U2) Triumph Tennis Racket, 4.25 Inch

Wilson (WRT31090U2) Triumph Tennis Racket, 4.25 Inch

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By: Wilson

With the (WRT31090U2) Triumph racquet, each game of tennis will be more rewarding. It is suitable for both men and women players and comes with a 112 assure inch head for decent performance. And like the one other top-rated racquets from Wilson, this one is also made of an aluminum alloy. You are thus assured of longevity, stability, and easy handling.

It features the renowned v-metric technology that delivers more power but requires less effort. This is one reason why beginners pick it over other types. It comes with stop shock sleeves to deal with vibrations and impact, whereas the 274 unstring weight contributes it its good proportion. The head does not feel too heavy and the handle is just right.In Short:

  • Contains a 112 assure inch head for delivering outstanding performance
  • Implementation of the v-metric technology allows more power output without much effort
  • Feels comfortable to hold in your hands while playing
  • The 274 unstring weight manages vibration and impact
  • The included handle is comfortable to hold and is resistant to perspiration

#3 Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet

Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet

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By: Wilson

Named after one of the greatest tennis players, the Wilson Federer racquet can be your stepping-stone to becoming a seasoned tennis player. Both adults and youngsters will appreciate its right size and weight. Moreover, it suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The strung piece features power strings to handle the pressure and to deliver the winning stroke. Similar t to most top picks, it also comes with Stop Shock pads to handle the explosive power, vibrations and more.

Using this item is easy, even for a complete beginner. This is due to the basic design, quality materials, and nice head size and design. It is more tolerant of the outdoor environment, bangs, knocks and more and this makes it a perfect choice for inexperienced users.In Short:

  • Prepared in a decent size and weight to let players use it comfortably
  • Presented in superb head size and elegant design
  • Its corresponding strung piece showcases power strings to handle the pressure while playing
  • You will not feel fatigued while playing for long

#2 Wilson Junior US Open Tennis Racquet

Wilson Junior US Open Tennis Racquet

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By: Wilson

The Wilson US Open Junior racquet is suitable for youngsters, both boys and girls. Nevertheless, the manufacturer says that the right age 10 years and below. And Coming from Wilson, you can be certain that it delivers decent performance. The accessory is useful for learners and experienced individuals and can be used in many different situations.

This particular piece has a nice feel thanks to the good design and finish. It’s also very portable courtesy of the lightweight and the handle offers a nice hold and prevents the possibility of slipping. It’s made of tough aluminum alloy to put-up with the use, shock, stresses, impact and more. Moreover, the excellent head size and handle design allow the user to play for an extended period without problems. Its main advantages are easy handling, amazing design, easy to maintain, lightweight and comfortable.In Short:

  • Comes in a beautiful design and finish
  • Any beginners or experienced players can play with it
  • It is possible to play with it indoors and outdoors as well
  • To resist the harmful effects of shock, stresses, impact, it comes with a tough aluminum alloy

#1 Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets For Kids

Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids

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By: Street Tennis Club

Young ambitious and promising tennis players will find this racquet a good pick. It has a good dimension, 21 inches long, and goes well with lost of kids. And to make it Kid-friendly, it comes in a vibrant Pink/White color. This will make your daughter, granddaughter, niece and other users excited about it. To help the user learn faster, it has a basic design with minimal frills.

It has the perfect weight for their small hands and bodies. You, therefore, won’t have to put-up with complains about a heavy racquet, soreness, or the user continually dropping it. And since it’s crafted from top-grade aluminum, this unit can tolerate falls, abrasion, bangs, sweat, dirt, moisture and more. It also maintains its “Cool’ looks for a long time.In Short:

  • Any kids and adults can comfortably play with it
  • Presented in an elegant white and pink colored design
  • Use of the top-grade aluminum resists abrasion, falls, perspiration, dirt, and moisture

Last Word

There is a complete list of the top tennis racquets for women. To rate them, we paid attention to the key traits and features, and consumers and expert opinions/ reviews as well. The above pieces are solid and durable thanks to the quality engineering and sturdy materials, are well-balanced and ergonomically-designed to reduce fatigue, can put-up with regular use, accidental scratching and bangs, and are easy to use and maintain. Moreover, they come ready for play and should o match your gaming style or preferences. If you, your friend, daughter, or sister is searching for the best women tennis racquet, then any of the above accessories is a good choice.


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