Top 10 Best Wireless Keyboards and Mouse Combos in 2023 – Reviews

Best Wireless Keyboards

How many times have you found yourself dealing with entangled wires? The probable answer is many. Not only do the wires connecting the mouse or keyboard to the computer a nuisance but will also affect your productivity. Your area of operation will also be limited since you have to be very near the computer.

Well, you can say bye to the tangled cords by investing in a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Although similar to the traditional type, the wireless type reduces clutter and also improves the range. Some even come with advanced features that allow you to browse the internet from your couch or link the computer to an HDTV. But before we unveil the top 10 best wireless keyboard and mouse combo in 2023, how about we start by looking at the important features?

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combos Buying Guide

Before buying a product, you should look at the following aspects:

  • Range: Some accessories need to be in the same room with the computer while others can work from a different room. It’s advised to choose a device with a strong signal or connectivity.
  • Operating System Compatibility: Always ensure the devices are compatible with the operating systems (OS) before purchasing.
  • Ergonomics: A good wireless keyboard and mouse should be light and easy to operate. You shouldn’t strain your hands, wrists, or fingers trying to use the device. Normally, the devices will be designed for either right or left-handed users and it’s important to choose the one that suits you.
  • Comfort: A good product will be ergonomically designed to offer you maximum comfort while minimizing stress or strain from the wrists. Some keyboards can be adjusted to suit varied needs.
  • Battery Life: It’s always important to go for keyboards or mouse combo that come with a long-lasting battery. This allows you to work for a longer time before running out of charge.

Other issues worth considering include Shortcut KeysBluetooth CapabilityAnti-GhostingBack-lightingOptical TrackingUSB Multi-Connection and Blue Track Technology. Here are Top 10 Best Wireless Keyboards and Mouse Combos are listed.

Best Sellers

1Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo Full-Sized Keyboard with Palm Rest and Comfortable Right-Handed Mouse…$34.99View on Amazon
2Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo – Keyboard and Mouse Included, 2.4GHz Dropout-Free…$24.99View on Amazon
3Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo – Includes Keyboard and Mouse, Long Battery…$47.47View on Amazon
4Dell KM636 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo (5WH32),black$40.42View on Amazon
5Logitech MK735 Performance Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo$69.99View on Amazon
6RATEL Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo, 2.4GHz Slim Full-Sized Silent Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo…$36.89View on Amazon
7Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo – Full Size Slim Thin Wireless Keyboard Mouse with Numeric Keypad…$36.98View on Amazon
8Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, WisFox 2.4G Full-Size Slim Thin Wireless Keyboard Mouse for…$42.99View on Amazon
9Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, WISFOX Full-Size Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo,2.4GHz Silent USB…$37.99View on Amazon
10Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Stainless Steel Ultra Slim Full Size Keyboard Keyboard…$37.99View on Amazon

Best Wireless Keyboards and Mouse Combos in 2023

10. Jelly Comb- Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

  Check price on Amazon

This is one of the decent wireless mouse and keyboard combos that you will discover exceptionally ergonomic.  In this way, shows that the mouse and keyboard gives quality services to make sure that you appreciate utilizing your PC.

This keyboard is exceptionally great for utilization at any place because it is quiet and water resistance. It has an incredible design that allows simple surfing and typing. The mouse contains 3 flexible DPI levels which make it exceptionally economical on power utilization.

9. UHURU Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

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Designed for computers, laptops, smart TVs and other devices, this wireless keyboard, and mouse set by UHURU can work at a distance of up to 33 feet/ 10 meters. It is compatible with OS such as Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 10, and Surface Pro among others. The keyboard features 12 hotkeys that give access to the Internet, music, movies, email and much more. Both devices are light and ultra-slim and this makes carrying easy and convenient.

Some of the reasons that make this set a top choice include good portability, user-friendly keys, long-lasting battery, and excellent quality. However, people with large hands find the mouse and keyboard somehow small. Also, it doesn’t feature a number keypad.

8. Jam Comb- Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Jam Comb- Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

  Check price on Amazon

If you love slim and excellent mouse and keyboard that provides decent services, then this one is for you.  If you require something special, this recommended wireless keyboard has great features that many wireless keyboard does not have.

It includes a sleek profile, pencil-thin and a mini keyboard that is exceptionally ergonomic. It additionally guarantees a comfortable and smooth typing. This is helped by its whisper-quiet and low-profile keys that you will love utilizing. Get it today at a low cost and you will get that it is perfect for you.

7. TopMate KM9000 Ultra Slim Portable

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The TopMate KM9000 wireless keyboard is ultra-slim and very portable. It measures 4.9mm thick and just like the mouse, it’s made from ABS material. It features suspended chocolate buttons that are more responsive and comfortable, 12 hot keys (Plus, Music, Back, Forward, Mute, Down…), and works with Windows Chrome, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Both the mouse and keyboard use the same 2.4Ghs wireless technology and operate within a distance of 10 meters.

Consumers love the good ergonomics, comfort, good response and space-saving nature. Some, however, find the set to be too plain and the Nums Lock light goes out too soon.

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6. Rii Mini K12

  Check price on Amazon

This set consists of a wireless keyboard featuring a stainless steel cover and a mouse. The accessories are compatible with most devices including PCs, laptops, and Smart TVs, and also work with a range of operating systems including Mac, Windows, Linux, Raspberry and much more. The 3-in-1 multimedia keyboard comes in a QWERTY format and runs on 2.4GHz wireless technology.

Also included are a touch pad, rechargeable Li-ion battery, and USB cable. Consumers love its sleek design, portability, good connectivity, and solid built. The issues they have are its short working range and it’s not the most ergonomic.

5. Logitech MX800 Performance

  Check price on Amazon

This illuminated keyboard and ultra light mouse from Logitech will make using your computer or laptop easy and more convenient. Based on the 2.4GHz wireless technology, these units allow you to operate the computer several meters or feet away. And thanks to their good sensitivity and connectivity, the feeling will be similar if not better than using a wired keyboard or mouse.

For better visibility especially in the dark, the keyboard comes with backlighting. Its positives include easy to use, simple to install, easy to programme and ergonomically-designed. Its negatives are the devices are a bit small for large hands and the palm rest is also small.

4. Dell KM117

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This Dell keyboard and mouse allows you to wirelessly operate your computer or laptop. The two devices come in a space-saving, light and compact nature and can be used even in places with minimal space. They have an operational distance of up to 10 meters and easily connect to a nano size dongle.

For a better everyday experience, the keyboards are not only Plug & Play but also features hot keys. The combo unit is praised for its simplicity, great design, over friendliness and light weight. Unfortunately, the mouse is relatively small and there is no indicator for showing if the Caps lock is on or off.

3. Logitech MK710

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This combo set by Logitech will reduce the clutter on your desk. Consisting of a wireless keyboard and mouse, this unit works with any computer and is based on unifying technology for speed and precision. The two items are powered by batteries and may last for as many as 3 years before needing a replacement. The keyboard features built-in LCD dashboard icons that indicate the battery power status, Num Lock, Scroll Lock, Caps Lock and other features.

In addition to the Hyper-fast scrolling and quality construction, users love the cushioned palm rest and multi-functional keys. However, some claim the keys are somewhat stiff and the plastic feet behind the keyboard being flimsy.

2. Logitech MK320 Wireless Mouse Combo and Desktop Keyboard

Logitech MK320 Wireless Mouse Combo and Desktop Keyboard

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This MK320 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo provide a speed, convenience, and control. It’s a full-size wireless keyboard that have eleven shortcut keys for you if you want to have instant access of play/pause of music, volume controls, Internet, and email. The keyboard’s smooth dark design with whisper-calm keys guarantees quiet and comfortable typing; the mouse has a design to fit very easily in a PC pack. It has plug-and-play feature for simplified use and installation.

Interface up to 6 compatible wireless gadgets utilizing a solitary USB port, which you can store within the mouse amid travel. This portable mouse gives you a precise, smooth tracking and easy storage, guaranteeing ultra-portability.

1. Logitech MK270

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This set comprises of a Plug and Play wireless keyboard and mouse that work with PCs and laptops. The full-size keyboard is very light and easy to work with even when placed on the laps. Both devices rely on 2.4GHz wirelessly technology to connect to the devices and have a decent connectivity range. The keyboard is powered by AA batteries while the mouse uses AAA. To boost productivity and convenience, the keyboard includes programmable hotkeys.

According to users, the keyboard and mouse are easy to use, work great, and the battery lasts for a long time. However, the description is a bit confusing and knowing whether the scroll or number lock is on or off isn’t easy


Keyboard and mouse wires running all over the desk can be a bit inconveniencing if not annoying. They may get entangled and reduce the working space, they limit the distance between you and the computer, or may accidentally disconnect from the computer. You may also spill a drink or even trip after tugging the cords or stepping on it. Such issues and problems can be avoided by using wireless keyboards and mouse combos.

In addition to increased range, and several smart features, these options also enhance productivity and efficiency. And to help you make a good decision, we have listed to the top 10 best wireless keyboard and mouse combo in 2023. What’s your pick? Kindly let us know.


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