Top 10 Best Car Windshield Sun Shades in 2021

Best Car Windshield Sun Shades

Have you noticed any cracks on your dashboard or seats? Has the color faded or are some parts more worn-out than others? Well, these issues may be caused by too much sunshine especially in the hot summer. While the light is good, it may also have negative impacts on the car’s dashboard, steering wheel cover, seats and the interior. You will also find it very uncomfortable to enter a car that has been sitting under the hot sun.

To help keep the car’s interior cooler and protect the dash, seats and steering wheel, its beneficial to invest in the right windshield sun shade. This accessory is fitted on the windshield to reflect away or absorb the heat hence keeps the interior cooler. Today, we are going to compare the 10 best windshield sun shades for cars in 2021.

Best Car Windshield Sun Shades in 2021


10. iTavah Windshield Sunshade

Measuring 59 by 27.55 inches, the iTavah windshield sunshade is suited for large sedans, SUVs, minivans, and trucks. It’s made from premium polyester that blocks heat and UV rays keeping the steering wheel, seat and dash cooler and also inhibits cracking, fading and wear & tears.

The shiny surface reflects the sunlight away while the pop-up designs allows for quick installation. It is attached to the windshield via the existing sun visors and will easily fold in a smaller size to fit inside the included pouch. While its length seems perfect for most cars, the width is somewhat small.  Check price on Amazon

9. EPAuto Windshield Sun Shade

Suitable for a range of cars, the EPAuto windshield sun shade stops the damage caused by too much sun. The 63 x 34-inch product is made out of quality nylon and is among the lightest in the market. It easily fits in sedans, SUVs, minivans and other types of vehicles.

The silver material reflects away most of the heat and up to 99% of the UV rays. Its pop-up design makes installation easy whereas the foldable and lightweight makes fitting inside the included pouch easy. Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t have a slit or label that indicates the top or bottom side.  Check price on Amazon

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8. EzyShade Car Windshield Sun Shade

Although it isn’t the most rigid windshield sunshades, the EzyShade is among the top products in the market. This universal-fit product is ideal for a range of cars including SUVs, sedans, minivans, trucks and comes in two pieces which are much easier to install and store than single piece.

The accessory can be fitted either vertically or horizontally to keep the car’s interior cool and also prevent damage form UV rays.  Check price on Amazon

7. Outback Shades Sun Protector

Keep your car’s interior cool and prevent the harsh sun from cracking the seat fabric or steering wheel cover by investing in the Outback shades protector.

This windshield sunshade measures 60 by 32 inches and is suited for large cars, vans and trucks. It’s made from metallic polyamide nylon that reflects the heat and UV away. Its light nature makes installation and storage trouble-free. However, a number of buyers argue that it isn’t very stiff.  Check price on Amazon

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6. Coveted Shade Jumbo Car Windshield Sunshade

The Jumbo car windshield shade by Coveted Shade measures 63 x 35 inches and is fit for SUVs, trucks, minivans and large sedans. The high-quality material prevents heat and UV from getting inside the car and raising the temperature.

It also prevents the fading or cracking of seat fabric, scorching of dashboards as well as burning steering wheels. This unit unfortunately is a bit large for small cars.  Check price on Amazon

5. Pro Shade SUNSHIELD

This fabric windshield protector will absorb excess sunlight and heat ensuring your dash, seats and steering will are well-protected. The 57 x 30-inch piece is perfect for most cars in the market and comes in an easy-fit mechanism.

It easily pops out to protect the car and will fold back when not needed. Despite being very light, this accessory has offers good protection and is also long-lasting. However, it may be a bit small when used in cars with large windshields.  Check price on Amazon

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4. mAuto Car Windshield Sunshade

Stop premature fading and cracking of the seats, dash and steering wheel by fitting the right car windshield sunshade. Designed to combat heat and UV rays, this sunshade by mAuto will fit on most windshields.

It measures 27.6 (L) by 51.2(W) inches and comes in double layer for added strength, durability and protection. The accessory is held in position via the suction cups and also includes Velcro straps for safe and convenient storage. According to some shoppers, the suction cups are not the sturdiest.  Check price on Amazon

3. Plasticolor 003700R01 Sunshade

Enthusiast of the Star Wars movies and series will find this windshield sunshade a good option. The piece bears the images of the actors and comes in a universal size of 25(W) x 57(D) x 28(H) and will fit in many cars. It not only stops heat but UV rays as well thus assuring you of safety while inside the car.

The 003700R01 Sunshade comes in an easy-fold accordion-style that makes storage convenient and is secured using elastic straps. People who prefer thick protectors will find this piece relatively thin.  Check price on Amazon

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2. X-Shade Jumbo Windshield Sun Shade

Owners of sedans, minivans, SUVs and light trucks will welcome this windshield sunshade by X-Shade. It measures about 63 x 31.5 inches and consist of a reflective fabric for stopping heat and UV rays.

Installing the pop-up shade is straightforward and doesn’t involve any tools since it works with the car’s existing visors. Storage is also easy as the unit folds into a smaller piece that fits inside the included handy pouch. The X-Shade Jumbo is nonetheless a little bulky compared to other items on our list.  Check price on Amazon

1. Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shade

This stylish sunshade will keep your car’s interior cool even in the hottest summer sun. It’s made from a durable material that stops the damaging UV rays and heat from cracking the leather, plastic, faux-leather, fabric or any other material covering the dashboard, steering wheel or seats.

Coming in dimensions of 63 by 29 inches, this shade will fit on most SUVs, Vans, Trucks and large cars. However, its material of construction is relatively thin.  Check price on Amazon

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There you go – the top 10 windshield sun shades for your car. They are constructed from varied materials, come in different designs & styles, and are fitted using different methods. Some will reflect the heat away while others will absorb it.

All the featured accessories score-highly when it comes to quality, durability, installation ease, elegance and easy maintenance. They are backed by the many five star reviews as well as popularity in the market. You are thus assured of optimum satisfaction, value for money and peace-of-mind.

These best windshield sun shades will help protect the dash, seats and keep the car’s interior cooler.


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