6 Best Whirlpool Tubs In 2022: Reviews & Buyers’ Guide


In movies, you must have watched how a person sits inside a bathtub enjoying the bubble bath with a glass of drink in one hand and candles all around. That’s a unique way to reduce the stress of the entire day and calm yourself. Since most bathrooms are equipped with showers only, having these tubs enables you to stretch your legs straight, sit comfortably and enjoy your warm bath.

Play with bubbles and soak yourself in that warm water; a whirlpool tub lets you spend your much-needed ‘me time’ in peace. The perfect bathroom product like this tub is preferred by millions and is gathering lovers worldwide in no time. The way it soothes your body and makes it comfortable is a feature not found in any other bathing device.

Hence, we have brought you a list of the top 6 whirlpool tubs so that you can easily pick the favorite match for yourself. Scroll down and scan the carefully chosen products listed below.

Our Picks for The Best Whirlpool Tubs

Let’s look at the six different variants of the whirlpool tubs and know why they are eligible for us.

Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool Tub

The first one to show up on this list is this bathtub with a whirlpool. This is one of the bathtubs with jets that keep circulating to give your baby the desired experience. This whirlpool bathtub enables you to bathe your tiny toddler with ease and keep him fascinated with the soap bubbles. It is equipped with a shower that makes it relatively easier to rinse your toddler’s entire body. It is comfortable to hold and can be operated with the buttons. The water flow is very gentle so that your baby is not hurt. It has a massage system that enables you to massage your baby inside the tub and then give him a soothing shower. This equipment is highly versatile and caters to many baby needs that you may be searching for otherwise.



  • This baby bathtub is equipped with water jets that circulate while working so that the water pressure gives a spa-like massaging effect.
  • The small size provides you the comfort of using it anywhere, be it the sink or your adult bathtub.
  • It has an inline water heater that provides an appropriate amount of insulation to keep your baby comfortable and warm during the bathing session.
  • This tub has an extremely convenient design and features a removable showering unit. This removable feature enables you to use it in another tub or any sink.

WOODBRIDGE Freestanding Whirlpool Tub

This is the perfect whirlpool tub to use if you are searching for one that matches your bathing space’s aesthetics. The contemporary design and incredible functionality elevates the look of your bathroom and make it appealing. The bathing area is where you can spend time and relax, having an efficient bath whirlpool tub like this one. This water bathtub adds a touch of elegance to your comfort space and lets you enjoy the comfort and relaxation it provides. It is a luxurious whirlpool bathtub that involves high-quality materials for construction and extensive craftsmanship for the intricate details in it. Once you invest in this jetted tub, you will be delighted with its service and innumerable benefits.



  • This bathtub with jets has an acrylic finish.
  • It is equipped with a whirlpool for bathtub and air jets that generate bubbles to provide you a bubbly experience.
  • This variant of the jetted bathtubs has six adjustable jets for effectively massaging your feet and hands and providing comfort and relaxation. The ten whirlpool jets contribute to the hydro massaging action.
  • When connected to a 110V, 15A, 60 Hertz circuit, the water jets provide steady water flow to offer you an excellent hydro massage.
  • On the other hand, the air jets offer air massage by generating bubbles that tickle your skin and give you a joyful massage experience. This aids in blood flow improvement, muscle relaxation, etc.
  • These whirlpool tubs have the best system for the inline heater. This water heater offers you a warm and comforting water temperature, which tempts you to soak yourself in it on cold nights.
  • Many trusted agencies certify these bath whirlpool tubs.

American Standard Whirlpool Bathtub

American Standard offers you the finest whirlpool tub that is equipped with the dynamic hydro-massage whirlpool system. This ever clean whirlpool in bathtub design has a classy appearance, and the whirlpool system equipped in it offers you a therapeutic session. Thanks to the water jets that let out water with the required force to massage the critical points of your body. The pipes involved have silver-ion in them, which makes them completely antimicrobial, and they stay clean and hygienic. With these tubs with jets at your place, you need not go to a salon and splash money. Sit at home, in a sterile environment, and experience the fresh, water bath cum spa.



  • These American Standard whirlpool bathtubs feature an acrylic white color and are reinforced with fiberglass for durability.
  • This tub has a comfortable backrest on which you can lean on and relax while enjoying the satisfying massage.
  • Besides, these jet bathtubs have unique armrests that are molded to accommodate arms of any size and have comfortable elbow supports.
  • The tub’s bottom is pre-leveled for enhancing your experience.
  • This tub is equipped with motors that maintain the same speed of water flow.
  • Make sure that you get a Theater separately because these tubs have a Theater heating system to keep the water at the desired temperature.

Carver Tub Whirlpools

One of the high-rated whirlpool bathtubs with 12 jets, this product by Carver, is way more different from any ordinary bathtub. This Whirlpool tub can accommodate two people at a time and has a unique corner design. This luxurious bathing product gives you a memorable experience of soaking inside the warm water with your loved one. You get the benefit of Bluetooth speakers, chroma therapy, air massage, and many more by investing in a versatile product like this. If you want to catch up with your partner after a long hectic day and get the utmost relaxation, nothing can match the efficiency of this tub. This tub is a USA-made product and fills the void of having a home spa. The water system is incredibly hygienic, and its construction does not harm the environment.



  • This tub with the whirlpool system is made from reinforced fiberglass, which makes it incredibly durable.
  • This tub’s shiny white color matches your bathroom’s decor and makes it a relaxing place for spending time.
  • The tub’s bottom is made slip-resistant so that you don’t slip while standing or sitting inside.
  • It has a unique vibronic massaging system that reduces your discomfort, body soreness, and makes you energetic and fresh.
  • It has a dynamic heater that offers you warm water to enhance your bathing experience and provides the utmost comfort.

ARIEL Platinum Whirlpool Bathtub

Nothing can match the comfort level that this tub provides. The main motive of this bathtub is to help relax your body and make you stress-free. This highly efficient bathtubs, whirlpools equipped product by ARIEL Platinum offers a deep massage that soothes all the nerves and cells of your body. The force of the water tingles the pressure points and rejuvenates you. This product is the great addition to any bathroom as it fulfills all the needs. Also, it has led to lighting that fills your tub with an array of different colors. What can be better than having a chilled glass of wine and enjoying the free home spa service? You need to invest once to get a lifetime service at your doorstep.



  • These jetted tubs are constructed using reinforced fiberglass. This material imparts durability and heat resistance to your tub and makes it long-lasting.
  • The ergonomic design that these have makes you comfortable and offers you a relaxing soaking session.
  • This tub’s hydro massaging technology aims at your body’s pressure points to provide you a relaxing experience.
  • This tub has LED lighting, FM Radio, and a Bluetooth system to add fun elements to your bathing time.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty period and a return policy within 30 days.

American Standard 2771VC.020 Whirlpool Bathtub

This whirlpool tub offers you a deep soak ever clean experience of using a bathtub that stays clean and hygienic for your daily use. This 36 inches whirlpool helps you to relax after returning home from a long day at the workplace. These jet tubs make your alone time worthwhile and energize you. The eight jet system of this whirlpool tub has incredible performance and is reliable. The construction and the adaptability of the different fixtures and faucets make it the most liked bathtub worldwide.



  • It has antimicrobial pipes that protect the water system from mildew and mold formation.
  • There are two silent controls to regulate the water volume to get the desired level of comfort.
  • This tub has eight jets to provide a deep massage to your body.
  • The motor installed has only one speed, and the controls are situated on your side panels.
  • The dual armrests are very comfortable and are molded.
  • You need to purchase a max drain separately to allow more water flow.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Whirlpool Tubs

Before investing in any whirlpool tub, you need to consider some crucial aspects. This search is a tedious task, and to make things more manageable for you, we have brought you a buying guide. Refer to this whirlpool tub buying guide to pick out the best of all.


The size of your whirlpool tub matters significantly because if not of the appropriate size, you will have to squeeze in and sit inside. Sitting in a fetus-like position is not comfortable and not at all relaxing. Hence, to get the desired relaxation level and a good massage, search for the variants with bigger and comfortable tub sizes. Also, check if your preferred size fits nicely inside your bathroom.


After a hectic day, you need a place to sit and relax to replenish the lost energy. There can be no place in the house better than the bathroom where you can sit in peace inside a warm water tub. The primary purpose of these whirlpool tubs is to relax your body and unwind you. These, with their incredible massaging system, tingle your pressure points and calm the nerves and cells, thus reducing your blood pressure and improving its flow.

You can search for different tubs with a built-in Bluetooth system, FM Radios, and LED lights. These add entertainment to your relaxing session. Just play your favorite melody and enjoy the warmth of the water.


The cost of your whirlpool tub is not construction-based but depends on the installation, cleaning, and other factors as well. Besides, the electricity bills add up to the entire cost. Though the manufacturers ensure a two or three-year warranty service period for free cleaning and maintenance, the budget keeps getting heavy even after that.

The accessories also add to it, and all these combine to make the deal an expensive affair. If you have a flexible budget for your tub, you can easily purchase and maintain it, but if not, then you should search for other alternatives. You can look for the basic requirements that you need and leave out the additional ones.

Some Final Words

A whirlpool tub is a bathroom essential that enhances its look and provides you relaxation and a home spa service. Having a dip in these will highly energize you and prepare you to face the challenges erupting on your way. Hence, to get the excellent one out of all the others, scan the products listed above and step ahead to make an eligible purchase.


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