Top 10 Best Weighted Vest in 2021 – Reviews

Best Weighted Vest

If you want to increase the intensity of your fitness training, a weighted vest is a great way to add some extra intensity in your workout routine. It will help you to enhance your speed whenever you are training for a race or even strengthening your muscles and bones. Weighted vests come in various sizes and shapes with some looking like life jackets and army gear.

There are a myriad of options available in the market, and it can be challenging to select the best one. This article offers a breakdown of the top 10 best-weighted vests in 2021 to assist you in finding one that will suit your needs.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Weighted Vest

  • Maximum Weight: Weighted vests usually have weighted vests. You need to select wisely the best Vest that will serve you for a long time. Some weighted vests have higher weights to suit intensive workouts. Nevertheless, if you want to carry a simple workout, then you can select the one that has relatively fewer weights.
  • Construction: It is essential to consider the types of materials used to construct the weighted vests. With that, look for the one that is made from strong material. Vest made from neoprene is recommended as they provide long-term service. Do not forget that breathability is vital to look for in the Vest’s material so that you don’t get irritated when wearing the Vest.
  • Versatility: A good weighted vest is the one that allows you to carry a number of workouts like running and walking. It should also suit other workouts such as CrossFit, cardio weight loss, among others. Look for one that offers a custom fit.

Best Weighted Vest in 2021


10. Swift360 Weighted Vest 20/40lbs Adjustable Fitness Gear

By: Swift360

Swift360 Weighted Vest 20:40lbs Adjustable Fitness Gear

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The Swift360 Weighted Vest is one of the most popular picks on the market. It’s got good functionality, nice quality and offering an excellent value for your dollar. This fitness gear is perfect for cross-fit training and strength training, making it ideal for both men and women. In addition to that, the weighted Vest is has a compact design and will fit securely to ensure max mobility. Also, it is included with weights which can be removed or added for adjustability.

Ideally, this fitness gear allows back and front weight distribution for optimum performance. Moreover, the Waist Velcro provides added protection; the gear is a one size fit all.


  • Exclusive, compact design
  • Easy to set up
  • Perfect for strength training
  • Waist Velcro gives multiple protections
  • One size fits most

9. Strength sport systems Premium Quality Weight Vest

By: Strength sport systems

Strength sport systems Premium Quality Weight Vest

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Do you want to enhance your workouts by increasing the strength and endurance? Strength sport systems are one of the brilliant weighted Vest that has been made to boost the workouts. They are perfect for athletes who want to maximize their stamina, speed and strength. Subsequently, this Weight Vest is made using high-quality materials and will serve you for a long time. Moreover, it comes with a triple-layer pocket to ensure maximum weight support for any workout.

With its adjustable straps, you will feel more comfortable and fit when wearing this weight vest. Besides that, it comes with a reflective stripe that is attached at the back to ensure safety when jogging. Lastly, the product is delivered with 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • Adjustable straps for comfort
  • Maximize your strength/speed/stamina
  • Reflective stripe attach at the back of the Vest
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

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8. Z ZELUS Weighted Vest Strength Training Fitness 20lbs./ 12lbs


Z ZELUS Weighted Vest Strength Training Fitness 20lbs.: 12lbs

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This is an excellent and high-quality weighted vest that will greatly improve your workouts. Z

ZELUS Weighted Vest is built to last. It’s made from premium chloroprene rubber that is soft, breathable rigid and elastic even under extreme conditions. Similarly, this workout weight vest is stuffed with chemical-free iron sands, making it perfect for running, walking, weightlifting, weight loss, stair climbing, muscle building, strength training and more.

The Weight Vest is integrated with an adjustable buckle strap that is perfect for bust between 35~45 in. Likewise, it has built-in pockets in the back and front of the Vest to store your belongings such as mobile phone, earbuds, keys and more. The widened and thickened shoulders deliver weight evenly, and the training vest is washable.


  • Stuffed with chemical-free iron sands
  • Built-in pockets
  • Double stitches craftsmanship prevent sand leakage
  • Made of premium chloroprene rubber
  • Integrated adjustable buckle strap
  • Reflective strips on both sides

7. CAP Barbell Women’s 30 Pound Weighted Vest

By: CAP Barbell

CAP Barbell Women's 30 Pound Weighted Vest

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For simple workouts like walking and running, this is a great weighted vest; you should give a try. CAP Barbell Weighted Vest has a quality construction as it is made from reinforced polyester and nylon. Moreover, it features a fully adjustable Velcro waist belt and has padded shoulder straps to ensure secure and snug fit. Furthermore, this workout Weighted Vest is very flexible, and you can add or remove individual weight according to your intensity workout needs.

The product measures 19 inches x 3 inches x 12 inches and includes hooks perfect for chute resistance training. The Weighted Vest has pretty even weight distribution in front and back as well.


  • Fully adjustable Velcro waist belt
  • Adjust total weight by adding or removing weight packets.
  • Made from polyester and reinforced nylon
  • Includes hooks for chute resistance training
  • Measures 19 x 3 x 12 inches

6. Mir – Short Weighted Vest-Adjustable

By: Mir

Mir - Short Weighted Vest-Adjustable

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The Mir – Short Weighted Vest features a compartmentalized and sleek design. This makes it one of the aesthetically pleasing vests in the market. It comes with solid Iron Weights where each weighs 3lbs. Moreover, the Weighted Vest measures 11 inches in length and will stay high and nice on your body throughout your workout. In addition to that, this workout gear allows addition and removal of weighs to the adjustability of your workout.

It is equally important to note that Vest features pockets located in the front or at the back. Also, the Vest will give maximum comfort when performing all workout without straining your shoulders and back.


  • Weights come included
  • Equal weight distribution
  • Straps can adjust to all sizes
  • Solid iron weights each weighing 3lbs
  • Weights can be removed or added for adjustability

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5. CROSS101 20lbs – 80lbs Weighted Vest

By: CROSS101

CROSS101 20lbs - 80lbs Weighted Vest

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This is another convenient and comfortable weighted vest that will serve you long. It has a weight option between 20lbs to 140lbs and comes with weighs that you can include in all kind of models. In addition to that, every Weighted Vest includes weights that you can add or remove to enhance your workout intensity. On the other hand, the Weighted Vest has shoulder pads that ensure that you feel comfortable without hurting your shoulders and back.

The manufacturers claim that the best is made from high-quality material, making it durable and long-lasting. Moreover, it is backed with a manufacturer warranty. Get it today and enjoy the majority of moving exercise.


  • Weight options between 20lbs-140lbs
  • One size fits most
  • Weights can be removed in all models
  • Every item comes with weights included
  • Manufacture warranty included

4. Aduro Sport Weighted Vest 4lbs-25lbs Workout Equipment 

By: Aduro

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest 4lbs-25lbs Workout Equipment 

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The Aduro Sport Weighted Vest is the perfect partner to add to your workout routine. The Workout Equipment makes it easy to add extra weight and resistance without endangering your joints. You can prefer this workout equipment for weight and cardio training to increase your efficiency and efficiency of your workout. In addition to that, the Weighted Vest will add extra resistance evenly on the body; thus, it will not slide or slip during any activities.

What’s more, this Weighted Vest works well for kids, men and women as it has soft neoprene material and adjustable front belt for perfect fit and comfort. With this Workout Equipment, you will be able to increase your endurance, burn additional calories, gain strength regardless of your activity.


  • Perfect for cardio and weight training
  • Durable and more comfortable
  • Aduro sports lifetime limited warranty
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Mesh pocket on the back

3. RUNFast Adjustable 12lbs-140lbs Weighted Vest

By: RUNFast/Max

RUNFast Adjustable 12lbs-140lbs Weighted Vest

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Next on our list is this Weighted Vest by RUNFast Company. It is one size fits the most model and will help you to add resistance to your workout. Ideally, this Weighted Vest includes 12lbs-140lbs weight options that can be added to increase the workout tension when running. Moreover, it features thick shoulder pads that add comfort and your shoulder will not be hurt. Also, this great Vest will help you to have strength training, cross-training and anything else you require a weight vest.

The empty pockets are filled with weight and ensure that the weight is evenly distributed in your back and front. Lastly, the product is backed with a one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • One size fits Most
  • Shoulder pads options available
  • Weights can be removed in all models
  • 12LBS-140LBS weight options available
  • Add resistance to your workout
  • Manufacture warranty included

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2. RUNmax Pro 12lbs- 60lbs Weighted Vest 

By: RUNmax

 RUNmax Pro 12lbs- 60lbs Weighted Vest 

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For added comfort and comfortable wearing, this exceptional weighted Vest by RUNmax Pro features the Shoulder Pads. It comes with Weights that can be removed or added at any time giving you tensile workout. Furthermore, the Vest features a water bottle holder and phone pocket to ensure convenience. Besides, the product is made from high-quality materials that provide durability and will serve you for a long time.

The pockets are located in the front and back of the Vest to ensure equal weight distribution. With that, you will have maximum comfort during your workouts without straining in your shoulders or back. Above all, the product comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Weights come Included
  • Has Phone pocket and water bottle holder
  • Shoulder pads option for extra comfort
  • Equal weight distribution

1. ZFOsports 40lbs-80lbs Weighted Vest

By: ZFOsports

ZFOsports 40lbs-80lbs Weighted Vest

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We finalize our review with this high quality and convenient weighted Vest that provides exceptional service. It is one size fit most Weighted Vest includes 40lbs, 50lbs and 80lbs weights. Also, the Weighted Vest features Water bottle holder that can fit all water bottles that measures 16oz or smaller as well as Cellphone pockets. Unlike other competitors, the ZFOsports Weighted Vest is made from breathable and an odour resistant material which is a big plus.

The Weighted Vest includes widened, and thickened shoulders strap that offers maximum comfort. Lastly, you can use this item for cross-training, strength training and other types of workout where extra weight is significant.


  • Total weight can be adjusted
  • One size fits most
  • On belt design for easy setup
  • Pocket for your phone and music devices


If you are ready to take your workout to the next level, then these vests will help you out. From lightweight designs for ladies to heavier vests, you will find your ideal pick in the list. All the models are comfortable and durable and are suitable for different activities such as cross-fit, walking, running, among others. With that, choose the one that you consider the best for you.


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