Top 10 Best Vegetable And Fruit Choppers in 2021

Best Vegetable And Fruit Choppers

Reviewing the 10 best vegetable and fruit choppers will make your life easier in the kitchen whether at home, restaurant, hotel or any other location. Gone are the days when you had to use lots of effort, time while risking injuring yourself when chopping, slicing, dicing or cutting fruits and vegetables.

Nowadays, all you require is the right chopper that will quickly, easily and safely chop the food ingredients. The choppers come in different designs, styles and feature interchangeable blades for use on different items. They also consist of a container that holds the chopped ingredients and minimize wastages. The following are the top 10 fruit and vegetables choppers in 2021.

Best Vegetable And Fruit Choppers in 2021


10. Make Real Mandoline Vegetable Chopper

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Make Real Mandoline Vegetable Chopper Chopping, slicing, granulating, and cutting veggies are what the Mandoline chopper from Make Real does best. It’s constructed from food-safe ABS plastic and 304 stainless steel.The accessory is lightweight and feels light on the hands. It comes with a convenient design and sturdy cutters that will make easy work of onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, cheese and more.

It’s simple and practical design means you will “cry” less when chopping onions. Wiping and cleaning the kitchen aid is also easy. Other positives include good engineering, sturdy construction, easy cleaning, and good size. It, however, is a little small for heavy-duty operations.

9. Tiabo Vegetable and Fruit Chopper

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Weighing 1.6 pounds and measuring 11 x 4.9 x 4.6 inches, the Jobox vegetable and fruit chopper is fit for the home, RV, camping and travel. It consists of dishwasher-safe, BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free plastic and features 3 interchangeable stainless steel blades.

One effortless motion is what will turn the chunky fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheese, nuts and more into small pieces that ends up in the clear container at the bottom. Although effective, it doesn’t cut very small bits.

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8. Salsa Maker Fruit and Vegetable Chopper


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The era of constantly cleaning the mess after chopping fruits, herbs and vegetable with the knife will be over once you get the Salsa Maker food chopper. It is light and portable and weighs 1.2 pounds while it comes in dimensions of 6.9 x 6.9 x 6.8 inches.

The accessory comes with 2 stainless steel prongs that chop the ingredients when spun and a clear BPA and PVC-free plastic holding compartment. The dishwasher-safe chopper is easy to clean and comes with a recipe book. However, using this chopper can be tiring when working on large quantities.

7. Kuuk Vegetable and Fruit Chopper


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Finely chopping or dicing the onions, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, chocolate, carrots and other food items can easily be accomplished with the vegetable and fruit chopper by Kuuk. This elegant kitchen accessory is very handy and only measures 11.1 x 4.7 x 4.6 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds.

It’s made from reinforced plastic that can resist daily usage while the blades are constructed from hardened stainless steel. It comes with a transparent container where the diced food enters minimizing wastage or contamination.

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6. One Second Slicer

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The All-in-One food chopper and slicer is suited for veggies and fruits and comes with two second slicers, blade inserts, hinged lids, and a transparent container for holding the diced/chopped items.

The sharp blades are made from rust-resistant and easy to wash stainless steel and will mince, chop, slice or quarter the vegetables when the handle/lid is pressed downwards. It’s very portable and light courtesy of its 3.4 pound weight and dimension of 10.9 x 9.2 x 5.7 inches. The food chopper however doesn’t work very well with soft fruits such as ripe tomatoes or cherries.

5. Freshware KT-402 Chopper


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Pressing a light handle is all it takes to dice or chop different fruits or vegetable. Made from high quality BPA, Phthalate, and PVC- free plastic and featuring stainless steel blade, the Freshware KT-402 chopper is not only effective but also safe and hygienic.

It easily dices fruits and veggies courtesy of the 2 ultra sharp interchangeable blades and the innovative handle. The end product will fall inside the clear plastic container while the anti-slip base minimizes any slippage. Carrying and storing the 2-in-1 chopper is easy thanks to its 1.5 pound weight and 11 x 4.5 x 3 inches dimension. You should however avoid using the dishwasher when cleaning it.

4. Prepworks Fruit & Vegetable Chopper


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The fruit and vegetable chopper by Prepworks is becoming a vital accessory in the modern kitchen. Weighing at only 0.5 ounces and measuring 10 x 4.2 x 3.5 inches, this product is not only light but also very portable. It features sharp hardened steel blades that will chop any fruit and vegetable and will maintain its sharpness for a long time.

All it takes to dice, slice, or chop products is placing the items on the base and pushing the handle. Also included is a brush for cleaning although you can still use a dishwasher. Unfortunately, this chopper isn’t very reliable in a busy commercial kitchen.

3. Brieftons Food Chopper


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Manually chopping , dicing or slicing fruits, vegetables, snacks and other ingredient inside your home, RV, restaurant or while travelling or camping is best achieved with the Brieftons food chopper.

The compact sized chopper comes with a 3-cup capacity and is ideal for chopping and blending fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nuts. The exceptionally sharp and fast-moving stainless steel blades evenly chop the items and store them inside the transparent BPA and PVC-free bowl. Nonetheless, with dimensions of 5.1 x 5.1 x 3.9 inches and weighing 6.7 ounces, this chopper is fairly large and bulky compared to others.

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2. Chef’s Veggies Chopper


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Placing the ingredients inside its clear BPA, Phthalate and PVC-free plastic container and pulling a cord is what it takes to chop your fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and much more. Designed for home use, travel, camping or in the RV, this Chef’ n Veggie chopper is easy to use yet provides amazing results.

It weighs 1.1 pounds, measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.2 inches and comes with 2 extra-sharp blades and doesn’t require electricity. Besides chopping veggies, fruits, herbs and nuts it’s also ideal for boneless meats, ice and blending salsa, pesto, guacamole, hummus and more. You however need to be extra careful when cleaning the chopper as the blades can easily harm the fingers.

1. Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper by Mueller

Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper by Mueller - Strongest - NO MORE TEARS 30% Heavier Duty Multi Vegetable-Fruit-Cheese-Onion Chopper-Dicer-Kitchen Cutter

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Chopping your fruits or vegetables requires utmost accuracy and precision. That can only be achieved with the right fruit and vegetable chopper. One of the best options available on the market is this Mueller Austria’s brand. It can hold up to 1.2 liters which is approximately 4 cups. Built using a BPA-free, heavy duty and reinforced food-grade material, this is the safest chopper on the market.

What’s more, all the parts are dishwasher safe so you won’t have to worry about hand washing which is such a tiresome task. The two ultra-sharp stainless steel discs allow one to slice, chop or dice fruits and vegetables with unrivaled speed and accuracy.


Your journey to finding the best chopper should come to an end after reading this 10 best vegetable and fruit choppers review. All the items will simply the process of cutting, slicing, dicing fruits and vegetables and also minimizes the mess that is usually created when using a knife and chopping board.

What’s more, the featured items come with storage containers that minimize cross-contamination ensuring you, your family, guests or customers don’t run the risk of food poisoning. In addition to requiring minimal time and effort, the vegetable and fruit choppers come with peace-of-mind.


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