Top 10 Best USB Charging Stations in 2022 – Reviews

Best USB Charging Stations

Nowadays, tablets, phones and several other gadgets are charged via USB. Due to advancements in technology, most of us tend to own up to 2 different devices. If we were to take that as an average figure, let us assume that we are dealing with a household that has 5 people. This would mean that, the specific household would have a total of 10 devices. How many wall plugs and USB adapters do you think would suffice such a household? We all want our gadgets fully charged and ever operational! This is where the best USB charging stations come in.

USB charging stations are able to simultaneously charge multiple devices. They make everything less hectic because some of them have up to ten USB ports. Their level of convenience shouldn’t be underestimated. If you wish to use them on your desk or table, you will soon realize how neat your work station will be. You won’t have to deal with piles of wall adapters and volumes of unwanted cables. The best USB charging station will remove any unnecessary frustrations you went through before. No more losing cables or having your adapters accidentally switched with someone else’s.

What factors must you consider while choosing USB Charging Stations?

  • The USB charging station’s power output: Our devices have different power requirements. That is why we can’t just settle for any charging station. If you choose one which will deliver too much power, it may end up overcharged. Be keen and buy one which will provide the needed power. Nothing more, nothing less!
  • Compatibility: For your USB charging station to be of most convenience, you need to be able to use it anywhere. This is important, especially for people who tend to travel a lot. The charging station needs to be adjustable between 110V and 240 V I-smart technology: this is one of the best choices that you could make. Buying a charging station that can deliver your device’s optimum charge, for fast charging is highly recommended. You won’t expose them to higher amps than needed.
  • Charging indicators: Sometimes our devices get fully charged without us being aware of it. This may lead to them getting overheated or overcharged. To avoid this, buy a USB charging station with an LED indicator. The indicator will make you aware of your phone’s charge status. You will be able to unplug it, immediately you notice the LED.

Best Sellers

1USB Wall Charger, Anker 60W 6 Port USB Charging Station, PowerPort 6 Multi USB Charger for iPhone…$25.99View on Amazon
2USB Charger RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port Desktop USB Charging Station with iSmart Multiple Port,…$23.99View on Amazon
3Sabrent 60 Watt (12 Amp) 10-Port [UL Certified] Family-Sized Desktop USB Rapid Charger. Smart USB…$27.99View on Amazon
4Charging Station, Vogek 5-Port 50W 10A USB Charging Station with 8 Short Mixed Cables for Cell…$36.99View on Amazon
5Aduro 40W 6-Port USB Desktop Charging Station Hub Wall Charger for iPhone iPad Tablets Smartphones…$14.99View on Amazon
6Vogek 6-Port USB Charger Desktop Charging Station with Smart Identification (Black)$18.99View on Amazon
7USB Charger USB Wall Charger with Rapid Charging Auto Detect Technology Safety Guaranteed 10-Port…$18.99View on Amazon
8GE Ultra Pro 4 Port USB Extension Strip, 6 Ft Braided Cord, Slim Bedside Charger, Charging Station,…$18.99View on Amazon
9Smart Charging Station for Multiple Devices, Simicore 6-Port USB Charger Station with 7 Short Mixed…$39.99View on Amazon
10Multiple USB Charger, 60W/12A 8-Port Desktop Charger Charging Station Multi Port Travel Fast Wall…$34.99View on Amazon

Best USB Charging Stations in 2022


10. Atizzy Multi Port 24W 4.8A 4-Ports USB Desktop Charging Station

Multi Port Usb Charger with Phone Stand, 24W 4.8A 4-Port Usb Hub Rapid Desktop Charging Station Usb Adapter for Apple iOS,Samsung Android & All Other USB Enabled Devices-White

This USB charging station is compatible with iPhone X/8,7/7s 6/6S Plus, 5/5S, iPad Pro, Galaxy S8/7, S6 Edge Plus, S6, Nexus, HTC and other SmartPhones. It is the ideal option for someone seeking 100% compatibility. You won’t regret this purchase, since it will outperform all your other charging means. The charging station has been certified by the CE, FCC and RoHS. It is far superior than most of the available options in the market.

Your purchase will include; a multi-Port USB Charger, a phone stand, and a power Cord. On top of that, you will get a 24 month breakage warranty. In case of any issues, the company also provides a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. The station has 4 ports and a 24 watts Rapid Smart charging adapter.  

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9. NEXGADGET Detachable10 Port USB Charging Station

NEXGADGET Detachable10 Port USB Charging Station

NEXGADGET offers a USB charging station that can handle up to 10 devices simultaneously. It is very powerful and even has smart IC installed. Each of the USB ports has the capability to identify your device intelligently. By doing so, the charging speed of your device is maximized as well. You could call it a space organizer, but it is as professional as it gets.

All your gadgets will be neatly kept in one place. It is portable and provides protection from over-voltage, over-current and short circuit. It definitely has premium circuitry. The in-built PVC copper wire used is of high quality as well.  

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8. Asltoy 4 Port USB Charging Station

Asltoy 4 Port USB Charging Station

You will also get an Intelligent Detection System, with this Asltoy USB charging station. This ensures automatic identification, and guarantees that your device will get a safe current at fast possible. I would recommend this station for devices which are 5V USB-charged.

The security system it offers is so comprehensive. As a result it has certifications from; CE, FCC, ROHS, CUL, UL, SAA and ERP. You will be getting a combination of a Stand, Dock and Station, that is suitable for international use.  

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7. iClever Boost Strip IC-BS02 Smart Power Strip USB Charging Station

[Separate Switch Control] iClever BoostStrip IC-BS02 Smart Power Strip | USB Charger with 4 USB + 3 AC Outlets, Dual Switch Control Charging Station and Phone / Tablet Stand - White

This purchase will get you 3 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. What makes this USB charging station stand out, is the fact that it has individual control switches. Thanks to this, you will easily be able to manually control the USB and AC ports’ output. It has been designed in a manner that, when the current exceeds threshold, the circuit automatically breaks off. This is what prevents any fire, sparks and other damages.  

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6. Levin 10 Port USB Charging Station Dock with dock

Levin 10 Port USB Charging Station Dock with Built in Charge Cables Patented Retractable Design Organizer for Smart Phones & Tablets Black Model FP C10A

What makes this charging station unique is the fact that it has 4 Built-in retractable charge cables which are 1A. This is great because, especially when you don’t have a charging cable nearby. The station has two sides to it. Side A has 6 Smart USB charging ports, while side B can handle charging up to 10 devices. The 6 USB ports are 2.4A each.  

5. Jelly Comb’s Universal 6-Port Desktop USB Charging Station 

USB Charger, Jelly Comb Universal 6-Port Desktop USB Hub / Charging Station with Smart Identification Technology for Apple iOS, Android & Virtually All Other USB Enabled Devices - White

I would recommend this for people who like unique items. This USB charging station comes in form of, a Jelly Comb Multi Port Rapid Smart Charge Tower. It is very stylish, and simplifies your décor. Be it at home or at your office, you will fall in love with the neat charging location. Let its shape not worry you, it is very stable, especially thanks to its rubberized bottom. So in total, the charging tower offers 30 Watts and 6 Amps.  

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4. Vogek 6-Port USB Charger Desktop Charging Station 

Vogek 6-Port USB Charger Desktop Charging Station with Smart Identification (Black)

Vogek has one of the best solutions for freeing up your home and office outlets. The USB charging station has a low center of gravity design. Because of this, it will not tip over when you are charging multiple devices. The charging station has an LED indicator, which will alert you whether it’s properly connected to the power source. It even has an anti-slip silicone rubber circle, which will keep it securely positioned.

Although one might mistake it for the usual knockoffs, the truth is only unveiled when you try using this charging station. It’s a great masterpiece equipped with the latest technology.

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3. Simicore USB Charging Station

Simicore USB Charging Station

Simicore has been greatly recommended by users with; cameras, eReaders, Bluetooth headsets, iPhones, iPads, Android SmartPhones, tablets, speakers and more. Out of the four USB charging ports, two are high-powered. The two are fast charging and great for devices which are power hungry.

Collectively, all the 4 ports have about 6.8A. It will be able to hold your devices with a good grip, so you won’t have to worry about them slipping out. If you’re looking for a product worth a purchase, then consider adding this to your cart.  

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2. RAVPower 40W 8A 4-Ports USB Charger Charging Station

RAVPower 40W 8A 4-Port USB Charger Charging Station with iSmart Technology (White)

You would better enjoy this USB charging station, if you have OEM or RAVPower cables. This station has been classified as 100% safe to use. You will get protection from short circuits, overcharging and overheating.

This USB charging station is so powerful that it has the capability to simultaneously charge 4 tablets at full speed. Each port has a maximum output of 2.4A; hence the total output is 8A/40W. It can easily turn in to a travel adapter, thanks to its foldable pins.  

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1. RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port USB Charging Station 

RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port USB Charger Desktop Charger Charging Station with iSmart Technology

Just like its sibling on the 2nd position, this is a great USB charging station. RAVPower boasts of being one of the most trusted, USB charging stations around the world. The power supply is gigantic and reliable at 60W/12A collectively. The station has 100V-240V, which makes it safe to use globally. Your purchase gets you a; RAVPower 60W 6-Port USB Charging Station, a 5ft detachable power cord and a user guide.

Additionally, you will also get an 18 month warranty. On registration, the warranty gets 12 extra months. Being the best on the market, one can be sure to get the best results. Of course, it’s equipped with the latest features and an advanced technology which guarantees ultimate performance.  

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If you have never owned a USB charging station, this review is exactly what you need. Most users will tell you how charging stations, have turned things around for the better. You don’t have to miss on anything again, just because you couldn’t get charging access. This top 10 best USB charging stations review will ensure that you get the perfect station for new found convenience.


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