5 Best Two Piece Toilets in 2022: Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Two Piece Toilets

The best two piece toilets can be more beneficial than one-piece or even tankless models. However, to enjoy their benefits, you have to find the product that completely matches your interests.

If you are looking for this type of toilet, you have to keep in mind that normally it is bigger than a one-piece unit. At the same time, the two-piece model is easier to install. There are numerous peculiarities that I am going to mention in the review of each model.

I have gathered only 5 toilets, which I considered to be the leaders on the market. Check out their reviews, and if you have something to add, you can do it in the comments.

5 Best Two Piece Toilets Reviewed

  1. Toto Drake CST744SL#01 2 Piece Toilet
  2. Kohler Highline K-3999-0
  3. Kohler Memoirs K-6669-95 Two Piece
  4. American Standard Cadet 2 FloWise 2 Piece
  5. American Standard H2Option

Here is a list of detailed two-piece toilet reviews which includes models I typically recommend to all my clients. They have their own advantages and minor flaws, which I will warn you about. Check out a detailed description of each product.

1. Toto Drake – Best 2 Piece Toilet Overall

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Basic Characteristics
Dimensions:28 x 19.5 x 30.5 inches
Comfort height:yes
Flush type:Gravity Fed
Water consumption:1.6 gpf
Bowl shape:elongated
Rough in:12 inches
Material:Vitreous china
Certification:ADA Compliant, IAPMO
Warranty:1 year

This floor-mounted 2-piece toilet is smooth and stylish. You may choose whether you want cotton white, ebony, or Sedona beige colors. But since they all vary in price, I recommend you to go with the classic cotton white, if you don’t have a specific color in mind.

The bowl is elongated; the tank is rectangular with the convenient lever on the left. It is made from high-quality vitreous china. The surface of the bowl is covered with EverClean glazing.

There is a G-Max flushing system in the toilet, which lowers the consumption of water. On average, you may flush 1.6 gpf under pressure, which helps to get rid of all wastes at once. The water pressure is 8 psi.

There is a SoftClose seat technology offered by developers, which allows closing the seat without any noise. You can upgrade the toilet with an electronic bidet seat if you want.

The price of this toilet varies from $300 to $400, based on the equipment included.

This toilet is wide and heavy. I don’t recommend installing it on your own. All the additional features you may order from the same company together with the toilet.

Suits for everyone;Powerful flush;Price is affordable.You have to buy a seat and bidet separately.

2. Kohler Highline – Runner Up

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Basic Characteristics
Dimensions:29 x 18 x 31 inches
Comfort height:yes
Flush type:Gravity Fed
Water consumption:1.28 gpf
Bowl shape:elongated
Rough in:12 inches
Material:Vitreous china
Certification:ADA Compliant, ANSI, CSA, EPA
Warranty:1 year

The design of this toilet is a modern one. There is one color offered, which is white. This toilet is easy to clean and resistant to bacteria.

The bowl is elongated, which makes it perfect to use for both men and women of any age and different health conditions. A comfortable plunger is standard and can be simply pushed down to start the flushing process.

Press the plunger to start the flush. Kohler Highline saves the water, using just 1.28 gpf. It goes with a powerful punch and quickly washes down all the wastes, so you don’t need to press it again.

The toilet is made at the comfortable height of a standard chair. While the seat and the supply line are not included in the pack, you may order them additionally. All the bolts are included.

The price varies from $300 to $350.

The installation requires 3 bolts only, which are already in the pack. You have to make sure that you gather everything according to the instruction. Tank bolts that are already pre-installed make the installation simple.

Saves water;Comfort height;Price is affordable.There are no extra features offered by the developer.

3. Kohler Memoirs 2 Piece Toilet – Premium Choice

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Basic Characteristics
Dimensions:29.6 x 18.8 x 31.4 inches
Comfort height:yes
Flush type:Gravity Fed
Water consumption:1.28 gpf
Bowl shape:elongated
Rough in:12 inches
Certification:ADA Compliant, ASME, CSA, EPA
Warranty:1 year

This toilet has a stylish design and a wide range of colors to choose from. You can order standard white color, sandbar, ice gray, dune, black, biscuit, or almond. It will perfectly match any bathroom. The trapway is concealed, which makes it easier for you to clean the toilet. The chrome lever is polished and left-hand standard.

The flush is standard of 1.28 gpf. However, there is an Aqua Piston canister, which pushes the water from all the sides of the bowl at the same time. The flush becomes more effective.

There is less percent of seal material exposed, which protects the toilet from leaking. The height of the toilet is 16.5 inches, which makes seating and standing up simple for everyone.

The price of the toilet varies on the model, color, and equipment inside. It costs in the range of $750-900.
The installation process must be performed by a professional plumber. There are instructions in the pack, but I don’t recommend moving the 110.44 pounds toilet yourself. There are no instruments in the package.

5 inches universal height;Powerful 360 degrees flush;Saves the water;Reliable materials;Well-known developers.The toilet is pricey compared to similar classic models.

4. American Standard Cadet 2 FloWise – Perfect Match in Two Piece Toilet Comparison

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Basic Characteristics
Dimensions:28.25 x 15.75 x 30.75 inches
Comfort height:yes
Flush type:Symphonic jet
Water consumption:1.28 gpf
Bowl shape:round
Rough in:12 inches
Material:Vitreous china
Certification:ADA Compliant, ASME, CSA, IAPMO
Warranty:5 years on mechanic parts, 1 year on the seat, lifetime on chinaware

Due to the high leg of the toilet, it looks more compact and elongated. However, the bowl is round. The trip lever is behind you, the left-hand and chrome-covered as always. There is an EverClean surface that protects the toilet from bacteria, stains, bad odor, mildew, mold. I recommend it to clean at least once a week.

The flushing procedure is smooth and quick. You press the lever, and through the 3 inches flush valve, the water is coming. It uses 1.28 gallons per flush which is savvy, compared to ordinary toilets.

The pack includes a seat, which is a slow-close one. It means that you don’t hear the sound of loud closing the seat. There is a simple lift-off feature as well.

The price of this American Standard Cadet toilet is average. It is pretty affordable for everyone. It varies from $300-350.

The installation process is quick. Follow the instructions in the package. Pay attention to the fact that the tank and bowl can be shipped separately.

Saves the water;Secured from leaks;Easy to clean;Lifetime warranty;Affordable price.Bowl and tank can be shipped in different packages.

5. American Standard H2Option – Efficient Among One or Two Piece Toilets

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Basic Characteristics
Dimensions:15 x 29.75 x 30 inches
Comfort height:yes
Flush type:Symphonic jet
Water Consumption:0.92/1.28 gpf
Bowl shape:elongated
Rough in:12 inches
Material:Vitreous china
Certification:Meets EPA and MaP Premium criteria
Warranty:5 years, lifetime warranty for chinaware

The design of this American Standard toilet is smooth and stylish. The flush button is on the tank. There is EverClean coverage of the bowl. It protects the toilet from stains and versatile bacteria. You still have to clean it at least once a week. The chinaware is protected by the lifetime warranty. There is a 2-inches trapway fully glazed.

The flush system is water saving. It uses only 0.92 gpf in savvy mode and 1.28 gpf in usual. There is a PowerWash technology installed.

This toilet comes without a seat. You can sell it separately from the same developer. There is a sanitary bar on the bowl. There is a comfortable height of the seat.

The price is affordable. You may find that it varies based on the equipment that is added. The average price varies from $280 to $350.

The installation process may take some time. The bowl and tank can be shipped separately. I recommend following the instructions step by step.

EverClean surfacePowerful flush;High quality of the product;Affordable price.The seat is not included in the package.

Two Piece Toilets Buyer’s Guide

If you have no idea what toilet I am talking about here or whether there is a difference between 1 piece vs 2 piece toilets, you are welcome to read this guide. I am going to explain the basics. I hope this information will help you make a wise decision.

wooden bathroom

What is a two-piece toilet

A two-piece toilet is a stationary toilet, usually floor mounted, with a separate toilet bowl and flush tank. One-piece toilets, on the contrary, are made as one solid unit. The main differences:

  • Two-piece toilets are usually bigger;
  • Two-piece toilets can be installed easily, while a one-piece toilet is hard to install by yourself;
  • Some people believe that a one-piece toilet is easier to clean because it is one unit, not two attached to each other;
  • If you break one part of the toilet, you don’t have to buy the whole new construction. You can simply replace the broken part;
  • Two-piece toilets cost less than one-piece.

Pros/cons over one-piece toilets

One-piece toilets appeared on the market much later than two-piece models. They are considered to be a great alternative for everyone who wants to replace the toilet. To understand your options, let’s talk more about the pros and cons of these toilets.

Pros of one-piece toilets

  • The design of the toilet is way sleeker due to the solid construction;
  • It is easy to clean;
  • Some models are more durable comparing to two-piece toilets;
  • Installation is fast;
  • The height is comfortable;
  • There are great water-saving options.

Cons of one-piece toilets

  • The installation requires the help of a professional plumber;
  • It is heavier to hold;
  • It is more expensive;
  • Shipping is difficult;
  • Rough-in options are fewer compared to the two-piece toilets.

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How to pick the best model

To choose the toilet that will be beneficial to you, you have to pay attention to its main features. Some of them are similar to one-piece models, others different. Main features:

  • The height. It must be equal to the height of the average chair, so people with disabilities can easily use it. The 16-18 inches from the floor to the seat is usually enough. It must not be too high either, as small children have to find it comfortable too.
  • Shape. The list of the toilets includes both elongated and round bowls. The best design must fit the bathroom at first.
  • It also has to be comfortable to use for both women and men.
  • Flush. To save the water, developers of toilets decided to limit gpf amount. The most suitable is considered to be 1.28 gpf and lower. To remove the wastes with one flush, it must be powerful.
  • Durability. These toilets have to be leak-proof, with all the parts perfectly connected. The best way to avoid bacteria and mold is to search for the EverClean surface technology.

Two-Piece Toilets FAQ

Read the most popular questions about these toilets. I give answers based on my personal experience. Check them out before ordering the toilet.

2-piece toilet and bath

What are the advantages of two-piece toilets?

For one, two-piece toilets are easy to install. They are less heavy and can be transported by pieces. These toilets are cheaper than one-piece models. There is a wider variety of models, shapes, and even colors of these toilets if you want to buy the toilet.

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What is better, one-piece or two-piece toilet?

It depends on what qualities and features you expect from the toilet. If you want simple cleaning, you may order a one-piece toilet. It is also smaller in its size. But if you want to be able to install and transport the toilet yourself, saving your money, a two-piece may be your option.

What are the most often replaced toilet parts?

If you have a high-quality toilet, it is highly unlikely you will need to replace something soon. You also need to learn how to operate the shut-off valve cause there may be a problem.

The most frequently replaced parts are the flapper and lever. The flapper is totally submerged in the water, and if you use chemicals to clean the tank, you may damage it, and you will receive a flushing toilet.

Choosing the Best Toilet

The toilet is the product you will use every day. You can’t pick several of them and change them whenever you want. This is why it is crucial to find the one toilet that matches all your demands. If you live with kids or the elderly, if you have family members with disabilities, think about the height of the seat in the first place.

Carefully read my two-piece toilet comparison and pay attention to the quality of the material, its durability, and the warranty from developers. If you have one of the two-piece toilets from my list, share your opinion about it in the comments below. How do you like it? How long have you been using it?


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