Top 12 Best Trucker Bluetooth Headset in 2022

Best Trucker Bluetooth Headset

We are now living in a computer generation. And the use of computers has been very productive and it has made life so easy and fast. Computers come with accessories like the Bluetooth headset for quality sound and better communication. There has been a big demand for the use headsets because of its function.

Headsets are now commonly use for work and for gaming. However, because of the big demand there were also more headsets are being manufactured and choosing the best can be challenging. With the different varieties of Bluetooth headsets, the search for the ‘best trucker Bluetooth headset’ is dramatically increasing for the past few years.

It’s understandable that not everyone may like to use Bluetooth headset for their computers, and may prefer to use Bluetooth speakers instead, but let me walk you through the benefits/pros of Trucker Bluetooth headsets in 2022. Let me help you find the best suitable and comfortable Bluetooth headset you need.

We have compiled the best Trucker Bluetooth headsets that have the best quality and comfort. Please take not that the Bluetooth headsets that we select focuses more on the designs and quality that would best serve your need.

Here are the Best Trucker Bluetooth Headsets in 2022

TURN RAISE Professional Over-the-Head Bluetooth Wireless Headset for Drivers, Noise Canceling &…Buy on Amazon
CISNO Over The Ear Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Headset, Noise Cancelling Crystal Clear Headphones…$35.95Buy on Amazon
Trucker Bluetooth Headset,Willful Wireless Headset with Microphone,Charging Station,Noise Cancelling…$32.99Buy on Amazon
Mpow HC3 Bluetooth Headphones, Dual-Mic Noise Reduction, 13Hr Playtime Trucker Bluetooth Headset…Buy on Amazon
Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset, Over the Head Headset with Microphone Built for Truckers$129.99Buy on Amazon
Willful M91 Bluetooth Headset Wireless Headset with Microphone (Flexible Noise Cancelling Mic) Clear…$38.99Buy on Amazon
Truck Driver Bluetooth Headset/Office Headset with Microphone, BT 5.0 Wireless Over The Head Headset…$33.99Buy on Amazon
Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset V5.0, Wireless Headphones with Microphone for Cell Phone, Office…$23.99Buy on Amazon
Willful M98 Bluetooth Headset Wireless Headset with Microphone Charging Base Pro Clear Sound for Car…$35.99Buy on Amazon
Mpow Truck Driver Bluetooth Headset, Hands Free Phone Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone,…$25.99Buy on Amazon

12. YAMAY Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset/Office Wireless Headset

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If you are looking for a better quality headset that can provide you high quality voice reception, the YAMAY Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset can help you achieve that. Its microphone has a noise-cancelling feature that eliminates unwanted noise from the surroundings. It also picks up better and clearer voice reception due to noise-cancelling feature. This can ensure a crystal-clear conversation even in a loud environment.

YAMAY Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset can be connected to two Bluetooth devices at the same time. It also has an easy switch feature that allows the user to easily switch from one device to another. This headset can be ideal for those users who have two smart phones or two other Bluetooth devices.

Listening to music has been a huge factor to most consumers since music can easily change the mood. But most of the traditional headset doesn’t support the listening to music feature but with YAMAY Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset, they have added this feature to better best serve the need which becomes an advantage and practical for daily usage. When you are in a call or voice chat and want to mute the voices, just simply rotate the boom microphone upward parallel to the headband and the mute feature will automatically be activated.

Enjoy the comfortable lightweight YAMAY headset that has a soft ear pads and flexible headband that lets you achieve that comfortable fitting when wearing it. Trouble-free pairing from other devices allows the user to enjoy connecting to any two Bluetooth devices at one time. The battery life can last up to 17 hours in use and 200 hours when not in use.


  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Dual Device Connection
  • Enjoying Music & Mute Function
  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Long Battery Life & Easy Pairing

11. CISNO Bluetooth Headset Over the Head Boom Mic Wireless Headphone

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Noise-reduction feature from this device, CISNO Bluetooth Headset, allows you to have that clear conversation over the phone while driving on the road.

The battery life can last up to 12 hours when it’s fully charged. It also allows the device up to 250 hours of standby time when not in use.

The CISNO Bluetooth Headset can be easily paired with any Bluetooth operated devices within 32 feet distant range. It can connect to any two Bluetooth devices (V2.0 & V1.2) at one time.

The device is made from a comfortable materials soft padded ear muffs and flexible headband that allows you wear in long period of time without worries of headaches and sweaty ears. Also enjoy the excellent sound quality with crystal-clear voices during voice chat.


  • Noise cancelling Function
  • Long Battery Life in Single Charging
  • Easy Pairing with Other Bluetooth Devices
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Comfortable Feature & Materials

10. TURN RAISE Professional Over-the-Head Bluetooth Wireless Headset for Drivers

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A crystal-clear conversation can be experience with TURN RAISE Professional Over-the-Head Bluetooth Wireless Headset for drivers because of its superior noise cancellation technology.

Other great features to be enjoyed in this device is the voice activated dialing and call waiting. The user can easily control its calls with one touch call answer/end button and goes along with booming microphone. Easy access to other Bluetooth devices and enables the user to have control with the volume button (volume +/-).

Aside from those features mentioned above, the device also has access code correlation and audio transcoding.


  • Superior Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Voice Activated Dialing & Call Waiting Feature
  • One-Touch Answer/end Calls
  • Touch Volume Button
  • Easy Pairing With Any Bluetooth Device
  • Access Code Correlation & Audio Transcoding

9. CISNO Over The Ear Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Headset

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The CISNO over the ear Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Headset can provide you with the best quality voice chat for it comes with noise-cancelling feature. The noise-cancelling feature helps reduce the unwanted noise in the surroundings to get that best quality crystal-clear conversation while driving on or the road.

You can enjoy using this device in long hours because it offers a 12 hours continuous talking time when it’s fully charged. It also offer a 250 hours standby time when not in use.

Easy pairing can also be enjoyed with this device. It can easily be paired with any Bluetooth devices like iPhone, iPad, Cell Phones, and etc. within 30 feet of distant. It also has a multiple connection function where it allows the user to be connected with 2 Bluetooth (V2.0 & V1.2) devices at the same time. The device is also compatible to PS3, Xbox, iPhone, Galaxy series, and etc.

Comfort is a huge factor with regards to wearing headsets. The CISNO over the Ear Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Headset has flexible headband design that makes it easy to use and carry. The softness of the ear muffs makes your worry less for discomfort and sweaty ears for long time wearing experience.

Sound quality to its excellence! This device allows you to listen to a high quality sound both in music and in voice chat.


  • Noise-Cancelling Feature
  • Long Batter Life in Single Charge
  • Easy Pairing Function
  • Comfortable & Easy Wearing
  • Excellent Sound Quality

8. Trucker Bluetooth Headset, Willful Wireless Headset with Microphone

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For a better quality conversation, Willful M9A wireless headset with microphone has a new feature that comes with boom microphone that enable noise cancelling technology which exactly picks up that natural voice for better quality and clearer conversation. It has a noise-reduction feature that blocks the noise from the surroundings that gives a crystal-clear reception of your voice.

The device has a mute function which allows the caller to block the voice during the conversation when needed. The boom microphone is rotatable. For mute function, you just need to rotate the microphone upward parallel to the headband and the mute function will activate.

For comfortable use with less worries of headaches and sweaty ears, Willful M9A wireless headset with microphone are made of skin-friendly materials with soft ear pad and flexible headband to lessen the pressure when in use. It’s also very light in weight for better comfort and wearing experience.

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The connection of the device is dual which means that you can pair or access to two devices at one time. The device can be use both for music and for voice calling.

The battery can last up to 17 hours of non-stop calling. It can also last up to 200 hours of standby time if not in use. It just needs to be charge for 2 hours to get a full-charged battery.


  • Provides better quality Voice Chat
  • It comes with Mute Function
  • It’s Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Easy Pairing and Dual Device Connection
  • Long Battery Life with Charging Station

7. Mpow HC3 Bluetooth Headphones, Dual-Mic Noise Reduction

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If you are looking for a headset that is perfectly designed and suitable for work use, Mpow HC3 Bluetooth Headphones can be the best option. It has a dual-mic noise reduction feature that effectively eliminates unnecessary noise in your surroundings which can result to HD reception of your voice. You can better hear and understand HD quality of voice when talking. This device is perfect for call centers, Skype calling, office use, drivers, and so on…

Now, what makes this device unique from other wireless headsets is it goes with wireless and wired option. The wireless feature allows you to use up to 13 hours of non-stop enjoyment plus a 160 hours of standby time when not in use (equivalent to 6 days+). There will be a display of battery status on the iOS device. For unlimited enjoyment and connection, you can simply attach its 3.5mm audio cable.

The Mpow HC3 Bluetooth Headphones has its new upgraded version to provide the best comfort and convenience. The ear pad has been improved to ensure comfort and clearer response. The microphone can be adjusted up to 330° for better and quality voice pick-up. The headset can be worn both either on the left and right ear.  The adjustable size strap will give that best fit for you.

With the latest V4.2 Bluetooth headset, it enables an easy pairing with any Bluetooth devices around. You can stay connected as far as 33 feet distant from the device. It also enables you to connect to any two devices at the same time which means that you can enjoy your music and never miss any of your calls.

Don’t worry because you will have a 45 days money back warranty and an 18-month worry-free guarantee. The volume can still be adjusted through your phone in case you may not be satisfied with the loudness of the maximum volume of the headset.


  • Dual Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Wireless and Wired Option
  • Ungraded Version for Best Comfort and Convenience
  • V4.2 Bluetooth Headset
  • Worry-Free Warranty

6. Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset, Over the Head Headset with Microphone Built for Truckers

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The best feature that this device can offer is its design. The Plantonics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset has the perfect design for best all-day comfort. It’s a mono headset with over-the-head designs that is made of memory foam headband and earcup for best comfort.

This device is designed for an all-day action where there’s no need for recharging since the battery is designed for 24 hours use. It only needs one single charging and you can enjoy and stay connected all day long.

One of the cons of most wireless device is getting wet from water or sweat which can lead to malfunctions of the device. But with Plantonics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset, it is designed to be water-resistant. It’s made from durable materials and P2i Nano coating to protect the device from sweat, water, and even dust.

One more fantastic feature that you will love from this device is that the controls on this mono headset are easy to control even with working gloves. The controls are designed as glove-friendly so it’s easily access while you’re at work.

Of course, wireless headsets were designed to isolate you from the noise that would disturb your conversation. With the noise cancelling features, Plantonics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset will allow the user to hear-and-be-heard while talking. A snake boom feature and the noise cancelling technology eliminates up to 99.6% of transmit noise. The device went through a Platonic testing of Diesel engine noise at 65dBSPL at 102Hz to ensure that can still hear and be heard while you are talking over the phone.


  • Designed for Best Comfort (Memory Foam)
  • 24-Hour Battery Life
  • Water-Resistant Feature
  • Glove-Friendly On-Ear Control
  • Noise-Cancelling Tech up to 99.6%

5. Bluetooth Headset with Microphone, Willful M91 Wireless Headset

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For better quality talking or chatting, Willful M91 Wireless Headset can provide that crystal-clear conversation. This device has a boom microphone with newest noise cancelling tech which enables to pick-up a clear reception of your voice and eliminates those annoying noise from your surroundings.

For better movement and freedom from your work station, this wireless headset device is ideal for you. It comes with mute button you can have control over your mic to silent all the voices when necessary.

Generally, one of the issues of many headsets is its weight and uncomfortable materials where the headband can be too tight which could cause headache and even sweaty ears. But with Willful M91 Wireless Headset there’s no need to worry with any of those issues since the materials are made of very comfortable skin-friendly soft ear pad, flexible headband, and lightweight that would perfectly suit your comfort. There will be no concern regarding headache and sweaty ears for the device is designed for long hours of use.

This device has an amazing feature that can simply connect to 2 devices at the same time without any uncertainties. It’s easy to connect or pair to any Bluetooth devices around it. The Willful M91 Wireless Headset can let you have control over your calls and also enjoy your favorite music at the same time.

Since this device is wireless and you might need to have longer battery life to sustain its use, well the Willful M91 Wireless Headset has a whopping 17 hours of time usage. It also offers a 200 hour standby time when not in use. All you need is 2 hours of charging time to get it fully charged.


  • Provides Crystal-clear Conversation
  • It’s Wireless and comes with Mute Button
  • Light in Weight and very Comfortable
  • Dual Connection to any Bluetooth Devices
  • Long Hours of Battery Life

4. Truck Driver Bluetooth Headset/Office Headset

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This device is perfect for a truck driver who wants to have comfortable and perfect conversation while on the road. The superior 4x cancelling microphone feature gives you that clear voice while you are driving in loud surroundings. The adjustable mic allows you to adjust to get that loud and clear voice. This is perfect for call centers, Skype chat, VOIP, conference calls, and etc.

The Truck Driver Bluetooth Headset a long period of talking time up to 17 hours and 350 hours standby time. You can still be connected to the device up to 33 feet in distant from the paired device. You only need 2 hours of charging to enjoy that long hours of talking time.

One of the challenging parts of using headsets is the comfort of wearing it for long hours plus the weight. But with Truck Driver Bluetooth Headset that’s made of comfortable protein earmuffs, it allows you to enjoy the headset for long hours without worrying about headaches and sweaty ears.

Since its wireless, you will enjoy that freedom of roaming around without getting tangled with those annoying wires. It enables you to do your job fast and easy. It’s also easy to pair it with 2 other devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android cell phones, laptop, Ps4, and etc. at the same time. It comes with different buttons feature that allows you to control over your calls and music at the same time. The Truck Driver Bluetooth Headset supports a 12 months warranty and 60 days money back guarantee.


  • Noise Cancelling Feature
  • Longer Talking Time and Standby Time
  • Easy pairing and Wireless freedom
  • Money back Warranty

3. Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset/Cell Phone Headset with Microphone

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The device that best eliminate background noise! Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth headset has a superior 4x noise cancelling feature that blocks unwanted noise in the surrounding. This device provides a crystal-clear conversation since the mic has an adjustable feature that pick-up your voice loud and clear.

Of course, the weight is so convenient for the user because this device weights is 1.48 oz. could you imagine it’s even lighter than the weight on an egg. It’s very light and comfortable. You can enjoy the soft comfortable padded ear pad and flexible headband.

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It also offers a 12 hour continuous talking time and 200 hours standby time with single fully charged in just 2 hours. Freedom from a wireless and easy pairing device; it lets you easily pair with any two Bluetooth devices at one time. The best part is it gives you 30 feet distant from your device and still be able to get that clear reception.

The good thing about Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth headset is it has been tested and found to comply with the Radio frequency devices – FCC ID [email protected] Don’t worry Mpow offers 45 days money back and 18 months worry-free guarantee.


  • Built for Clear Chat
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • 12-Hours Talking Time
  • Easy Pairing and Wireless Freedom
  • Comply with FCC Regulations


  • Specially designed for calling only. Doesn’t support listening to music.

2. Trucker Bluetooth Headset, Willful Wireless Headset with Microphone

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This device is perfectly designed for loud surroundings since it has a noise cancelling tech. It can clearly pick-up your voice and simply eliminates the surrounding noise. Guaranteed, you will get a crystal-clear conversation even in a loud environment.

One advantage of this trucker Bluetooth headset is it has a mute button feature, which simply lets you mute the microphone and blocks your sound in between talks when necessary.

The device is designed with lightweight feature to ensure the comfort of the user. It is very comfortable that it has a skin-friendly soft ear pad and a flexible headband to reassure comfort when wearing it.

Another great feature of the Willful M98 wireless Bluetooth headset is the multi-connecting function. It can pair or connect to 2 different devices at one time. You connect it to your cell phones while you are also connecting it to your tablet and other devices. Surely, you will enjoy a crystal-clear music with this device.

One more satisfying feature that you don’t want to miss is the long-lasting battery life. Yes you heard it right! Willful M98 wireless Bluetooth headset can last up to 17 hours of continuous talking time. It can also offer a whopping 200 hours standby time with single fully charged battery. It has a fast charging feature which only allows you to charge 2 hours to get a fully charged battery. And, we offer a life time technical support with 30 days full refund and 12 months warranty.


  • Pro Bluetooth Headset
  • Wireless Headset with Mute Button
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Compatibility and Music Playing Function
  • Long-lasting Battery with Charging Station and Warranty

1. Mpow V4.1 Bluetooth Headset/Truck Driver Headset

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The first on the list is the wireless over head earpiece with noise reduction microphone Mpov headset. This wireless trucker headset provides a clear conversation and natural-sounding audio which  gives you the hear-and-be-heard advantages as you take your calls through phones, Skype, Call Center, and office work. One of the best features is the advanced unidirectional noise reduction microphone technology. In addition to that, you can also enjoy a fast stable Bluetooth V4.1 transmission.

Other reliable features include the lightweight comfort of this trucker Bluetooth headset which only weights about 0.11lb. It also has breathable protein earmuffs which provide comfort to the ears as you wear them for hours with no headaches and sweaty ears.

Since it is Bluetooth operated, one of the concerns will be the length of the battery. No worries! The batteries can last up to 13 hours talking time and 11 hours for music time (Full Volume). The battery has 180mAh which will give you a whopping 160 hours standby time with a single charge of 2 hours.

Who doesn’t want freedom? This wireless trucker Bluetooth headset gives you the freedom to move without worrying getting tangled with wires. The wireless feature allows you to answer/hang-up calls through one-touch controls button. You can also double-click on the button for redialing the last number called. To prevent missing any calls there is a built-in incoming calls and a low battery reminder feature.

In addition, wireless trucker Bluetooth headset can actually support connecting two devices at the same time while listening to your favorite music. You will get a 45 days money back and 18 month worry-free guarantee in case you will have any issues with the device. Please take note, just in case you are not satisfied with loudness of the volume even if it already reached the highest volume on the headset, you can adjust the volume of your phone for better volume quality.


  • Clear Conversation and Natural-Sounding Audio
  • Lightweight Comfort All day Long
  • Up to 13 Hrs Talking Time
  • Ultimate Wireless Freedom
  • Multipoint and Media Playing Support

Advantages of Trucker Bluetooth Headsets

Now that you have an idea about our top 12 best Trucker Bluetooth Headsets list in 2020, I’m pretty sure that you already something in mind on what you should buy. However, why would you choose wireless headset over those wired headset? As what you have read above, there are so many advantages in using wireless headsets, especially Trucker Bluetooth Headsets that are on the top list.

Why Bluetooth wireless operated headset? Let name some advantages or benefits that you will enjoy:

  • Hassle-free and Tangle-free usage meaning “Freedom” – Allows you to move freely around the area of your work place without worry of getting tangled or tied with wires. You can move up to 30 feet distant and still connected to the device and still get good quality reception.
  • Provide Better Quality Sound and Reception – Since it is Bluetooth operated, it means that the reception will be clearer and better since there is no wire attached that could tamper the connection if it’s are not properly attached or fastened.
  • Eliminates Unnecessary Noise Through Noise Cancelation Feature – Most Bluetooth wireless headset comes with microphone that has a noise-cancelation feature which obviously eliminates unwanted noise from the surroundings to get better quality reception and clearer conversation.
  • Long Battery Life (without worrying of recharging while in use) – Since its wireless headset, I comes with rechargeable battery that are designed for longer usage. The battery life of a wireless headset may last from 12 hours up to 24 hours depending on what type of headset you have chosen to buy.
  • Easy Pairing & Compatibility to Other Bluetooth Devices – Obviously this is a Bluetooth operated meaning that you only get connected to other devices through Bluetooth by pairing. You are allowed to pair with other devices up to 2 Bluetooth operated devices at the time without getting any interference from either device that you are connected to.

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Final Words

It’s understandable that looking for the best Trucker Bluetooth Headset can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming but with the list we have provided rest assured that it has given you an option that would meet your needs and expectations. In my personal opinion, for truck drivers who are looking for an extra-ordinary wireless headset for truckers, I would recommend the Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset. The features and benefits are worth the money. Since driving can be exhausting where you can sweat a lot under the heat of the sun, the water-resistant feature will help you get going without worry of damaging the device caused by your sweat, and an easy access to on-ear button where you can easily control your calls and music even with your gloves on.

Don’t ignore the 24-hour battery life where it will allow you to do your job all day without any worries of getting low battery. And since headsets are obviously worn on the head and when you are a truck driver, you might be wearing the in long hours while driving, the memory foam design can be a perfect material to give you that best comfort you need on your wearing experience.

On the other hand, the noise cancelling feature that enables to cancel up to 99.6% of noise in the surround ensures a better and even crystal-clear conversation while driving and in the middle of a loud environment.

So, what are you waiting for, get one for yourself and enjoy those great benefits that these Trucker Bluetooth Headsets have to offer. Don’t worry because the lists above are not final list since the technology are continuously upgrading for better results. And we make sure that our lists are up-to-date so we can keep track of the latest upgrade.

Now, in case we haven’t covered what you are looking for, feel free to give us a message on the comment box below so we would know. To keep yourself up-to-date with the latest list of the best Trucker Bluetooth Headset, don’t hesitate to give us a visit again.


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