Top 10 Best Trekking Pole in 2021 – Reviews

Best Trekking Pole

Trekking poles are important for those who love hiking, trekking or hiking on various terrains. Aside from giving you added stability, they also help you to reduce strain on your joints and you will have a more enjoyable hiking experience possible. In addition to that, using trekking poles will encourage better arm and hand position for a long hike. Here we have reviewed and selected the top 10 best Trekking Pole in 2021 to make your buying decision a little easier. We only listed durable and lightweight products.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Trekking Pole

  • Adjustment Mechanism: It is essential to look for hiking sticks that have adjustment mechanisms to choose the right length that is ideal for you. Improperly adjusted poles will not only cause loss of balance but also put stress on your feet. Therefore look for the best hiking poles that have an adjustable height and has good lock mechanism.
  • Construction: Most Trekking Pole is made of carbon fiber and aluminum. When it comes to quality, carbon hiking poles are much stronger and stiffer but that can be easily be damaged when they are hit against a tree trunk or hard rock. Aluminum poles are strong and are not easily damaged. However, they are slightly heavier.
  • Grip Material: Look for a hiking pole that has a grip that is more comfortable in your hands. Materials that are used to make a grip is an essential thing to consider. Some are made of Rubber, EVA foam or Cork.

Best Trekking Pole in 2021


10. Nycoo 100% Carbon Fiber Adjustable Hiking Sticks

By: Nycoo

Nycoo 100% Carbon Fiber Adjustable Hiking Sticks

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Made of lightweight and durable Carbon Fiber, the Nycoo Hiking Poles are best models that you can find in the market. It features a non-slip EVA extension and padded wrist strap that will keep your hands dry and cool all day. With only 210 g in weight, this makes it convenient to carry and they easily collapse into a compact size to pack it on your carry bag. Besides that, the 3 shafts provide secure length changes and quick lock.

This adjustable hiking sticks will help you to reduce stress on your knees and legs, particularly when you are walking down the hill. Most emphatically, these hiking sticks are a one size fit all and it’s perfect for tall or short men, women, and kids.


  • Fully adjustable four-season
  • Durable padded wrist strap
  • Excellent for short or tall people
  • Easy collapse to pack in your carry bag
  • Keep your hand cool and dry all day

9. VIVA! Ultra Strong Trekking Poles 2 Walking Sticks Flip Lock Hiking Poles


VIVA! Ultra Strong Trekking Poles 2 Walking Sticks Flip Lock Hiking Poles

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Made from 100% carbon fiber, the VIVA Trekking Poles are not only durable but also incredibly lightweight. They are a great choice for those who like trekking, hiking and walking. Ideally, these poles are extendable from 23 inches to 53 inches using the quick flip lock and are ideal for men, women, and kids. One great thing about these poles it that it is light enough to be stored on your suitcase or backpack.

You can use these poles in all terrains as they are designed to withstand any surface. In addition to that, they have an anti-slip cork grip for comfort and safety. Includes a carry bag.


  • Collapsible and lightweight trekking sticks
  • Shock absorbent black poles
  • Perfect for all people
  • Carrying bag included
  • Extra durable trekking poles

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8. High Stream Gear Trekking Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Poles

By: High Stream Gear

High Stream Gear Trekking Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Poles

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Whether you are looking trekking poles for yourself or for your kid, high Stream Gear Carbon Fiber Poles is great for you. It is designed to absorb the impact of forceful flexing or twisting without snapping. You can use it when for your long-distance hikes, camping trips, steep inclines or snowshoeing. Each of these Poles has real cork handles that provide non-slip and secure slip and will take the shape of your hands after you use it for a long time.

Keep your balance and alleviate pressure on your lower body with this equipment. It will also help you to get traction, speed, and rhythm that you require without expending much energy.


  • Made of 3k woven carbon fiber
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Secure, non-slip grip handles
  • Carrying case with a pocket included
  • Adjustable strap handles

7. Premier Outdoor Gear 2 Pack Lightweight Collapsible Hiking Poles

By: Premier Outdoor Gear

Premier Outdoor Gear 2 Pack Lightweight Collapsible Hiking Poles

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If you are searching for a set of versatile trekking poles, you need to take a look at the Premier Outdoor Trekking Poles. They are designed to lightweight and collapsible thus you can use it anywhere. Constructed with 100 percent 3K Carbon Fiber, this makes this pole ultralight and extra sturdy for kids, men and women. In addition to that, they have EVA and natural cork grips that will minimize the impact on your joints whenever you are hiking.

This Trekking pole comes with rubber tips and mud baskets to protect the tungsten tips when using it on a hard surface. Other than that, you can adjust the height from 24 inches and 54 inches making it ideal for both tall and short people.


  • Lightweight collapsible hiking poles
  • Natural cork grip and wrist straps
  • Carry bag with strap
  • Weight: 7.6 ounces per pole
  • Length of the pole is easily adjustable

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6. NIANYISO Trekking Poles 2 Pack Adjustable Hiking Walking Trekking Poles


NIANYISO Trekking Poles 2 Pack Adjustable Hiking Walking Trekking Poles

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When you love hiking or backpacking but unfortunately, your legs are somewhat aging, get yourself this 2 Pack NIANYISO Trekking Poles. They are made using tough 7075 aluminum that will withstand impact and pressure better than other models. This trekking pole is adjustable and collapsible from 44 inches to 53 inches with a quick lock mechanism. Furthermore, it has an ergonomically grips that are constructed using soft EVA foam making it comfortable to use.

From easy urban walk to climbing Ice Mountains, this all train poles will work perfectly. Besides, it comes with a pair carry bags for transport and storage. The manufacturer offers 13 months replacement warranty.


  • Comfortable hand grips and wrist straps
  • Collapsible making it more convenient to carry
  • Heavy duty 4 season accessories
  • Approx. 9.5 ounces each
  • Made of durable high-grade aluminum

5. Equipeak Collapsible Folding 2 Aluminum Walking Hiking and Trekking Sticks

By: Equipeak

Equipeak Collapsible Folding 2 Aluminum Walking Hiking and Trekking Sticks

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Another impressive model that can be used in all hiking adventures is the Equipeak Collapsible Trekking Poles. These Trekking Sticks has a unique design as it is fordable into a compact size for easy transport or storage. Other than that, it does not add any weight when walking and will perfectly fit on your carry bag with ease. Ideally, these walking sticks will absorb vibrations and shocks, reduce pain and fatigue from your muscles and joints, and prevent falls by improving your balance.

With its durable Carbide Tungsten tips, it will provide best traction and grip and has attachable snow baskets and rubber protectors for slippery terrain. Comes with a limited one-year limited warranty.


  • Easy to use folding system
  • Absorb shocks and vibrations
  • Unbelievably lightweight & compact
  • Fit on your carry-on luggage
  • Constructed from strong aluminum alloy

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4. Cascade Mountain Tech Walking or Hiking Stick Quick Lock Trekking Poles

By: Cascade

Cascade Mountain Tech Walking or Hiking Stick Quick Lock Trekking Poles

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For year-round hiking, the Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles feature trekking baskets, powder baskets, and interchangeable tips. This makes it ideal for campers, backpackers, walkers, and hikers to feel the difference when on their daily walks or long hikes. Ideally, the poles are ultra-lightweight with less than 7.8 oz in weight, in addition to that, they are easy to use and has an adjustable height and quick lock thus you can modify the height when walking up the hill or down the slope.

Featuring it cork grips, this will provide exceptional comfort, wicks away sweat and lower the vibration as you step. The kit also includes small rubber feet and boots.


  • Lightweight and compact poles
  • Quick lock & extendable
  • Comfortable cork grip
  • Twist locking mechanisms
  • Eva grips absorb moisture

3. Montem Ultra Strong 2 Poles Trekking Walking Poles

By: Montem

Montem Ultra Strong 2 Poles Trekking Walking Poles

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Taking the crown by its stability and strength, the Montem Ultra Strong trekking poles are, with no doubt, high quality Walking Poles that help you to achieve all those walking needs. The length of the poles can be easily and quickly adjusted from 24 inches to 53 inches to have the best length that you want. On top of that, these walking poles are ultra-lightweight thus it will not add extra weight as you walk. They are also crafted using aluminum 7075 weighing only 9.6 ounces.

This new and improved model comes with mud baskets, pole connectors, storable rubber tips and you can easily pack them on your backpacks and luggage.


  • Ultra strong and light
  • Quick and easy to lengthen the poles
  • Crafted out of aluminum 7075 material
  • Compact & travel ready
  • Comfortable EVA foam handles

2. TrailBuddy 2-pc Pack Strong, Lightweight Trekking Poles

By: TrailBuddy

TrailBuddy 2-pc Pack Strong, Lightweight Trekking Poles

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Talk of durability and toughness, TrailBuddy Trekking Poles is an ultimate solution for individuals looking for sturdy high-end sticks. They are usually made using tough aluminum 7075 that makes it withstand impact and pressure better than carbon fiber models. These Trekking Poles are designed such that you can easily change the height from 25.5 inches to 54 inches and has lever-locks for safety. What’s more, these poles are available in various colors such as red, black, purple thus you can choose the one that will please you.

Cork handles are simple and comfortable to use in both cold and hot temperatures and will mold your hands after using it for a while. The package includes snow baskets, mud baskets, 2 pair’s rubber tips, and a carrying bag.


  • Adjusting height is very easy
  • Comes in many colors to choose from
  • Cork handles are comfortable to use
  • Aluminum 7075 hiking sticks
  • Come with a carrying bag

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1. Foxelli Trekking Poles Lightweight, Collapsible Carbon Fiber Hiking Sticks

By: Foxelli

Foxelli Trekking Poles Lightweight, Collapsible Carbon Fiber Hiking Sticks

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We finalize our review with this Collapsible and Lightweight Hiking Sticks from Foxelli. Made using Ultralight 100% Carbon Fiber which minimizes pressure and impact on your joints. In addition, it will reduce arm fatigue and you will move quicker and go for long distance while exerting less energy. These Hiking Sticks features an anti-slip natural cork grip that will keep your hands dry and absorb sweat when walking for long distance.

This versatile Trekking pole features a thermoplastic rubber tip that will strongly attach thus you will not be lost in mud or snow. Comes with three years of limited warranty against defects.


  • Retractable from 24” to 55”
  • Made from 100% Carbon Fiber
  • 4 Season accessories
  • Shock and noise absorbent
  • Extra padded adjustable wrist straps


This list of the top will help you to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a hiking pole for your next trip. All the poles are made of strong material and have an adjustable height making them comfortable to use. They also have a lightweight design for easy carry. We hope that you have found the best hiking pole that will suit your needs.


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