Top 10 Best Tree Swings in 2020 – Reviews & Reason to Choose a Tree Swing

Best Tree Swings

Nothing feels better than the flying feeling when on a swing. In fact, at some point in my childhood, swinging was one of my favorite pastimes. Actually, I would spend much time in the weekends souring up in the air. But that was in my childhood days, although I still miss those moments. But wait, I guess am not the only one to have enjoyed the game since it has mesmerized children for a number of generations. However, everything has its downside- the most bothering point here being safety. Actually, unless the tree swing is sturdy enough to withstand the force, the ropes can easily snap resulting in serious injuries.

Luckily, for the modern kids, things have just gotten better! With the new tree swings, anyone can now enjoy the fun with a peace of mind. Yes, I said anyone, since they aren’t made for kids alone, but adults too. But you still need the best, right? Well, that’s why we dedicated a good number of hours to try and come up with the perfect picks for you and your little one(s).

Just before we get into the real business, let’s spare a few minutes and take a look at something also important;

How to choose the best tree swing:

  • Materials: In cases where the seat is made of steel frame, make sure that it is resistant to rust, corrosion, and weather. Also, consider the rope- how sturdy is the material?
  • The price: Normally, the prices of tree swings differ with the manufacturer. What do you think is worth purchasing? What can you comfortably afford?
  • The size: Different tree swings can accommodate different numbers of people.

Why you need tree swings:

  • For fun: Tree swings are a great place for your kids to spend their playtime. They will enjoy swinging and spinning giving you ample time to concentrate on other activities.
  • Safety: Tree swings are safer when compared to the old-fashioned swings.
  • Durability: Most tree swings are made to withstand extreme weather conditions providing your family with years of fun.

Best Tree Swings in 2020


10. Extra Large 40-inch Diameter Tree Swing

By: Joychoic

Extra Large 40-inch Diameter Tree Swing

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Whether you want to read your favorite novel or just relax, this tree swing is made to give out the best to its users.  It has a large diameter of 40 inches providing enough space for you to sit comfortably and to allow your little one to have fun with his/her friends. Just in case you or your little one is done with swinging, you can enjoy a different type of fun since it can also spin 3600.

To guarantee you with safety, it features a durable frame that is sturdy enough to support up to 400 lbs. The seat is also well-padded hence you remain comfortable for hours.Extra Features

  • The swing is easy to install to let the little member(s) have fun fast!
  • It is easy to carry allowing you to easily transfer the fun to the place of your preference.

9. CO-Z  Large Saucer Outdoor Tree Swing, 40-Inch

By: CO-Z

CO-Z Large Saucer Outdoor Tree Swing, 40-Inch

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This is yet another great tree swing you can ever get for your kid. It is also large enough to take several kids at a go. The durable Textilene fabric can withstand extreme conditions hence an all-year-round addition to your backyard.  Just in case you want to relax, the swing comes with a soft texture to give you that perfect spot to read your favorite novel.

It comes with high-quality adjustable ropes hence can be set to different heights. It has upgraded steel buckles to guarantee the user with safety. The innovative structure means that the tree swing will look great in any backyard. The swing is super-easy to assemble and disassemble and comes with assembling tools. It also fits in a 1-cubic feet box for easy transportation and storage.Extra Features

The adjustable height of the ropes allows the swing to accommodate kids with different heights.

The sturdy sponge-coated steel tubes provide enhanced durability.

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8. Play Platoon Outdoor Tree Swing, 40 x 30 Inches

By: Play Platoon

Play Platoon Outdoor Tree Swing, 40 x 30 Inches

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This swing is made to bring endless outdoor fun to your home. Coming fully assembled, you won’t experience the hassle of assembling- you get fun straight out from the box! The large weight capacity of up to 600 lbs means that the swing can comfortably support multiple people. Extra-large size makes the swings spacious enough to accommodate up to four children or 2 adults letting you share the fun.

When it comes to durability, the swing is meticulously engineered and features a sturdy steel frame that won’t break in the middle of the fun. High-quality fabric covers the frame for maximum comfy.Extra Features

The swing is backed with a 1-year warranty to guarantee you with durability and boost your buying confidence.

The weather-resistant fabric means that it can withstand tough weather conditions.

7.​ HappyPie Nostalgic Wooden Hanging tree Swings

By: Happypie Play & Adventure

HappyPie Nostalgic Wooden Hanging tree Swings

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This swing comes with a sturdy wooden construction to give your family years of fun. For instant fun, the swings come pre-assembled. The heavy-duty chains and PE rope are rust-resistant and weather-tolerant making it a perfect outdoor addition since it can withstand extreme outdoor conditions.

The swings come with an oversized seat keeping you comfortable as you enjoy relaxing or swinging skywards. The large weight capacity of up to 200 lbs means that the swing can take a number of children at a go.Extra Features

The pinewood is highly durable to last for years in your backyard.

The sturdy PE ropes won’t snap giving you a peace of mind that your children are safe as they enjoy playing outdoors while you attend to indoor activities.

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6.​​ Sorbus Spinner Swing – Kids Indoor/Outdoor tree swing

By: Sorbus

Sorbus Spinner Swing – Kids Indoor,Outdoor tree swing

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Taking the sixth spot, this top-class swing is made to provide your little ones with hours of entertainment whether indoor or outdoor. The spacious rope seat comes with a web-design for maximum comfy. It features 2 suspension points that keep the swing in place ensuring your safety and that of your loved ones.

The extremely sturdy ropes combine with the oversized seat to give a turn to the entire family at a go. Its portability nature allows you to relocate the fun. The sturdy steel frame allows for enhanced durability. The swing is quick and easy to assemble getting the little ones into action in minutes.Extra Features

The comfy hanging seat makes a perfect place for swinging, spinning, relaxing, reading a novel, and listening to music.

The ropes that make the seat are made of sturdy woven nylon material hence won’t break as the young ones enjoy their playtime.

5. Swinging Monkey Products Spinner Tree Swing

By: Swinging Monkey Products

Swinging Monkey Products Spinner Tree Swing

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Your children won’t just like the fun, but also the design! The swing comes in an attractive red color although you can also get some in gray. The swing has a diameter of 24 inches to provide enough space for a child or a young adult. Having been made with versatility in mind, this amazing tree swing is perfect for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Besides, after the kids have had enough of the swinging, you can hang it from a single point to allow them enjoy spinning for hours.

When it comes to installation- no more hassle; it is quick and easy. The high-quality materials have met safety requirements hence you are assured of your kids’ safety as they swing and spin.  Coming from one of the best manufacturers, you won’t just get a premium-quality product, but also top-notch customer service.Extra Features

The tree swing is covered by 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The steel frame is covered with 600D Oxford fabric cover for maximum comfy and unparalleled durability.

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4. Swinging Monkey Products Tarzan Tire Tree Swing

By: Swinging Monkey Products

Swinging Monkey Products Tarzan Tire Tree Swing

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Keep your children busy and entertained this coming vacation by simply getting them this top-quality tree swing. It also comes from one of the reputable manufacturers hence the quality of the product and customer service is guaranteed. Coming as an improvement of the preceding model, it features stronger bolts hence your loved young ones are safe like never before. The spider web design guarantees comfort while the hole at the center of the swing allows the children to swing as they face each other. Just in case you need to join the little one to enjoy the fun, no need to hesitate; it is strong and spacious enough to let the entire family share the fun!

A combination of high-quality materials and perfect engineering gives you assurance in terms of durability. Just in case you still doubt the quality of the product, this tree swing comes with a confidence booster in form of 1-year warranty.Extra Features

It is easy to install to allow your family enjoy more hours having fun.

The padded steel frame and the nylon padding are strong enough to last for years to come.

3. Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing

Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing

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This tree swing is sturdy enough to provide entertainment for both kids and adults. Its oversize seat has a diameter of 40 inches hence large enough to accommodate up to 4 kids or a maximum of 2 people. The unsurpassed weight capacity means that your kid can enjoy swinging with his/her best friends at the same time.

The swing comes fully assembled hence no more hassle associated with assembly procedure. The extra-thick rope is a clear assurance of durability. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.Extra Features

The large weight capacity of 600lbs allows the tree swing to accommodate multiple people at a go.

The adjustable height allows your family to enjoy the fun at different heights.

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2. Royal Oak Giant 40″ Saucer Tree Swing

By: Royal Oak

Royal Oak Giant 40 Inches Saucer Tree Swing

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This tree swing is made to take your backyard fun to the next level. The swing is weather resistant hence you will no longer need to replace it after some time. Coming from a manufacturer who takes safety and quality at a pinch of salt, this Royal Oak Swing is made of the commercial-grade steel frame that is covered with top-notch 600D Oxford Polyester material.

The ease design makes installation a breeze; you will have it flying in minutes! Its portability feature means that you can take it with you to anywhere you want.Extra Features

The adjustable ropes accommodate people of different stature.

The fabric mesh is water permeable hence you can leave it set-up when caught out by rain.

1. M & M Sales Enterprises Web Riderz Outdoor tree swing

By:  M & M Sales Enterprises

M & M Sales Enterprises Web Riderz Outdoor tree swing

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If you are looking for the best tree swing on the market, you won’t get a better one than this. Coming with unsurpassed quality and durability, this tree swing is made to turn your backyard into a small paradise for your kid and the friends. With a maximum weight capacity of 600lbs, be sure to join your little one to enjoy the fun or at least let him/her invite the friends to share the entertainment. The tree strap is made of 100% polyester which does not stretch. Besides, the galvanized steel tube frame gives the tree swing unsurpassed durability.

Leave alone soaring through the air, which kid won’t love the merry-go-round style? The large 39-inch steel frame is large enough to accommodate your kid and the friends.Extra Features

The steel frame is covered with corrosion protection layer to boost the durability.

It is available in different colors; you can now choose the one in your favorite color.

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Final thoughts

Swinging isn’t just made for fun but also for therapeutic benefits. However, without the proper tree swing, the whole action remains a gamble when it comes to safety. This is why you should grab one of the reviewed tree swings. Based on research findings, these tree swings are made to keep your family entertained without compromising on their safety.


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