Top 10 Best Toys For 8-year-old Girls in 2022

Best Toys For 8-year-old Girls

When kids hit the age of 8, every parent understands that this is the right age to think about leveling up their gifts and toys. What was appropriate for them before this age is not appealing to them anymore. At this point, every parent strives to find them toys and gifts that will enhance their development. It is not a breeze to know what to pick for them and what to leave for another time. At this time, your kids have a clearer preference about what their interests are. They know what they like to do or what not to do.  Most parents are tempted just to pick the first toy they find on the shelves, be it a book, a doll, puzzle, gadget, or fashion accessory. Therefore to be sure that what you are picking is the right toy for your kid of 8 years old and above, we have come up with a range of toys that better suit them from the list below.

Before you commit to purchasing one, you first need to understand your child’s interest, as not all will interest them. Therefore take your time to read your child and find the most appropriate toy for them from the list below.

List of Our Top 10 toys for 8-year-old girls

10. Klutz Make Your Own Soap Science Kit

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These toys have been recognized, and to that extent, they have won the National Parenting Center Award of 2017, that is why you do not have to be skeptic about buying them for your 8 years old child. They contain shapes like those of the cat, the sun and many others which are appealing to both boys and girls.

The fact above makes them suitable for both boys and girls. Therefore no one feels left out of playing when playing using these toys. Along with the package, there also is detailed instruction about playing games as well as the full-color inspiration.

The toy’s sidebar has fun facts touching on the chemistry of clean and also easy science experiments to help your kids learn while enjoying their favorite game. Perfect for kids of from age 6 and above. They are loved more because they also come with a 36-page book, thus value for money.

9. ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit

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If you want a toy game that will foster creativity among your kids, then worry not as this one is what you should go for. The creativity and skills nurtured here will grow your kid to an exciting hobby or even career. This is the perfect kit to travel with or to be used during the rainy days.

The kit is a winner of the Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Toys Award and Parents’. Therefore it is a toy that has captured a lot of people’s minds and interests. It comes with up to 28 shapes stuffing, embroidery floss, ricrac, fabric, scissors, pins, needles, tape measure, thimble, six buttons, pin cushions, and pom strip.

This is a perfect toy for your kids who are age 7 up to age 12. It is loved and trusted for the Award it scooped. Also, it will surely set your kid in the path to realizing their career while still young. On top of that, it is affordable and values for money.

8. Tent (Pink) – with Glow in The Dark Stars – Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse for Girls

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As a charming fairy tale castle, this toy lets your children feel confident princes with their personal play castle. The unit helps your daughter to develop social skills as well as promoting imagination and learning from a tender age. It is lightweight and easy to set up. Each child house is safe whether used indoors or outdoors. Also, it is available with simple instructions on how to set it up and how to fold it for storage, and thus you can do it on your own.

Best for indoor or outdoor fun, due to its flexible fiberglass meshes windows that circulate fresh air into each compartment. It also comes with a flag to be placed on top. It is ideal for children of age 1 to 8, and also it is spacious enough to accommodate multiple children to play together.

Most people love it because it is an all-weather toy, it can be used in the classroom, at the park and also is perfect for both hot afternoons or cold and rainy days. Each set comes along with fiberglass rods used for stability, four ground stakes, and a carry bag. The toy features glow in the dark start perfect for night playtime.

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7. Click N’ Play 8 Piece Girls Pretend Play Purse Loaded

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The Little girl pink purse is loaded with daily accessories, making it the perfect pretend to play set for not only for preschoolers but also toddlers. Upon purchase, the set comes with the decorative pink purse, one unit, car keys, smartphone, credit card, lipstick, hairbrush, and blush with the applicator.

It also features two handles for carrying as well as a zipper for closing. Each and every item and accessory that comes along with this package is safe for small kids. Also, the smartphone and the car keys produce real-life sound and lights. They operate on 2buttons and 3LR44 batteries.

The pretend imaginative set is sure to help your kids to develop imaginary and cognitive skills. It is a cute play purse that should receive nothing less than a five star. However, there might be complaints that the smartphone does not come with the batteries. You need to ensure that the purse comes as described above.

6. Fashion Angels American Girl 24109 Ultimate Crafting Kit

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The Fashion Angels American Girl 24109 Ultimate Crafting Kit helps your kids to be the ultimate crafters. They will ensure that your kids design and create jewelry for themselves and their dolls. This is the ultimate toy that you can think of for your young and developing kid of age 6 years and above.

It comes in the inspirational design and also a guide that is full of fun crafting ideas. What these do is to enable your kids to be creative and fast thinkers. In the end, they may shape them to become the best crafters when they grow up. Ultimately, this toy for girls makes your child learn enjoyably.

If you notice that your young girl is a design enthusiast, then this is what you should buy for them. With it, they can make their own greeting cards, a clear cuff bracelet, gift tags, beaded bracelets and necklaces, beaded daisy chains,  zigzag beaded bracelets, and even a crocheted bracelet.

This is a large kit and a large variety that comes with a lot more accessories than a regular kit.

5. Stick N’ Style Blinglets

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If you notice that your kids love designing things, then you should prepare them to become the best designers they can be. With this toy, they definitely will. It comes loaded with a variety of accessories perfect for shaping your kids to become the best designers when they grow up.  They will be able to create their jewelry in an easy peasy way.

The package comes with up to 12 different and ready to decorate blinglets and over 700 sleek jewel stickers. Also, it is an award-winning line of sticky mosaic craft kits that are sure to delight children of all ages in their respective skill levels. If you are not sure what to buy your creative kid, then you cannot be wrong buying this kit and better their skills from a tender age.

You can’t go wrong when buying this toy for your girl, as it is easy to use. Even 5 years old can comfortably use it without having an adult to show them how. It comes with a wide variety of gem for them to choose. In the end, they might not even use them all. Even parents love it because it turns out that the activity is a mess-free one.

4. ALEX Toys DIY Wear I Heart Charm Bracelets

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This is yet another lovely toy that each parent should buy for their children. It comes with 24 beads that they can customize and create for themselves. They can easily add metal beads and charms to the bracelets. You kid will realize a better way to a unique gift and accessory with this toy for children below the age of 8 years.

The package comes with a molding tool, two pins, five air dry clays, two bracelets, eight beads, eight charms, 24 eyelets, ten jump rings, glitter glue, 30 stick stones, and a dowel. It is perfect children who are eight years old and older.

This toy is for those kids who love to do such kind of activities. It will help them stay out of the table. You kid will be kept occupied and have hours of fun. If your daughter loves doing things with their hands, then this is the perfect gift for her this year that will keep her hands busy. Buy this for her, and it surely will give her extended hours of fun and enjoyment.

3. Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

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The Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box comes with a large bottom drawer as well as two small side drawers. These are used for holding jewelry and also other treasures. It also comes with a music box that plays ‘Swan Lake’ and a twirling ballerina figurine. This makes a good toy for your kid who is turning 8 years and more. The box dimensions are 6 by 4 by 6 inches in length, width, and height.

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The box is perfect for storing tiny treasures and forms part of the Enchantments Ballets Collection.  This box also comes with a dancing ballerina figurine and its lid has a gold clasp. The tops inside contain a mirror. If you are wondering what to gift your kid this holiday, why not try this one out? We are sure that they will fall in love with it.

This toy is definitely a go-for for parents with small children from the age of 5 years old upwards. These will have lots of fun hours with it and won’t even need adult supervision.  Only make sure that when the package arrives, all the accessories as described in the product above are intact. You may return back to the seller if anything is missing, or the toy does not function.

2. Stare! Junior Board Game – 2nd Edition

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Buy this award-winning toy for children of 8 years and older as today it has been upgraded thus is bigger and better. The Junior Board Game, 2nd edition now comes with all new images and also comes with large images. This is a fun game for children and will help them develop their memory, their concentration levels as well as their imagination while they are still young.

The manufacturer is a winner of the National Parenting Center Seal and also the winner of the Teachers’ Choice Award for the family. Therefore, whenever you are buying from the manufacturer, you rest assured that this board game has been certified to have a positive impact on your kid’s development. Teachers too applaud it for what it does in enhancing the kid’s brain development.

The package of this board game contains up to 160 fun image cards with up to 960 questions. It also comes with the game board, a sand timer, the die, and the playing gown. In fact, this game is not meant for kids but is suitable for the whole family.  Always ensure though that every accessory arrives as is described above; failure to which you are free to contact the seller for any complaint, refund or replacement.

1. ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon

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How about buying your kid a toy that in the end make their hair look as vibrant as they are? Yes, that is not possible with the Alex Spa Hair Chalk Salon toy. The hair chalk is applied to the dray hair of all colors. You do not have to worry about how to clean the hair as it can be quickly removed by shampoo.

The kit comes with five washable hair chalk pens, hair beading tool, up to 24 metallic beads, and 24 hair elastics. The kit is suitable for kids of age 8 years and older. The dimensions are 10 x 2 x 10 inches and weigh 7.8 ounces. Many parents prefer it on their kids because it is a neat product and washes away easily.

The kit is perfect for small girls as it can be put just enough and will make her happy without having to look silly. Some parents, on the other hand, are complaining that the Alex Spa Hair chalk is not meant for dark hair even as there is a photo of a girl with dark hair on the box. The girl has beautiful streaks. However, she points out that the color lacks vividness even when they are applied on brighter hair. We think that these are the areas that the manufacturer should consider correcting so that the product suits every hair.

Advantages of Buying Toys For 8 Years Old Girls

Make kids be more creative – Toys enhance kid’s imagination and brain development.

They develop long concentration levels – Kids who are used to the same old toys don’t have a great attention span. However, when they are introduced to new ones, their concentration levels are enhanced.

Enhances their social skills – Kids at the age of 8 needs fewer, new toys so as to spend some more time with other kids and develop their social skills.


You have seen the importance of upgrading toys for your kids when they hit 8 years old. You have also seen the importance of them having fewer toys and how these toys will help them in their development. We have also helped you to choose perfect toys for your kids, based on their interest. We believe that the list of toys will be of help to you. Ensure you understand where their interests lay before picking any of the above toys.


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