Top 12 Best Toyota Tacoma Roof Racks in 2022

Best Toyota Tacoma Roof Racks

Toyota Tacoma roof racks have been in huge demand due to the increase in the number of Toyota Tacoma trucks users. They are essential when it comes to carrying some luggage on the roof among other benefits. Thanks to numerous options on the market determined to provide a solution to your rack needs. However, there is more than size and design to consider when buying roof racks. We have provided you with information on different products and how they can correctly work for you. Additionally, pay attention to the appropriate vehicle models for each roof rack. This guide will focus on the best Toyota Tacoma roof racks in 2022. Continue reading.

List of our top 12 best Tacoma roof racks in 2022

UMS Roof Rack Cross Bars Baggage Locking Roof Rail Crossbars Luggage Cargo Ladder Bike Load Roof…Buy on Amazon
KANING Top Roof Luggage Carrier Rack Cross Bar Rail Set For 05-18 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab OE StyleBuy on Amazon
Gevog 1 Pair Black Roof Rack for 2005-2015 Tacoma Double (Crew Cab) Top Rail Cargo CarriesBuy on Amazon
GZYF Car Auto Cross Bar Roof Rack, 125 Lbs Max Load Roof Top Rail Luggage Carrier Rack, Compatible…$109.99Buy on Amazon
Artudatech Cross Bars Luggage Rack for 2005-2015 for Toyota Tacoma Double Cab丨Top Roof Rack Side…$128.99Buy on Amazon
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12. Tdogs Roof Rail Crossbars Rack Set Double Cab Stowaway 2014-2018 Toyota Tacoma

This is one of the best Toyota Tacoma roof racks that you can ever buy. If you have any Toyota Tacoma double cab models 2014-2018, this is the perfect product. These roof racks are available in black color but complete all double cabs in the mentioned category.

Their length: 60.6 inches and height: 1.6 inches fits perfectly on the roof. Although no installation instructions are included, these Toyota Tacoma roof racks are easy to mount. This is because you do not need to drill some holes. Also, you will receive all parts and hardware necessary to install it on the truck’s roof.

Many customers love them because of their durability too. Their aircraft aluminum alloy construction makes them sturdy.

11. Seven Sparta Roof Rack Set Fits for Toyota Tacoma 2005-2017 Double Cab (Black)

Another product that you do not want to miss is the Seven Sparta roof rack. These Toyota Tacoma roof racks are ideal for Tacoma 2005-2017 double cabs. Additionally, if you are in the United States of America, you are lucky since they are stocked in the country. Therefore, you do not have to import but may incur a small shipping cost.

These roof racks have a low profile streamlined design that does not cause wind resistance. Also, the sidebars have 2 loops that you can use to tie your luggage to prevent it from falling. These racks are sturdy due to their heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction. The material does not scratch, corrode, and rust. In addition to these, each roof rack can support up to 80lb luggage.

They are liked due to the ease of installation. People can mount them directly from the factory without drilling or cutting. Videos are showing a step by step installation on YouTube. You can get as the results of searching “Tacoma roof rack.” Their fast delivery is also something that people value.

10. OutdoordealRoof Rack Side Rails Bars for 2005

This is yet another great roof rack that you will come across this year. The manufacturer designed them to fit models between 2005 and 2015. These Toyota Tacoma roof racks have tough ultra-grade sidebars that have sturdy and durable crossbars. Therefore, you can rest assured of your luggage’s safety. And yes, your luggage cannot drop while you drive.

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They are easy to install. This is made possible by the hardware and accessories that come with the Toyota Tacoma roof racks. So, you will not purchase anything in the name of the installation.

The product is shipped from California. They are liked world-wide due to the styling and appearance that they give to vehicles. No need to spend an arm and a leg on the roof racks since they have a fair price.

9. UMS RR-05TT for 2005-2015 Black Toyota Tacoma ROOF Rack

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Just like the above roof rack, these Toyota Tacoma roof racks are designed for 2005 – 2015 Tacoma double cab models. Besides, they are sold in pair sets of 2.

The roof racks are made from aluminum which makes them sturdy and durable. If you have luggage up to 150lbs, you will not end up with a broken rack. Additionally, the black powder coating prevents rusting.

The roof racks dramatically change the overall look of Toyota Tacoma double cabs. No installation manual is included. Therefore, you will need to seek professional installation. Most people love it since it allows them to work with any roof accessories like bike racks, kayak mount, cargo basket carrier, luggage box, and more.

8. KANING Top Roof Luggage Carrier Rack Cross Bar Rail Set

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This is a roof rack that fits Toyota Tacoma 2005-2017 double cab. It is delivered fast in the US due to the availability of stock in the country. Additionally, it is easy to install. Thanks to its adjustable clamps and the existing threaded holes.

The rack measures Dimension: 60.6″ length x 1.6″ height. The architectural grade aluminum alloy that Toyota used is resistant to corrosion, rusting, and aging. Therefore, it maintains the brand new look for a long time. Besides, there is a rubber strip for extra grip.

The material is tough and ideal for mounted cycle carriers, bags, and roof boxes. And yes, it can support a load of 100kg. You will also receive a set of two Toyota Tacoma roof racks with the necessary hardware installation. However, no instructions are included, and professional installation is highly recommended.

7. Gevog 1 Pair Black Roof Rack for 05-15 Tacoma Double/Crew Cab

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Do you have an intention to carry some luggage on the roof of your truck? You might have just landed everything you need. If you order the right product, you will drive with your load mounted safely. These Toyota Tacoma roof racks are ideal for double cab with 4 full-size doors. They perfectly fit on 200-2015 models.

Toyota made them using aluminum and ABS plastic. Therefore, they are sturdy, durable, non-corrosive, and non-rusting. This means that you can carry a load of 100-120lb without damaging the roof racks.

These Toyota Tacoma roof racks have an original mounting point, and installation hardware is available. Additionally, installation instructions are provided, but professional services are the most appropriate.

The custom made crossbars are in original factory package and fit like original equipment. This explains why most people prefer them over other universal style bars.

6. GZYF Roof Rack Side Rails Bars Set for For 2005-2018 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab

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There are many benefits of buying these Toyota Tacoma roof racks this year: read below for more information.

You can only use them if you have a double cab; it must be a 2005-2018 Tacoma model. They are easy to install without the need to cut or drill any holes. In addition to these, the mounting hardware such as bolts is provided.

Most people like its strength since it can hold a load capacity of 125lbs. Another thing is the sports styling and appearance that it adds to 2005-2018 Toyota Tacoma double cab.

5. Front Runner Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Roof Rack/Full Size

We included The Slimline II Roof Rack By Front Runner to our list due to its versatility and features. It is ideal for Toyota Tacoma double cab only.

You can now have an adventure and drive on poor roads without damaging your cargo. Thanks to its high-density aluminum construction that withstands any stress. Additionally, it is lightweight with a patented design.

The manufacturer used corrosion free aluminum. The Toyota Tacoma roof racks have coatings that prevent rusting and also resistant to harsh weather. Furthermore, you will get a limited warranty after purchasing.

People love it because they can use its unique bolt-on system that allows them to secure the loads independently at the bottom, sides, or on the top. Therefore, they do not need to unstrap, untie, or un-net everything to get one item.

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4. Eapmic Roof Rack Crossbars Roof Luggage Racks for 2009-2018 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab

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You need to have a Toyota Tacoma double cab with 4 full doors to use this product. These roof racks fit 2009-2018 models with their 60.6″ length x 1.6″ height.

They are easy to mount since no drilling is required. Although there are no instructions issued after purchasing, you will receive the relevant hardware. So, you don’t have to buy them elsewhere. Additionally, the package contains 2 x Roof Rack Cross Bars for Toyota Tacoma.

The Toyota Tacoma roof racks are made of aircraft aluminum alloy that is rust-resistant, lightweight, durable, and long-lasting.

3. Bestauto Cross Bar Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit for 2005-2018 Toyota Tacoma

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Consider adding valuable storage for utility loads, luggage, and camping gear to the roof of your truck. All you need are these Toyota Tacoma roof racks. Just like some of the products above, they are ideal for 2005-2018 double cab.

They have smooth surface double cab style. Therefore, they maintain a stylish look for your vehicle. With the mounting accessories and hardware available, installation is just a piece of cake. Additionally, Toyota used a sturdy material that can support up to 165lbs weight capacity without damaging.

People like Toyota Tacoma roof racks because they contain durable black finish that is durable. It also makes them anti-corrosive and water-proof.

2. Artudatech Cross Bars Luggage Rack for 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma

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This is yet another 60.6″ length x 1.6″ height Cross Bar Roof Rack System that is worth spending on. Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 2005-2015 models are the ones to enjoy this fitment. It guarantees you a long time service due to its ability to withstand harsh weather.

When it comes to mounting and removing the roof rack, it is just a matter of minutes. You do not need to go buying the necessary accessories and hardware since they are available. Additionally, no drilling or cutting is required.

This product arrives when it is brand new and high-quality. The aluminum alloy construction says it all. Moreover, the black powder-coating on the surface does not corrode or get affected by water.

Just like many Toyota Tacoma roof racks, it has a low profile that reduces noise and wind resistance. Many people like this product for giving them a perfect solution to snowboard, cargo, luggage storage.

1. AUXMART 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma Upper Windshield Curved Mounting Brackets

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Finally, we have a special product that fits Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015. Please note that the vehicle must have a factory roof rack as well.

It is compatible with 42 inches curved LED light bar. Also, you do not need bulky brackets to add the bar on your vehicle. It is anti-corrosive and rust-resistant too.

Many people love them for their aerodynamic wind air design: no noise and wind resistance. Some use them to give an aggressive look to their vehicles due to their sophisticated chic design. These curved upper windshield light bars require minor drilling on the original roof rack.

The Benefits of Toyota Tacoma roof racks

  1. Storage – Roof racks offers additional storage space for luggage that may be too large to fit into the truck.
  2. Safety of the luggage – most of them can sustain stress on the roads as opposed to keeping them in the vehicle. Still, they have straps to tie them so that they cannot fall.
  3. They fit perfectly – As long as you ensure that it is the correct product, you will get Toyota Tacoma roof racks that do not require drilling or cutting.


From this guide, you just found the top 12 best Toyota Tacoma roof racks in 2022. As you have seen, most of them benefit you with extra space for carrying bikes, bags, and other luggage. The racks are easy to mount with the hardware provided. Most of them are purely for Toyota Tacoma double cab. Also, we indicated the recommended model for each product. You can now find your best one and contact the seller. The delivery of these Toyota Tacoma roof racks is as fast as you need them.


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