Top 10 Best Towel Warmer Cabinets in 2021 – Reviews

Best Towel Warmer Cabinets

A towel warmer cabinet entails an airtight enclosure that serves as a towel rack and a device that warms up your towels. This device features a classic design that relieves you from the burden of having to dry your towels outside. These devices have improved the efficiency of running  spas, salons and gym business.

Just like massage tables, chairs, oils, and pillows, towel warmer cabinet is a handy device to own. But, it is rather sad to find out that many people don’t care about investing in this vital equipment. Those therapists who take this gadget seriously run their business smoothly with no hassles. Anyway, how do you select the best towel warmer cabinets? Check our top 10 best-selected towel warmers in 2021.

Best Towel Warmers Buying Guide

Heating and UV sterilization functions

The essence of storing your manicure towels inside a warmer is to ensure that they stay fresh in between uses. That being said, you have to check and ascertain that the device you buy features a two in one function. This means that you can switch from heating mode to UV sterilization.

It is for obvious reasons why warming the towels is essential. Most bacteria like dumpy or moist environments for them to thrive. Now, towel water keeps the internal environment at about 70 degree Celsius. So, no microbe can survive. Besides, towel uses will most likely love the soothing touch of a warm towel.

Also, you need to know whether you want a bulb heating system or the specialized heating elements. Different devices feature different heating methods, so it is upon you to select what is best.

The door and rack design

Do you want a door style that will expose whatever is inside when all guests are staring at you? Most likely you would love to have a door opening easily for you to access the towels quickly. Also, the rack design is essential. It determines how uniformly the towels get exposed to the heat.

The color

This can be forgotten quickly, but still, significant factors to consider. It is recommended that you choose a neutral color that blends well with the rest of the equipment in the spa room.

The storage capacity

People love a compact towel warmer cabinet. But, the interior of the equipment should have enough space to house at least 24 manicure towels. All the same, the equipment should be compact enough to fit desktop storage.

Interior surface design

You need to check and confirm that the cabinet has a rust proof interior. Besides, you’ll probably be storing a lot of moist towels, and you know moisture is a precursor for rusting. The best and top rated towel warmer cabinets feature aluminum material in the inside to avoid rusting.

Best Towel warmer Cabinets in 2021


10. EARTHLITE UV Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet Mini

EARTHLITE UV Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet Mini

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Equipping your home with a towel sterilizer brings lots of health benefits. One of the best and most versatile towel sterilizers is Earthlite mini cabinet towel sterilizer. It sterilizes the towels and warms them to enhance unmatched comfort to your clients.

Unlike its rivals, this towel warmer heats up quickly without wasting time. Besides, this unit has one of the best functionality and prolonged life. Thanks to the ergonomic design which features powder-coated aluminum frame and fortified hardware and seals.

Moreover, it features a compact design but with a remarkable 8-liter capacity. Due to its compact design, this towel sterilizer fits nicely on the desktop. It is UL listed, and quality is a guarantee and not guesswork.


  • Mini compact design
  • Fast heating
  • Easy to store
  • Incredible towel capacity


  • Takes time to heat up

9. Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Mini Cab

Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet Towel Mini Cab

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It saves you lots of time and resources when you invest in a right towel cabinet. With the revolutionized technology, Spa Luxe towel cabinet manages to score highly and get awesome ratings from all its buyers. But what features really make it exceptional and outdo most of the rival brands.

Well, you need to appreciate that the design is based on a unique technology that keeps the towels moist and free of any bacteria or mildew. Besides, it features a compact and sleek design making very easy to store and transport.

Moreover, it has an incredible capacity that can hold up to 12 towels measuring the size of manicure towels. Equally, this cabinet boasts a neutral color that blends nicely with most of the decors. It features a smart heating device that maintains the temperature at 160 degrees Celsius hindering any form of microbe formation.


  • Fits most small spaces
  • Excellent towel capacity
  • Refreshing hygienic modes of treatment
  • Pretty cool color


  • Pricier than many models

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8. AW 2 in1 UV Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet, 23L

AW 2 in1 UV Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet, 23L

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AW tow in one towel cabinet secures a nice position in the list of top rated brands of towel cabinets. It isn’t through guesswork, but reliable research affirms this. It boasts a 23-liter capacity and uses a microchip computer based temperature control mechanism to keep the temperature maintained at the exact degree.

Due to its enlarged capacity, this device can store up to 80 manicure size towels. Whether you have a pile of traditional or disposable towels, this cabinet gives the best in terms of warming and keeping them moist ready for use. Moreover, it has two functions which allow you to choose between UV and high temperature sterilizing methods.

The interior chamber boasts aluminum coating for excellent heat condition. On the other hand, an easy pull-down door makes it pretty easy to use without using a lot of effort. It is fuse protected to make sure it remains safe in case there is a power surge.  Plug and play and assembly-free installations give the device credit as an outstanding tool for homeowners as well as hostel owners.


  • Plug and play installation
  • Accurate microchip temperature control
  • Perfectly coated aluminum interior
  • Excellent heat conduction


  • Expensive

7. Bellavie 2 in 1 UV Light-16L Hot Facial Spa Towel Sterilizer

Bellavie 2 in 1 UV Light-16L Hot Facial Spa Towel Sterilizer

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Bellavie spa towel sterilizer cabinet features a classic design that combines excellent electric components and decent hardware. This device is two in one as it houses a UV sterilizer and a hot towel warmer to keep your towels are in perfectly fresh condition.

Due to its great capacity, this device is a guaranteed deal for family and commercial use. Amazingly, it falls into the category of cheap and affordable towel warmers. Besides, the design targets spas, gyms, salons and other areas where there are plenty of towels on the use and which require perfect storage.

It is built to enhance sanitary safety by keeping off those infectious bacteria and other organisms. Thanks to the built-in UV light together with microcomputer temperature control which maintain the temperature at 170 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Removable drip dray
  • Readily accessible built
  • Neutral color
  • Perfect capacity


  • Some parts are not durable

6. Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet – Double Towel Warmer

Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet - Double Towel Warmer

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Are you searching for the best Towel cabinet for keeping your towels in safe and ready to use state? Stop your search now and embrace the magical power of this hot towel cabinet by Spa Luxe. Unlike other cabinets that have ruled the industry before, this one keeps the towels rust free, moist and warm ready for use anytime.

Thanks to the rust-proof interior coating which is a perfect environment to store slightly moist towels. The heating system of the device is integrated with a microchip control to maintain temperatures at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the design feature double doors and has an impressive capacity to house about 48 towels. It features a condensation collector and is ideal for storing moist and dry towels.


  • Incredibly versatile
  • Perfectly rust proof
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricey

5. InkBed High Capacity Hot Towel Cabinet & UV Sterilizer

InkBed High Capacity Hot Towel Cabinet & UV Sterilizer

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This towel cabinet by InkBed features a state of the art design that allows more accurate heating. Besides, it features an ergonomic overheat protection device and boasts excellent heat sustainability. It features a high capacity and supports dual purpose.

It houses a UV sterilizer and a hot towel warmer to ensure the towels remain in a perfect hygienically proven condition. This brand new model is different from the others in that it has improved heat sensors which allow precise and accurate heating. For ease of use, it has two separate function switches making it easy to choose UV sterilizer or heat function. It is best used for heating up manicure wets.


  • Easy to clean drip
  • Includes 24 towels
  • Amazing towel capacity
  • Removable towel grill


  • Not recommended for tattoo equipment

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4. Salon Sundry Hot Towel Cabinet

Salon Sundry Hot Towel Cabinet

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Your facial and manicure towels need proper storage because they are prone to bacterial invasion. Keeping them in a perfect hot towel cabinet means that every user would have a unique experience whether ta the gyms, at the salon or home. Thanks to the unique design of salon sundry towel cabinet.

The capacity is great too because it can hold up to 24 towels or more, depending on the sizes. The heating element is incredibly powerful since it maintains the temperatures at 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The style is also another top-ranked aspect r this cabinet. Thanks to the integrated handle with a magnetic latch which is on cool touch composite door.


  • Features a removable wire basket
  • Durable metal cabinet
  • Stylish composite door
  • Overheat protection features


  • Low-quality condenser collector

3. AW Two in One UV Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet Home, 23L

AW Two in One UV Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet Home, 23L

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There are various methods of storing spa or salon towels, but very few can compete effectively with AW two in one Towel Cabinet warmer.  It combines the essential features which are UV sterilizer and hot warmer but still have lots more of luxurious features. It holds CE approval for delivering safe and reassuring heating and sterilization.

No matter whether you have disposable or traditional towels, this device is the best for keeping them fresh, germ-free and tender to your skins. An integrated microchip controls the temperature released by the device. There is a removable tray underneath this tool, which minimizes dripping. Also, the functional switch mechanism is straightforward to use and lets you choose between heating and UV sterilization modes or both.


  • Easy to use
  • Plug and play installation
  • True aluminum inner chamber
  • Perfectly placed door


  • Pricier than many towel cabinets

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2. Spa Luxe New Hot Towel Cabinet

Spa Luxe New Hot Towel Cabinet

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Spa Luxe releases unbeatable towel cabinet model. For this newly released model, it features a professional design that keeps towels clean, germfree and smelling fresh all the time. Using the integrated temperature control features, the equipment maintains the internal temperature at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. There are no bacteria which can hardly thrive in such a high temperature.

Equally, it is equipped with a UV sterilization features that removes all harmful microorganism from their hiding place. Even if you choose to store your towels for the week, you would still find them in the natural and hygienically proven state. The design looks stylish, and the door opens easily to allow pretty easy access to all 24 manicure size towels. The colors are nice and blend to most décor.


  • Compact shape
  • Large towel capacity
  • Easy operation
  • Nice décor neutrality


  • Takes a lot of time to heat up

1. Elite Hot HC-X Towel Cabinet-Warmer

Elite Hot HC-X Towel Cabinet-Warmer

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At the climax of the best towel cabinet reviews, Elite Hot C-X becomes our number one. It doesn’t feature any difference from the rest of the models we’ve discussed, but the functionality is unique to some extent. This spa equipment features a state of the art design and can hold up to 24 facial or manicure towels.

One unique feature is it doesn’t depend on bulbs for heat production. As you know, bulbs tend to burn out unpredictably. Instead, it features an ergonomic heat element that surrounds the whole of the internal walls. The design also features a water drip pan plus internal towel rack.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Consistent heating
  • Ergonomically designed racks
  • Heats up quickly
  • Durable heating elements


  • The operation may require a user guide first


There is no doubt that towel warmer cabinet is essential in our day to day lives. They allow proper storage of towels even when they are moist. You can picture how tedious it would be to maintain a pile of wet towels in your spa or gym. With the best warmer cabinets, it has proven to be pretty easy for homeowners and those who own commercial spa and salons. So, we’ve presented the best options available on the market after doing intense and thorough brand analysis.


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