8 Best Toilet Fill Valves in 2022: Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

Best Toilet Fill Valves

Are you noticing issues with your toilet’s water tank? If you hear strange noises, see leakage, or feel unsatisfied with flushing power, it’s a 99% sign that the fill valve has to be replaced as soon as possible.

I understand how difficult it can be if you are not an expert on the topic. That’s why I decided to make this detailed novice-level guide to help you choose the best toilet fill valve from thousands of seemingly the same items online and in the local store.

I also included 8 reviews of the models that I found the most effective and reliable for the money they cost.

Top 8 Best Toilet Fill Valve Models

  1. Fluidmaster 400ARHR
  2. Fluidmaster 400CR
  3. Kohler Genuine Part Gp1083167
  4. Next by Danco HC660
  5. Toto TSU99A.X
  6. Korky 528
  7. Korky 528PRO
  8. Fluidmaster 400LS

Below are my test-based toilet fill valve reviews. I’ve handpicked 8 models so that you can make a choice depending on your requirements. Some of them provide height adjustment, while the others are designed to withstand particular conditions, such as hard water or high pressure in the system. Pick attentively.

1. Fluidmaster 400ARHR – Best Toilet Valve Replacement Part

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Fit:Universal (mostly toilets made after 1994)
Height adjustment diapason:10’’-15’’
Water usage:Adjustable
Installation difficulty level:Rookie
Warranty:7 years

Fluidmaster is one of the most commonly used toilet part manufacturers in the US and Canada. This brand is known for introducing the revolutionary float-cup fill valve design that changed the industry.

The 400ARHR part is the one that I recommend most often for many reasons. This model offers high longevity and efficiency for a relatively low price. Due to adjustable height, you can install it into the vast majority of water tanks.

It also has a unique roller-clamp part that lets you adjust water usage to the needed amount. At the same time, it has boosted the refill rate that’s around 1.5x/2x faster than most other models offer.

The entire item is made of plastic and utilities the proprietary floating cup design. That’s currently one of the most reliable mechanisms on the market.

It’s also very easy to install, even if you do the whole thing for the first time. Setting height and the water level are toolless. As an extra, it’s compatible with single and dual-flush toilets.

Up to 2x faster refill;Compatible with a large variety of toilets;An affordable item with a 7-year warranty;Supports Duo Flush;One of the quietest models.Defects may occur, but the probability is very low. The 7-year warranty covers that.

2. Fluidmaster 400CR – Great Toilet Tank Fill Valve Repair Kit

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FitUniversal toilets with 2’’ flush valves
Height adjustment diapason9’’-14’’
Water usage3.5 gallons per flush or more for larger tanks
Installation difficulty levelMedium

Here’s one more excellent Fluidmaster’s fill valve that I recommend as an alternative to the previous, but only if you need to replace the flapper, and the toilet uses a 2’’ flush valve. You can fit it into the tanks from 9’’ to 14’’ high and enjoy smooth operation for at least 5 years of the warranty term.

By the way, it has flexible height adjustment shafts. For this reason, I recommend Fluidmaster 400CR to plumbers who want to have the most universal-height part in their car to apply it immediately if needed.

I installed this part in my son’s apartment 7 years ago, and it’s still running ok. It’s a recommended solution for toilets with 3.5-gallon and larger discharge amounts.

The flapper part is covered in a special Microban coating that doesn’t let bacteria accumulate and destroy the rubber part. It’s also resistant to chlorine and doesn’t twist at all due to the sturdy frame.

A budget model with a 5-year warranty;Fill flapper repair part included;Great for toilets with 2’’ flush valves;Adjustable height;Anti-siphon.Water usage per flush can’t be adjusted.

3. Kohler Genuine Part Gp1083167 – The Quietest Toilet Fill Valve

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FitAll Kohler toilets
Height adjustment diapason12.5’’ to 14.5’’’
Water usage2.5-4 gallons, depending on the tank size
Installation difficulty levelRookie
Warranty1-year, returnable within 6 months

Kohler is one of those brands that has been operating for over 140 years and can boast of high-quality production lines in different categories of goods, including sanitary equipment, furniture, engines, and more.

They make premium-quality replacement parts for their toilets, and this one isn’t an exclusion. You can fit it into any Kohler toilet and enjoy the silent performance for years. The installation process won’t take more than 30-minutes if you’re totally new to such type of work.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that this part will fit any toilet by other brands as it may not. Fortunately, there’s a model capability serial number checker. Use it to see if your toilet model qualifies. Do it even for Kohler toilets as there may be capability issues with older models.

Kohler genuine part;Silent water fill;Five fill rate adjustment inserts;Serves for around 12 years;Good for DIY.Rather short warranty (1 year);Not universal.

4. Next by Danco HC660 – Excellent Water-Saving Fill Valve

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Height adjustment diapason11’’ to 13.8’’
Water usageLow. Saves up to 3000 gallons/year
Installation difficulty levelRookie
Warranty5 years

Next by Danco is a popular brand by Danco that has been one of the leading manufacturers in the DIY niche for plumbing and sanitary solutions. That’s why HC660 is so easy to install. In most cases, this part doesn’t require you to use any tools in order to fit it into the water tank. That’s possible due to the Smart Nut feature that lets you tighten the nut with bare hands.

Height adjustment is also effortless. You can turn and pull the shaft to stretch it to the needed height.

This item also comes with nice extras, such as mini-valves for adjusting water refill level and saving up water, cleaning tubes for preventing rust and slime buildup, and a leak detection feature that starts making alarming noise to tell you that there’s a leak.

Saves up to 300 gallons a year;Detects leaks with sound;Cleans the tank from inside;Adjustable refill water level.It’s louder than most models on the list.

5. TOTO TSU99A.X – Best Toilet Flush System with Adjustable Height

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FitAll Toto tanks, see the instruction, ⅞’’ inlet connection
Height adjustment diapason7 3/4’’ to 13 1/2 ‘’
Water usageAdjustable, water-saving
Installation difficulty levelRookie
Warranty1 year

Toto is a trusted Japanese plumbing product manufacturer and supplier with over 100 years of success on the internal and international markets.

The model I recommend is very easy to install for any DIYer as great instruction is provided, and the construction is simple. You can stretch the part from 7 3/4’’ to 13 1/2 ‘’ and fit it into any Toto toilet or other toilet with a 7/8‘’ inlet.
It provides quiet and water-efficient performance. Although the warranty is relatively short for such a huge brand, you can be sure to have it working for up to 12-13 years.

Sturdy construction;Excellent installation manual;Fits all Toto toilets;Refills quickly.Short warranty for such a price;It’s quite expensive.

6. Korky 528 – Top Budget Adjustable Fill Valve

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FitUniversal, 1 and 2-piece toilets
Height adjustment diapason7 3/4’’ to 13 1/2 ‘’
Water usageAdjustable water-saving
Installation difficulty levelRookie. Use Toto’s manual for help
Warranty5 years

Korky is a dedicated American toilet repair parts manufacturer with many years of experience in the field. The 528 model is a great example of their work. This part is very similar to the Toto’s premium original part but costs a lot less.

Due to simplicity and chlorazone gasket at the base, It’s the most reliable toilet fill valve if you want to save up as much as possible.

This model is a bit louder than other options on my listing, by the sound level isn’t critical if you’re not an easily-annoyed person.

Very cheap, but great warranty;Fits most toilets;Durable chlorazone leak protection;American manufacturer.A bit noisy.

7. Korky 528PRO – Best Toilet Fill Valve for High Pressure

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Height adjustment diapason7 3/4’’ to 13 1/2 ‘’
Water usageAdjustable, Moderate
Installation difficulty levelRookie
Warranty7 years

If you’re not short on budget and want a similar to Toto’s part with the same quiet operation, take a look at this one. This product can boast of Toto’s original design benefits, but for less money and with a universal fit. It’s also a must-have option for high-pressure systems.

The model fits almost any modern toilet tank and, as my experience shows, works for over 7 years. By the way, the warranty is equal to that, which is very nice. I recommend this part to both DIYers and professionals.

Durable chlorazone gasket;Quiet operation;Made in the US, 7-year warranty;Effortless installation;Great for high-pressure systems.A bit pricey.

8. Fluidmaster 400LS – Best Toilet Fill Valve for Hard Water

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Height adjustment diapason9’’ to 14’’
Water usageAdjustable. Water-saving (7 to 3.5 gallons per flush)
Installation difficulty levelMedium
WarrantyLifetime warranty

The last but not the least item on my listing – 400LS by Fluidmaster is an excellent mid-price-range fill valve that’s based on the highly-trusted 400A model. Moreover, it has some extras.

The model is designed for withstanding high pressure for years. Lifetime warranty encourages, doesn’t it? This detail fits most toilets, fixes loud operation, and boosts flushing efficiency dramatically. There’s no need to take it if the conditions are soft. But if other systems break quickly, this one will not.

Unique leak protection technology;Excellent for high-pressure systems;Quiet operation;Fast-filling design;Tested for over 13 years.Quite expensive.

Buyer’s Guide

I understand that not many of us are experts in how toilets work. It’s totally ok, but if you want to choose a good part and install a fill valve yourself, you should have some knowledge on how things work.

Toilet fill valve types

There are 5 most common fill valve types available on the market. Let’s take a close look at each of them to understand the difference.

Plunger / Piston Ballcock Type

This one is amongst the oldest fill valve designs. They are made of cast brass, which provides superior durability and silent operation. The mechanism of this type is pretty simple but effective. There’s a floating ball attached to the pivoting lever. It opens and closes the plunger stem that’s situated opposite the head of water.

Unfortunately, this type doesn’t have anti-siphon protection and doesn’t meet modern plumbing standards. I recommend replacing it despite high efficiency.

Diaphragm-Type Ballcock (Brass Body)

This type is quite similar to the previous and has been in use for many years. They can be made of cast brass or plastic (all modern toilet parts are plastic). The reason for them to stay in use across the world is high efficiency and anti-siphon protection.

Diaphragm-Type Ballcock

This fill valve’s large floating ballcock is lifted by the water level and closes the water inlet when the tank is full and vice versa. It also features a float rod adjustment screw that makes it more flexible.

Float-Cup Fill Valve

These fill valves were introduced to the market in the late ’50s by the brand that became a household name for toilet parts, Fluidmaster. This design features an O-shaped cut that is moved up and down the main shaft by the water. The cup is also clipped to an actuating rod by a metal spring.

You can adjust the rod to determine the water level in the tank. This mechanism is almost effortless to maintain and can usually be placed into the majority of modern toilets due to the adjustable-length shaft. It’s currently the most frequently installed type.

Technically, it’s not a ballcock anymore as there’s a new mechanism type, but people still call them like this. It’s my favorite and most frequently recommended fill valve type.

Floatless Type Fill Valve

The evolution of anti-siphon designs doesn’t stop. Floatless valves use a diaphragm to a mechanism that’s sensitive to water pressure. They became widely used in low-profile toilets in the 90s due to simple installation and compact size.

I also know that they’re very durable due to a smaller number of moving parts. However, they’re not as widely used as float cup today.

How to pick a toilet fill valve

First of all, you should take a look at the old valve and figure out the number of the model and brand if they’re still readable. If not, take a photo of the part. Next, remember the brand and model of the toilet you need to repair. This information will help you to match the valve to your toilet while shopping online or in the local store.

Good toilet valves are made of plastic. Unlike metal, it won’t corrode over time and usually serves much longer. Metal parts that start to corrode or rust may collect debris from the water. They will eventually lead to malfunction or even leakages. Plastic parts don’t have any of the problems that metal parts have.

If there’s a low-profile/low-fill tank in your toilet, you should look only for fill valves of this type. Other designs won’t fit. If you have a classic tank, then choosing will be much easier as many modern fill valves are universal or adjustable.

The rule of thumb is not to take the store’s cheapest valve if you’re not 100% sure that it’s a reliable part with mostly positive user reviews. I bet you want to install it and forget about problems for years.

Choosing expensive parts doesn’t guarantee longevity too, so be attentive, compare reviews, and ask questions about any fill valve that seems good enough for you. Judge every item by its features and reviews rather than the price.

How to replace the toilet fill valve and flapper?

Replacement of these toilet parts requires you to follow particular steps in the correct order. Otherwise, you may not be satisfied with the result, or even flood the room. Follow these steps:

  1. Drain the water – first, turn water supply off, then drain the water from the tank into a bucket that’s big enough. I also recommend putting rags under the tank if spills occur. Dispose of this water and place the empty bucket back.
  2. Disassemble the water tank – to do this, you have to remove the internal flapper first. Then, remove the gasket from under the fill tube and unscrew the bolts that hold the tank on the bowl. They can be different, depending on the model, but usually require a wrenth to be removed. Now take the tank off the bowl.
  3. Install the new valve and gasket – use the manufacturer’s manual and make sure to avoid cross-threading.
  4. Put the tank back and tighten it with the bolts.
  5. Install the new fill valve – make sure to secure the valve with a lock nut on the underside of the tank;
  6. Attach the flapper – you have to put the flapper back when everything is done. As modern designs may have unique features, you should follow the installation manual to place the flapper propperly. There are many videos on YouTube for each particular fill valve model as well, so you won’t have problems with that and gain a notable water-saving effect over time.
  7. Connect the tubes back and test the toilet to make sure that there are no leaks.


You’ve been asking me many questions about fill valves under other articles and by email, so I decided to pick the most frequent ones and reply to them in this article to save you from extra googling.

How do you know when a toilet fill valve is bad?

There are several common signs that say “the time has come”:

  1. Water constantly runs – if a flapper is leaking, the water will leave the tank and keep the feel valve in an active position to fill the gap. A worn-out valve can also cause such a problem. You should put some dye into the tank and watch if the water is still colored after several hours (don’t use the toilet during this time). If the water is clean, it is time to replace the valve. If you see leaks outside the bowl, there’s a problem with pipes, you can detect and fix it yourself or call a plumber.
  2. Humming or screaming – metal parts can start making annoying sounds as they wear. The best way is to change the part completely as repairing it will cost you nearly the same if not more;
  3. It takes too long to refill the tank;
  4. The flush doesn’t work as effectively as it used to.

Are all toilet fill valves the same?

No, there are several different types (see toilet fill valve types above). All of them have different designs and offer particular efficiency rates. Most modern valves may look quite similar, but the actual set of features and efficiency depend on the manufacturer. Each model has something to offer or just offers the same design as a more popular brand for a lower price.

How does a toilet fill valve work?

This part is installed in every toilet on Earth as it refills the tank after flushing. The mechanism of the fill valve (whatever type you have) causes a water inlet to open when a part or all water leaves the tank. The whole toilet works because of gravity and water pressure power that causes the parts to move back.

Fix It Up

Congrats! Now you can call yourself an expert on this topic and pick the item that will serve you for years without issues. My personal top choice is Fluidmaster 400ARHR, but you should pick the one that matches the design of your toilet tank and your liking.

What fill valve part has been running in your toilet tank before? Did you like its performance? If it was one of the items from my listing, please, write me a comment about it. I will also reply to any questions on the topic if you have any. For more useful tips and reviews of toilet parts, stay tuned!


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