Top 10 Best Toilet Brushes in 2022 – Reviews

Best Toilet Brushes

Cleaning the toilet is part-and-parcel of the daily chores. It helps get rid of dirt, stains, germs, bacteria and other unwanted particles, it extends the life of the toilet, and also makes the environment more sanitary and user-friendly. One of the vital accessories that you need to clean the toilet is the brush. Toilet brush makes it easier to clean without putting your health at risk and also shortens the time and effort that is needed.

While finding a toilet brush is simple and straightforward, identifying the right one is not. Unfortunately, many people only realize this after spending money and time on a product.This review on the top 10 best toilet brushes in 2022 will help you find a good item without using too much effort or time.

The Important Features

Before spending money on a product, it’s essential to prioritize on the following features:

  • Grip: A good brush has a solid grip that enables you to effectively scrub the toilet bowl. The handle will feel right on the hand, not too smooth or slippery and also not very hard or stiff.
  • Bristle stiffness: The bristles are what comes into contact with the toilet bowl. It’s essential to go for types that are stiff enough and won’t easily bend when lots of effort is used. Also important is ensuring they are long enough to reach the hidden or curved edges.
  • Flexibility: A good toilet brush comes with a handle that isn’t too rigid or too soft. Too stiff and it may flick/ throw water at you. Too flexible and you will use too much effort.
  • Length: The right toilet brush comes in the right length. If too short, chances of coming into contact with the interior are higher. When it’s too long you will use more effort and the cleaning won’t be as thorough.

Best Toilet Brushes in 2022


10. MAXClean Toilet Brush and Plunger

This 1.9-pound brush and holder will keep your toilet clean and hygienic. It comes with a fairly long handle that offers a solid grip and requires a little effort. The fairly long and stiff bristles will eliminate tough dirt and stains while the holder caddy offers a good holding; point.

This white set also includes an innovative plunger for dealing any clogging or mess while the neutral color and nice design blends to the surrounding. It’s loved by consumers due to its sturdy-built, perfect fit, and strong plastic. However, a few users have complained of the strong rubber smell.


9. LDR Toilet Brush and Can

Many consumers are first drawn to this white toilet brush because of its elegant design. It is perfect for domestic, industrial and commercial uses and comes in a lightweight of only 2 pounds.

It features a tapered head that can fit even in tight spaces and quality fibers that eliminate dirt, bacteria, stains and more. Although stiff, the bristles are flexible to fit inside small spaces while the stand provides a good holding/storage point. People love its compactness, stylishness, high quality, and good price. A number, however, complain that it isn’t heavy-duty.


8. ToiletTree Products Toilet Brush and Lid

The most notable thing about this toilet brush set is its innovative holder that automatically opens when you lift the brush. Not only does this save time and effort but is also more convenient and hygienic.

The brush is approximately 11 inches long and comes with a stylish chrome finish. The holder is made from stainless steel and will last for a long time and won’t fade, corrode or rust. Consumers appreciate the stylish look, quality construction, easy-to-use, and durability. Unfortunately, the brush isn’t very big.


7. OXO Good Grips Toilet Brush

Measuring about 18 inches in length, this white brush will enhance the functionality and hygiene in your toilet or bathroom. The plastic-made brush comes with a slender and non-slip handle that improves cleaning whereas the sturdy bristles remove dirt, stains, fungi, bacteria and other compounds.

The set features an automatic opening canister for easy strategy and removal of the brush and ventilated slots for faster drying and minimal odor. The patented flexible design together with tapered end allows it to reach below the rim. Good design, ergonomic handle, easy reach, and sturdiness are the reasons it’s on this review. It missed the top spot because it’s a bit narrow and not the cheapest.


6. Rubbermaid 6320 Toilet Brush

This brown toilet brush can be used in many places including the home, office, factory, and institutions. It features a long and light plastic handle that is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. The quality finish together with smooth surface enhances the comfort allowing for better a cleaning.

The brown bristles are made of polypropylene fill and is shaped to fit even in narrow or oddly shaped places. It features a hole for easy hanging and weighs about 8.3 ounces. Some of its pros are solid grip, sturdy, easy to use, and good quality. Unfortunately, according to some consumers, the bristles get flatten after long use.


5. Libman Designer Brush & Caddy

This designer toilet brush comes with a 12-inch long handle and is convenient to clean the toilet bowl. The plastic handle is made from quality plastic that can withstand daily usage while the ergonomic rubber grip provides a firm and comfortable hold. The head contains 103 tufts made from high-grade 1-inch recycled polymer fibers.

The bristles easily fit in small spaces and are stiff enough to get rid of the tough dirt and stains. To prevent spillage, this brush comes with a fully enclosed caddy container/cup. Its main advantages are quality design, ergonomic handle, good size, and good price. The drawback is the bristles are a little stiff.


4. InterDesign York Toilet Brush

This chrome and stainless steel unit is quite elegant and will improve the toilet and bathroom décor. It consists of a long-handled brush that fits perfectly on both small and large hands. The relatively stiff bristles do a good job of getting rid of dirt, discolorations, germs and other objects while the removable head makes replacement easy.

It includes a stylish steel holder for good storage. This brush works pretty well, is ergonomic, and easy to assemble. However, it’s a bit pricey compared to others.


3. Rubbermaid Toilet Bowl Brush

This white toilet brush will look good in any toilet, does a good cleaning, and stain removal job. The plastic-handled brush measures 14.5 x 1.125 inches and is perfect for homes, offices, businesses, and industries.

It features effective polypropylene bristles that eliminate odor. And for easy storage, the unit has a hole in the handle and weighs about 0.2 ounces. It’s a good buy since its reliable, affordable, durable and works great. The only issue, however, is that it is a brush only and doesn’t come with a holder.


2. Mr. Clean 440436 Toile Brush and Turbo Plunger

Weighing about 7 ounces, this white/blue brush caddy set will make your toilet bowl cleaner and n more hygienic. It comes with a long handle for easy reach while the rubber provides a firm grip. The sleek and stylish piece looks good on any toilet or bathroom and is also easy to use and clean.

The set features a caddy that comes with a non-slip base for good support and a turbo plunger with a rubber handle. All these accessories will enhance the cleanliness, hygiene, and appeal of your kitchen. This product gets praised for its nice looks, sturdiness, compact design, and good price. A few buyers, however, say the handle isn’t very long.


1. OXO Good Grips Compact Toilet Brush

With this white toilet brush by Oxo Grips, cleaning your toilet will no longer be a hassle. Simply and effortlessly, use the 17-inch-long white brush to reach even the hidden spots. It comes with a tapered head and firm and strong bristles for eliminating germs, dirt, germs and more.

The ergonomic handle is not only easy to hold and soft on the hand but also requires minimal effort. Also included in this pack is a ventilated canister drip tray that allows for quick drying. This brush cleans pretty well, is sturdily built, compact, has good reach and is ergonomic.


Cleaning the toilet is much easier than you may think. You can clean it using minimal effort, time, and end up with a super clean and hygienic toilet. Also, you won’t have to keep purchasing new brushes due to them breaking or the bristles coming off.

By using this top 10 best toilet brushes in 2022 as your buying guide, not only will you know what to focus on but also get the right product. This assures you of reliability, hygiene, durability and most importantly, peace-of-mind.


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