6 Best Tankless Toilets in 2022: Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Tankless Toilets

The best tankless toilet saves not only your space but your money, and sometimes mental health. It does not contain a flushing tank or cistern behind it. All you see is a bowl when you look at it. Sometimes the bowl is shaped differently, and you simply don’t notice the tank that comes attached to the toilet.

These toilets are usually not tankless at all. They just have the tank somewhere inside the model or attached separately. The bowl itself won’t flush. This is why you need to learn the subject before buying anything. Follow my recommendations on the most popular options.

6 Best Tankless Toilet Reviewed

  1. Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet
  2. WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S Smart Bidet
  3. Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Tankless
  4. Swiss Madison Ivy Model
  5. KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet
  6. Duravit 2225090092 Toilet

Here are tankless toilet reviews of my favorite products I checked out myself and which I always recommend to others. Read the reviews, find out the differences.

1. Saniflo Self-Contained – Compact Tankless Toilet for Home

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basic characteristics
dimensions:18.25 x 14.5 x 15.75 inches
comfort height:yes
flush type:pressure assisted
water consumption:1.6 gpf
bowl shape:elongated
rough in:4 inches
certification:csa listed

This macerating toilet was created by Saniflo to provide as much free space as possible. It can be attached to the sink. There are chrome hinges that make the whole design more stylish. The elongated shape makes it a perfect match for tight bathrooms.

It is made of high-quality porcelain. The toilet is durable and will serve you for years. I also recommend cleaning it manually at least once a week.

The shape is comfortable even for people with limited physical movement abilities. It consumes less water and can be connected to the sink. The discharge elbow at the back of the bowl can be rotated 360 degrees to fit your demands.

It does not have any gravity flow tank. All you need is to push the button on the bowl. It will activate the timer. All the wastes are sucked inside, and the bowl is washed. After 15 seconds, the timer stops. The comfortable height of this model is 18.5 inches. This toilet saves you from big water bills. It offers vertical pumping of 9 feet.

As for the price, it varies in the range of $900-1000 and is not the cheapest one. However, there is a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer and my assurance that this toilet is everlasting. The installation process is simple and quick. You should find the place to attach the toilet to the pipe. Rotate the discharge elbow, and secure it to the ground and to the pipe.

Easy to install;Compact size;Durable.Pricey.

2. Woodbridge Smart Model – Tankless Toilet Bowl and Bidet

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basic characteristics
dimensions:32 x 19 x 26 inches
comfort height:yes
flush type:siphonic jet
water consumption:1.6 gpf/1.0 gpf
bowl shape:elongated
rough in:12 inches
certification:asme, csa
warranty:1 year

This Woodbridge model has an elongated stylish design. It is made in classic white color. However, the bowl itself looks rather futuristic. It is made of white porcelain, covered with glaze. There is a pleasant blue light from the toilet.

The toilet works quietly. It weighs 151 pounds and has a standard height. There is a dual flush technology that saves the water you use. A self-cleaning function and a hands-free option are also present.

The toilet comes with a bidet, air purification, heated seat, warmed water. It is also featured with LED light, so you will not get lost during the night. It also has warm air technology inside, so you always feel comfortable.

The price of the toilet is higher than you may see in similar products with fewer features. But it is still close to $800-1100. The warranty is for 1 year. This tankless toilet installation process is simple. However, you need to make sure that there is an electric socket near the toilet.

Multiple extra features;Automatic flush;High-quality material;Bidet.Expensive.

3. Kohler Veil Comfort – Tankless Floor Mounted Toilet

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basic characteristics
dimensions:26.13 x 17.25 x 21 inches
comfort height:yes
flush type:gravity fed
water consumption:0.8/1.28 gpf
bowl shape:elongated
rough in:12 inches
certification:ada, asme, csa
warranty:3 years

It was designed with a comfortable height that is slightly taller than a chair (2 inches). This is a one-piece toilet, elongated and compact. This toilet comes with a seat.

The bowl is made of high-quality acrylic material. It meets all ADA requirements. There is a pump-assisted flushing. The color is white.

It weighs 86 pounds, which makes the toilet transportable and compact enough, even for the smallest bathroom. It is floor mounted, with 17 inches of seating height. This is a water-saving model. It allows you to waste only 0.8 gpf. You can also use a backup emergency flush in case there is a power outage.

The toilet comes with the bidet inside. Besides, it has a remote touch screen feature for outside control. The manufacturer provides a heated seat and an LED night light for this model. If you don’t want to use your hands, arrange an automatic flush.

This Kohler toilet is a true miracle with multiple features. No wonder it costs up to $3800-4000. It offers a 3-year warranty and the comfort you dream about.

The installation process is not hard. However, you need to check out for the electric socket near the toilet. You also have to attach the screen somewhere near it.

Bidet and toilet;Saves the water;Automatic flush;High quality.Costs more than similar toilets.

4. Swiss Madison Ivy Model – Tankless Wall Mounted Toilet

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basic characteristics
dimensions:20.47 x 14.57 x 12 inches
comfort height:yes
flush type:gravity fed
water consumption:1.28 gpf
bowl shape:oblong
rough in:wall-mounted
warranty:1 year

This is a neatly-designed elegant wall-mounted toilet. A concealed carrier tank allows you to access the plumbing system any time you need it. It is incredibly sleek and smooth. Its weight is 48 pounds only.
The toilet is easy to clean. There is a dual flush technology with great, high-performance gravity. You save the water, using the toilet.

This toilet is compatible with all the brands of Carrier. There is a quick-release feature, so you don’t have to wait. Besides, there is a soft close to the toilet.

There is a 1-year warranty. The price is pretty affordable, and its range is $215-250. This toilet comes with all the screws and bolts included. All you need is to find the place where you want to install it.

Cuts the water consumption;High quality;Quick installation process;Affordable price.It is not a floor-mounted toilet.

5. Kohler K62990 – Wall-Mounted Toilet Without Tank

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basic characteristics
dimensions:21 x 15.13 x 13.88 inches
comfort height:yes
flush type:gravity fed
water consumption:0.8 gpf
bowl shape:elongated
rough in:wall-mounted
certification:asme, csa, doe, epa
warranty:1 year

If you are wondering what is a tankless toilet, you have to check this model and try to find the tank. The water is easily flushed, but how? The design of this toilet makes it solid, compact, even small, and tankless. The tank is attached separately inside the wall. It is sold separately. The bowl is white, smooth, made of ceramic.

The dual flash actuator in this toilet allows you to save water, using only 0.8 gallons per flush. It matches the K6284 in-wall tank. This toilet has a comfortable Q3 grip tight seat. It also saves 12 inches of space compared to the floor mount models.

The bowl is affordable. Its price ranges around $400-450. The warranty works for one year. The installation process can be performed by one person. There are durable frame brackets from steel that are installed on the wall. The bowl is usually set somewhere 15-20 inches up from the floor.

Saves the space;Smooth ceramic design;Saves the water;Price is affordable.The tank has to be bought separately.

6. Duravit Bowl – Top-Pick Among Lightweight Toilets with No Tank

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basic characteristics
dimensions:14.37 x 21.26 x 14 inches
comfort height:yes
flush type:gravity fed
water consumption:0.8/1.6 gpf
bowl shape:round
rough in:wall-mounted
material:brass, metal, porcelain
warranty:5 years

The bowl has a round form. It is attached to the wall and looks incredibly compact. The flush button is attached above the bowl. It is a saving space toilet for small bathrooms. It offers a Dura Fix 2 mounting system. The model has a wash down system with a comfortable height.

It is easy to wash the toilet. I recommend doing it once a week. The flush system works great, and you can choose whether you want to save the water with 0.8 gpf or extend it with 1.6 gpf. This toilet saves you from enormous bills for the water. You can control the height that is most comfortable for you.

It has an affordable price. This Duravit toilet costs around $200-260. The warranty is for 5 years. The pack includes all the instruments you may need to install the bowl. Decide where you want to hang it, calculate the distances between the wall, tube, and floor.

Lightweight;Easy to clean;Two flush options;Price is affordable.You have to buy a toilet seat separately.

Tankless Toilets Guide


People who search for tankless toilets usually want to save space in the bathroom. However, there is a wide range of models that answer this demand and offer even more. So, how to pick only one of them?

How to choose the best tankless toilet?

You have already learned how do tankless toilets work; now you have to focus on the features it offers. There are several of the most important things to consider:

  • Measurements. You can’t squeeze the toilet bigger than the empty space you have. Pay attention to the length and height of the product. The widespread lengths of the bowl are 16-18 inches. The most popular shape is either elongated or round. The market always offers bigger or smaller options. Comfort height is 16-17 inches.
  • Level of disturbance. If you don’t want to get disturbed by loud noises of water flushing in the toilet, you have to find the noiseless model. Besides, some models have a slow closing lid. Forget about loud slamming or flushing.
  • Position. One of the most popular types of tankless toilets has the tank hidden behind the wall. The other one contains the cistern at the back of the bowl. Both of them can be either floor or wall mounted. Pick the one that is the most beneficial for your bathroom.
  • Power of flush. Almost all the models on the list are water-saving. High-efficiency toilets use 0.8 gpf at the minimum and 1.6 gpf at the average mode.

How to install a tankless toilet?

Depending on the model you pick, you need to take measures, pick the right instruments, and even call a professional if you are not sure about your skills. I recommend calling a professional if you have never done it before.

Most of the toilets on the list are sold with all the bolts and screws. You still have to attach the bowl to the pipe. Besides, if the toilet requires electricity, you need to install it somewhere near the electric outage.

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FAQ on Tankless Toilets

Toilet WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S

If you still have questions about these toilets, you may find your answers here. I have gathered the most popular questions for you. Hopingly, my answers will help you.

How does a tankless toilet work?

This toilet works almost the same as the classic one. It is united with the water pipe, and it flushes the wastes whenever you press the button or turn on automatic flushing. The main difference is that the tank is hidden either behind the wall or behind the bowl.

It is more compact and consumes less water than the classic model. The flushing system can be joined directly to the line of the water supply. Learn everything about it, even how to fix the toilet.

Can I put a tankless toilet in my home?

You can put a tankless toilet even on the highest floor of a skyscraper. Take into consideration the space you can provide, the water pressure that can be supplied, and the electric outage location. You can install the modern flush toilet without a tank either by yourself or with the help of an experienced plumber.

How much space do tankless toilets save?

It depends on the model. The most compact can save up to 14-16 inches of space compared to the classic one with tanks. Wall-mounted bowls can save 9-12 inches of space compared to the floor-mounted options.

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Tankless Toilet to Choose

I have mentioned my top favorite tankless toilets on the list. I hope my reviews were detailed and helpful. Now, you have to decide for yourself which one is the best for you. I can assure you they are all of high quality. Depending on your preferences, you may pick the most water-saving, eco-friendly, durable, thin, wall-mounted, floor-mounted, smart, or affordable ones.

Some of them contain an enormous amount of extra features, and some are simple and do the same job. If you have tried one of the models above, please share your opinion about it in the comments. Did you like the way it worked? Were there any issues with the installation?


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