The 7 Best Tacoma Bed Covers Reviews in 2020

Tacoma Bed Covers

With so many Tacoma bed covers in the market, settling for a specific piece can be tasking. The truth is that many people have ended up acquiring a poor product yet they strongly believed that it was the best. Some discovered later that the item was little short meaning it left spaces and gaps along the sides.

And if used in this state there is a high chance of somebody sneaking the hands inside and getting something from the bed. Other consumers may have bought a cover that was too large for their Tacoma truck. This made fitting it a little harder, it did lie flat or interfered with the appearance of the truck… To assist any potential buyer, we have reviewed the best Tacoma bed cover available in the market.

Rough Country Soft Tri-Fold (fits) 2016-2020 Tacoma 6 FT Bed Truck Tonneau Cover 44716601Buy on Amazon
Prime Choice Auto Parts TC803324 Tri Fold Hard Tonneau CoverBuy on Amazon
Leader Accessories Tri-Fold 5ft Soft UV Protect Tonneau Truck Bed Cover Compatible with 2016 -…Buy on Amazon
LEER Latitude SC | Fits 2016+ Toyota Tacoma, Bed Size 5’2″ | Easy Install, Soft Tri-Fold…Buy on Amazon
TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 256001 | fits 16-20 Toyota Tacoma 5’…Buy on Amazon
MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma | Fleetside 5′ BedBuy on Amazon
North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover, Fit 16-20 Toyota Tacoma Pickup 5ft Fleetside…Buy on Amazon

#7 Rough Country – 44716601 – Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover for Toyota Tacoma

Rough Country - 44716601 - Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover for Toyota Tacoma

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If you own a 2016-2018 Toyota Tacoma then this Tonneau bed cover should suit your truck. It should work on both 2WD and 4WD versions. We find its simplicity a plus especially for newbies who probably have never used one. The accessory will fit on the truck without requiring any modification, reinforcement or additional attachments. Moreover, it fits nicely over the bed and doesn’t leave any spaces or gaps on the edges. The taut fit helps to eliminate any sagging, which may encourage dust, water puddle, debris, snow to build up. Also, It comes with a Tri-Fold design for easy placement and removal and has a sleek finish for better cleanup.

Like most pieces from the brand, this one also boasts of patented quick clamp systems. What this means is that you don’t need any tools to install or remove to. However, it stays firm throughout just like the other types. It nevertheless has an edge over most types because of the sturdy 6061 aluminum frame, which keeps it tight. And for the extra satisfaction, you get a tailgate lock and safety straps.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • The piece fits easily and nicely and requires no tools
  • The cover doesn’t leave gaps, spaces or sag in the middle.
  • Installing and removing the bed cover is simple and easy
  • Operating it is easy

#6 Prime Choice Auto Parts TC803324 Tri Fold Hard Tonneau Cover

Prime Choice Auto Parts TC803324 Tri Fold Hard Tonneau Cover

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Why should you expose your belongings to the elements and risk ruining them? Why give unauthorized persons or thieves access to your things? With this Tonneau cover, you’ll be more at ease in knowing that water, wind, hot sun, snow or ice won’t get inside the truck bed. It also provides good protection against bird dropping, animal excrement, dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris. The tough premium grade vinyl comes in a heavy-duty styling and should offer decent protection. It also stretches out easily without leaving any folds and creases. And considering it comes in hard foam, chances of it tearing are unlikely.

The design makes fitting and removal easier than other types. In fact, do you know that you can complete the installation without using any tools? It clamps nicely on the specified truck models and stays put throughout. It will not become loose or sag even after driving over rough surfaces. The credit goes to the reinforced corner bracket, which not only provides stability but also protects the cover. And if you worry about the stitching ripping, then rest easy since this item boosts of very strong stitching.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • The vinyl material is very hard and the stitching super strong
  • Installing the cover, just like removal, is easy and can be done without any tools
  • The cover fits well on the specified trucks and doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s appearance

#5 Leader Accessories Tri-Fold 5ft Soft UV Protect Tonneau Truck Bed Cover Compatible 2016 2017 2018 TOYOTA Tacoma

Leader Accessories Tri-Fold 5ft Soft UV Protect Tonneau Truck Bed Cover Compatible 2016 2017 2018 TOYOTA Tacoma Styleside Bed

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Regarded by many people as one of the best Tacoma bed covers, this unit should give you peace-of-mind when moving with your things. It should fit okay on 016/2017, and 2018 Tacoma trucks. and coming from Leader Accessories, you can be certain it has decent quality. The piece appeals to most people because of its good tolerance to the elements, vibrations, and regular use. Do you know that it can put-up with snow as thick as 6.5 inches without it sagging too much, ripping, or losing its elasticity? This is thanks to the 24-ounce marine grade vinyl material.

And are you aware that the cover stays tight throughout and will not create any additional drag that may affect the fuel mileage? This is because the strong aluminum frames which work nicely with the vynil metrical and it lies completely flat. Another good observation is that it comes with the tool-less installation. All you need is to follow the simple easy-to-understand instructions that come with it. Installing the cover on the truck should take less than 20 minutes for a novice and even a shorter time when done by a pro.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • The vinyl material and aluminum frame are strong and durable
  • Installing the cover is easy, effortless and requires no goals
  • The cover fits nicely on the bed and also provides good protection
  • It looks elegant and doesn’t cause any drag

#4 LEER Latitude Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover, 2016+ Toyota Tacoma

LEER Latitude Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover, 2016+ Toyota Tacoma

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Rather than exposing your accessories in the truck bed to the elements or unauthorized access, why don’t you go for this truck bed cover? It’s suitable for 2016 to current Tacoma models and comes in tool-free installation. You just need to adhere to the directions/ instructions inside the pack and you should be done in less than 20 minutes. Similar to most top picks, the unit stretches out without leaving any spaces on the edges, or the center caving in. This aspect is due to the strong fabric and good harnessing mechanism. The piece also has a simple color, which blends well with most truck colors on the market.

By lying completely flat, the cover minimizes drag and in the process improves the fuel consumption. We like how practical the piece is and the sleek finish, which should make cleaning easier than other types. Thanks to the reinforced corners and the tough stitching, this accessory is more tolerant of wear, tear, and ripping. It also does a nice job of stopping harmful sunrays, heavy snow, rain, wind and much more.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • Fitting and operating the cover is very easy
  • The cover is quite tough and also lasts a long time
  • It fits nicely in the designated truck and doesn’t leave overhangs or gaps
  • The cover works well with several Tacoma models

#3 TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 256001 | fits 16-19 Toyota Tacoma 5′ Bed

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 256001 fits 16-19 Toyota Tacoma 5 Bed

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You don’t need to continue searching for the best Tacoma bed cover. Simply click on this piece by Truxedo. It works well with 2016-19 Toyota Tacoma models, which have a 5 ft bed. Many buyers choose it because of its good looks and this is due to the modern styling, high-grade 24 Oz vynil, and the functional aluminum frames. Others go for it because it fits nicely on the bed and stays firm throughout use. Cases of a sunken center, overhanging edges, or spaces on the edges are unlikely.

There are those who love the simple tool-less installation, which is more convenient in comparison to other designs. Moreover, you won’t need to spend more money or waste time purchasing the right tool. It simply clamps on the bed and stays put thanks to the good pre-set tension control. We love the double latch stems, which provide easy access to the items on the truck’s bed. And since it sits about 15 inches above the bed, the cover brings out a distinct look that most people will love.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • The cover is lightweight but very strong
  • The pre-tension control is very good
  • it provides easier access to the items
  • The cover is elegant and distinct

#2 MaxMate Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover works with 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma

MaxMate Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover works with 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma

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Many products out their claim to be the best Tacoma bed covers.  One of the products that seem to fit this description is this piece by MaxMate. We took an interest in its US Patented design that seems to work much better than other times. Installing this piece was a breeze as long as you use it on the right truck (Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015). We took notice that it works with a broader range of vehicles compared to other top choices.

Another thing we like is the pre-assembled horizontal bar that boosts the strength and durability. The 24 Oz vynil is not only tough but also sleek. Wiping, cleaning and getting rid of dirt, stains, and other things are easy. It features an aluminum frame, which is much lighter than options such as steel or iron. However, it has decent strength to hold the vynil cover, endure the vibration and stresses. The powder coating on the metal frames improves the beauty and protection. And with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer, you can be more certain of its durability.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • The bed cover is strong, durable and high quality
  • Fitting and removing the cover takes a short time
  • The piece looks good and also feels quite solid
  • It doesn’t need any tools or drilling during use

#1 North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover, Fit 16-18 Toyota Tacoma Pickup 5ft Fleetside Bed

North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover, Fit 16-18 Toyota Tacoma Pickup 5ft Fleetside Bed

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The North Mountain Tacoma bed cover should work okay with 2016-2018 models. And like the rest of the featured products, it’s very easy to install. Actually, most people who have never used a truck cover have had no problems installing this piece. It’s very basic in design and doesn’t have unnecessary frills. It fits on any truck that has a bed measuring about 5 feet. The Roll-Up Tonneau feels lighter than most substitutes. It’s strong to endure regular use, hot sun, snow, ice, wind, and rain. The tough vynil material together with the nice harnessing prevents entry of dust, dirt, water, and other things.

The 24-ounce vinyl material is held together by a lightweight strong aluminum frame. And as you know aluminum doesn’t rust or corrode. It also maintains its good looks for long.

Cleaning it should be convenient thanks to the sleek surface. It’s also more resistant to dirt and stains in comparison to other types. The low profile design works well with the crossbar styling to provide a seamless cover.♥ Main reasons to purchase this:

  • The cover is easy to install and clamp
  • Both the material and frame are strong and durable
  • Suitable for a range of Tacoma trucks
  • The color works with most trucks

Best Tacoma Bed Covers Buying Guide

Bed covers aka tonneau covers are the rightful protectors when it comes to capping off your truck’s bed. As for Tacoma, there are many available options of bed covers that you can choose for your trucks. If you are new to that, this buying guide is here to show you some tips to get the right bed covers. Just a few simple advice though, so let’s find out with us below.


Some Tacoma bed covers can be very pricey, so durability should also be there as well. Durable bed covers provide long lasting performance and quality so that you can use it for years. The durable covers do not break, chip, wear, or lost its appearance after sometime of use. When it is durable, it is tough and protective so that your gears and other items are safe inside. So go for the Tacoma bed covers that are made from high quality materials that ensure durability for long term use.

Easy Installation

Some bed covers allow you to install it on your truck by yourself at home which is simply convenient. If you don’t like any complication and prefer to do it on your own, go for that option. The ones that allow for easy installation fit easily and nicely, and they don’t require any tools to install at all. If it is easy to install, it will also be easy to remove as well so replacement is also a breeze. It is fast and time saving, and everyone can do it which is simply great.

Opening Styles

Bed covers come with different opening styles to match with different drivers’ preferences. There are soft and hard bed covers, and those are:

  • Folding Covers: use multiple panels formed by stretching vinyl or canvas over metal framing. This option allows you to quickly access your bed by folding the panels on top of each other. Some soft folding tonneau can even fold up against the rear window. That brings you the complete access to the trunk bed.
  • Hinged Covers: connect at the front of your bed nearest the cab. You can open them by tilting the cover up and away from the top of the tailgate. It comes with the construction from a large metal frame with either canvas or vinyl stretched over the top. This option provides a sleek and one peace look with above average security and seamless styling.
  • Roll Up Covers: are extremely lightweight, and you can roll it from the tailgate to the back of the cab. You can open this cover as little or as much as you like for fast bed access.
  • Hinged & Roll Up Covers: are the combination of two types of cover in one. You can lift it from the tailgate end of the bed so that you can grab your gear fast. It rolls all the way up to the rear window for full access.
  • Retractable Covers: use interlocking aluminum slats that extend from and retract into a drum inside the truck bed. You can open it in increments for fast bed access, and it offers silky smooth operation. Its low-profile design adds smooth styling while offering solid security and sleek look to any trucks.

Final Thoughts

The above Tacoma bed covers rank among the top in their class and market too. They are strongly engineered to handle everyday use, the elements (wind, rain, sun, snow, ice….) and are easy to install. Additionally, they are lighter in weight in comparison to most competing types. This means you will use lesser effort and they will not exert undue strain on the truck or the bed. And as you’ve possibly seen, they come ready to use and will not require you to fit additional attachment, support, or mounting. We also chose them over others because they fit perfectly, do not cause any drag, and have a strong fabric and stitching to resist ripping, tearing, stretching, or shrinking. By going for the best Tacoma bed cover, your things will have good protection. What’s more, you will have peace-of-mind.


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