11 Best T-Shirt Printing Machine 2021 and Guide

Best T-Shirt Printing Machine

You have been thinking about building a clothing printing business and now you want to know the best heat press machine for T-shirt printing – so you can decide which one to choose. A heat press is basically a machine in fabric printing that uses both pressure and heat to transfer a graphic (or design) on another surface. This machine has been designed to imprint the artwork on the right medium by applying the pressure and heat within a certain period of time.

It has its own heating platen made from aluminum and it requires a certain ink type as well as special transfer paper. You need to heat up the machine first to the desired temperature. Then press the hot platen to the transfer paper (by using the ink design) for a certain time. The ink would be embedded in the fabric and it will form the desired design through the material’s layers.

Heat transfer or heat press is different from screen-printing – both are used to print fabric, mind you. In screen printing, you need to cut the screen first to make the design’s stencil. Then spread the ink over the screen so the ink can pass through the object underneath (but only within the area that you want). This process can only use one color per screen. If you have some colors within the design, you will have to use multiple screens.

Heat transfer is considered to be more efficient in the printing business when compared to screen printing. And it is a good thing that there are several Best T-Shirt Printing Machine 2021 to use. What are they? Let’s take a closer look on the list below

1. Super Deal Digital Clamshell Sublimation Machine

This press machine is made by Super Deal and it is packed with tons of useful features. One of the things to like about the machine is the compact size, so you won’t have to prepare a wide or big space for the placement as well as the operation. Thanks to the swing-away design, it completely saves the space.

This machine comes with a digital LCD timer that will notify you when the time has completed. Such an alarm can be handy to avoid overexposure. It has its own digital control for LCD temperature. When you set the temperature, it will stop automatically once it has reached the desired temperature. And you have the freedom to adjust the pressure, depending on the material’s thickness.

Feel free to transfer anything – images, numbers, letters, and even photos. You can produce almost anything with this machine, including plates, ceramic tiles, mats, bags, garments, and T-shirts (as long as they have flat surface). It is also compatible with different kinds of fabrics and materials, such as ceramic, metal, glass, fiber, cotton, and so much more. And this machine has Teflon coating which is super comfortable for non-stick results and scorching prevention.


2. O Bosstop Printing Transfer Sublimation Machine

Don’t be fooled by this machine. It may look complicated but it is super easy to use – and super fun too! It has its own swing-away design that is great to produce gifts or small souvenirs. The swing-away design allows you to rotate the heat platen comfortably, while the more portable and smaller swing arm press will do the work easily. A lot of users claim that they are pretty surprised by how easy it is to use the machine – and most of them are pretty new to this! No wonder if this machine is included within the list of best heat press machine for T-shirt printing.

The machine has its own fixed rod to create a steadier heating element, as well as making sure that even pressure is made. There is a digital LED temperature along with the time display controller so you know when the temperature is right. It also comes with its own pressure knob so you can adjust the pressure, depending on the materials’ thickness. To make it even more comfortable to use the machine, the heating surface is coated and there is elastic foam silicone covering the work table.


3. Transfer Crafts Digital Sublimation Machine

This machine has a perfect combination of high heat and heavy pressure to transfer the design to whatever fabric or item you are using. If you have a small printing industry (with a home-based operation), this compact machine would be the most ideal device. Feel free to create jigsaw puzzles, bags, hats, and others with it.

Another thing to like about this machine is the fully assembled one. You only need to remove it from the box and you are good to go! It has its own heat control as well as electronic time so you can enjoy consistent results without overexposing or overheat it. Many users have positive reviews and feedbacks, claiming how happy and satisfied they are with the outcome. The machine is super easy to use. The size is small and compact – it is easy to move around. The press is steady and the outcome is simply amazing. The only regret they have is not buying a bigger machine.


4. Cricut EasyPress Shirts Machine

You can make artistic and beautiful shirts by simply pressing this machine over the tee. Just adjust the time and the temperature, and once it is ready, you only need to press the machine down and wait. Once it is ready, your tee would be ready within minutes and you won’t have to worry that the image would come off.

This machine is easy to use and learn. It has its own precise temperature control that can reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat plate is the advanced ceramic-coated type so it won’t break or damage the fabric. You only need to enter the temperature and time, and you are good to go.

Too bad that it is only ideal for making small tees. You can make bigger ones, but you need to figure it out by yourself – and it is going to take extra effort.


5. F2C Professional Slingaway Machine

A lot of users buy this machine because of the easy use and handy features – and they don’t even have a printing business. They simply buy it for personal use. Instead of buying a $20 tee, they can make several tees in less than $5. Such a great bargain!

The construction is easy to use and pretty convenient. The professional swing-away design makes operation easy. The surface is non-stick and you can always manage the temperature and pressure the way you like it. You are free to make any items you want, not only limited to shirts. The combination of adjustable pressure, handy temperature control, and convenient design makes it easy to love this machine.


6. Morphon Multifunctional Printing Machine

One of the reasons why this machine is considered as one of the best heat press machines for T-shirt printing is because of the swing-away design. Thanks to its 360 degrees construction, you can move the heating element aside so you can enjoy a safe operation and practice. Such a construction is also handy for easier operation because you can manage different kinds of angles without fuss.

The digital controller makes operation safe and even fun. You only need to input the temperature and time setting. When it is ready, you will see the indicator light on. With this feature, you can avoid burning or overheating, and you can be sure that the result will be perfect – without the possibility of burning or damage.

Feel free to use the machine on different materials and fabrics, so you can make different products, including caps, shirts, coasters, mousepads, and even mugs.


7. Fancierstudio Digital Printing Machine

This printing machine has its own heat control system and electronic time so you can enjoy safe and smooth operation when making your own products. The baseboard pressure is adjustable and also silicone-based for comfortable use and easy operation. The heat plated is coated and the digital heat press would transfer all the images perfectly without any burn or damage.

The heat press itself is compact. It has its own upward open model that can save space. A lot of users claim that the press machine is compact and yet it is accommodative for bigger items. But it doesn’t feel overly big or too wide. It has its own manual and instruction but you should be able to figure everything out on its own – yes, it is that simple!


8. F2C Transfer Printing Sublimation Machine

If you want a printing machine that doesn’t take a lot of space and it isn’t costly, this variant from F2C would deliver the best result. The machine has its own professional swing-away design which can improve working efficiency. And the digital controller is LED so it is super easy to view and monitor the temperature and time setting.

Many users claim that operating and managing the setting is easy – they can do it within a breeze and within minutes only. Although the machine is designed for beginners, advanced users can also use it. Be careful with the rod because it is easily broken. But if you can operate everything carefully, everything should be fine.


9. ePhotoInc Digital Printing Machine

As one of the best heat press machine for T-shirt printing, this machine comes with various useful features that will make printing easy and even fun. It has the latest digital Time Display and also Temperature controller that will show you the correct time and temperature arrangement.

It will minimize the possibility of errors and mistakes. The heat platen is from aluminum and it is coated with Teflon to ensure even temperature and also even pressure every time.

You can enjoy precise programming, thanks to the heat control and electronic time. It will deliver consistent results, perfect for a large number of production. Expect the outcome to be always consistent and with easy operation. Pressure strength is adjustable – just use the provided knob to manage everything. This machine is perfect for both commercial and personal use. And the combination of easy operation and superb quality will deliver a high-level of the artistic result.


10. F2C Multifunction Sublimation Machine

This heat press comes with a 5 in 1 ability that supports durability and industrial strength. If you are looking for a sturdy machine that can last for a long time, this would be the perfect one.

This machine can be used to transfer colorful characters and pictures as well as dissolved ink. It can also be used to make custom products with any materials or fabrics that you want. Many users claim that they like the simplicity of the operation as well as the supportive construction.

This machine comes with the latest technology along with the upgraded and thick aluminum plate for better durability and safety. It can create even printing with a better result. The 360 degrees rotating feature is also comfortable for every angle operation and use – making it easy for any project work and operation. The only downside is the fact that it should have come a bit bigger so you can make bigger shirts. You can still use this one but it takes extra effort.


11. TUSY Industrial Printing Machine

The machine has its own big panel so you can make T-shirts for everyone, including adults and kids. It is accommodating and handy, and you will love how easy and comfortable it is to place the garment. It is also easy to use because transferring color characters and pictures can happen directly without any complication.

One thing to like about this machine is the user-friendly construction. When compared to other machines with their 360 degrees rotating feature, this one is more convenient and accurate. There is a pressure adjustment knob for handy adjustable pressure. Thanks to this, you can maximize the transfer effect without having to worry about overburning or overexpose the machine.

The safety feature is also nice, thanks to its automatic overheat protection. When the machine detects that the temperature is too high, it will turn itself off automatically. Quite convenient, right?



Each of these machines has its own great values as well as possible downsides. But they are all marvelous – they are able to do the work well and the results are fantastic. Be sure to do your research well and thoroughly. And then you can decide which of these best heat press machine 2021 for T-shirt printing you want to buy.

T-Shirt Printer Machine – 3 Essential Steps to Buying!

If you are in the market for a screen printing machine, then you’re going to want to research these 3 essential steps.

In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to look at the 3 essential steps that you must follow to choose the best t-shirt printing machine.  By following these steps, we’ll make sure your t-shirt printer machine is capable of meeting your current business goals, we’ll make sure your equipment includes adequate training and technical support, and we’ll make sure your t-shirt printing equipment is capable of growing with your business.  Let’s get started!

Step 1: Make Sure Your T-Shirt Printer Machine is Capable of Meeting Your Business Goals.

Although Screen Printing is a relatively inexpensive business to start, is a very competitive market.  Establish a budget for your screen print equipment and supplies.  Decide what type of printing will be your main source of income, i.e. Do you want to print graphics and text? Graphics only or focus on text-only?  How many colors do want to print?  Knowing the questions to these questions will go along way to aid you in purchasing the proper t-shirt printer machine.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Tee Shirt Printing Machine Offers Adequate Training and Technical Support.

Remember, this device is not a printer with cheap ink. Screen printing a quality t-shirt is an art form that has to be learned.  When choosing your screen printer machine make sure you ask what training and support are available with the purchase of the equipment.  Does the machine Include an instruction DVD or CD?  Do they offer free technical support?  Are training videos available on the internet?  Knowing the answers to these questions will help you start making money with your equipment soon after receiving it.

Step 3: Make Sure Your T-Shirt Equipment is Capable of Growing with Your Business.

No matter what type of machine you decide to initially buy, just make sure it fits into your long term business plan.  If budget and space are limited, you could purchase an all in one machine or single station desktop machine to get started.  The profits from your initial machine may be used to rent a store and add a multi-station T-shirt printer machine. You would then have multiple machines available to meet all of your customer demands.

Following the steps above you will be well on your way to buying a t-shirt print machine that is ready to make money for you straight out of the box.


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