The 10 Best Summer Blankets Reviews in 2022

Best Summer Blankets Reviews

Covering your body with the best summer blanket offers a gentle feel. It is lightweight and soft to keep sweating at bay. Also, it aids in sleep quality to suit many applications, such as snuggling. This article features the best summer blankets in 2022.

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Bedsure 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket – 405GSM Soft Blanket in Waffle Weave for Home Decoration -…Buy on Amazon
Eddie Bauer 213123 Herringbone Blanket, Full/Queen, Blue StripeBuy on Amazon
MEJU Fish Muslin Lightweight Summer Blanket for Bed Sofa Couch, 100% Combed Cotton 3 Layer Soft…Buy on Amazon
NATURETY Thin Comforter for Summer,Lightweight Bed Quilt Blanket (Twin, Green)Buy on Amazon

#10 Syrinx Cooling Weighted Best Summer Blankets

Syrinx Cooling Weighted Best Summer Blankets

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This blanket brings a cozy and healthy sleep. It is breathable and made from premium material to keep sweat and odor away. What’s more, it does not produce noise when sleeping or turning over for maximum peace.

Use this fleece for the bedroom, sofa, couch, guest room, travel, trips, or RV. It has a stylish design for mothers, fathers, friends, and loved ones. Not only that, but also the quilting technology distributes the beads evenly.Pros

  • Cozy and soft
  • Healthy sleep experience
  • Noiseless
  • Multipurpose
  • Quality material


  • Lint


This blanket will give you a comfortable and healthy sleeping experience. Its premium design has a quilting technology that distributes the beads evenly. You can also use it for the bedroom, sofa, couch, guest room, travel, trips, or RV.

#9 Madison Park Liquid Cotton Luxury and One of The Best Summer Blankets

Madison Park Liquid Cotton Luxury and One of The Best Summer Blankets

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Madison Park is one of the best summer blankets that can be used in other seasons. Whether it is rainy, snowy, hot, cold, or dry, this fleece does it all. Moreover, it is crafted from cotton that creates a gentle hand and skin feeling. It is soft and more comfortable than other materials to improve your sleeping experience. In addition, when the cold days become unbearable, add this item as an extra layer of warmth.

Furthermore, it is wide to let you cover your full-sized bed for a gentle and consistent warmth for those hot nights. Also, draping over a sofa or couch adds style to the placement area. We love the modern finish for use in the guest room, kid’s room, or dorm room.Pros

  • All-season
  • Gentle surface
  • Warm and comfortable
  • For guest, kids, and dorm room
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive


If you want a summer blanket that can be used in the other seasons as well, you’ve found it. Madison Park fleece doubles as an additional layer for those cold nights. Not only that, but also it is soft and cozy.

#8 DANGTOP Air Conditioning Cool Blanket with Bamboo Microfiber-

DANGTOP Air Conditioning Cool Blanket with Bamboo Microfiber-

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DANGTOP is of the best summer blankets for teenagers and adults. Measuring 79 inches long by 91 inches wide, it is suited for a full bed. Plus, there is a smaller option with a dimension of 59 inches long x 79 inches wide. This item is structured from bamboo microfiber for durability and comfort. Note that the material has a shrinkage rate, especially after the first wash. Also, if you are a perspiring sleeper, you can cover this sheet during the summer.

With a breathable and SMART Fabric, an all-year-round coziness is guaranteed. This blanket keeps you cool and dry to improve sleep quality. What’s more, the surface is cold to touch and has a gentle heat capacity for additional support. Sleep in any position when cuddling, reading a book, or belly time.Pros

  • For teens and grownups
  • Wide design
  • For sweaty sleepers
  • Cozy and reliable
  • Gentle heating


  • Minor shrinkage


This blanket is ideal for teenagers and adults who want a comfortable summer sleep. Made from bamboo microfiber, it is durable and easy to use. Besides, the cooling mechanism is perfect all year round.

#7 Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

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The Elegear blanket has a cooling mechanism to keep you restful and comfortable. It can be used in summer thanks to the unique Japanese Q-Max technology that has cooling fibers. They absorb your body heat much better than the regular material for excellent skin feel. Also, it prevents sweat even on hot nights for a refreshed and rested sleep. This comforter has a double-sided design with mica nylon, cotton, and PE materials.

Moreover, this Elegear is one among the best summer blankets makes an elegant holiday present, birthday, Valentine, or Christmas gift. Its top is cool, comfortable, and breathable to keep you safe in every use. Also, you can turn off an air conditioner for excellent energy saving. Featuring a large size, it measures 59 inches long x 79 inches wide to fit a full or twin-sized bed. It works well for camping, airplanes, hiking, travels, kid’s room, and more places.Pros

  • Cooling mechanism
  • Comfortable material
  • Nice holiday gift
  • Breathable
  • Multipurpose


  • Available in blue and grey only


You can enjoy a restful and comfortable sleep with the Elegear summer blanket. Its Japanese Q-Max technology has cooling fibers for amazing body feel and temperature regulation. Plus, a versatile style is perfect for camping, airplanes, hiking, travels, and other places.

#6 Best Summer Blankets, Sweet Home Collection 100% Fine Cotton

Best Summer Blankets, Sweet Home Collection 100% Fine Cotton

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Planning to sleep in style and comfort? Then this best summer blanket by Sweet Home Collection offers these and much more. It comes in a bright pink color for you to enhance your room’s decorative aspects. More shades include white, ivory, blue, dark grey, lemon, taupe, and pearl blue. After some time, this fleece needs to be washed using a machine to remove any stains, dirt, and smells. Make sure you read the care instruction to prevent damage to the fabric.

Some summer blankets are too small to cover a large bed comfortably. Fortunately, this stylish one has a full dimension of 90 inches wide by 90 inches long. Also, you can choose a king-size option measuring 108 inches wide x 90 inches long. In addition, we love the basketweave structure of this accessory for enhanced durability. It keeps the cotton material intact as it provides ultimate breathability.Pros

  • Stylish
  • Large dimension
  • Multiple shades
  • Easy cleaning
  • Ultimate breathability


  • Has lots of lint


The Sweet Home Collection is stylish and comfortable. It comes in various colors such as pink, white, ivory, and many more to suit the bedroom decor. What’s more, it doesn’t smell or tear after long term use.

#5 Utopia Bedding Premium Cotton Blanket

Utopia Bedding Premium Cotton Blanket

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Searching for the best summer blanket with large size? Then Utopia Bedding is spacious with a dimension of 90 inches wide by 90 inches long. This is enough to drape over your favorite chair, sofa, or couch. Made from a highly breathable material, the cotton keeps you ventilated all through. Whether you use it during the day when napping or reading a book, you’re guaranteed a sweat-free service. Besides, the smoke grey finish and dobby weave featuring waffle square patterns make it more attractive.

What’s more, this item is oversized to allow a natural shrinkage of the fabric. It offers a medium to light feel as well as weight ideal for all seasons. That means a comfortable and secure covering in winter, summer, and more conditions. Plus, cleaning it regularly or when needed, softens the texture.Pros

  • Large size
  • Smoke grey
  • Waffle square patterns
  • Easy cleaning
  • All-season


  • Thin


The Utopia Bedding is large and measures 90 inches wide by 90 inches long. It drapes over a couch, bed, or sofa beautifully for other room decors. Also, the modern finish features dobby weave and smoke grey color.

#4 Bedsure 100% Cotton, Best Summer Blankets,  Thermal Blanket

Bedsure 100% Cotton, Best Summer Blankets, Thermal Blanket

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Similar to other best summer blankets, this Bedsure has a fancy waffle weave is the Bedsure. With cotton design, the pliable style has a springy and plush texture for fantastic softness. Not only that but also it fluffs up most spaces with extra fashion and warmth. This fleece is finished with excellent detailing at the edge for a chic and sophisticated touch. What’s more, the cotton material is chemical-free and fire retardant to keep your family safe.

This blanket allows various applications thanks to its large dimensions. It measures 104 inches wide x 90 inches long, ideal on a king-sized bed. Alternatively, draping over a couch or sofa improves your room’s decorative elements. Furthermore, this comforter is suited for outdoor areas like backpacking, camping, weekend trip, and much more.Pros

  • Fancy waffle weave
  • Springy texture
  • Excellent detailing
  • Chemical-free
  • Fire retardant


  • The color is lighter than what’s displayed


The waffle weave of this thermal blanket keeps you cozy on hot days. Its cotton material is smoother and softer than the rest for amazing plushness. What’s more, you can carry it for backpacking, weekend trips, or camping.

#3 Eddie Bauer 213123 Herringbone Blanket

Eddie Bauer 213123 Herringbone Blanket

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When picking a summer blanket, consider its overall weight to get a sweat-free experience. This one weighs only one pound, making it super lightweight and easy to use. Besides, it has a full-size dimension measuring 90 inches long x 90 inches wide to cover the whole body perfectly. You can even place it on a full bed, couch, or sofa when watching TV or reading. Made from 100% cotton, this fleece is durable and demands low maintenance.

Additionally, this best summer blanket’s blue stripe makes it stand out from other designs. The print coordinates well with existing bedding, furniture, floors, and other accessories in your room. And for quick cleaning, throw it in the machine to improve its texture and freshness. What’s more, the four sides are hemmed to prevent damage, such as yarn tears.Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Sweat-free
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Hemmed side


  • The feel is a bit rough


The Eddie Bauer blanket is lightweight to prevent sweating in the summer. It weighs one pound and measures 90 inches long x 90 inches wide to perfectly cover your queen-size bed. Plus, the blue stripe offers a classic and bright look to your bedroom.

#2 MEJU Fish Muslin Lightweight One Among The Best Summer Blankets in Market

MEJU Fish Muslin Lightweight One Among The Best Summer Blankets in Market

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Use this best summer blanket by MEJU in different locations in your house. For instance, the bed, couch, or sofa for cozy and reliable warmth. Not only that, but also the 3-layer design features 100% combed cotton for gentle service and helpful ventilation. This material is yarn-dyed free of fluorescent and formaldehyde to prevent fading. Machine-wash as needed for a fresher and brighter look using cold water. In addition, the large bluefish print brings the sea world closer to home after placing it over a mattress.

Measuring 59 inches long x 76 inches wide, this is a twin-size blanket. It has a balanced weight for a summer night or day use to keep you sweat-free. Also, it has undergone an innovative water-washed process that comes in handy to give you amazing softness. Even for kids and the elderly, they can enjoy a tender skin feel at all times.Pros

  • Multipurpose
  • For summer
  • Machine-safe
  • Large size
  • Bright blue fish


  • Material is a bit rough


Place this summer blanket over your bed, couch, or sofa. It offers a gentle warmth in the hot nights and days for a relaxing feel. Not only that, but also the twin-size is spacious and covers your whole body.

#1 NATURETY Thin Comforter for Summer

NATURETY Thin Comforter for Summer

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When summer comes, it gets pretty hot, and you need a comfortable blanket. The NATURETY fleece is made from 100% polyester microfiber for comfort and softness. It is lightweight and the down alternative material keeps you sweat-free on hot nights. What’s more, it weighs approximately 2.4 pounds equivalent to 1100g to prevent additional bulk.

In addition, this fabric has a large dimension measuring 68 inches long x 88 inches. Cover your kid’s whole body to keep out cold and, at the same time, provide a gentle warmth. Also, it has a bright green color for eye-catching elements. Just coordinate the current bedding and room decor for enhanced style.Pros

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Machine-friendly
  • Easy use


  • Minor shrinkage after the first wash


This blanket is perfect for summer use to keep you comfortable. Its soft polyester microfiber has a cooling effect to keep out sweat and discomfort. Not only that, but also the material can be cleaned quickly using a standard washing machine.


Sleep comfortably during a hot night with the best summer blanket. Usually, it is lightweight and soft for enhancing relaxation in the bed, sofa, and other places. Also, the best summer blanket prevents sweating and discomfort. You may enable to pick the one among the best summer blankets above to meet your needs after finish reading.


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