The Best Stress Balls (2021 Reviews)


If your work or home life is stressful, having a good stress ball around can provide some quick relief. Stress balls are malleable objects, sometimes spherical in shape, other times taking unusual or quirky shapes, that when squeezed or manipulated by the hand and fingers can ease muscle tension and ease stress. But stress balls aren’t just for the stressed-out; they’re also helpful for building hand strength, and they’re even used in physical therapy settings for that reason.

Stress balls are often filled with clay or gel, although some are filled with sand, foam, baking soda, rice, or other substances — whatever the ingredients, though, the malleable quality of stress balls is their hallmark characteristic and the feature that allows them to deliver stress-beating and strength-building benefits. Because a broken stress ball is understandably messy, you’ll want to select a product with a strong and robust coating. Rubber is often the coating of choice given its flexibility and durability. That said, you’ll find stress balls in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials, from simple latex balloons filled with sand to woven fabrics and more.

Whether you’re looking for a stress ball to keep at your desk to alleviate midday stress (or cope with unpleasant encounters with co-workers) or you’re looking for a good product to help build or maintain hand strength, you’ll find a durable, reliable option well-suited to your needs below. We’ve rounded up 25 top-rated stress balls in a variety of designs below, based on durability, ease of use (stress balls that are too difficult or too easy to squeeze may not offer the same benefits as a stress ball that offers just that requires just the right amount of muscle), customer feedback, and other buying considerations. Our picks are listed below in alphabetical order for easy reference. Ratings and cost information, based on Amazon, is current at the time of writing.

1. 321 STRONG Grip Balls

Current Rating: 4.6

321 STRONG Grip Balls

This is a set of three hand and finger strengtheners that are color-coded based on the level of resistance, including a blue ball, a lime green ball, and a magenta ball offering soft, medium, and firm resistance, respectively. The set even comes with a convenient carry bag so you can ease stress and work your hand muscles and fingers on the road as well as at home.

Key Features:

  • Set of 3 balls
  • 3 different resistance levels
  • Convenient carry case

2. PBPBOX Hand Therapy Ball

Current Rating: 4.6

PBPBOX Hand Therapy Ball

Similar to the above set, PBPBOX Therapy Grip Balls is a set of five balls with two levels of resistance. So, if you’re working to build strength, you can start with the softest ball and gradually work your way up to the firmest as you gain hand and forearm strength.

Key Features:

  • Set of 5 balls
  • 5 colors; 2 resistance levels
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

3. InsidersPro Stress Relief Ball

Current Rating: 4.9

InsidersPro Stress Relief Ball

While it hasn’t yet earned any ratings on Amazon, the InsidersPro Stress Relief Balls are worth a look, and here’s why: They’re not only great stress balls, but each features an inspirational life quote to brighten your day.

Key Features:

  • Include a sand timer
  • Set of 3 balls with inspirational quotes
  • Each ball is 2.5 inches in diameter

4. Elbo Star Hand Therapy Stress Ball

Current Rating: 4.6

Elbo Star Hand Therapy Stress Ball

Strengthen your wrists and forearms with the Elbo Star Hand Therapy Stress Ball, or keep it around and give it a good squeeze when you need to release some tension or stress. Using it regularly will increase mobility and dexterity, and it comes in a choice of red, blue, or black.

Key Features:

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Tear-resistant gel core
  • Durable Lycra coating
  • 6 cm diameter
  • Comes in an easy-to-carry storage bag

5. Fitness Insanity Hand Grip Strength Trainer Kit

Current Rating: 4.7

Fitness Insanity Hand Grip Strength Trainer Kit

This is more than just a stress ball; it’s a complete hand grip strength trainer kit, including two hand therapy balls and a grip strength device with an adjustable resistance between 22 to 88 pounds. Great for athletes, pianists and other musicians, and tennis players, as well as anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis, this strength training kit helps you target the muscles in your hands and forearms to improve strength and dexterity.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable resistance
  • Grip strength device plus two stress balls
  • Exercise guide
  • Waterproof carrying case

6. voidbiov Hand Squeeze Stress Balls Set with Carry Bag

Current Rating: 4.4

voidbiov Hand Squeeze Stress Balls Set with Carry Bag

This isn’t just a single stress ball; it’s a whole set of colorful stress-relieving egg shaped balls. Each hand ball has a different resistance level; there’s soft, medium, and firm. So, no matter how much resistance (or stress relief) you need on a given day, this set is sure to have you covered.

Key Features:

  • Helps relieve arthritis and carpal tunnel pain
  • 3 resistance levels
  • Color-coded balls and eggs (based on resistance level)

7. The Friendly Swede Hand Grip Strengthening Stress Relief Therapy Squishy Balls

Current Rating: 4.8

The Friendly Swede Hand Grip Strengthening Stress Relief Therapy Squishy Balls

A set of three progressive resistance eggs, The Friendly Swede set of stress relief balls are color-coded so you can easily grab the egg with the right amount of resistance, and there are two sizes available: large and small, for a comfortable squeeze whether your hands are on the large side or the small side. The small size is a great fit for most kids, and these eggs make a great fidget toy, as well.

Key Features:

  • 3 resistance levels
  • Color-coded eggs
  • Exercise guide included
  • Small or large size
  • Small – Set of 3: Est. $10.99
  • Large – Set of 3: Est. $14.95

8. Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Kit

Current Rating: 4.4

Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Kit

The Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Kit includes three color-coded balls with varying levels of resistance (soft, medium, and firm) along with a full-color, illustrated exercise guide. For a few dollars more, you can opt for the bundle package, which also includes a hand and finger massager.

Key Features:

  • Work your fingers, hands, and forearms
  • 3 color-coded balls
  • 3 resistance levels
  • Bundle package with hand massager available
  • Set of 3 Balls Only: Est. $10.99 (add-on item)
  • Bundle w/Hand Massager: Est. $19.99
  • Dual Finger Massager Only: Est. $9.98

9. HandStands Cyber Gel Stress Ball

Current Rating: 4.3

HandStands Red Cyber Gel Stress Ball

This durable stress ball has a comfortable, ergonomic round shape and a soft fabric covering that will hold up to your most stressed-out squeeze sessions. Plus, the gel core is made of non-toxic materials, so there’s no need to worry if you have kids or dogs who might do some serious damage to this stress ball.

Key Features:

  • Red, green, grey, or orange
  • 2 1/8″ diameter
  • Roll it under your bare foot for a foot massage
  • Semi-solid, non-toxic gel core

10. Impresa Products Squishy Stress Relief Balls

Current Rating: 3.9

Impresa Products Squishy Stress Relief Balls

These stress balls can be squeezed, squished, smooshed, bounced, and more, and they’ll always return to their original shape, making them particularly useful as fidget toys as well as stress balls. They’re made with 100% high-quality thermoplastic rubber and are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and free of BPAs, phthalates, and latex.

Key Features:

  • Non-toxic materials
  • Set of 6 balls (2 blue, 2 red, and 2 yellow)
  • 2.25″ diameter
  • Highly tear-resistant

11. IsoFlex Stress Relief

Current Rating: 3.8

 IsoFlex Stress Relief

IsoFlex is a widely recognized brand, and the company’s stress relief ball provides a soothing massage for both your hand and mind. With a double-layer latex covering and a unique, irresistible feel, the IsoFlex Stress Relief ball is sure to help you keep your stress at bay this year.

Key Features:

  • Double lined with natural latex
  • Colors may vary
  • Filled with micro beads for a unique feel

12. JapanBargain Chinese Health Stress Relieve Hand Exercise Baoding Balls

Current Rating: 3.7

JapanBargain Chinese Health Stress Relieve Hand Exercise Baoding Balls

These stress balls are unique in that they’re not squishy, but they do provide an incredibly soothing experience. Each ball (this product includes a set of two) is 1.5 inches in diameter and has a chime inside, so you get not only the physical sensation of moving them in your hands but also a calming auditory sensation. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, manipulating these iron baoding balls in the hands improves circulation and improves the flow of energy through the body.

Key Features:

  • Red, blue, green, or silver
  • Set of 2 iron baoding balls
  • Chimes in each ball

13. Rested Mind Gel Stress Ball

Current Rating: 4.5

Rested Mind Gel Stress Ball

A gel core wrapped in soft Lycra, the Rested Mind Gel Stress Ball is both durable and effective for coping with stress. Whether you suffer from stress and anxiety or have been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, OCD, or autism, the Rested Mind Gel Stress Ball can help to alleviate your unwanted symptoms and ease stress while also strengthening the hands and forearms. This entertaining and stress-busting ball even has its own name: Collin, your partner-in-crime for de-stressing, your travel companion, and your meditation buddy.

Key Features:

  • Free PDF guide for stress and strengthening exercises
  • Can promote concentration and focus
  • Gel core with soft Lycra cover

14. Revive Stress Solutions Scented, Therapeutic Gel Stress Ball

Current Rating: 4.3

Revive Stress Solutions Scented, Therapeutic Gel Stress Ball

This therapeutic stress ball, like many others, has a gel core, but it has one standout feature that sets it apart: it’s scented! Choose from four bold colors, each corresponding to a unique scent, for a customized stress-beating experience. The blue ball is jasmine-scented, the red ball is mint-scented, the purple has a lavender scent, and the orange is scented with a delightful citrus blend.

Key Features:

  • 4 color/scent combinations
  • Relieves arthritis and pain while improving blood flow
  • Soothe and calm your mind with aromatherapy
  • 2.25″ diameter
  • Comes in a satin drawstring bag

15. Serenilite Stress Ball

Current Rating: 4.6

Serenilite Stress Ball

Serenilite is another recognizable brand name, and the Serenilite Stress Ball won’t disappoint. This ultra-durable stress ball features a tear-resistant gel core and a soft fabric cover in your choice of three bold color combinations: purple/red, royal blue/light blue, and pink/green).

Key Features:

  • Complimentary hand therapy guide
  • Physical therapy and color therapy in one
  • Smooth to the touch
  • Maintains its shape
  • 2.25″ diameter

16. Koh Fit Hand Therapy Stress Balls

Current Rating: 4.6

Koh Fit Hand Therapy Stress Balls

The Koh Fit Hand Therapy Stress Ball provides a soothing workout for your hands while easing your mind. Made with an ultra-strong fabric and a soft gel core, these stress balls are design to help you focus better and build hand strength.

Key Features:

  • 2.36″ diameter
  • Available in 4 colors: blue, black, green, purple and red
  • Ultra-durable; guaranteed not to rip
  • Bonus hand therapy (guides) eBooks included

17. StringyBall Stress Ball on a String

Current Rating: 4.3

StringyBall Stress Ball on a String

Stress balls are great, but sometimes you can accidentally drop them, and if they bounce, it might be harder than you’d like to recapture your stress-beating buddy. Enter the StringyBall Stress Ball on a String, which, as its name suggests, is a stress ball attached to a string that serves as a wrist strap, ensuring that you’ll never encounter frustration by accidentally dropping your stress ball when you need it most. Choose a single, medium-density or soft-density ball or opt for a set of three, including one soft, one medium, and one firm-density ball. Educators, employers, and others who work with large groups may interested in buying these balls in a set of 12, as well.

Key Features:

  • Medium-density (green) or soft-density (yellow) single ball
  • 3-ball set with varying density available
  • Attached to a flexible cord with an adjustable fastener
  • Washable, durable, and long-lasting
  • Single Ball – Soft-Density (Yellow): Est. $6.99
  • Single Ball – Medium Density (Green): Est. $6.99
  • Set of 3, Medium Firm: Est. $12.99
  • Set of 12 (Yellow or Green): Est. $35.99

18. SUCK UK Stress Ball Paul

Current Rating: 3.9

SUCK UK Stress Ball Paul

Who needs a boring stress ball when you can have Stress Ball Paul? This unique stress-beating squeezable is shaped like a person who is, of course, curled up in the fetal position (much like you wish you could do during your most-stressed moments). So why not take out your stress on poor Paul by squeezing the daylights out of this poor guy?

Key Features:

  • 6 cm x 3.5 cm x 8 cm
  • Made of soft, silicone rubber
  • Hand-held stress reliever

19. Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Ball Assortment

Current Rating: 4.4

Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Ball Assortment

Teacher Peach offers a variety of unique and creative products for educators, including this adorable stress ball set which features motivational phrases to brighten a teacher’s day while relieving stress at the same time. They come in a variety of colors, and, with phrases like “Focus. Listen. Breathe,” they’re suitable for anyone – not just teachers.

Key Features:

  • Blue, gray, light green, pink, purple, teal, or red
  • Motivational phrases on each ball
  • Set of 3
  • 2.5″ diameter

20. GoECO Leather Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball

Current Rating: N/A

Tech Tools Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball

If a good squeeze doesn’t do much for you when it comes to easing stress, perhaps a desktop punching bag might do the trick. The GoECO Stress Buster is just that, with a powerful, sturdy suction cup base to attach securely to practically any desktop for hours of stress-beating fun.

Key Features:

  • Brown, red, red/black, or soccer ball design
  • Suction cup base with durable spring
  • Included pump to refill the bag when needed

21. The Miracle Ball Method: Relieve Your Pain, Reshape Your Body, Reduce Your Stress

Current Rating: 4.3

The Miracle Ball Method: Relieve Your Pain, Reshape Your Body, Reduce Your Stress

Most stress balls are designed for use with the hands, although they can be used elsewhere on the body, such as the feet and back, as well. The Miracle Ball Method is actually a book by author Elaine Petrone, a former dancer, who tried everything to get her life back on track after suffering a potentially crippling injury to her back and right leg. She healed herself through a unique program with two squishy balls, and she shares what she’s learned with people everywhere in this detailed guide. The book comes with two stress balls, dubbed “Miracle Balls,” providing everything you need to manage pain and provide therapeutic relief for certain injuries.

Key Features:

  • 4.25″ to 4.5″ in diameter
  • Fully illustrated guide and 2 balls
  • Relieve pain, tension, and stress throughout the body

22. TheraBand Hand Exerciser

Current Rating: 4.2

TheraBand Hand Exerciser

The TheraBand Hand Exerciser is ideal for rehabbing and strengthening hands, and is used by athletes, musicians, and anyone wanting to improve hand strength and dexterity. A non-messy alternative to hand putty, these soft balls are malleable for the ultimate in stress relief and strengthening.

Key Features:

  • May become sticky with use; dust with powder or corn starch
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Easy to clean with soap and water

23. Therapy Putty by Vive

Current Rating: 4.7

Therapy Putty by Vive

Speaking of hand putty, Therapy Putty by Vive is ideal for finger, hand, and grip strength exercises, and it comes in a set of 4 with extra soft, soft, medium, and firm resistance levels for a complete progressive resistance kit. Not only is Therapy Putty useful for improving strength and flexibility, it’s a great stress-busting exercise, too.

Key Features:

  • 4 putties with 4 resistance levels
  • Extra soft, soft, medium, and firm resistance levels
  • 3 ounces of each color/resistance level

24. WODFitters Lacrosse Balls

Current Rating: 4.7

WODFitters Lacrosse Balls

WODFitters Lacrosse Balls are a set of two black and one red trigger point self myofascial release massage balls in a convenient carrying bag. These balls complement foam rollers and other mobility tools for a more complete rehabilitation experience or everyday stress relief and recovery.

Key Features:

  • 3 balls in a carrying bag
  • Great for massaging trigger points
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

25. YoYa Toys DNA Stress Ball

Current Rating: 3.0

YoYa Toys DNA Stress Ball

These stress balls don’t have super high ratings like some of the other options on our list, but if you’re looking for a fun and engaging stress-busting activity your kids will enjoy, YoYa Toys DNA Stress Balls might be just the thing you’re looking for. With a variety of fun, bright colors, and a safe, sturdy, and durable design, these stress balls are ideal for kids with ADHD, anxiety, or any child who needs some occasional fidgeting or stress relief.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight balls
  • Set of 3 stress balls
  • Durable, safe design
  • 30-day, money-back guarantee


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