Top 9 Best Squirrel Cage Fans in 2021 | Reviews & Buying Guides


The centrifugal blower has a better versatility than other wind accessories. Using the best squirrel cage fan allows you to perform a variety of activities. You can cool off your body during a hot day, dry your carpet, wall, floor, or furniture. The possibilities are many, and that’s why it is among the most popular air circulation gadgets in the market. Some designs are made of quality material and a powerful motor to guarantee a smooth blowing. No matter the purpose of the device, always compare the different models to get a reliable one that suits your needs. This is the reason we have researched the top products to give you additional information. In this review, we look at the best squirrel cage fans in 2021.

The Best Squirrel Cage Fans In 2021

Centrifugal Blower 273 CFM 1640 RPM 115V 60/50hz Replaces Dayton 1TDR3, 4C447…Check It Now
SparkFun Blower – Squirrel Cage (12V)Check It Now
Dayton 1TDP7 Rectangular Permanent Split Capacitor OEM Specialty BlowerCheck It Now
CFM Pro Air Mover Carpet Floor Dryer 3 Speed 1/3 HP Blower Fan with 2 GFCI…Check It Now
Soleaire SA-MS-PR Max Storm 1/2 HP Durable Lightweight Air Mover Carpet Dryer…Check It Now
Fasco B75 Centrifugal Blower with Sleeve Bearing, 3,200 RPM, 115V, 60 Hz, 0.59…Check It Now
XPOWER P-80A Mini Mighty Air Mover, Floor Fan, Dryer, Utility Blower with…Check It Now
STANLEY 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan – Features Pivoting Blower and Built-in…Check It Now
Shop-Air by Shop-Vac 1032000 Mighty Mini Air Mover 3-Speed 3-Position Dryer for…Check It Now

#9. Centrifugal Blower 273 CFM 1640 RPM 115V 60/50hz

Centrifugal Blower 273 CFM 1640 RPM 115V 60:50hz

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By: P-Tech

We understand some best squirrel cage fans don’t deliver the expected results. If you want one that surpasses your expectations, P-Tech is an excellent choice. It has a modern structure that replaces the Fasco B45227 and Dayton 1TDR3 to give you the best performance. With an inbuilt motor, it rotates at high speed up to 1640RPM. That means quicker and more efficient blowing than other compact brands. Still, on size, this wind unit has a small profile to use only the required format. Plus, its dimension lets you enjoy comfortable management as well as portability. Carry it and set it to an ideal location in minutes. At 115 volts per 50/60hz, this machine is energy-efficient and economical. The others consume a lot of power, no matter the extremity of the task.

Furthermore, this item comes with a modern pattern to give you an easy installation. The design featuring a side panel works well with most assembly areas. An additional feature that makes it among the best squirrel cage fans is its single speed option. You can use the rate that serves multiple purposes if you prefer a more straightforward design. Now, you can experience a blower that delivers excellent air throughout your house. Note that it is super quiet and sturdy perfect for places with sleeping babies, the elderly, or requires total silence.In Short:

  • An advanced structure replaces the Fasco B45227 model
  • Fast-rotating and dependable inbuilt motor
  • A small profile is easy to fix and use
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Quiet and safe operation

#8. SparkFun Blower – Squirrel Cage (12V)

SparkFun Blower - Squirrel Cage (12V)

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By: SparkFun

Using the best squirrel cage fan should not be painful or cause hand fatigue. That’s why SparkFun company has come up with this blower that weighs only 12 ounces. What this means is easy to carry, installation as well as operation. You can also set it up in a safe location when not in use. The DC Blower moves powerful air as it pulls about 1 amp/12VDC. Now, you can get your job done quickly and efficiently. Rated at 16CFM, you can use it for multiple tasks such as cooling your home during a hot day. Carry it to your ideal location, especially in the summer to enjoy a calming atmosphere.

Designed to support small to medium tasks, this gadget is also suitable for small hovercrafts and inflating e-textiles garments. Measuring 4.8 inches long x 4.5 inches wide x 1.6 inches high, it uses minimal spacing. Whether you are carrying to an ideal location or storing, you enjoy safekeeping. Additionally, this equipment has a diameter of 33mm and made of quality material to add strength. No more worries about frequent repairs or replacement that require additional costs. Its rated voltage is between 6 to 12 VDC and 1-amp rated current, which consumes less power than other models. Not only that, but it comes with a reliable fan that moves at 3000-3500 rotations per minute.In Short:

  • Lightweight 12-ounce design eliminates hand fatigue
  • Blows powerful air than other compact brands
  • It pulls about 1smp per 12VDC
  • Space-saving and sturdy design
  • The fan moves at 3000-3500 spins per minute

#7. Dayton 1TDP7 Rectangular Permanent Split Capacitor OEM Specialty Blower

Dayton 1TDP7 Rectangular Permanent Split Capacitor OEM Specialty Blower

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By: Dayton

Are you looking for a quiet blower? Stop searching because Dayton has a dynamically balanced designed to serve multiple applications without causing too many vibrations and noise. You can mount it in your preferred position that meets your wind flow needs at higher static pressures. The inbuilt motor supports continuous duty to give you an efficient blowing. Also, made of quality rolled steel provides excellent heat dissipation while reducing downtimes. Not only that, but it also enhances protection that minimizes any component failure as well as accidental damages.

Weighing just 5 pounds, this machine is easy to handle. You can stage it in a mounting site without experiencing any hand fatigues. The included discharge mounting flange quickens the assembly and disassembly. With a grey finish, this machine looks stylish to bring out` a laid back feeling in most locations. The color also blends well its surroundings without affecting the existing style. Additionally, this product has quality end shields constructed from cast aluminum for better heat temperatures inside the cage. Its versatility lets you cool, ventilate, or heat a variety of places, including greenhouses, machinery, small buildings, electrical enclosures, wood, and corn stoves.In Short:

  • Blows wind in fewer vibrations and noise
  • Delivers a high static pressure
  • Quality rolled steel improves durability
  • Allows mounting in multiple locations
  • Its cast-aluminum ensures better heat dissipation

#6. CFM PRO Air Mover Carpet Floor Dryer 3 Speed 1/3 HP Blower Fan

CFM PRO Air Mover Carpet Floor Dryer 3 Speed 1:3 HP Blower Fan

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By: CFM Pro

The CFM Pro Air is the best squirrel cage fan that is safe and durable. It is designed from durable polyethylene composite, which offers tough service. Also, this material can withstand extreme environments as well as frequent transportation. Now, you have a secure and effective gadget that supports home and outdoor job sites. The included four anti-skid feet are built from non-marring material for stability during operation. In addition, the rugged handle is soft on the hands and improves carrying. Weighing around 30 pounds, this compact accessory convenient and stackable to give you an excellent drying power. The red finish is stylish, timeless, and coordinates well in most areas. Besides, the 3-speed levels give you maximum flexibility to adjust the blower’s output intensity.

Get high versatility when using this unit, thanks to the three airflow options. You can direct the circulation to a position that meets your needs, including horizontal, upwards, or diagonal. With a premium protective grill, it covers both the air outlets and inlets to prevent debris, dirt, and other foreign objects from damaging the fan. You get a safe continuous operation that surpasses all your expectations. For all your mild and heavy-duty air circulation requirements, this machine gets the job completed in no time. Its professional-grade fan has a precision-engineered impeller that delivers optimal efficiency as well as excellent with CFM output. This process is further improved by a strong 1/3 horsepower motor that spins and works at a fast rate.In Short:

  • Safe and durable performance
  • The polyethylene composite guarantees an extended service
  • Withstands frequent transportation pressures
  • Weighs around 30 pounds
  • For extreme air circulation jobs

#5. Soleaire Max Storm 1/2 HP Air Mover For House And Janitorial

Soleaire Max Storm 1:2 HP Air Mover for House and Janitorial

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By: Soleaire

Soleaire fan is best for drying your floor or carpet. It comes in a pack of 6 for cost-effectiveness as well as color choice. With the blue finish, it looks great in most setting when drying and improving the air quality. For best cleaning results, you need a water bucket, soap, this gadget, and a mop. It delivers high-velocity air thanks to a sturdy construction with two-speed settings. This ensures your floor dries fast to prevent wet paws markings. Not only that, but it adds safety for people to walk on the surface more steadily after the drying process. Besides, this product is perfect for professional janitorial tasks or carpet cleaning.

Featuring three operating angles, you can blow air to the direction that meets your needs. Also, you can choose which position is the best for the application, including 0, 45, and 90 from the ground. Besides, this equipment lets you pick a color that suits the settings from the three options; purple, blue, and orange ideal for shops, homes, or garages. The included 25ft power cord is easy to wind around the cable wrap on top of the air blower. That means convenient handling and safe storage. With a dimension of 16.5 inches wide x 16 inches long x 19.5 inches high, it is reinforced in a compact housing. Also, it draws 5-amp at 115 volts and 60HZ.In Short:

  • Comes in a 6-pack to give you more cost-effectiveness
  • Easy floor and carpet cleaning
  • Produces a high velocity
  • It has three operating angles up to 9 degrees
  • Simple to wind the 25ft power cord

#4. Fasco B75 Centrifugal Blower With Sleeve Bearing, 3,200 RPM

Fasco B75 Centrifugal Blower with Sleeve Bearing, 3,200 RPM

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By: Fasco

Finding the best squirrel cage fan that is not bulky, can be tough. Search no more because the Fasco fan weighs only 0.01 ounces making it among the lightest in the market. The size plus a compact structure gives you easy installation, use, and maintenance. It does not occupy too much storage space when not in use perfect for small sites. This centrifugal blower is UL recognized and meets all CSA standards to give you quality assurance. Now, you can use it for ventilation and heating applications, including furnace’s vent fans. Delivering 75CFM air output, this gadget is more efficient and quicker than the rest.

It comes with a premium sleeve bearing to give the motor shaft maximum support to minimize overheating. Also, its compatibility accepts 115vots, 0.59amp, and 60Hz power input that works well with most standard components. With a single-speed and an inlet feature, you have a more straightforward function without the multiple settings. This accessory produces 68 CFM of wind at a 0.1-inch water gauge for better static pressure. Note that the motor is thermally protected, preventing overheating issues. The coating also improves durability even in extended use.In Short:

  • Lightweight frame measures only 0.01 ounces
  • Compact and robust to improve placement
  • UL-recognized that meets CSA standards
  • Delivers high air output of 75CFM
  • The thermally protected motor prevents overheating

#3. XPOWER P-80A Mini Mighty Air Move

XPOWER P-80A Mini Mighty Air Move

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Spend less money on electricity as you get better cooling with this air mover. Boasting of a compact frame, it features an induction motor that delivers an energy-efficient service. This makes it more reliable and cost-effective than other blowers in the market. Measuring 11.5 inches long x 9.3 inches wide x 12.3 inches high, installation is a breeze. Also, it weighs around 7.9 pounds to improve portability as well as storage. This 138W machine delivers an excellent 600 Cu ft of airflow per minute while drawing only1.2 Amps. Whether it’s gusts of wind or a quiet breeze, you get lesser electricity costs. The blue finish looks appealing and stands out from the dull color that doesn’t have any effect on style.

We love the infinite possibilities this gadget delivers, thanks to a multipurpose structure. Its small frame fits perfectly in the tightest places to direct wind inside shops, under counters, sinks, or basements. Alternatively, you can use it to dry carpet, furniture, floors, paint, or walls, making it the perfect tool shed addition. This blower is tough and tiny made with commercial-grade polypropylene. It gives you secure handling and is stackable for easy transportation. Choose a drying angle from the four options to direct the airflow to a specific area from 0 to 90 degrees.In Short:

  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Compact stricture weighs 7.9 pounds
  • Sleek blue design
  • For inside shops, under basement and more places
  • Quality and tough material

#2. STANLEY 655704 High-Velocity Blower Fan

STANLEY 655704 High-Velocity Blower Fan

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By: Lasko

Lasko blower fan is suitable for a variety of applications. With the 3-speed design, you can use it for a garage, job site, greenhouse, or around your house. Not only to give you an efficient cooling but also a powerful breeze. This item comes with a pivoting head that is flexible enough to direct airflow for smooth circulation. You can pinpoint the crown to your preferred angle that needs a cooling effect such as ceiling, floor, or wall. Featuring a new dual 120-Volt outlet and an integrated circuit breaker eliminates the need for extension cords. The outlets on the side, allow you to plug in your preferred power tools and charge a smartphone within reach. Note that the circuit breaker aids in preventing an overload that might lead to electrical problems.

You can dry, exhaust, ventilate, or cool a location with this machine. Its high-velocity power delivers strong wind that cools a place down in the summer. Besides, it provides excellent ventilation to improve air quality or dry the wet areas. This product comes fully assembled, and you only need to plug the cable into your electric outlet. A bonus function is its compact structure that improves mobility and operation suitable for home or outdoor use. Made of premium material, you perform less maintenance to keep this gadget in its pristine state.In Short:

  • The versatile design supports multiple applications
  • A flexible head guarantees smooth air circulation
  • The dual outlets allow connection of other devices
  • No overloads issues thanks to a circuit breaker
  • Its high-velocity power cools an area quickly

#1. Shop-Air By Shop-Vac 1032000 Mighty Mini Air Mover

Shop-Air by Shop-Vac 1032000 Mighty Mini Air Mover

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By: Shop-Vac

Shop-Air is among the best squirrel cage fans found in many physical and online stores. It drys floors and wet carpets quickly than other brands. The use of superior air wind technology ensures no dampness is left after every use. Another thing is the multiple positions that allow you to customize the operation. With the second and third levels, they are suitable for drying ceilings and walls. Also, an integrated 3-speed motor controls the airflow as the inbuilt outlets connect to a variety of units. The motor moves at a high speed of 500 CFM to deal with any dirt problem quickly. This item is compact and efficient, thanks to a long 10ft power cord.

Boasting a bright yellow finish, this centrifugal blower stands out from the rest. The color improves the existing decor and adds more visibility. Made of quality material, this gadget requires minimal care. Plus, the construction can bear even an extended use without giving in. Use it to improve the air quality when cleaning most of the household products like rugs. Not only that but also a carry handle that eases mobility. Using the on-board cable wraps gives you a more straightforward setup as they are stackable for simple storage.In Short:

  • It drys floors, ceilings, walls, and wet carpets
  • Provides a superior wind flow
  • Multiple airflow positions
  • Efficient and powerful 500CFM motor
  • Bright and stylish yellow finish

Pre-Purchase Consideration For The Best Squirrel Cage Fan

The best squirrel cage fan is a handy tool for homes, stores, greenhouses, garages, and more places. It gives you a variety of uses such as air conditioning, ventilation, heating and also drying furniture, walls, floors. For these reasons, we have the following guide to give you a more comfortable buying choice that meets your intended purpose. Let us look at the essential factors that differentiate the best from the average.


The first thing you should check is the element used for design. It will help determine the longevity of the fan and cases of malfunctions. Check the material, be it plastic or other metals, for safety assurance. Some designs after a continuous operation tend to deteriorate in performance leading to poor cost-efficiency. Always compare different models of the centrifugal fans to get a reliable one that minimizes subsequent replacement costs.

Cost and Warranty

Another factor to consider when looking for the best squirrel cage fan is the price. One rule about purchasing a product is to avoid impulse buying. Not only to prevent wasting of money but also guarantee a more reliable item. For the blower, prices vary from one brand to the other because of its features, design, construction, and much more. Go for a model that is within your budget without compromising on performance. Usually, the pricey units have advanced functionalities and rarely malfunction.


The next factor is the cage’s installation process. Do you need to use particular tools? Does it take too much time and effort? Ask yourself these plus more questions to know the proximity of the setup. Find a squirrel cage fan that is easy to operate to give a straightforward action. Also, check for a guidebook from the manufacturer for added convenience. Assembly should be simple without hiring an expert or experiencing too many hustles.

Intended Purpose

Lastly, consider your intended purpose for purchasing the fan. If you are looking for one that can dry a carpet, wall, or furniture, the XPOWER P-80A air mover is an excellent choice. For heavy-duty jobs, you can consider the CFM PRO Air Mover. Take note that some designs serve one purpose, so make sure you perform thorough research before purchasing.

Benefits Of The Best Squirrel Cage Fan

  • Great versatility: These fans allow multiple uses such as ventilation, drying, air conditioning, and even cooling. Also, they can dry furniture, paint, wall, or floors in your home or office.
  • High energy efficient rate: A cage fan provides continuous airflow that generates energy up to 84% static. The more the efficiency rates, the better to sustain larger air systems.
  • Enhanced Durability: The newer models of squirrel cage fans are durable due to quality material used. They run perfectly even in the most erosive and corrosive environments.
  • Prevents Overloading: Some centrifugal fans have a non-overloading horsepower that prevents the motor from overloading after exceeding its capacity.
  • They provide ventilation: Squirrel cage fans help with the overall circulation of air. This way, you get to enjoy being in your home even during the hottest times of the year without feeling uncomfortable.
  • They are used for cooling off: In hot areas or locations where there is excessive heat, a squirrel cage fan will offer some cool air. Getting squirrel cage fans will guarantee adequate cooling even in the areas where temperatures are extreme.

In Conclusion

You can dry and ventilate an area or object with a centrifugal blower. The best squirrel cage fans offer a versatile service. For instance, you can operate one to dry your wall, floor, or furniture around your home or office. Also, some designs come with multiple speed and position levels for better flexibility. Check the products above and get more information on the top features each brand has.


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