Top 10 Best Snow Throwers in 2021

Best Snow Throwers

Here is one secret you need to know about a good snow thrower; the design matters the most not the powering engine. You’ll find several compact sized snow movers that beat well-known behemoth models. If you’re wondering how to choose a reliable blaster from the overwhelming units on the market today, consider this list your savior.

Here, we have identified the best gas-powered, corded, and non-cordless units that will make your snow displacement projects not only easy but also incredibly enjoyable.

Best Snow Throwers in 2021


10. Xtremepower 1600w Ultra Electric Snow Thrower


This US-made snow blaster didn’t make it on this list because of its pocket-friendly price tag alone, but rather because it has several incredible features to make your snow throwing easy and enjoyable. Firstly, Xtremepower weighs 40lbs only.

This means that most of your energy will go into moving the snow not pushing heavy machines. Again, it’s a corded unit so, you won’t be stopping over for recharges. Even better, it offers up to 18’’ wide and 10’’ deep cuts. Therefore, you only need a few passes to have your work done.


9. Husqvarna ST224P 208cc Two-Stage Snowthrower


A 2-stage model is the best if you’ll be working on long and wide driveways with over 16-inches of snow level. Husqvarna ST224P is a high-end snow blaster with medium-high end price tag. It’s a gas model featuring a 2.7-liter fuel tank and a 208cc Husqvarna engine.

It also boasts an electric starter that reliefs you from pulling cords. Its 15-inch tires together with the advanced performance ribbon augers are just what you require during the harshest snowstorms. Notably, this thrower is backed by a 3-year limited warranty and 5-year warranty on the engine and gearbox.


8. Husqvarna 961930096 ST224 Two Stage Snowthrower


This is another advanced model from Husqvarna that you should consider adding to your anti-snow arsenal. Similar to the one reviewed above, this one is fitted with a super-powerful 208cc engine and 15-inch tires. Notably, it’s a few hundred bucks cheaper than ST224P. Its efficient 2-stage system with incredible throwing capabilities makes it a superb choice for any weather conditions.

Husqvarna ST224 uses a ribbon auger for efficient clearing. You’ll also love its friction disc transmission that helps you change your working speed depending on the snow conditions. Moreover, its height-adjustable handle, with heated handle grips can never go unnoticed.


7. Poulan Pro 961820015 Snow Thrower


This snow Pro by Poulan is a great choice for homeowners struggling to find a thrower within their budgets. Though cheap in terms of price, you’ll doubtlessly love its quality work on small paved areas and sideways.

It offers easy operations right from the ergonomically designed rubberized handles to the 4-ply rubber multitasking augers. Poulan Pro also boasts an electric starter and a manual pull, so you never experience cold starts. Even better, its control panel is easily accessible and can be operated with much ease with your snow gloves on.


6. Briggs and Stratton 1696614 Snow Thrower


When you have tons and tons of snow to move, preparing yourself wallet-wise’ is always an inevitable choice. You’ll be parting with a little over 1000 bucks to own this Briggs and Stratton 1696614. Perhaps what makes this tool pricier is its sturdy construction designed for serious snow-moving.

With its 208cc engine, 24’’ clearing swath and 20’’ intake height, you’ll most probably be waiting for more snow to form to enjoy the game. In a world full of plastics, this snow thrower stands out with its stainless steel and high-grade aluminum construction.


5. WEN 5662 Snow Blaster


Are you looking for a snow mover you won’t have to break the bank for? Wen 5662 is good for you. This small machine is ideal for small driveways and sidewalks. It’s a multi-featured snow blaster aiming to fit any homestead’s needs. It utilizes a 13.5amp motor that makes over 2000 auger rotations.

Its versatile multi-directional chute allows you to throw the snow in any direction and up to 20 feet away. Wen 5662 is again fitted with 6-inch never-flat tires that make it easy to maneuver the machine from the store to snow-laden area.


4. GreenWorks 2600502 Corded Snow Thrower


If you’re not new to GreenWorks, you’ll probably confirm that their tools are highly reliable and dependable. In this niche, GreenWorks specializes in delivering powerful and economical snow blasters with reduced noise decibels and vibration.

In addition, their GreenWorks 2600502 model is corded. This means that you won’t be limited to battery charges and neither will you be choking in harmful gas emissions.


3. Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless Snow Blower


If you’ve ever been trapped in snow, then you know what a lifesaver a cordless snow blower is. Electric snow movers are known to be extremely lightweight than their gas competitors. This model, for instance, weighs 32lbs only. This is an advanced model bringing the convenience of no extension cords and carbon emissions while still offering decent speeds.

It uses a 4.0-Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers over 50 minutes of quiet snow moving. Snow Joe iON18SB also boasts an auto-rotating chute with a 20-feet throwing distance. Its steel auger is fitted with 2 rubber blades to prevent causing damage to your surfaces.


2. Toro 38381 Electric Power Snow Blower


Displacing 700 pounds of snow per minute, Toro 38381 is amongst the most powerful snow blowers in its price range. It utilizes a 15-Amp motor and delivers 18’’ width by 12’’ clearance swath.

This model is designed with Power Curve Technology which enables it to clear and clean down the pavement without clogging. Its lightweight design coupled with its lift handle and sturdy wheels make it easy for anyone to maneuver.


1. Toro 38361 Power Electric Snow Shovel Thrower


Put your old rusty shovel away and welcome the most sought-after electric shovel we have on the market this year. This tool will not only save you from your back pains but also protect you from potentially harmful gases caused by gas snow throwers.

It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to assemble and to store. The telescopic handle can also be customized to suit any user’s height. In addition, Toro backs it up with a full 2-year warranty.


A snow blower takes away the worries of accumulated snow, during winter. however, it is not every model or brand works well. That’s why we have picked the best 10 leading snow blowers on the market. We picked different types of blowers, so whichever type you’re looking for, we believe you will get one that meets your specific needs.


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