10 Best Snorkels in 2022

Best Snorkels

Every diver and snorkeller, from the holiday amateur to the professional, all understand that when you find the best snorkel around, then it can transform your ability to breathe easily and comfortably while underwater.

There is no doubt that it is one of the most important pieces of snorkeling equipment when it comes to freediving, scuba diving, and snorkeling. No one wants a poorly built snorkel that breaks easily and doesn’t allow for smooth, natural breathing. You want an affordable snorkel that is made from high-grade materials that will prevent water leakage.

To understand what makes a good snorkel, then look at this list and buying guide, which will help you discover what the truly best snorkel on the market is:

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1. OMORC Anti-Fog Mask and Snorkel Set

OMORC Snorkel Set, Anti-Fog Mask Snorkel

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Our top pick today is this anti-fog mask and snorkel gear set from OMORC, which has a dry top valve. That means that no water or air should be able to get into the snorkel through the top. It also allows for much more natural breathing. The snorkel also has a valve that will allow you to purge any water that has got into the inside tube.

The mouth piece is made from silicone, and it has been ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit inside your mouth. Because of the ergonomic design then there is no chance of chin fatigue either. This snorkel set comes with a snorkel scuba mask that has crystal clear glass and anti-fog technology.

+ Ergonomic, silicone mouthpiece
+ Dry top valve
+ Purge valve
+ Comes with a mask
+ Allows for natural breathing

Why We Liked It – The ergonomic mouth piece makes this ultra dry snorkel stand out as one of the best snorkel gear products around, hence why it has won first place as our top pick!

2. Cressi Adult Diving Dry Snorkel with Splash

Cressi Adult Diving Dry Snorkel with Splash

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Cressi is an Italian company that makes premium-quality watersports equipment. This snorkel is a bestseller for many reasons. Firstly, the mouthpiece is adjustable, and it is made out of high-quality silicone, and it also has a purge valve as part of it. This set has a long shelf-life with the fact you can integrate replaceable mouthpieces.

Next is the tube, which is corrugated, and it is also made from silicone. At the top, there is a dry guard, so if you accidentally or purposefully submerge the ultra dry snorkel underwater the guard will prevent water leakage. Finally, the wide bore, that has an elliptical shape, allows for more air to get through it.

+ Float mechanism
+ Wide, elliptical bore
+ Quick release snorkel keeper system
+ Silicone mouthpiece can be replaced
+ Flexible tubing
+ Dry guard to prevent water leakage

Why We Liked It – It’s one of the bestselling snorkels on the market because it is simply one of the best snorkels around. In fact, it could be the best ultra dry snorkel around.

Alternative: Cressi Supernova diving dry snorkel set.

3. WACOOL Snorkeling Package Set

WACOOL Snorkeling Package Set

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The most important part of this snorkeling set is the snorkel gear itself. The set has a full-dry top. And it also has a purge valve at the bottom, so both draining and clearing can be done easily. The anti-splash system that it uses is innovative and reliable, so no water should accidentally leak inside.

The set comes with a mouth bite which is made from high-grade silicone, making it soft so it won’t cause any irritation. The designers have focused on making it as streamlined as possible too. The snorkel gear set comes with a diving/ snorkeling mask that is also leakproof, and it shouldn’t fog up either.

+ Comes with an excellent diving mask
+ Streamlined design
+ Silicone mouthpiece is soft and won’t cause any gum or lip irritation
+ Anti-splash system
+ A good length

Why We Liked It – This mask snorkel gear sits comfortably in your mouth, thanks to the soft silicone, and the anti-splash system is very handy.

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4. FINIS Swimmer’s Snorkel

FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel

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This swimmer’s snorkel is a bit different to the standard snorkels around because it uses a revolutionary center mount design, which means it clips onto the front of your face. This is great for swimmers as there’s no need to turn your head one way or the other. It won’t get in the way of goggles. And the head bracket will even allow you to wear a mask too.

It is very light to wear. Swimmers can forget about breathing and focus on perfecting strokes. The head bracket is easy to adjust, and it can also fit on swimmers with all different head sizes.

+ Centre-mount innovative technology
+ Perfect for swimmers
+ Easy to adjust
+ Can be worn with a mask snorkel or goggles
+ Mouthpiece stays firm in the mouth due to several bite points

Why We Liked It – If you are a swimmer, then this is the best snorkel gear for you, as the center mount means you can focus on your swimming without needed to come up for air.

5. PRODIVE Premium Dry Top Snorkel

PRODIVE Premium Dry Top Snorkel

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You can breathe easy with this reliable snorkel from PRODIVE. The breathing valve has been designed so that no air will come inside when you’re not breathing, as it has a mechanism to shut off incoming air. Besides unwanted air, also unwanted water won’t leak into the snorkel either.

This snorkel gear set comes with an excellent diving mask that has a tempered glass lens that has been reinforced so that it won’t shatter upon impact. The lens has also been fitted with anti-fog technology, which is a relief for anyone who has been out diving and has had to deal with a fogged-up mask before.

+ Easy breathing thanks to the valve
+ No water will get in
+ Comes with a high-quality dive mask
+ PRODIVE money-back guarantee
+ Carry bag is included
+ Tempered Glass lens

Why We Liked It – The easy-breathing mechanism is a great feature, as it means that no air will come inside the snorkel unless you want it to. The tempered glass lens is reinforced to prevent shattering.

6. ZIPOUTE Snorkel Mask Full Face

ZIPOUTE Diving/ Snorkeling Mask Full Face

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This is a snorkel mask, which means that the snorkel is built into a full-face mask, which has an anti-fog and anti-leaking design, as well as offering the user a panoramic, 180-degree view. It uses dry snorkel technology to ensure that no water leaks in through the breathing snorkel tube, as well as preventing any chance of you gagging.

There are two chambers for breathing, one for inhalation, and another for exhalation, which means that you get no fogging, and you can breathe more easily too. The material is non-toxic, and won’t cause any irritation to the skin, while it is also environmentally friendly.

+ Full-face mask
+ Dry snorkel technology
+ Detachable breathing tube
+ No gagging
+ Camera mount on the mask for recording your underwater adventures

Why We Liked It – It’s more than just a snorkel, but a mask too, that offers incredible comfort and ease of breathing, with a few handy extras too, like the mount for your camera.

7. Greatever Newest Version Snorkel Mask

Greatever Newest Version Snorkel Mask

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Like the last snorkel on our best snorkel list, this one is a full-face mask. It gives a great field of vision, so you have an amazing panoramic view while wearing it. The breathing tube is very sturdy, and because this snorkel mask can be folded, then you avoid the problem of the breathing tube falling off.

As with most snorkel gear, you can breathe through both your mouth and your nose, and change between the two, which gives you a lot more comfort when you’re underwater. It also has a chin valve, so water can be easily drained when you take your head out of the water.

+ Panoramic field of vision
+ Comfortable to wear
+ Affordable price
+ Suitable for all head sizes, including kids
+ Durable breathing snorkel tubes

Why We Liked It – This is a versatile snorkel that is part of a full-face mask, and it also comes at a very affordable price that makes it perfect for children or new snorkelers.

8. ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set

ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set

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This snorkel set comes with adjustable scuba diving and snorkeling fins, a panoramic dive mask, and a carry bag/case. But the snorkel is the best part. It has a draining diaphragm as part of it. This means that you only have to exhale to clear the water from the flexible silicone tube.

The ergonomic mouthpiece is comfortable inside your mouth, and you can be certain of its non-toxicity because it is made from food-grade silicone. The flex snorkel has a dry top mechanism to keep you protected from leaks even if you submerge the snorkel and dive gear in the water.

+ Set comes with diving fins, a mask, and a carry case
+ Simple diaphragm draining system
+ Dry top
+ Secure, safe silicone mouthpiece
+ Unobstructed breathing
+ Flexible tubing

Why We Liked It – It’s a great snorkel set for a beginner or intermediate snorkeler who wants to purchase everything at once and be certain that you get a great flex snorkel as part of the set. Perfect for many different dive and snorkeling destinations, you get scuba fins, a mask, and a carry bag.

9. Speedo Bullet Head Swimmer’s Snorkel

Speedo Bullet Head Swimmer's Snorkel

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Since it was founded in Australia over 100 years ago, Speedo has become synonymous with swimming and snorkeling equipment. The Speedo Bullet Head is a snorkel that has been designed to enhance swimming performance. It has a tear-drop design, and it is streamlined to allow for quicker swimming.

It has a padded TPR headband that not only offers swimmers comfort but also guaranteed stability. If you are seeking improved aqua lung impulse capacity for your swimming training, then the smaller tube opening is perfect for you, as it reduces airflow. Swimmers are always confident in Speedo, and this snorkel does nothing to harm Speedo’s excellent reputation.

+ Sleek, streamlined design
+ Improves lung capacity
+ No pinching or headaches thanks to the padded headband
+ Designed for swimmers
+ Mouthpiece can be removed for cleaning

Why We Liked It – It’s a Speedo product, and like all Speedo snorkel and dive gear, it is high-quality, and it has been impeccably created for swimmers.

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10. Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask with Panoramic

Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask with Panoramic

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If you’re seeking the best snorkel for young snorkelers, then this full-face snorkel mask, which has a panoramic view, might be a good one to choose. A mask means that there’s no need to have a mouth piece in your mouth, which is a lot more comfortable for beginner snorkelers and allows you to focus on the underwater sights, while you breathe naturally and easily.

The mask can be folded, which helps with storage and portability, and it even has a mount for your GoPro. Every good snorkel has a dry snorkel system to prevent water from getting into the mask, and this snorkel by Vaincre is no exception.

+ Ideal for kids and teens
+ No need to use a mouthpiece
+ Panoramic field of vision
+ Foldable, which makes storage and stowing it easier
+ Quick release strap for adjustability
+ Prevent water leakage with dry snorkel system

Why We Liked It – A snorkel mask can sometimes be the best snorkel for new snorkelers because breathing is more natural, as there’s no mouth piece, so you can just focus on the fun of scuba diving and snorkeling.

Snorkel Buyer’s Guide

To make your snorkeling trip, scuba diving adventure, or freediving experience a good one, then you need to find the best snorkel for your needs. The problem is that there are so many types of snorkel to choose from and that they all seem to be suited to different types of underwater activities for different dive destinations.

Yes, a snorkel might seem like it is just a mouthpiece and a tube, but there is a huge variety of materials that these components can be made from, and most snorkels now include a lot of technology to make breathing easier and to make sure no water gets into the tube. If you read this buying guide, then you will discover the most important features of a snorkel, so that you can purchase the right one. This buyer’s guide can also be used as a beginners guide, ultimate guide, and general refresher guide!

Snorkel or Full-Face Snorkel Mask

There are two main choices when you are deciding on what snorkel to buy before your snorkel trip. You can either choose a simple snorkel, which is the simple tube and mouthpiece, or you can purchase a full-face snorkel mask. There are benefits and disadvantages to both.

Using a traditional snorkel means slipping the mouthpiece into your mouth, and then securing it, either to your head or, more commonly, to your diving mask. It is simple, and it means that much of your face is free. You can, if needs be, easily remove the mouthpiece from your mouth too. This means, of course, that you will have to breathe through your mouth, and the way in which you breathe might not feel natural or as comfortable as usual.

Also, as you are biting on the mouth piece, then you run the risk of jaw fatigue and you might find your gums or lips become irritated too. There are, however, a lot of snorkelers who feel that the traditional, classical snorkel is much safer and easier to use than the full-face snorkel mask that has recently become very popular.

A full-face snorkel mask usually won’t have any mouthpiece. You simply put the mask securely over your face, and then you’re able to go out snorkeling. The benefits of this system are the natural way in which you can breathe, both through your nose and your mouth.

Also, you get an excellent field of vision with a full-face snorkel mask. And, of course, because there’s no mouthpiece, then you don’t have to worry about jaw fatigue or irritated lips and gums, which could lead you to extend your snorkeling or scuba diving session. They are perfect for a beginner snorkel trip adventure. There are, though, some disadvantages to this system as well. There is the chance of the lens fogging up. But there is also the risk of danger with full-face snorkel masks and scuba masks.

Unless they have technology built into them to guard against it, then CO2 can build up quickly inside the mask, making it difficult to breathe, so you must quickly remove the mask. This isn’t an issue when you are a recreational snorkeler who wants a big lens while you look at the sea life while on holiday, but more serious snorkelers will prefer the old, classic snorkel. You should always practice dive safety, and find the set most suited to you.


A good mouth piece will be made from food-grade silicone. This will ensure that you are putting a safe, non-toxic material in your mouth. Mouthpieces will sometimes offer a few different bite points. It is recommended to choose one with more than one bite point because it lessens the chance of jaw fatigue.

The flexibility of the mouthpiece is important for the same reason. A poor-quality mouthpiece will have your jaw aching in no time, and you also might find that your gums and lips are irritated too.

You can also opt for snorkel gear sets with replaceable mouthpieces. This is great if you plan on sharing the snorkel with friends and family. Replaceable mouthpieces may help to keep up the lifespan of your snorkel, too.

Dry Snorkel or Semi-Dry Snorkel or Flexible with a Purge Valve

A dry snorkel will be fitted with a dry valve at the top of the tube. This eradicates the opportunity for water to enter the top of the snorkel, as it forms a seal when water or air tries to get in. For example, if you accidentally submerge your snorkel under water, perhaps because of a big wave, then no water will leak down the tube. This means that you don’t have to come up and clear the snorkel each time you go underwater.

A semi-dry snorkel is slightly different. Instead of having a dry valve at the top of the tube, it will have a splash guard. This is just a guard, so there is a chance of water getting inside still. But because of the possibility of water getting in, then there will be a purge valve fitted under the mouth piece. These are usually easy to operate, sometimes just by giving a hard exhalation of air.

A flex snorkel with a purge valve is like a semi-dry snorkel, but it won’t have a splash guard, and the tube will be far more flexible, which gives you more freedom of movement while you are snorkeling or scuba diving.

What kind of snorkel is the best for swimmers?

There are a lot of snorkel gear sets on the market that have been specifically designed for swimmers, so this isn’t a quick answer. They will differ to a standard snorkel because the snorkel won’t be grounded to the left, which is the standard for snorkels used for other water-based activities. Instead, the snorkel will be grounded in the middle.

This means the snorkel will go directly up from the mouthpiece, over the nose, and will often have another piece that slots into your nose, and then a headband to secure the snorkel to your head. This allows a swimmer to be more streamlined, and then they can focus on their stroke, without the worry of having to remove the head from the water to breathe.

What activities can I use a snorkel for?

The quick answer is that a snorkel is used for many more water activities than just snorkeling. Players of underwater hockey and rugby use snorkels. As do people who go spearfishing. Freedivers and fin-swimmers also use snorkel gear sets. But, of course, snorkels are also used when scuba divers rise to the surface. And snorkelers certainly need a snorkel too!

Expert Tip

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a snorkel is just a simple tube and mouth piece. If you do this, then most likely you’ll end up buying a snorkel that sits uncomfortably in your mouth and will give you jaw fatigue within ten minutes of using it. Make sure you also think carefully about what activities you will be using the snorkel for, then you can decide which type of snorkel is the best for you.

Did you know?

The very first snorkeling equipment that we are aware of was used over 5,000 years ago. It was nothing like a modern-day snorkel though. Divers then used to get hollow reeds and put them in their mouth to breathe while they dipped their head under water and looked for sponges.


Snorkeling is a fun activity that appeals to people of all ages. And a good snorkel will enhance your enjoyment. But a snorkel is versatile. It is also used for many other underwater activities. That means that snorkels are also designed to suit the needs of these different activities.

If you want to look at the beautiful fish on your beach holiday, then you won’t want a swimmer’s snorkel. And if you want to do laps at your local pool, you won’t want to use full-face snorkel scuba masks. Choose the best snorkel for you, and make sure that the materials it is made from our high-quality, non-toxic, and comfortable to wear.

There’s nothing worse than jaw fatigue. But there truly are some amazing snorkels on the market. Choose the best snorkel, and you’re assured many years of fun with it.


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