5 Best Smartwatches


In the past few years, portable electronics has grown at a very fast pace. The leading places in this area are occupied by the so-called smartwatches. They have advanced functionality, beautiful appearance. Such devices are allowed to be used offline or by synchronization with other mobile gadgets.

What are the criteria to consider when choosing a smartwatch?

Today, there are a huge number of models of these products on sale; it is quite easy to get confused in this variety. It is advisable to take into account a number of points so that the device is not only beautiful, but also a useful addition to a mobile phone:

  • Appearance – almost all smartwatches are made in the form of classic wristwatches, there are models made in a sporty style. They are usually determined by a rather massive case and a wide bracelet, besides, it is additionally protected from moisture and dust penetration, straps are made of rubber or silicone, there are also metal ones;
  • The dial can be either traditional or more modern. When choosing a smart watch, you should not purchase a product with a too large dial. They will need to be worn on the wrist, so the excessive size of the case will only interfere with daily use;
  • Display type – black and white, made using e-papier technology, and full color, produced on the basis of LCD. The latter have become very popular, as they are distinguished by excellent realism and high detail, however, in watches with such a display, the battery is quickly discharged;
  • Availability of voice control – manufacturers strive to ensure maximum usability of gadgets due to the presence of pictures-icons and simple voice control;
  • Battery life – classic designs are capable of holding a charge of about two to three days, but there are models on sale that work up to 10 days;
  • The presence of various functions – pedometer, applications, gyroscope, calendar, virtual notifications, in particular from social networks, Wi-Fi module, video camera, and so on.

In our ranking of the best smartwatches, you will find quite budget models that are distinguished by a long service life and an excellent price-quality ratio. We tried to collect in our top-5 only the best models that will look great on your hand.

The Best Smartwatches Consumer Report 2023

Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch

5 Best Smartwatches|The Consumer Reports


They were presented to users not too long ago, they differ in quite acceptable cost, and in terms of their functionality and attractive appearance, they represent a cross between a classic watch and a fitness tracker  . The device is equipped with a full-color display with a diagonal of 1.28 inches with a resolution of 320×320 pixels. If necessary, you can synchronize with other gadgets via Bluetooth. The watch has small overall dimensions, which provides convenience in daily use of the product.

The watch looks quite classic, the display has a protective Gorilla Glass 3 coating, which reliably protects the device from any physical damage. The touch-type screen, despite its small size, is very convenient to work with, the design is equipped with only one mechanical key used to turn on or unlock. The silicone strap is quite soft, has many holes, due to which the watch can be adjusted to almost any hand.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

5 Best Smartwatches|The Consumer Reports


This model has expanded functionality and an even more expressive appearance. The display is touchscreen full-color with a diagonal of 1.3 inches, made using Always On Display technology, the device is equipped with an Exynos 7270 processor with a clock speed of 1 GHz. RAM 768 MB, own memory – 4 GB, there are built-in modules for wireless communication and Internet access – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Glonass. The diameter of the device is quite large, even for classic watches. The watch has an external grooved ring, with which you can turn the pages of the menu.

Despite the fact that the appearance is more inclined towards a sporty style, the watch is perfect for a business suit. The case is made of high-quality steel with a matte finish; only the back cover is made of glass, equipped with a significant number of sensors. On the right side of the body there are two function keys, on the left side there are three openings for the speaker. The watch does a great job with the headset function. The assembly is very reliable, dust and moisture do not get under the case.

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

5 Best Smartwatches|The Consumer Reports


They are made on the basis of a stainless steel case, are reliably protected from dust, can withstand immersion in water to a depth of one and a half meters. The screen is slightly recessed into the body, which allows it to better withstand significant loads. It has a protective Gorilla Glass coating. On the side there are two function buttons with a microphone between them. It should be noted that such a device is not intended for voice communication, that is, it will not be possible to use it as a headset, and the microphone is used to send commands to the watch itself.

The back of the case is made of plastic; in its central part there is an optical sensor that monitors the heart rate. Another sensor is also installed – atmospheric pressure. They all work correctly underwater. The screen diameter is 1.2 inches with a resolution of 360×360 pixels. The battery is fully discharged within 72 hours of use. In addition, the set includes a wireless charger, which is a stand with a magnet and an LED indicator for operation. The watch is fully charged in two hours.

Apple Watch Series 3

5 Best Smartwatches|The Consumer Reports


Today on sale you can find about 38 design options for this model. The product is made on the basis of an aluminum body, the touchscreen is covered with ordinary glass, which is very easy to scratch. The battery is reliable, lithium-ion, its capacity is 246 mAh, which provides a fairly long battery life. The diagonal of the screen is one and a half inches with a resolution of 390×312 pixels. There is no automatic brightness control, but there is an anti-reflective coating, all information can be obtained even in bright sunlight.

It has 8 GB of memory, 512 MB of RAM, there are all the necessary modules for wireless connections, unfortunately, data transmission via Bluetooth is slow. The device has a complete set of all the necessary sensors – heart rate, steps, and so on. On the left side of the case is a microphone and speaker. Wireless charging, the battery fully charges in one and a half to two hours.

Garmin vívoactive HR GPS SmartWatch

5 Best Smartwatches|The Consumer Reports


They differ in a rather original appearance, which is not even close to the standard watch design. This design is perfect for people with an active lifestyle – it can be used to track the number of steps taken, heart rate, and sleep duration. The screen will display notifications of received e-mails, SMS messages, there is an application that shows the weather forecast. The smartphone provides remote control of the music player on the smartphone.

The display is touch-sensitive, has a protective oleophobic coating, you can control the watch both using the buttons located directly under the screen, and using the sensor. However, when wet, the display becomes completely insensitive to touch. Synchronization takes a matter of seconds, can be easily used together with various gadgets running on the Android platform. The battery is quite reliable, it can work for about 8 days without recharging.


As you can see, choosing and buying a smartwatch is quite difficult, especially if you approach this issue thoughtfully. We really hope that after reading our rating, you have an opinion as to which device will be preferable to you.


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