Best Smartwatches under 50 dollars you need to buy 2022

Best Smartwatches under 50

Best Smart watches under 50 dollars: In this article you can find the top 10 best Smartwatches under 50 usd. These Watches are the top rated watches from the top brands.

Find a best smartwatch under 50 usd is easy but, get the sufficient Features like get calls and social media notifications, health monitor and all the best features of  the expensive smartwatches, at this price range is quite very difficult. 

 If you want to spend some more money, then you need check out our list of best smartwatch under 100 usd. In that list you find best budget smartwatches available in the market which perfect for your price range.

If you are still interested to buy these watch so please read the total article.

Best Smartwatch under 50 usd.

1:- GOKOO Smart Watches for Men.

 Best Smartwatches under 50 usd

The GOKOO Smart Watch was the 1st Smartwatch of this article. Because this watch was one of most popular watch from the price range of Best Smartwatches under 50 usd.

This Smart watch was comes with a HD IPS full touch screen Display & beauty metal frame. It has an ultra-thin body with skin-friendly soft silicone strap. All functions of the watch can operated with a quick switch, which makes this watch top of on this list.

The Smart watch also has  high-performance sensors, which helps to monitor your dynamic heart rate, Blood oxygen, record your all activities data. It also allows you to know more about your health and strive to escort your health.

Features You Get:- 

  • Smart Notification
  • Receive calls & messages reminders.
  • Auto Sleep monitoring.
  • IP68 Waterproofing.
  • Remote Control Camera.
  • With via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Find your all data in YFIT app.
  • Breathing Training.
  • Music plyer/controller.
  • Weather Forcast.
  • gps and Glonass connectivity.
  • HD ips full touch screen Display.

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2:- KOSPET Raptor Smart Watch for Men

 Best Smartwatches under 50 dollars

Our second smartwatch was the KOSPET Raptor Smart Watch, which is another Best Smartwatch under 50 usd, Which looks so amazing & great in this Price Range.

This watch was built with the a metal bezel, IML technique and close seal system, it also got the attain military grade and features almost three (waterproof / dust-proof / anti-collision) defences and has passed stringent laboratory testing. Its sturdy structure helps you to take advantage of different rugged outdoor conditions.

It Seems bulky but really its ultra-light RAPTOR watch is just 47 g. This watch was unpredictably light to wear and would not cause wrist strain. It is unpredictably light to wear and would not cause wrist strain. 1.3-inch high-definition resolution display, allowing you to easily see the contents of the watch and indoors, by merely lifting your hand, making crucial details visible.

Features You Get:- 

  • Water & Dust-proof with Anti-collision.
  • Built of metal bezel.
  • Ultra-light Body & 1.3″ HD Display.
  • 30 Days Standby battery life.
  • Compatibility with Android & iOS.
  • 20 Sports Modes.
  • GPS Tracking.
  • military grade durable.
  • Track & record your sports data  steps, calories, distance, active time and heart rate. 
  • GPS tracking Function & sport route tracked on “Da Fit” APP.
  • 50+ UI Watch Faces.
  •  Smart Notifications for your calls and messages.
  • Sleep Monitoring with Pedometer &  Sedentary Reminder.
  • Calorie Consumption with Exercise Time & Alarm Clock.
  • Weather functionality with Music Control player.
  • 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitoring.

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3:- MorePro Smart Watch

 Best Smartwatch under 50 usd

The MorePro Smart Watch was one of the most popular watch from the best cheap smartwatches under $50, which comes with an eye-catchy look.

Built with a HD 1.3 inch colour touch screen Display, with the responsive full-touch screen easy to operate. For various times you can change the brightness and can see the display screen clearly through the light.

This smartwatch provides sedentary alert, wellness warning for kids, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, mobile phone tracking, remote camera etc. Give yourself a comfortable and comfortable life all the time.

Features You Get:- 

  • IP68 Water Resistance.
  • All Day Activities Tracker.
  • Track your all day steps, distance, calories, heart rate blood pressure. 
  • Sleep Monitoring.
  • Automatically monitor and analyze sleep quality.
  • Health & Care Tracking.
  • 3-10 days Super Large Battery.
  • 4 Different Watch Faces.
  • Event Reminder supporter.
  • Sedentary Reminder.
  • Lock Screen with Remote Camera.
  • Alarm Clock & Female Health reminder.
  • Countdown Timer with Imperial & Metric Settings.

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4:- NiceFuse W3 Smart Watch

 Best Smartwatches under 50 dollars

NiceFuse W3 Smart Watch was one of the great looking watch which comes from the price range of Best Smartwatches under $50 dollars.

The watch is designed especially for people who love exercise by promoting 18 types of sport which Helping you to optimise your fitness and exercise easier.

NiceFuse W3 Smart Watch helps you to meet training results, maximise fitness and form a healthier lifestyle. Track your Blood Oxygen at any time & anywhere with an integrated optical sensor.

Features You Get:- 

  • Sleep tracker.
  • DIY Watch Face.
  • 24h automatic heart rate monitoring. 
  • IP68 Waterproofing.
  • In built Compass functionality.   
  • Message Notification receiver.
  • Great Battery Life   
  • Third-Party Apps support.
  • Tracks your sports data 
  • Google Fit and Apple Health supported.

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5:- Burxoe Smart watch for men

 Best Smartwatch under 50 dollars

Burxoe Smart watch was another most popular & top rated watch on Amazon, which comes from the price range of Best Smartwatches under $50 usd.

This is a strong men’s fitness tracker. The fitness watch will constantly track the everyday steps, the distance travelled and the calories consumed, and the weather all day. 

 This smartwatch will specifically turn 8 different sport modes on the smart watch, allowing you to understand each particular activity data better. 

New 1.3 “HD full touch screen format, lighter, smoother & thicker on-screen words that allow you to read time and details easily even under the glare, making colours more natural.”

Features You Get:- 

  • Real-time tracking
  • Track walking , running, cycling, biking, badminton, volleyball, football and swimming.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Sleep monitor.
  • Blood pressure monitor,
  • Sedentary alerts.
  • Remote camera access.
  •  Calls & notification alert
  • Alarm clock with music monitoring.
  • Spo2 examination & stopwatch.

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6:- Comsmart gps running watch

 Best Smart watches under 50 dollars

This Comsmart gps running watch was specialy desined for those who looking for the best cheap smartwatch under 50 usd.

It has a 1.4 “inch wide touch screen with a high-resolution display, it’s easy to read characters with images, the main screen has 4 modes, one-touch You can pick the type you want, making it easier to work.

The heart rate is continually tracked for 24 hours, and the sleep monitoring feature tracks sleep efficiency. Normal body extension and eye protection are evoked by the need to be conscious of sitting for a long time.

 The female physiological control function documents the physiological period and ovulation date of the female person. This has attracted more interest from female users.

Features You Get:- 

  • 24 hours heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, sleep tracking.
  • Time, steps, calories, distance, tracker.
  • Music player.
  • Female Menstrual cycle care.
  • Call & SMS reminder.
  • Alarm clock with Stop watch.
  • Countdown timer &Sedentary reminder.
  • Remote control camera 
  • Sport modes
  • Compatible with Android systems & iOS system.
  • 200mAh battery with Magnetic attraction charger.
  • IP68 Waterproofing.

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7:- YAMAY 023 Smart Watch 2020 Ver

 Best Smart watches under 50 dollars

The watch helps you to track your all day steps, distance, calories burned and sleep quality. It also has 9 sport modes to track your various activities & workouts. You can count your every movement in it, which will inspire you to walk and keep healthy.

It also has Heart rate & blood pressure & blood oxygen sensor — YAMAY 023 can reliably sensor the three most important health metrics throughout this body. You can read them right on the watch throughout real time, which will help you recognise your health better and make rational changes to your lifestyles. This smartwatch comes with games.

YAMAY 023 2020 Ver Smartwatch was one of the most stylish and reliable we watch from the price range of Best for Smartwatch under 50 dollars.

Features You Get:- 

  • Magnetic Charging.
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring.   
  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring.   
  • Female Health Tracking.   
  • 9 Sports Modes.
  • Call & Message receiver.
  • Step,Heart Rate & Sleep Tracker 
  • Breath Guidance.
  • Battery Life up to 10 Days.
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android.
  • IP68 waterproof standard.

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8:- YAMAY Smart Watch Fitness Tracker.

 Best Smart watches under 50 usd

YAMAY watch will measure your all-day steps correctly, intake of calories, distance travelled, heart rate. It also supports 7 additional sports modes to help you track the other workout habits, and links to the GPS of the mobile to draw the route map in the relevant app.

 This watch is compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones (not for pc or tablet). You can get alerts for calls , texts, calendar, email and notifications and read them directly on the watch. The size of the watch is 1.3 inch and the wrist (perimeter) can accommodate 6.5-9.5 inch, perfect for men and children.

YAMAY Smart Watch Fitness Tracker was a great desined watch from the price range of Best Smartwatches under 50 usd,

Features You Get:- 

  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Step counter.
  • Sleep monitor.
  • Fitness Tracker Watch.
  • 9 Sports Modes.
  • Stay Connected with Your smartphone.
  • Capture call,text,social app messages.
  • IP68 Waterproof Watch.
  • 7+ Days Long Battery Life.
  • Stopwatch and Timer.
  • Music plsyer & Controller.
  • Deep Breath Guide.
  • Display Clearly visible in outdoor.

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9:- ZJBOX SN80 Smart watch for men

 Best Smartwatches under 50 dollars

This watch can helps you to Track the all-day steps, calories, heart rate, sleep cycles automatically. It also has 8 Sport modes with full touch screen for more precise calories prediction. For batter user interface you can choose your own picture, you can change the context of the watch.

With IP68 Waterproof & Long Standby — waterproof, you can wear it while swimming. This smart watch is designed with a 300mAh battery that only takes 2.5 hours to charge and can be used for up to 14 days with a 50-day standby period.

The ZJBOX SN80 Smart watch was comes with an amazing look & a great built quality from the price range of Top Best Smartwatch under $50.

Features You Get:- 

  • Built-in dial switch.
  • Pedometer with Distance tracker & Calorie Burn monitor.
  • Sleeping Monitoring.
  • User wear the watch to sleep can 
  • Heart Rate monitor.
  • 5 types of Sports Modes.
  • SPO2 monitor.
  • Breathe Training & Weather report.
  • Play & Control your music.
  • Message & calls Notification.
  • Remote Camera control.
  • Sedentary reminder.
  • Call reminder.

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10:- Blackview X1 Smart Watch 

 Best Smart watch under 50 dollars

This watch comes with a 1.3-Inch round IPS touchscreen Display with a high-end glass and anodized aluminum +316L stainless steel body, this watch was comes from the range of impressive smartwatches under $50 dollars.

It also has 2PCS comfortable & stylish colorful silicone band. With 4 styles of dial design which is perfect for both men and women.

 Built-in U.S. low-power infrared body-sensing processor, monitor your pulse rate and sleep stage calories all-day steps automatically and provide detailed sleep monitoring.

 You can also read them immediately on the watch in real time , helping you to better understand your physical state. You can also customise up to 9 sport modes to track the different exercise accordingly.

Features You Get:- 

  • Compatible with iOS & Android. 
  • TFT-LCD color touch screen.
  • 22mm Comfortable TPU Band.
  • 260mAh Battery Capacity.
  • 10 days of battery Backup.
  • 30~40 days of standby mode.
  • 2-3 hours needs to full charge in 3.8 Voltage.
  • 3D corning curved glass with bevel cutting technology.
  • 316L stainless steel watch body.
  • 5ATM Waterproof.
  • 0.45 inches of Watch thickness.
  • 1.83 inches of Diameters.
  • 1.3-inch full touch screen Display.
  • its also a hybrid smartwatch under $50 dollars.
  • 260mAh Long Battery Life with magnetic charger.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the Best Smartwatches under $50?

If you are still confused about to find the Best Smartwatches under 50 dollars, then in this section, i will help you a lot & try to solve your major confusion below, I have listed the top 5 most popular Smartwatches under 50 usd from this article.

Here are some of smartwatches:-

  1. Lintelek H19 smartwatch

This Lintelek H19 was a cheap smartwatch under $50, which also a budget friendly smartwatch, that also offering great features like the excellent 1.3″ inch display with the touch screen Functionality and an decent battery backup.

The Lintelek H19 smartwatch has the similar looks like smartwatches of the Apple Watch series, but it comes with a custom design, so you’d essentially get the trendy Apple Watch concept on your wrist in a affordable price of $50.

It has the Fitness monitoring feature, which also make this Smartwatch decent, but not the best in the industry. There is really not anything to worry about in the price range. The heart rate tracking mechanism that enables you to track and record your heart rate directly on your wrist works well and when I checked, its data is almost precise.

This smartwatch was also comes with an amazing tracking tool that helps to track the blood pressure that also could often be a little off in my experience with this watch, so it’s nice to see a smartwatch with a feature like this.

It also has the Sleep tracking feature, which is also make this watch so impressive & reliable on this price range and it works most of the time to measure the volume and duration of your sleep. This smartwatch worked very well in terms of battery life and according to Lintelek, you can get about 7-10 days of battery life on a single charge. This depends of course, on which functionality you consciously allow and use. It was comes from the range of best smartwatches priced below 50 usd..

The user can get Smart alertration from your phone calls, emails and text messages, music replay power, weather prediction, adjustable watch faces, and more are included with the Lintelek h19 smartwatch. The watch is also compatible with most Android and iOS devices out there but in my view, connectivity concerns are almost non-existent.

Overall, the Lintelek H19 smartwatch is a reasonably respectable and inexpensive smartwatch, and at this price level, there is just not much to think about.

The smartwatch was comes with 1.3″ touchscreen display & it also

Compatible with Android and IOS devices. it can provides the Battery backup 3 to 10 Days (Note:- the battery life of this watch was totally depends on your uses)The watch was charged with a wired Charger, the watch can operated with the Touchscreen & buttons. It also has the water resistant depth upto 100 meters. 

  1. MorePro CS201 smartwatch.

This Smartwatch of morepro was the latest model smartwatch in the production of this brand. Because this watch was one of the best smartwatch under $50 right now. This watch was also a budget friendly smartwatch, which also contains all features that you will be need from an expensive Smartwatch.

The MorePro CS201 was an all-rounder smartwatch, which strongly focused towards fitness monitoring. Just because of the watch comes with 18 sport modes, some of which include running, walking, swimming, yoga, tennis, steps, and each of these modes is programmed to track your performance in a specific sport and provide information that might help you improve your game in it.

If you have a look this price point, the battery life is indeed one of the best you can expect from a smartwatch. According to Morepro, by using all its functions, including GPS monitoring and maximum fitness tracking, the battery can last around 4-5 days (or more on daily use and 2-3 days. This, for me is just perfect for the price.

Let you know about the Additional features of the Morepro CS201 smartwatch include smart reminders including calls, SMS, email  & smartphone updates with your favourite social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, fitness monitoring with the advanced HR sensor from Morepro, built-in GPS tracking, waterproof IP68 & 5ATM (meaning you can take it for 50m max swimming), music playback control. It also comes from the Smartwatches priced under 50 usd.

This watch has 1.38″ inch colorful touch screen display. it also Compatible with both  iOS & Android with Bluetooth support. It’s offering the battery backup of 1week in regular use. You can get a Magnetic wireless charger to charge this amazing Smartwatch. It also has  buttons to operate the watch. The watch was also get IP68 rated waterproofing.

  1. Coulax edge watch.

This was a stylish budget smartwatch under $50 usd, the brand if this watch was not so popular, but it provides the amazing & impressive range of features in this Smartwatch. It comes with a round shaped High Defination touch screen display & an massive battery backup for access all Features.

One positive thing about this smartwatch is that it not only measures the pulse rate, but also helps to calculate other aspects such as calories expended, blood pressure, and the level of oxygen. It also features a sleep sensor that when switched on, monitors the quality and volume of your sleep.

If we are go to the battery life of this Smartwatch then we find that this Coulax Smartwatch can be claims upto 2.5-hour, when it has charged, the battery should be able to last for at least 7 days and most users say they got either that or marginally lower. The watch is also compatible with most Android and iOS devices and can be linked via a Bluetooth link to your phone and a VeryFit app that can be downloaded from the app store according to your Smartphone.

This smartwatch was also offering  the various types of sports modes that allow you to calculate your fitness data for most athletic events or workouts differently. Weather status updates, interchangeable watch faces, music replay control (using your smartphone), breathing training, smart alerts (including calls, emails & text messages), and more are more features of this smartwatch.

Overall, while it has some problems in the field of fitness monitoring, the Coulax sports smartwatch is a cheap & affordable smartwatch under $50 dollars price. If you’re not really involved in fitness monitoring and you just need a smartwatch to show you updates and get the job done and back it up with a decent battery life, then I would recommend this watch, but if you take your fitness details very seriously, then check out other watches on this list that function flawlessly in the fitness tracking field.

This Smart watch has 1.06″ inches of Round shaped HD Display with Touch screen Function. It also 

Compatible with Android devices &  iPhone devices. The watch also offering 1 week of battery backup on a single charge. It has also IP68 Rated Waterproofing, which has the depth upto 50 meters.

  1. Yamay 020 Smartwatch.

This Smartwatch of Yamay was one of the latest smartwatch in this price rage and it’s also an amazing smart watch which provides great features in this price range. This watch was also comes with very stylish look, which is also suitable for anyone.

This is a very popular watch, if you want to know the reason of popularity then you have to keep in mind that it’s potential for health monitoring and it does better within this price range than most smartwatches. It can records your everyday workout habits automatically from steps walked to calories expended, distance travelled, heart rate, and even a sleep tracker that continues to work when you go to bed.

If we look about the additional features of this watch, then we find it has the capability to receive your calls, SMS & email updates, other notifications and messages from popular social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, without access your Smartphone. Also has menstrual cycle monitoring (for women), stopwatch/countdown timer, and more are included in the Yamay 020 smartwatch. It’s also the best smartwatches below 50 usd.

All things have a demerits, this watch also has too. This watch was runs on the proprietary OS of a Yamay, it does not allow you to add other third-party applications, but if this is not a concern for you then I suggest you go for it. Only make sure that when you order, all the functionality you may need are already available so you obviously do not instal new applications for other purposes.

It is also a IP68-rated waterproofing smartwatch, meaning that whether swimming or taking a shower, you can keep it on without any problems. The battery life on this smartwatch is also excellent, and according to most consumers who have used this smartwatch, its battery seems to last up to 5 days or more on a single charge, which is very impressive given its price point.

Overall, the Yamay 020 smartwatch is a fantastic budget smartwatch under $50. that gives you a taste of luxury smartwatch features such as activity monitoring, interchangeable watch faces, sleek style, and a decent battery at an attractive price of under 50 usd.

This watch has also a Good battery life, which provides the backup upto 5 Days in normal use, it has the Wired charger. It can also supporting the Google Fit, Apple Health and Strava apps. The smart watch comes with 1.3″ TFT HD LCD display & impressive screen touch Function, which provides a great picture quality. It also Compatible with iOS 8.0 & Android devices. It also has the Water resistant feature. I was also a lightweight & stylish designed watch.

  1. Willful gear SW020.

This smartwatch from Willful was one of the decent watch in our list. If we are going with the official Records of this watch, then we can find that, this watch was lunched in 2019. Like other smartwatches this Willful gear smartwatch is a care taker of your health & fitness, because it comes with fitness tracker and health monitor.

This Smartwatch was also has the 1.3″ sized colour LCD touchscreen display with a decent number of customization watch faces and a brightness adjustment function that can be done to suit any setting manually or automatically.

The battery performance of this watch, the Willful claims it can last up to 30 days, you can expect between 7-10 days of battery juice on this watch. When you have power-hungry features such as GPS and all-day activity monitoring allowed, you can however, get less battery life.

As I said earlier, this smartwatch is primarily based on fitness tracking and it comes with several fitness tracking features you can find on other high-end smartwatches and fitness trackers. Some of these features include monitoring of heart rate, sleep tracking, calorie measurement, and up to 14 modes of sport that give you detailed information on your fitness in a particular sport or exercise.

This Smartwatch of wilful is also up to 50 m water-resistant (IP68 rated), so you can keep it on without problems when swimming or taking a shower. It also supports the Smart notifications and app alerts (including SMS, emails and call notifications), female-specific health tracking (including menstrual cycle measurement), stopwatch, music playback control (using your smartphone), alarm clock, and many other impressive features are additional features of this watch.

Overall, I must admit that this smartwatch from Willful always inspired me. The $300+ Apple watch does almost all at a very inexpensive price, so I highly recommend it. This watch is perfect for fitness monitoring and if you are a fitness-oriented person who wants a watch that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then you should certainly try out Willful’s smartwatch.

Let’s talk about the Specifications of this wilful smartwatch. The watch has a 1.3″ sized LCD display with Touchscreen Functionality & it’s also

Compatible with iPhone & Android Smartphones. There are 10 days of battery life was available in this watch.  The watch also has Water resistance depth up to 50m. The smart watch has the Stylish & premium look. 

  1. Kospet probe Smartwatch.

This Kospet Probe watch was one of the next choiced impressive smartwatch under $50 price point. Because the watch also comes with a 1.3″ round shaped full HD touchscreen display & also with an decent battery life that provides the backup up to 30 days, once it fully charged.

This watch can be easily connect with iOS & Android smartphones, so in terms of usability, you have nothing to think about. On this smartwatch, health and activity monitoring also works well and it also comes with massive motion & optical sensors that when activated, it can also control and record your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen rate, and more all day long.

It also comes with the smart notification system that presents alerts without hassles from social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter directly on your watch for calls, SMS, email & notifications of you Smartphone, which also comes from the range of best under 50 usd smartwatches.

The Smartwatch includes an integrated 10-sport GPS tracking system, customizable watch faces from their “YFit” app available on multiple app stores, and more. It is also IP68 waterproof, so when swimming or having a shower with your watch on, you have nothing to worry about. Overall, for its price, the watch is a great value and when I compared it to my $300 Apple Watch, I didn’t see any difference in results.

 The Smartwatch has a 1.3 inch HD Display with Touch Screen Functionality. This watch was also connect with Android and IOS devices via Bluetooth system. It can also support the Apple health and Google Fit apps & available in Multiple color variants. The watch can provide the battery backup upto 

30 Days in Normal Uses & it also provides Battery Life upto 7 Days in GPS mode. The watch was also IP68 Rated Waterproofing. You can also use GPS Functionality, also achive your fitness goa with multiple sport modes.

  1. Blackview BV watch

This smartwatch is another stylish & impressive looking watch, which comes from Blackview brand, which is very affordable for you, because it priced just under $50 usd. This watch was also comes with a 1.3′ HD touch-screen display, which allows to the user for access the wide range of  features of expensive smartwatches in this cheapest watch without your smartphone.

This Smartwatch also has some of advantages, exercise and health monitoring features on this system still work excellent, which is valuable in this price range. The advanced Heart Rate tracker can measure your heart rate, evaluate your sleep categories of light sleep, deep sleep and wake up time, monitor calories burned, log steps alongside others and the information gathered from these monitoring exercises can allow you to know more about your health in real-time. This is also comes from the collection of best 50 usd smartwatches.

The watch also comes with various types of sport modes, which can helps you a lot in the case of monitor your health details for particular activities or workout differently. On the Blackview BV-SW01 smartwatch, the battery life is also fantastic. Basically, with regular use, you can get about 7-10 days of battery life, though this may be lower (or even higher) based on the functionality and utilities you allow and the rate at which they are used.

Any additional features of this smartwatch include water resistance up to 50 meters (IP68 rating), music playback control when combined with your mobile, dust resistance, software smart alerts (including calls, SMS, and emails), stopwatch, relaxation guides, and more.

Overall, if you are on a small budget, the Blackview BV-SW01 smartwatch is an awesome choice. It just works out of the box and you can effectively get most features of the Apple Watch and other high-end watches, such as the FitBit Versa 2 and even the Samsung Galaxy Watch, for its price. More significantly, it works.

The display was comes with a 1.3″ sized TFT-LCD display with Fully Touchscreen Functionality. The watch was also compatible with iOS & Android smartphones. It Provides upto 10 Days of battery backup in normal uses & it can also provide 4 to 5 days of battery backup in GPS mode. Overall the battery backup of this watch was totally depends on your uses.

 It was also Water resistant watch which has the depth upto 50 meters with IP68 Rating. The smart watch can track your heart rate with 24/7 Heart rate monitor feature. You can also get  GPS tracking features with this best cheapest smartwatch under $50, it also comes with  9+ sport modes for your fitness goal, user can enjoy music playback Functionality.

  1. LetsFit ID205 Smartwatch

This one was Another smartwatch priced at just under 50 usd that works pretty well from LetsFit watch band. It has a wide 1.3-inch HD touchscreen monitor that helps you to control much of its features, as some other smartwatches do without having to search your mobile all the time.

I’d say this smartwatch actually worked way above my standards at its price point, and there was really not much to complain about. That’s why I mentioned this watch as the best under $50 smartwatches.

With the Via “VeryFitPro” app, it can provide you the Features to smart activity tracking that helps you to control and track your everyday health/fitness activities such as calories burned, heart rate, distance travelled, sports mileage, sleep quality and more using special sensors installed just below the case of the watch.

Aside from fitness monitoring, the LetFit ID205 also comes with other fascinating features, including smart alerts for incoming (and missed calls, text messages, emails + notifications from top social media applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp e.t.c. Also pre-installed on the watch are various sports modes, music playback control, among others.

This smartwatch still works impressively when it comes to battery life and according to LetFit, the ID205L smartwatch can last up to 10 days on a single charge. It is compliant with most Android and iOS devices (Android OS 4.0 or iOS 8.0 and above to be specific) and allows Bluetooth 4.0 and above to work with the VeryFitPro software which is available on the respective app stores for Android and iOS.

Overall, this is an excellent smartwatch that is sold at a very reasonable rate smartwatch. If you need the Smartwatches for less than 50 usd, that does activity monitoring, music replay power, and more + a decent battery backup, then this is a product to consider.

This letsfit smartwatch aslo has a 1.3″ inch HD colorful touch screen display, which provides a great view to the user. It also compatible with Android & iPhone with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. It also Provides upto 10 days of battery life, it also charge with a Magnetic wireless Charger.

How to choose a Best Smartwatches under $50 ?

If you don’t know how to choose a Best Smartwatch under $50 usd, i will also help you to get the best watch for you. When you are going to choose/buying a watch, you need note these points about a watch.

  • Battery life capacity.

If you opt for a smartwatch inside this price category, battery life is one of the most important things to remember when you go to buy a smartwatch. Smartwatch batteries usually do not seem to last long, and this is a proven reality, so just make sure that you buy a smartwatch that guarantees an average battery life of 5 days or more.

If you’re keen on having a smartwatch with outstanding battery life, you should check out my post on the best smartwatches with long battery life under 50 usd.

  • Charger type.(optional)

Charger was another factor, which not important, because most of smartwatches are comes with Wired charger, but some of watches are comes with magnetic wireless charger. This Wireless charger are suitable for smartness.

  • Styling.

Watches tend to bring sophistication to our dressing, and before buying it it is important to know whether the nature of a specific smartwatch suits your dressing style. You can appreciate that by only showing images of the watch on multiple shopping pages (like Amazon for example). Its also good fact to choose the best 50 usd smartwatches.

Some smartwatches also allow you to switch with any band of your choosing to original bands that can be bought online, so make sure you review this stuff before purchasing. Most watches also allow you to customise the face of the watch to suit any colour or dressing style.

  • Heart rate & Blood pressure Monitoring.

Smartwatches are mostly comes with blood pressure Tracker & Heart rate tracker, which is makes different from normal watches. These Features are help you lot to achieve your fitness goal.

If you get a smartwatch specifically for exercise monitoring, then it is very important to know how reliable the smartwatch tracking functionality you are buying are and certainly, if it comes with out-of-the-box activity tracking software.

  • Android & iPhone support.

For starters, the Apple Watch would not work out of the box with Android phones since they are intended to only work with smartphones in the Apple ecosystem, so make sure it is compatible with your current smartphone before buying any smartwatch within this price range.

Fortunately, most smartwatches we see these days seem to be compliant with Android and iOS devices (with reasons better known to Apple, excluding the Apple Watch), but to be on the safer side, it is best to make sure that the smartwatch you are going for is compatible with your computer to prevent unnecessary issues after purchase.

  • Durability of the watch.

You don’t want to buy one that the next day will end up breaking up, so make sure you get a high standard, reliable smartwatches Which also priced under 50 usd.

One way to know if a smartwatch is durable is to seek out online user feedback from individuals who have previously purchased the smartwatch in the past. Any cheaper smartwatches tend to be less reliable, so you should be careful of this.

  • Display quality.

All Features of the smartwatch was nothing without a display. Because all Features was totally depends on display, if the Smartwatch has no good display, then the watch was useless, so i always prefer to buy a best quality watch. 

  • Water resistant.

This is another factor to buy a best smartwatch. Because of Water activities can damage your watch to survive from water you always need water resistant watch. So that I always recommed to buy a water resistant smartwatches under 50 usd.

  • Notifications supporting.

I understand these are some simple features that you will almost always see in most smartwatches, but some smartwatches do lack this feature, particularly in the price range of under 50 usd, so make sure that before buying, the watch you plan to purchase has smart alarms and notifications available.

Final Word

Finally these are the Best Smartwatches under 50 usd, which we have collected from with best ratings. Now its your time to choose the best watch for you. Please note that the price of these Watches are not stable.


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