Best Smartwatch Under 100 USD must to buy (Mar 2022)

Best Smartwatch Under 100

Best Smartwatch Under 100 usd: In this article you can find the list of 10 Best Smartwatches under 100 usd, which are the best pick of 2022. You can also buy these Watches for Amazon.

As you know that, Most of smartwatches we buy for daily uses or for specific purposes. This watches provides you Features like notifications, fitness tracking, apps, social media management and many more. The Smartwatches provides big Features within a short size.

Nowadays Smartwatches are going to very expressive like smartphones, If you can’t spend a higher amount of money in Smartwatches, then we have listed the Best Smartwatches Under 100 USD which is according to your budget.

Best Smartwatch under 100 dollars

1:- Sanag E8 Smart Watch for Android iOS.

Best Smartwatches under 100 usd

The Sanag E8 Smart Watch was one of the Best Smartwatches under 100 dollars, which is comes with a great looking, which can atract everyone, whenever you wear it.

This smartwatch was Fitted with 9 activity modes, it has functions include HR and BP monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, steps, calories, speed , distance, messages, alarm, timer, light modification, stand-up warning, IP68 waterproof and remote shutter disconnection signal.

It comes with a Hard 1.3-inch IPS full hd display. Which can deliver outstanding colour reversal and screen brightness conversion efficiency, so that no matter from either perspective, you can appreciate the perfect image of bright colour, saturation and natural view.

Features you Get:- 

  • 9sports modes with Heart Rate & Blood Pressure rapid tracking.
  • 24-hour Heart Rate monitoring.
  • Sleep monitoring with alarm.
  • Wrist rotation screen-on with dial switch.
  • Pedometer & burnt calories tracker.
  • Distance & heart rate track.
  • Phone call & messages recever.
  • Stop watch & auto brightness. 
  • Screen timeout adjustment.
  • Remote shutter with alarm functionality.
  • good battery life.
  •  Sitting, Drinking, Medication & Meeting reminders.

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2:- Sanag R5 dido Smart Watch.

Best Smartwatches under 100 usd

Sanag R5 dido Smart Watch was another Smartwatch, which comes from the collection of Best Smartwatches under $100, with amazing look.

The watch was comes with a Full Touch Display Screen Smartwatch DIDO R5 smart watches have a 1.3-in display IPS HD full touch screen, more sensitive to touch; 5 types of theme designs to select from and more than 10 types of personalised themes can be enabled through the app; With a sturdy aluminium dial frame and 2 shortcut buttons, it is faster and easier to use dual function mode.

It also Using the new VC31 light sensor chip technology, even black skin can accurately monitor heart rate , blood pressure 24/7 with HR & BP & SpO2 Display.

Features you Get:- 

  • Magnetic charged.
  • Shortcut Buttons.
  • 200 mAh battery with 7 days of backup.
  • 1.3″ touchscreen Display.
  • Auto Brightness functionality.
  • Your all call & SMS Notification capturer.
  •  IP68 Waterproofing.
  •  Intelligent Sleep Tracker .
  •  Weather Forecast with Calendar functionality & Alarm Clocks.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with Music play back.
  • Wrist Sensor Switch.
  • Heart rate monitor sensor.

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3:- SANAG Smart Watch B089S51Z5L

Best Smartwatches under 100 usd

This Sanag B089S51Z5L Smart watch was a great looking watch from the price range of Best Smartwatch Under 100 USD.

It has Multiple tracking of health info, observation of sleep efficiency, pedometer, calories, SMS, inbox, remote music control, remote picture control, calendar, alarm clock, real-time alert of new social app updates.

This smartwatch process is smoother and more exciting, 30 screensavers are free to substitute according to your mood, fitted with full touch sensor with full round screen, AMOLED Retina HD wide screen, gives a simple visual experience on the wrist.

Features You Get:- 

  • Music play & Download.
  • Sleep & Health data monitoring.
  • Pedometer with burnt Calories.
  • Motions & activities tracking.
  • 30 + dial themes.
  • Incoming call &SMS notification.
  • Other 3rd-party message received.
  • Full screen touch with Drag the screen to follow functionality.
  • Smart alarm clock.
  • Take pictures & Find my device function.
  • Health statistics with Weather forecast
  • Stopwatch with auto brightness.

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4:- Sanag E4 Bluetooth Smartwatch.

Best Smartwatches under 100 usd

This Sanag E4 Bluetooth Smartwatch one of the amazing looking Smartwatch from the price range of Best Smartwatches under $100 USD.

The Smartwatch will calculate heart rhythm and blood pressure more accurately. The unique fitness smart watch, a soft and supportive watch band with a unique style. Many trendy dials to choose from, perfect for men and women, company and sports.

Track your all-day steps, calories, 24/7 heart rate,9 fitness types to select from, measure your all-day pace, speed, calories, 24/7 heart rate, sleep efficiency. Report your progress in real time, record and change life rules correctly.

Features you Get:-

  • 1.33″inch full hd scree.
  • Ergonomic Designed watch.
  • Dynamic interesting UI 
  • 7/24Heart Rate tracker.
  • Blood Pressure tracker.
  • Pedometer with IP68 Waterproofing. 
  •  Sleep Monitoring with 9 Modes.
  • Call /Message Alerts.

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5:- iTouch Sport Round Smartwatch.

Best Smartwatches under 100 usd

The iTouch Sport Round Smartwatch was another great looking watch from the price segment of Best Smartwatches below 100 usd.

This watch was Built In Heart Rate Monitor and Blood Oxygen Levels-Use our built in heart rate and blood oxygen level monitor to calculate your heart rate and oxygen levels and keep on top of your health easily! Perfect for using your workout to the fullest.

Built In Pedometer, Calorie Tracker and Sleep Schedule-It is important to keep on top of your daily health.

 It has a pedometer to map your steps, a calorie tracker to calculate how much calories you’ve burnt and an extremely easy to use sleep monitor to make sure you get the best night’s sleep! It also provides eight multi-sport modes: walking, biking, swimming, jump-rope, soccer, badminton to get the most out of your operation.

Features you get:- 

  • Heart Rate tracker.
  •  Blood Oxygen Levels-Use tracker.
  •  Built In Pedometer.
  • Burnt Calorie monitor.
  •  Sleep Monitoring.
  • solid silicone strap. 
  •  8 multi sports modes. 
  •  ultra-thin designed watch.
  •  stopwatch with weather track.
  • music remote & camera remote. 
  • social media & calls notifications.
  • Compatible with Android & ios.

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6:- Amazfit Bip S Fitness Smartwatch.

Best Smartwatches under 100 usd

This Amazfit Bip S Fitness smartwatch was one most attractive looking watch from the price range of Best Smartwatch under $100 usd.

The Amazfit Bip S Wellness Smartwatch comes with a massive battery life of 40 days on a single 2.5-hour charge. 10 Exercise Modes Monitoring.  including 5 ATM water-resistant so that you can swim underwater.

With Built-in GPS to monitor the amount of everyday steps, distance travelled, expended calories, and quality of sleep.

The BioTracker PPG Heart Rate Monitor delivers continuous heart rate monitoring, alert, and interval values with high precision.

Features you Get:- 

  • Up to 40 Days of battery life.
  • Built-in Editable Dials.
  • 40+ Watch Faces.
  • 1.28″ Transflective Color TFT.
  • 176 x 176pixel, 64 RGB color gamut and Always-on Display. 
  • Ultra Lightweight Smartwatch
  • Sports Mode
  • 10+ Water Resistant
  • 31g of weight and 11.4mm thickness. 
  •  Speed monitor, heart rate tracker, distance reminders, and excessive heart rate reminders.
  • 5 ATM of Water Resistance.

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7:- Gandley M4C Smartwatch for Men.

Best Smartwatches under 100 usd

The Gandley M4C Smartwatch was specially designed for those who are looking for the best Smartwatch under 100 dollars.

 The watch is equipped with realistic features that could provide warning for physical problems , such as heart rate and BP sensor, sleep quality tracker and sedentary reminder, maybe it is not as specific as specialist equipment, but it is important to be a kind of reference.

 Adventures, as a part of smart watches, the GPS sport watch is pretty pleasant to outdoor enthusiasts, waterproof IP67, real-time weather, barometer and altitude indicator, compass all bundled together, it’s not a military watch, but it helps a lot while hiking or climbing, you can even take a snapshot of your trip with the remote capture feature.

Features you Get:- 

  • 49mm steel case Dial diameter.
  • 1.3” inch Round shaped touchscreen Display.
  • 22mm of a leather & rubber strap.
  • 66g of total weights.
  • Android & iOS Phones support.
  • 10 pre-installed watch themes.
  • IP67 of Waterproofing.
  • 320mAh battery capacity.
  • 3-4hrs need to full charge.
  •  4-7 days of battery backup.
  • GPS with Hear Rate Monitor.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor.
  •  Barometer & Compass.
  • Breath & Activity Tracking 
  • Mssg & Call Notifications.
  • Alarm, Sedentary Alert & Remote Capture with Music player.

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8:- GOKOO Smart Watch for Men.

Best Smartwatches under 100 usd

This GOKOO Smart Watch was another amazing looking Smartwatch from the price range of Best Smart Watches under $100 dollars.

Smart watch has a clear and elegant style, with a fully circular display and full contact coloured 1.3 inch screen. Smartwatches band is made of soft silicone, user-friendly construction not only lets you wear easy and trendy, but still very sturdy. This Smartwatch has no screen glare, the brightness of the screen can be changed, so that the eyes do not get fatigued quickly.

Smart men’s watch is out of the conventional watch and pedometer, it can also monitor your blood pressure , pulse rate and sleep, discover new fitness details, and attempt to support your wellbeing.


  • Stopwatch functionality.
  • Remotely camera control. 
  • Vibration alarm clock.
  • Steps, calories & distance monitor.
  • Sedentary alert.
  • Your incoming call and message reminder.
  •  Automatic Sleep monitoring.
  • Heart rate tracker.
  • Blood pressure monitor.
  • Find smart watches,
  • Auto brightness adjustment.

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9:- Gandey M7C GPS Smart Watch for Android.

Best Smartwatches under 100 usd

This Gandey M7C GPS Smart Watch was one of the most attractive looking watch from tge price range of Best affordable Smartwatch under 100 usd.

Smart watch with built-in GPS ensures that when you workout you don’t have to bring a computer, the watch will store the fitness data individually. SMART-TIME Software tracks your trajectory and displays your workout data in the most precise manner: steps, speed, calories burnt.

Skilled outdoor adventure aids will support accurate placement for GPS / Beidou / Glonass, ideal for challenging outdoor conditions. 5 sports modes for beginners or experienced runners, such as indoor / outdoor running / cycling / mountaineering / marathon(Stopwatch / Timer / Pedometer) provide you with weather status and help.

Features You Get:- 

  • Your all day activity tracker.
  • Heart Rate tracker.
  • Blood Pressure monitor.
  • Sleep Monitoring.
  • Breathing Training & Guidance.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 supported.
  • Built-in GPS with Alarm Clock.
  • Real-time Weather Forecast.
  • Stopwatch functionality with Compass & Timer.
  •  Pedometer and Altitude/Barometer.
  • Your Phonebook with Intelligent calls & Notification tracker.
  • Sedentariness Reminder.
  • Remote camera, 
  • Various Themes with Music player.
  • IP67 Waterproofing.

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10:- Tinwoo T20W Smart Watch.

Best Smartwatches under 100 usd

This Tinwoo T20W Smart Watch was one of the amazing looking & most popular watch from the price range of Best cheap smart watches under 100 dollars.

This watch was fitted with a stainless case and tpu strap with a full 1.3-inch circular touch panel, ultra-thin body, 14 different clock face to pick from, black and white clock rotating at sunrise and sunset, the flower / yellow circle on the face of the clock alerts you if your training target has been accomplished.

Tinwoo ‘s smart bracelet is fitted with a GPS mapping feature, APP pairing tracks your route and displays the most reliable fitness data: moves, speed, calories burned. It promotes the monitoring of static heart rate across the day, real-time measurement of heart rate during exercise and irregular alerts of heart rate.

Features you Get:- 

  • 22mm width Band.
  • 14+ preinstalled clock faces.
  • All day Activities tracker.
  • Wireless & Magnetic charged.
  • Sleep tracker.
  • Music player, play your favorite music on this watch.
  • Remotely Camera control.
  • IP68 Water Resistance of 5atm.
  •  Support iOS &  Android.
  • Battery backup upto 10-15 days.
  • 300mAh Li-polymer battery.
  • 1.3 inch full round display with 240*240 resolution.
  • Nordic 52832, ARM Cortex -M4, 64KB + 512KB
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer.

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11:- AMATAGE Smart Watch for Men

Best Smartwatches under 100 usd

This AMATAGE Smart Watch was our last best watch from the price range of best cheapest Smart watches under 100 dollars.

The smart watch tracks your complex 24-hour heart rate in real time and can track blood oxygen and blood pressure, log your habits, such as steps, calories expended, exercise levels, sleep status and walking miles, to help you get a better picture of your fitness.

 The fitness tracker provides 23 types of data tracking, including running, hiking , biking, riding, ball sports (e.g. football, soccer, soccer , baseball, hockey, pingpong, badminton, cricket, etc.), YOGA, exercise board, spinning, juggling, jumping jack, sit-up, boating, etc. In short, all your everyday sports are secured.

Features You Get:- 

  • 23 types of sports modes.
  • Costumizable watch face. 
  • All-day Activities track.
  • Cool & unique design.
  • Heart Rate monitor 
  • Blood pressure tracker.
  • Sleep Monitor.
  • All-day Activities Recorder.
  • steps counter.
  • Calories burned counter. 
  • Water Resistance.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the Best Smartwatches under $100?

If you are still not find the Best Smartwatches under $100 dollars, then in this section, i will try to solve this confusion below, because i have listed the top 5 most popular Smartwatches under $100 usd from this article.

Here are some smartwatches:- 

  1. NiceFuse smartwatch.

This Smartwatch was comes with A slim & lightweight Desined, Body of this Smartwatch was totally made

With the combination of  Steel & aluminum, it also comes with a comfortable genuine leather strap. It has the Multiple fitness monitoring features, which can track your activities automatically and it can also provide you all real time fitness report through on you smartphone by via app of the smartwatch.

The smartwatch also has the Ergonomic design, which looks so attractive. You can easily trein yourself by the guide of 10 sport modes of this watch. The watch can track your all day activities, it is also Competible with your Smartphone.

This NiceFuse smatwatch was one of the best budget smatwatch under $100 usd, which comes with  expensive look than the price. This watch also works when ever you leave thewatch for sometimes.

What We Don’t Like About NiceFuse

First few weeks the life of the battery lasted 4 days. After 3 weeks the battery had to be charged every other day. The device does not inform the user of incoming phone calls and some of the text messages.

Now let’s talk about the pros of this smatwatch, This watch was offering the GPS connectivity feature & also it precise real-time pace & distance. It has an impressive display with Light weight desined, the Battery backup was lasts for 7 days.

  1. Pebble Smartwatch. 

This Smartwatch was another Best Cheap Smartwatch under $100 dollars. If you’re looking for various colors combination and stylish designed watches, this watch is something you can wear with almost any outfit. It’s just got a really good aesthetic appeal.

Pebble’s smartwatch will easily connect to your iOS or Android smartphone and let you see when someone calls you as someone who sends you a text message. You can read it on this computer and do some other stuff like e-mail, update your schedule, and you can run your favourite applications directly on your hand.

This smartwatch is available with Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0 connectivity. it also comes with the 3-axis accelerometer, which provides a good for motion recognition, so you can get a warning on your watch by waving your hand up and down.

This is the best waterproof smartwatch under $100 dollars, from pebble smartwatch in your budget so you can go down to 165 feet, so if you’re taking a shower or a dive, you don’t have to think about being hurt.

This watch was designed with the Black colour with 144 x 168 resolution display, the watch has the Light Sensor, Accelerometer sensor & also has the Compass, there are no GPS Functionality & Camera was available. It comes with the water resistant capacity up to 5 ATM and the battery backup upto 7 days, its also compatible with Android and iOS.

Overall, Pebble is a trusted smartwatches maker brand and it also gathered  loved from gadget lovers, who would love to play with it,  but it has minimal in versatility. It’s an all-around smartwatch, and the Pebble has a new life record, and it’s more elegant than ever before. Like the general watch. 

  1. Kungix Smartwatch.

This was not only a smartwatch but also a health & fitness tracker, which looks like a normal watch. It was comes With multiple features like activities tracker, sports tracking & all are running with the big battery, so that it was a very affordable smartwatch under $100.

The watch has the water resistant depth upto 5ATM with a Long Battery Life for more fun, user also allowed to play Musics with this watch, the display can be costumizable with the 

4 styles of screen mode.

This Kungix smartwatch comes with touch screen features and mechanical buttons that lead you to an easy life. This watch provides flexibility and versatile features with just two buttons and a touch screen.

VeryFitPro provides a women’s health check-up that tracks menstrual changes, recognises female menstrual periods, and forecasts ovulation.

Other features include calming, which helps to stabilise breathing and calm the mood, music controller, timer, etc. A perfect platform for day-to-day detailed exercise and wellness tracking.

The heart rate sensor is erroneous and monitors even though the watch is not worn by the consumer. Battery life is 2 days. Phase count was not accurate. Sleep sensor tracks whether or not the user is asleep. After two weeks, others noticed the system to stop working.

  1. Sony pro Smartwatch

This watch was comes from the Sony, this smartwatch is the first Sony smartwatch. It comes with a 1.3-inch OLED touchscreen and power button on the right side of the watch.

This smartwatch has many features, such as temperature, music player, remote camera, etc. It connects to your phone through Bluetooth, so whatever you play on your smartwatch, it plays on your phone. You can also use a range of helpful functions, such as warning, call handling, and smart camera or remote camera, by connecting to your Smartphone.

Sony’s smartwatch compatible with all Android devices. You would need to instal an App named Smartwatch by Sony Mobile Communication to access all functionality. You can also find different watch faces for your smartwatch.

It comes with a Sony-branded charging cable for your smartwatch. If you keep your watch on an on-the-go mode, the battery can last up to 8 hours. It’s also the best smartwatch for Android, the U.S. edition.

Now let’s talk about the Features of this Smartwatch, this Smartwatch was comes with a 1.3 inch OLED touchscreen display, with Accelerometer sensors, the watch has no camera & gps Functionality. It has the Waterproofing capacity upto 5ATm, which is ideal for Splash. Thewqtch has a small battery life up to 7-8 hours. It’s campatible with Android.

  1. Gokoo smartwatch.

This gokoo watch was comes with the sleek & modern design, which is the best smartwatch for women under $100. This Smartwatch also offering all Features about health & fitness tracking. It has the water resistant capability with IP67 rated waterproofing. It has a time reminder features, which helps a lot for busy women. This watch was offering So many features.

It has in buult heart rate monitor to track your heart beat, it Also prevent your smartwatch from Dust, water, and heat. The user can also use the Intelligent sleep Tracking mode. The watch can also easily connect with both iOS and Android.

Smartwatch is great for women because it has a physiological time alert. This function is structured to indicate the time of menstruation or pregnancy plus other essential detail.

Customers noticed on the first day they began having problems with the system. The app had to be open at all hours, or the watch would be disconnected.

The watch was very Simple to use so anyone can wear & use the watch. It offers the great view with the Beautiful display. It provides a Comfortable grip to your wrist with supporting an intelligent mode.

  1. Dido R2 Smartwatch

This Smartwatch was comes from Dido. I also know that you didn’t hear about the Dido brand, but we’ve been looking at this watch, but you don’t have to stress that. The efficiency and functionality of this smartwatch has been tested, which is very successful, so that we kept it below 100$ on the list of the best smartwatches. This sports-mode allows you to read your stages, speed, calories, heart rate accurately with the 4 sport-mode. The training route in the APP can also be viewed. It has an alarm and a secondary alarm so that a key message or briefing is not missed.

Four types of topics can be tailored to your taste. The wallpaper is also adaptable and your favourite photo from your phone needs to be imported. The wristband is based on the standard IP68 waterproof. Water operations benefit from the most robust flood resistant efficiency.

This dido smartwatch was also compatible with both iOS & Android smartphones. The watch also get a long Battery Life upto 7 to 25 days ( battery backup was totally depends on your uses), so the watch can prevent the worry of frequently charge. So that i mentioned it as the best fitness tracker under $100 usd.

So let’s talk about the Features of Dido R2 Smartwatch. The watch was comes with a 1.22″ OLED Screen display, which has the amazing clarity. With amazing Sensors like  Heart Rate tracker, Sleeping tracker, Step counter, Calories burn counter. There are no Camera & GPS Functionality are available in this watch. The watch also has the water resistant capacity upto 10 meters underwater survibility. The Battery backup of the watch upto  7 – 25 Days.

  1. Timemaker Smartwatch

This Smartwatch was one of the best cheap smartwatch under $100 usd. The features of the watch was perfect for men’s, because the smartwatch has some outdoor activities metrics tracker like air pressure tracker, altitude Functionality, temperature tracker and compass Functionality.

This is a Fully touch screen smartwatch, which Also comes with the activity tracker & Heart and Sleep monitoring features. The watch can also capture your Call & app Notifications in this watch.

This watch Can be wearable while you are in the rain or in pool and also in bathing but this Smartwatch was not perfect for snorkeling, hot showers, you have to avoid diving, paddling, and deep water activities while you wear this watch.

This smartwatch has the assistant for mountaineers, which has the Climbing monitor, it can support over 200+ languages, it has the water resistant rated IP67 Waterproofing, if you charge this watch only for 2 hrs it provides the battery backup upto 10-15 days. The battery has the capability to standby upto 50 days. 

  1. MorePro Smart Watch.

MorePro smartwatch was the best one on this low price, which is suit your needs. You can get more like the expensive smartwatch you’ve got. MorePro has fundamentally redesigned to make your life even more active and healthy and up-to-date. It has 17 sports modes so that you can find the most fitting mode according to your athletic goals.

It has a special feature called “Illumi Run mode”: as you turn on the Illumi Run mode, the colour view of the screen adjusts with your heart rate. 24/7 Heart Rate Display, Built-in GPS, Sleep Monitoring, and several more can send you reliable data on a regular basis. The GPS data can be synchronised to “Apple Health” and “Strava” with the Zeroner app.

There has a excellent vibration mode (Sound Warning) in MorePro’s smartwatch built for the ease of living. You will get a call & alert update from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other applications, an alarm clock, and a heart rate alert.

MorePro is the best swim watch in the price range. Because this watch was comes With IP68 & 50ATM Waterproof rating and 3 professional swimming modes, you can conform to your swimming objectives. With the aid of accurate swimming info, you will develop your swimming skills. With a full battery life of 5-7 days and all these great features.

Let’s discuss the Features of this best smartwatch under $100. The display of this watch was comes with size of 1.3″ with Colorful screen, the watch was also allows to the user to track the Heart Rate with the heart monitor and track your sleep time with the Sleep tracking feature & also the user can count the step. The watch has the GPS Functionality & there has no Camera. The smartwatch was rated with IP68 waterproofing & 50 ATM of depth. The battery backup was Stand by 5 to 7 days, its compatible with    Android and iOS.

  1. Arbily Fitness tracker.

This watch was not only a smartwatch but also a fitness tracker, which can accurately and smartly track and records your all-day outdoor & indoor activities like:- sleeping, steps, burnt calories, walking, distance & more related your health. This Smart watch can provide your health report,which also  keep you encouraged to achive your health & fitness goals, which make you healthy.

The smartwatch allow to the user for costumize the watch interfaces according to your choice. It also has the touch screen display, which gives you more fun. You can Daily moitor your fitness goal, it also has IP68 waterproof rated with the Long lasting battery life.

This moderately priced, wearable health tracking features sleep analysis and warning notification. The magnetic band reduces the wear and tear that stops it from being unintentionally removed.

It’s not pure waterproof, so you can’t keep track of swimming. The computer began deleting data every other day, even though it was synced. The GPS feature is not functioning that well. It has th one-liner notification Function which is very Easy to read, it also has Lightweight design with Excellent battery life.

  1. Sony Smartband

Do you know that the this band of sony was a smart fitness band, which  comes from the collection of best fitness trackers under 100 dollars, because this watch was also an innovative awesome wristband, which is totally Builded for use in your daily life.

You can conveniently attach your smart band to your Android phone or tablet as a stand-alone device. Being a workout band, one of the best things I appreciate is that you can conveniently make and receive hands-free calls using built-in speaker mic.

Sony has a Lifelog programme for your fitness and to set targets for your wellbeing. Lifelog counts moves, measures speed, and tracks sleep counts using advanced sensor technology. It also generates a full action map which records every move you take.

Quick charging means that it takes just 1 hour to get the full charge of the battery. Also, Sony Smart Band has an E Ink monitor that can last up to 3 days of battery life with low consumption.

This smartwatch was also protected from dust & water, cause it’s designed with dust & water resistant, which means you can use this watch roughly, according to your mind. 

Let you talk about the Features of this smartwatch. This sony smartwatch has 1.4″ inch lcd display with 296 x 128 pixels of resolution. There also has the Accelerometer sensors & Pedometer sensors. The watch has no GPS & CAMERA feature. It also has the water resistant depth upto 1.5 meters also rated with  IP68 waterproofing. The battery backup of the watch was Provides upto 3 Days, it’s also Competible with Android devices.

What are the Benefits of smartwatches?

If you are looking for the Benefits of smartwatches, there are so many features are has in a smartwatch, let you tell about the smartwatches.

  have you a mobile, why would you invest in smartwatch? you want to know if it’s worth buying a smartwatch, we list some of the many advantages smartwatches offer that might allow you to go and buy.

The wear of a watch is both trendy and economically declining. Although a nice look on your wrist can still be found, why buy a watch when your mobile has a timetable, an alarm?

In another niche, Smartwatches fill. In addition to traditional watch modes, smartphones do not offer other applications.

  • Calls & Notifications Recever:- 

A smart watch on your hand is a perfect solution if you do not want to carry your smartphone with you while you are exercising. Calls or replies to messages can be received on the go.

You can now find also watches with voice support, so that you have short chats from your wrist.

A popular feature, many would like to view social media accounts on their smartwatch (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat, etc.). You can purchase a watch that displays your social media activities and messages. You can interact with other reloaders through the app, while this is a cool feature you probably won’t do when you practise.

When selecting a watch, please note that it must be connected from your mobile phone by the Bluetooth signal. You must buy a database and SIM card if you want to access your social media with an independent smartwatch.

  • Fitness Tracking

Fitness and health monitoring help you reach your fitness objectives is among the most attractive features of smartwatching. You can find both devices incorporated in every good smartwatch instead of purchases a stand-alone fitness tracker or a podium metre.

You may rely on a smartwatch to monitor the following measurements: steps, lengths to run or walk, expended calories, heart rate, pulse speed, sleep, etc. This are the typical metrics, and then smartwatches with extra features can be found.

  • Traveling Guidance.

This is specially according to the travelers, who always loves to travel. For the Traveller normal watch are useless, case it has not an gps or altitude tracker to track the way & direction but the smartwatches has those amazing Features which is helpful for travel.

A GPS to lead you down a proper route with all operation that you want involves several smartwatches. If you want to enjoy the landscape instead of looking at a map all the time, smartwatches direct you in various sensations to let you know that you are heading left or right.

  • Activities Tracker

Tracking if your daily activities, was help you  a lot for get easier to achieve your fitness goal. So the normal watch has not these Tracking features but in the smartwatch you can get these Features easily.

Holding your mobile on hand when exercising is rather uncomfortable and unpleasant. Through a smartwatch you can check on your texts, calls, and social media updates conveniently from your wrist. Quite handy…or more precisely.

  • Good Battery life

If you think a phone battery, which is bigger than a smart clock battery, would last any longer, it will be understandable. Get set to be rectified. Batteries from Smartwatch are better and which last for days until charging is required.

How to choose a Best Smartwatches under $100 ?

If you have no idea about how to choose a Best Smartwatches under 100 usd, i will also help you to get the best watch for you.

When you are going to choose/buying a watch, you need note these points about a watch.

  •  Battery life capacity.
  • Warranty facility.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Blood pressure monitor.
  • Android & iPhone support.
  • Sleep tracker.
  • Display quality.
  • Water resistant depth.
  • Scratch proof of watch.
  • Shock Resistant.

Final Word

Finally these are the Best Smartwatches under 100 usd, which we have collected from with best ratings. Now its your time to choose the best watch for you. Please note that the price of these Watches are not stable.


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