Best Small Gas Chainsaw for Gardening and Woodworking Enthusiasts

Best Small Gas Chainsaw

Cutting trees at home may be a daunting task if you do not have the right equipment and knowledge. Gaining knowledge is very easy. Anyone can study how to do the job. However, the challenge lies in identifying efficient equipment to use.

chainsaw is the most important gadget for cutting wood, pruning, and felling small trees at home. However, finding the right chainsaw is a big task. The qualities of a good chainsaw include durability, ability to use a little amount of fuel, and ease of use. The right chainsaw must be able to last for a long time without breaking down. It should also come with all the necessary accessories to help you do your work fast and efficiently.

You can find a good chainsaw by seeking help from an expert or keep on buying the saws until you get the best one. The problem with this method is that it is expensive. Therefore, I have decided to offer a free consultation for anyone who wants to get a chainsaw that will do what it promises.

I have gained experience of working with many outdoor gadgets because I work in this field. I have also found some chainsaws to be good enough and deliver their promises. In the review below, I will share those gadgets with you.

Best Small Gas Chainsaw Reviews for Each Product

In this section, I will review the gas chainsaws that I have found to be reliable. Thus, you will be able to identify all the features of a product before settling on it.

1. Tanaka Best Small Gas Chainsaw with Fire Engine

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 32.2cc 12-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw with Pure Fire Engine

Tanaka produces this chainsaw that has high-efficiency levels. The efficiency is mostly enhanced by the 32.2cc engine that makes it extremely powerful. You can easily cut the biggest logs using this chainsaw because the engine is powerful enough to let you do heavy tasks.

The engine is also designed in a way that uses the least fuel possible. With a gallon or two, you can get a lot done. Hence, with Tanaka, you are assured of saving cost on fuel because one bottle of gas can last you for months, especially if you do not cut wood regularly.

The gadget is straightforward to start. It has a primer bulb; you need to turn it down when you want to start using the saw. This allows fuel to get into the carburetor, where it mixes with air leading to combustion. And within a minute or two, you will be up and ready to cut your wood. Hence, no time is wasted when using Tanaka chainsaw.

It comes with a 12-inch chainsaw that gives you the ability to cut into numerous sizes of wood. In addition, it weighs only 11.9 pounds. The weight is fairly distributed, hence it provides you with stability while being in work.

It further has an anti-vibration handle that also increases stability when using the chainsaw; also, you will be able to avoid accidents when using the machine. Finally, it has seven years of consumer warranty; hence you may be confident when getting this gadget.


  • Lightweight.
  • Has an anti-vibration handle;
  • Has a primer bulb that makes it easy to start;
  • Uses minimal fuel.


  • It may be challenging to assemble the first time.

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2. Remington RM4214 Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw with 42cc

Remington RM4214 Rebel 42cc 1

Remington is another big brand that produces quality chainsaws. The company designs ultra-modern outdoor tools that are versatile and can last for years if you maintain them in good shape. The RM4214 has all the right features of Remington gadgets.

One of them is the fact that it has a 14-inch bar and sprocket. This length is enough to cut wood of any size with ease. Since it is tipped, once you place the machine on wood, it will get through very easily. You will not need to use much of your energy because the machine will do all the work.

Another notable feature of Remington is that it has an automatic oiler system. The oiler keeps the saw in good condition as it prevents rust. Thus, your work will be minimal in maintaining Remington because the oiler saves you from making stops to oil the machine.

Believe me, if you settle on this gadget, you will be happy to operate it because it has anti-vibration technology just like other high-quality brands. Remington has a cushion wrap handle that gives you maximum comfort while operating the chainsaw. It is not slippery, and it has a 5-point system that prevents further vibration.

Since it is a 14-inch gadget, it weighs slightly more than a 12-inch chainsaw. It weighs 14.75 pounds, which is not very heavy and also not so light. If you are used to operating outdoor gadgets, you may have come across heavier ones; hence, you may not even notice the weight of this chainsaw.

Finally, it has a quick start technology that makes it easy to operate. By following the user manual, you can easily start the chainsaw without requiring professional help. And as a bonus, it comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Easy to start;
  • Has an automatic oiler;
  • Can cut through chunks of wood without causing vibration.


  • It is slightly heavy.

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3. Yosooo 900W Electric Small Gas Chainsaw for Medium Trees

Yosooo 900W 12 Portable Gasoline Chainsaw Wood Cutting Grindling Machine Electric Durable

If you want a multipurpose chainsaw, Yosooo will help you accomplish most of the tasks in your yard. It is ideal for cutting wood, pruning trees, and trimming grass. The machine can easily handle small and medium trees. Hence, any homeowner can have it, and it will not disappoint at all.

It is special in the way that it uses both gas and electricity. Hence, you can use multiple types of power to run the gadget. If you are performing some simple tasks like cutting a few logs of wood, you can connect the gadget to an electric power source and get it running.

It saves energy by using only 300 watts of electricity. Therefore, you get to finish your job without causing any harm to the environment. With this power, the chainsaw can achieve three thousand revolutions per minute. This is more than enough to complete your tasks without using up much of your energy because the machine can perform the task automatically. Also, you can achieve a lot within a short time.

The gadget has a twelve-inch chain and saw that can cut through small and medium pieces of wood or trees if you are trimming them instead of cutting. Therefore, you will not need a larger chainsaw to cut or prune the large logs lying in your backyard.

It comes with a user manual that is easy to read and follow. If you follow the instructions on the manual carefully, you will not need to call an expert to help you. Also, it weighs only 10.41 pounds, which is pretty light compared to other chainsaws on the market.


  • It is very light;
  • Uses both gas and electricity;
  • The handle is made with a cushion that prevents vibration.


  • It may not be suitable for commercial use.

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4. Poulan PL3314 Small Gas Chainsaw for Cutting Down Small Tree

Poulan PL3314 14 in 33cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

You may have heard of Poulan before when in a discussion about outdoor machines. It is another superior brand that produces durable and affordable products for homeowners. It has a 33cc engine that makes it powerful. The engine does most of the work, hence reducing the effort that you have to apply when using the gadget.

If you are sensitive about the environment, you will fall in love with the PL3314. It has OxyPower technology that reduces emissions from the gadget. Therefore, you may feel confident using it because you know that you are contributing to protecting the environment.

Like Remington, Poulan has an automatic oiling system. Thus, as you use it, the saw remains strong, and it keeps cutting because the oiler maintains it in good shape. The technology also reduces the effort you have to apply in maintaining the gadget. Unlike traditional machines, you do not need to put oil on the saw manually; hence it saves a lot of time.

It also has a primer bulb that enhances the efficiency of the machine. The bulb allows fuel to get into the carburetor where it mixes with air, and within seconds, combustion takes place.

Like other chainsaws, it also has an anti-vibration handle. The handle is designed in a way that makes it convenient to hold, and it grips perfectly; this way, it minimizes slips that may lead to major accidents.


  • Has OxyPower that minimizes environmental emissions;
  • It has a primer bulb that enables it to start with ease;
  • With good maintenance, it can last for years.


  • It may be a bit inefficient during the winter season.

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5. Hoteche Gasoline Chainsaw with 2 Stroke Aluminium Crankcase

Hoteche Gasoline Chainsaw with 2 Stroke Aluminium Crankcase

Some people want a small chainsaw that can help them in performing minor tasks at home. If you are one of these people, the 10-inch Hoteche is the perfect gadget for you. It has a ten inches saw that is perfect for completing small tasks without experiencing any difficulties. For example, it is perfect for a home garage.

A notable feature of Hoteche is that it is durable. The durability is enhanced by the strong aluminum and plastic materials that are used to make it. The materials do not rust, and when stored well, they will last for years without scratching or wearing out. Hence, the chainsaw will maintain its beauty and efficiency for a long time.

It has an automatic oiling system that keeps the saw greased, hence preventing friction that leads to wear and tear. As long as you have fed the saw with oil in the oil tank, you do not need to add more oil to the saw manually. Therefore, it is effortless to maintain because your work gets done as soon as you put oil in the tank. It is unlike traditional saws that had to be oiled manually, which was tiring and time-consuming.

It has a knob that is used to adjust the chain to the saw. The knob is easy to operate, hence making it even less straining to use the gadget. In addition, it has a sturdy handle that is easy to operate using one hand. This is also enhanced by its lightweight as it weighs slightly less than nine pounds.

It has a 160 ml engine oil tank. In addition, the gas to air ratio is 1:25. This means that it uses less power than other machines that use a higher ratio. Hence, you can save a lot on the cost of gas with the Hoteche chainsaw.


  • Weighs only nine pounds;
  • It is energy efficient as it uses only 900w with a 25.4cc engine;
  • Easy to assemble and operate.


  • The chain can be quite distracting when not fixed well.

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6. Wakects 12 Inch Chainsaw with a Tool Kit

wakects Professional 12 Inch Chainsaw with a Tool Kit

The twelve-inch saw is efficient for cutting and pruning small to medium trees. It can pierce through the surface of the wood and cut through easily without applying much effort. You do not need to push it to work as it will do the work automatically as soon as you point it to the right position.

Another thing you need to know about this chainsaw is that it runs on both electricity and gas. It has an electric cord that helps in connecting to the power, hence enabling you to work without experiencing accidental power disruptions.

It has a comfortable handle that gives a firm grip. Hence, it reduces fatigue as you can finish your task within a short time. You can also perform your job efficiently because the chainsaw does not get out of hand accidentally.

The chainsaw has an oil tank that can hold up to 160ml. You will not need to keep refilling the tank regularly between jobs. When at full capacity, it has a speed of three thousand revolutions per minute. This is quite high for a small chainsaw, and it contributes to the efficiency of the machine.


  • Uses gas and electricity;
  • Weighs only 10.41 pounds;
  • Efficient for cutting and pruning.


  • Not efficient for commercial use.

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Summing Up

Getting a professional chainsaw is now easy because you are aware of all the best brands out there. Through the reviews above, you can tell the qualities of a good one. Some of the notable features of a good chainsaw include durability. It has to be made of good materials that can last for long without rusting or tearing.

A professional chainsaw should also have an engine that enables it to run efficiently. Some of the brands above, such as Poulan and Husqvarna, have engines powerful enough to fell small trees without breaking down.

Another critical feature is the speed of the chainsaw. If you want to finish your tasks early, you need a gadget with high speed. If to choose between the chainsaws mentioned above, Husqvarna has the highest speed of nine thousand revolutions per minute. This is unmatched. Most of the others have a speed of 3000rpm, which is also good for doing major tasks.

If you are ready, do not waste your time or money. Choose the gadget with the features you need the most and start gardening right away. Have you used any of these chainsaws in the past? How can you describe your experience? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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